: Why does dodging in a promos count as a loss?
could also be because that the lp you would lose for dodging does not matter as long as you win the promotion.
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Doomley (EUW)
: it says x teemos. Not x buffed teemos. teemo as a unit is 100 units. No more, no less. Teemo is a champion name and it is also a measure.
but it doesn't say one standard Teemo so it doesn't specify that its actually the Teemo measurement they are talking about so i don't see why they shouldn't increase the bounce range of shrooms with increases in size or they should properly rewrite the spell text to specify what teemo measurement they are talking about. and please correct me if I'm wrong on this
: I really rarely played dominion. I think it was taken off permanently a year ago, all thats left from it is a summoner icon that people received for playing certain amount of games in dominion
and the spin offs ascension and definitely not dominion
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Prømetheus (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
yeah this is a big issue because its affecting the ranked quest aswell I've gotten 2 losses in a row now cause of this shit so thats a lot of lp. i would like to see a compensation for something that isn't the players fault but we take the full blame/punishment for it
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