: There are 3 new Rioters in my discipline team who are doing this climb so I'll link in with them regularly to get some feedback. One personal observation is that new players learn from what they see so players actions and how they speak to one another is how new players are going to act because that's what they see.
Please give us some updates on their experiences!!! Yes, of course we have a responsibility as a community to behave - "kill em with kindess". However it's crazy hard to stay sane when ur supp goes top for the 3rd game in a row. I feel the player behavior systems aren't nearly effective enough and as a consequence 8/10 games are just completely unenjoyable especially in the 0-30 climb.
: OK, so do you have any suggestions for fixing the problem? It's all very well saying "Riot, fix this now!" but how are they supposed to fix it? Part of the problem is that the majority of the players you meet 1-30 are people who had their accounts banned and are therefore levelling up new accounts. Their attitudes or behaviour haven't changed at all, they just instantly create a new account as soon as their old one gets banned. Yet another failing of the IFS as the "punishment" doesn't actually do anything, nor does it solve the underlying issues.
Putting the responsibility on me as a player to have solutions is just flawed logic imo. I'm a player, I point out what makes the game unenjoyable and it's up to the professionals to fix the issues isn't it? Should every customer have a list of improvements to all companies they feel offer products that could be better? Of course not. Ill try the product, tell you what I think is good (in this case, the game) and what's bad (the toxic/greifing community) and it's up to the company to make their product more enjoyable. I'm a second year computer science student, I have no clue how to design systems that correct bad player behaviour. A little unreasonable to ask that of me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bonnjäveln,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BtQsieE7,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-15T16:33:18.409+0000) > I cant imagine ANY new player trying this game and thinking it's fun. It's not cuz of the game itself, it's because of the people playing it. > > Are you aware of this? Is this something you're working on fixing? > Yes. They are currently getting in contact with a special team of doctors, psychologists and hypnotherapists as part of the ambitious project of brainwashing players into being good. However a preliminary study suggests that some players are simply too good at being awful for even brainwashing to work. So they actually have a plan B: over a certain thresold of feeding multiple games in a row, players are going to be banned with a Tyler1 level ban (which means no more new accounts) and replaced by bots. The same bots players can face in games vs AI. It seems that in many an occasion they actually perform better than human players, so i think that, with this idea, RioT finally nailed it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
What Im saying is it would just be a relief for an average player like myself if Riot actually acknowledged that this game has a huge problem with this. Maybe actively asking for suggestions, giving clarity on how the report system works and so on. Just some transparency would give me a little hope.
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: Maybe don't expect people to know about meta champion role assignments at level 10?
I didn't mean that, I meant people getting autofilled and then just running the role they want instead. Some guy getting supp saying "I'm going mid" picking akali and then just goes mid. I have no problem with off meta picks, especially not in normals.
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