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: League of Legends study – First 10 receive skin
I would love to help. I sent you a friend request so I'll see what happens :)
: the delay was due to a bug in the patch , and it was discover in Kr and JP region , so far i see nothing about it on the CN sever , + i think the bug wasn't game play related
Oh so it was a bug. Well thanks for answering really :)
: china , and yes , they do have patch late , since they are not run by riot , they are run by tencent instead
So what's the delay in the patches? If they screw up and make someone op, they wouldn't purposely do that mistake in the Chinese server, or would they patch it anyway?
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DanVen (EUW)
I was also placed in Silver III and I finally got Gold V 1-2 days ago :D.
: Is anyone else getting high ping in these last couple of days or is it just me?
Thanks everyone on the replies,it will help me a lot :)!
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: The new passive is quite nice. I personally run 2x MS quints now to compensate a bit in the early but it's not necessary. The passive usually goes unnoticed and you don't pay much attention to it, but that new 6th item slot we got ... that's a good trade. [Here's a good analytical post]( about it and why the new passive is quite good.
A long post but I,ll definitely read it :).
yrknaqren (EUW)
: Not really a main, but she is my second most played champ. Not having boots makes landing Q very very important in certain situations, because the speedboost from it is needed to get away from danger. The only other method would be flashing or hitting W, but as other people noted, you can't cast it close to you any more, so it is hardly ever useful when you need to get out of fights. If the laning phase continues long enough to get to Rylais, it doesn't matter any more, because you can E everything as soon as it is in range. Actually by then the passive speed should be at least equal to the value of boots, so at this point the enemy has a problem, because it is really easy to start a fight they can not get out of too. There are also some matchups where I really miss boots, because I would need them to dodge skillshots (Xerath..)
Thanks for the answer :).
: A question for Cassiopeia mains.
I typed the wrong question,I updated the post so there is an actual question.Damn I'm stupid :P.
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Souksim (EUNE)
: Not the earphones especially.The speaker is still working so it may be from the jack.You know that thing that enters in the phone.If its not staright as it should be it means that those earphones are not that usefull now.It happened to me but my earphones screwed up for good,if this is the case you got lucky.Or maybe its the cable,just google these 2 possible issues and search for solutions :)
The jack was never straight.I just thought it's normal but yeah it was never straight when I plugged it in.Thanks for answering!After 3 hours I thought nobody will answer :(.
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: Remake is supposed to punish afks? LOL, someone doesnt read patch notes....Remake is designed to prevent the 4 remaining people of losing LP in an unfair way. Remake is designed as which the 4 other guys do not lose LP, meaning the afk / disconnected (whatever you wanna call it) dude loses LP. (and probably, punish him too, but that's the second line). the very first one is to prevent you from lose LP unfairly. People can have disconnects, that's why the remake is **only** available after the 3 minute mark, and **if** no first blood has been given.
None of that proves me wrong because guess what,if you get matched with 4 premade players and one of them is AFK your match will not get Remaked because some jerks decide it's better for them to lose and for the 5th guy to lose instead of finishing the game.And guess what also,you will lose LP because you will probably lose that game so there's that.
: > Well fine then make the voting only if there is a 5 man premade. this sentence makes absolutely no sense. So, you go in game with 4 friends. 1 of your friends is missing, you are ok with him losing LP just because he has connection issues? wow.... and maybe those 2 premades you talk thought it was to surrender, maybe they dont read patch notes. you could be a nice guy and explain to them what the remake is, not coming here to cry to add some nonsense function to the remake option.
In case of a 5 man premade there could be voting but in 4 man premade no.Reason for this?Well imagine you queuing up with 3 of your friends and one of you goes AFK. Your friends will vote no to Remake because they don't wan't you banned but what about the 5th guy who is not in your premade?He wants a fair game,without an AFK and what does he get?A bunch of jerks who obviously don't even want to win the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=BosanskiWarrior,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=hejXWn6G,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-08-11T12:54:47.624+0000) > > I advise contacting Riot Support as they can investigate your issue better. Definitely what Bosanski said, and people, you don't help someone by writing "me too" below their OP, just go to Riot Support and have your problem fixed!
Finally someone with reason :).
