: When nasus players miss canon
I don't understand what value do his viewers find in his stream. This guy isn't funny. Rather an annoying, immature kid who has nothing to offer, but pointless screaming:D
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Zaeano (EUNE)
: You change Katarina ... How about master yi ???
If yi is so easy and op, then play him and get challenger:D Or you can always just ban him
pjcobra (EUNE)
: Change in Unique Limited time Tokens
It could be both. Like we should be able to buy OE and BE too. Sometimes u can be lacking 10 BE for a champion but same for a skin.
AD Teddy (EUW)
: Refund
Write a ticket to riot support https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
el Chap1nh0 (EUNE)
: Looking for adc and midlaner
Unfortunately I had little time at home and forgot to do that yesterday. If you are still looking for adc, you can add me or I'm gonna do it this evening.
Heroism (EUW)
: I got permanently banned.
You act like as if this was your first toxic behaviour ever and you are innocent. Think about it. Perhaps it's not this single game which caused your permaban, it's the previous 100 games, where you managed to get banned for weeks. I do agree with Riot and I'm glad you are banned, because players who chat and bash their teammates ruin 90% of the LoL experience. Every single game I eiher call 1-2 tactical steps or not even saying a word, because I'm focusing on the game and telling your teammates "they s*ck" will NOT help anything at all. Furthermore I sadly have to mute my team 90% of the games, because they act like you and start fighting each other in chat or bash me for making a single mistake. This is not helping, this is destroying me, destroying you, destroying our game and is very childish. I keep reporting all these players with negative attitude and swearing other players and I hope all of them will get permabanned or that they will learn how to act like a normal human before it's too late.
Zilziner (EUNE)
: League of Legends has the buggiest client ever
Yeah I have constant problems too. Like I set my options regarding the client and on next log on everything is set back to default. I also lose my runes and summoner spells every second day. I log in and I dont have my pre-created rune pages plus I get heal + ghost in champion select instead of my previous game summoners. This client is not too good. I also get the same notification every day. Like I get an emote, I click on X, I also check the emote in my collection, still after one WEEK the client will still tell me that I ve got a new emote and there is a yellow circle in my collection flashing :D
el Chap1nh0 (EUNE)
: Looking for adc and midlaner
Hello, I'm diamond and maining adc/jungle. I'm going to add you this afternoon if you are still looking for adc.
: Didn't recieve week 2 missions
Maybe it didn't sync yet? Give it a day and log in again. If the issue still presists, I suggest writing a ticket to Riot Support.
jogga44 (EUW)
: Toxic missions
So you say playing for victory is toxic? I think they are trying to encourage players to do their best and to not troll/afk/give up, so they can get free skins etc. I don't think there is any problem with these quests. Plus it can't be always funny, troll quests like it was on April 1st. League is a competetive game, you gotta play, you gotta win.
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