: Yeah, I see your point but Riot always has the problem that they can't satisfy everyone and there is always someone who doesn't agree with the current system
I guess you're right,they can't satisfy everyone.
: I totally do agree with that. However, I don't agree that the vote should be automatically. The initial problem is people who are permanently disconnected during the entire game, significantly lowering the team's chances of winning. To prevent this from happening Riot creates the remake system to prevent less people from suffering from an afk the entire game. Now they have to decide if they make an automatic system or a voting system. They take into consideration which of the two system will make the most players benefit from the system, while also giving a tiny bit leniency to the players that have technical issues. It turns out the most players can benefit from the voting system. As a big company with a huge playerbase it is never possible to satisfy **all** players so Riot has to make decisions. Now is the unfortunate case that you are in the minority that doesn't like a decision, next time it is me, while you are satisfied with one of Riot's new decision.
Yes but look at the bigger picture here.I'l give you a fictional scenario.I'm matched with a 4 man premade and of theirs goes AFK,probably a bug splat.If he comes back at the 5th minute we are already in a disadvantage.This disadvantage can be avoided by Remake.If you don't Remake you do increase your chances of losing I hope you know that.Every time a Remake fails,your team has less chance of winning which isn't fair.If one guy gets punished because his internet decided to screw him up then it is only 1 guy suffering.If he comes back at the 7th minute, because a Remake fails that is 5 players now having more chances of losing and it is now 5 people suffering.So what's better,1 guy to suffer or 5 of them?
: I think you misunderstood something. In my opinion the remake function isn't about punishing the afk, it's JUST about making the game better for the other players. But imagine this: 5 premades are playing together, one guy has a connection issue, he has to reconnect but it takes 2 minutes. While he is restarting the game ends automatically and he gets a punishment for leaving the game. This would suck balls wouldn't it?
Well fine then make the voting only if there is a 5 man premade. The thing is with 4 man premades they will always vote no if one of theirs is AFK. Nobody gives a fuck the other guy that isn't in the premade who just wants to have a fair match and wants to Remake because he has an AFK. Even if that AFK comes back his team is still in a disadvantage.
: Because there are enough people who are willing to wait if the dc'ed will come back within 2 minutes due to some unfortunate problems, according to the do partner of the dc'ed player.
Nobody should be in a disadvantage just because somebody is AFK. That is why Remake was created in the first place.Punish people who AFK and end the suffering of their teammates by finishing the game.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: You do realize, that afk's aren't the only thing you vote for. If someone has a connectivity issue (say, client crashes, league won't let them connect and they have to restart or something similar). Should they be punished for it? No. That's why it makes sense. Even more so with a premade, who would know about it. There is no logic behind someone simply going afk because fku so quickly even before fb, especially if they're with a premade.
Yes but our team shouldn't be behind just because somebody got AFK. Even if he comes back we are in a disadvantage and we both know that isn't fair.These kind of matches are usually one sided with the side that didn't had the AFK win.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Because everyone who disagrees with me must have an opinion that is biased, probably because they're premades. Because I'm perfect and always right with everything I do. Dare to doubt me? You're a premade scum!
How am I wrong exactly again?Plus this post isn't about how premades suck,this is about how Riot should make a system that automatically ends the game instead of letting you vote to end the game,and you can't deny that premades abuse that. "My friend is AFK and I'l vote no,fuck the other guy in my team,my friend will come back guys,just wait,someday,like 20 minutes,just don't remake"
: just because someone is missing it doesnt necessarily mean you should remake a game, i've won matches where it was 4 vs 5.
Pretty much everybody would rather play as a full team and not with an AFK. Remake is supposed to punish AFK players and to stop the pain of the team that has an AFK by finishing the game.The only thing that ruins this is the voting part.The game should end automatically without any voting required.
: Premades are exactly the reason why only 30% of the voting players need to agree and why not a majority is needed.
But there should be no voting in the first place.I mean besides everything I said Remake voting doesn't make any sense.It's like "Hey you have an AFK now vote do you wanna continue playing or no".Of course I don't wanna play,I have an AFK in my team.Why don't Riot just implement a system that automatically finishes the game instead of sending you a stupid message that you have 60 minutes to vote?
: RADS Error
I advise contacting Riot Support as they can investigate your issue better.
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Jonxx (EUNE)
: Oh, damn. And no loss forgiven?
Match crashed and it didn't memorize in my Mach History.It's like it never happened.And it was really getting interesting...
Jonxx (EUNE)
: No, there seem to be some issues right now. Fortunately I was in custom when it started to happen.
I was in a 40 minute long game lol.
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: For stealing a joke? I should do it too then.
Well this is the first time I saw it so yes,I want 5 billion RP sent to his account in the next 45 months.
: why did fiddlesticks get a promotion in his job?
Riot Games I want free RP for this man.
: Hey, I thought you might be interested in knowing how this turned out. You can find the Update at the top in my original post.
I saw the update and in my opinion you did the right choice :).
: Hey, I thought you might be interested in knowing how this turned out. You can find the Update at the top in my original post.
: Recall sound effect bug
I have it too and it can really screw up the game :/.
: > [{quoted}](name=BosanskiWarrior,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MEc3Z6uo,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-28T12:51:39.051+0000) > > By the way must be an awesome girlfriend to accept playing League of Legends with you :D. She's pretty awesome :) She's a gamer too though, just didn't wanna do LoL because it wasn't her thing and she has lousy ability to focus. Besides, she's scared of getting yelled at, lol. She's seen enough of me playing to know sometimes people are less than nice when you mess up. She's sensitive to bullying. The first thing I teach her will be how to find the mute button and how to use the report functions, lol.
That is great,but yeah there are toxic people in League of Legends.I mean in my experience I don't see toxicity too much,as a matter of fact I don't see toxicity at all,almost.But if she is sensitive then mute button is her best friend :).
: > [{quoted}](name=BosanskiWarrior,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=MEc3Z6uo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-28T10:53:39.394+0000) > > Riot Games,give this man right here a cookie.I wan't an official cookie to be sent to your house in 24 hours. Give the girl a cookie, at least XD Don't want the wrong person to get my cookie, I don't get many of those :P
By the way must be an awesome girlfriend to accept playing League of Legends with you :D.
: Girlfriend finally said yes!
Riot Games,give this man right here a cookie.I wan't an official cookie to be sent to your house in 24 hours.
: This HAS to stop.
It's sad that there are people who would flame a girl on that level,they should be banned immediately.But yeah forget about them and just report them after the game and trust me they will be punished.
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: Looking for ONE TRICK PONIES to play Normals/Ranked with
I sent you a friend request so you can Accept if you want :).
: Invitation to a moderation debate [By the Volunteers]
I see there are a lot of opinions flying about this so I'l just add mine.If the word cancer isn't used to directly attack somebody then it shouldn't be banned or punishable.If the word cancer is used to describe a champion then there is no harm there.On the other hand if the word cancer is used to attack other player calling him cancer then of course it should be punishable.People who are offended by a simple statement for example "{{champion:1}} is cancer" are just too butthurt who like to complain about every little detail.There is a huge difference between "{{champion:1}} is cancer" and "you are cancer",you can probably guess which one deserves a punishment and which one doesn't. But that is just my opinion tho and my opinion can't change butthurt people.Fell free to correct me if I'm wrong,this is a debate topic after all :)!
: ok then you should assume reason number 1 so these is what you need to do. 1. Choice to toles and play only these in ranked if your first choice is support then you dont need a secondary you will allways get it. 2. Choice two mains for ech lane and your secondary should counter you primary since its likely that your primary is taken when you play your secondary. Play only these champions in ranked. 3. focus on these two lanes in normals but you can play other champions there because playing a champion is the best way to know what that champion can do and counter it. 4. Learn fast or become bronze, you got about 100 games to reach 50% winrate and after that you will need to start climbe up from silver 5 otherwise you get demoted to bronze when season 7 starts. You got your one and only chance now and if you dont take it you will had to play up ot a few thousend games in bronze to get back there you are now. The problem whit bronze is that you dont learn anything else then mechanics. As long as you stay in silver you will learn a lot more. 5. Learn from high silver or low goldplayers and try to find players that climb lately so that they remember being silver. good luck!
Well then I need to play better. I already have a few Champions that I'm really good at in each role actually.I will focus on bot and top.Thanks for your advice :)!
: Play broken champs(with broken items, too). To begin with, almost ALL DPS and tanky mages are broken in this meta. ESPECIALLY when they have Rylais and Liandries. Like {{champion:86}} (Tanky, tons of damage, his Q and Swift boots makes him a pain to kite) {{champion:8}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} (Spam Q, Shred everything, noone can escape, buy tanky items and CDR, spam more Q, scale exponentially into late game) {{champion:30}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} (Spam Q, Suicide with E on, you still shred everything - just don't feed before you have these items) {{champion:105}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3100}} 45% CDR+ cram as much Ap/Mpen as possible. Pretty self-explanatory {{champion:69}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} Mana and 25-45% CDR Spam everything, shred everything.
I actually have heard of that but I prefer playing Champions and roles that I personally like.
: This game has no matchmaking. That's why. In normals it's even worse. The game uses a non-functional "system" to give you a PERSONAL RATING (the MMR) which is 80% NOT IN YOUR HANDS. Makes sense, right? So this "personal rating" (which is a bullshit numbers, you could roll dice and get a closer reflection of your actual skill) is used together with 9 other MMRs that does not say anything. It's like trying to cook a delicious meal with: A tyre, milk, batteries, soap, a microphone, sperm, gasoline, a light bulb, paper and a broom. Okay, now we have this bullshit MMR together and now we got some uncalculatable premade handicaps. It's fucking stupid in cubic. This can't work. You can't use random numbers 10 times, then divide, then add even more confusion with premade handicaps and dynamic queues and shit and then expect a matchmaking. It WOULD work if the MMR would only be used with a fixed team. E.g. You always play the same role in the same 5-man premade. Then it'd work, because your TEAM MMR would actually be qiute good. But when you lose due to AFK trash, or feeders which happen to be EVERYWHERE thanks to dynamic queue and many outliners ((800+1600)/2=Match? No, it's noob with fine player and no fun for either player). Then you win games because you getting carried etc. In short: MMR worthless, matchmaking ridiculously flawed on paper. Using worthless numbers to feed a flawed system: This game's "match" "making". 11th games in a row, 12th game again: Feeder scumshît on my side, enemy is fine. A matchmaking is supposed to give you a break, to lower your MMR and not to let you freefall. 11th game loss streaks and more a sign of lack of a matchmaking. Clear and simple. I am just here to troll this fucked-up shît community with my AFK and feeding because this game does not provide anything worthwile.
You feeding and being AFK is putting yourself at the same level as those players :P.
: How many normals have you played Have you gone premade with good players (gold +) a lot? thats what i need to know.
I played 649 games of Normals.I usually premade with Bronze/Silver and sometimes,only sometimes Gold and Plantium players.But in Ranked I play premade with 3 people.1 guy is Bronze III,second one is Bronze II and the third one is Silver V.
Eambo (EUW)
: Maintenance's as mentioned by others are generally where we're working on the back-end stuff. Nothing exciting for you guys like a shiny patch, but keeping servers and infrastructure ticking over in the background. Sometimes we do this "live" when it's low risk, sometimes we need to take the whole platform due to it being a core piece of infrastructure. tl;dr: Maintenance = boring "keep it running in the background" stuff Patch = SHINY NEW THINGS OF DOOM!
Wow this is the first time a Rioter responded,thanks for the explanation :D!Riot Eambo is the best,just saying :D.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Essentially it just means they are working on something. And generally you want to make sure that if working on it somehow goes wrong or has effects on ingame, you want to Limit the possible damage that can happen, by in this case disabling ranked so noone Plays it during this time. You could compare it to an electricity cabel breaking, then you have to do maintenance on it to fix it, obviously you'd turn off electricity for while you are working on it.
Thanks for the explanation :D.
: actually they aren't working on something in sense of making something new, it's more like they're "cleaning" or "fixing" servers to make sure everything works fine. It's like changing oil, air filter(s), brake system etc on a car. TBH it's hard to explain, since every piece of object has different ways to do maintenance on it, etc. If I'm being fully honest, I think OP is either too young to even be on League or is super stupid, if didn't even understand meaning of 'maintenance' after using a dictionary or "Google'ing it".
I understood what is means but I didn't understood is what is has with League of Legends.
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