: Thank you for going straight the personal insult of "you are bad" because you have no genuine nor factual argument other than "muh feelings" Perhaps you should focus on yourself, before pointing a finger at others
You do realise...is fighter meta??????????The meta that evryoen hates it.{{champion:164}} is a busted champion.Evry player can tell you that.Just because you main her doesnt mean "oh i play her no no strong".Its fighter meta.Champs like {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} are really strong.I told you the truth....now believe what you want.
: 58% winrate its kinda normal u know...
74 games..60 Wins 14 loses. The guy ended up gold...s8 then in preseason he got more then 83% winrate..Use a bit of brain im sure you can find out.
Rioter Comments
: An idea how to balance assassins.
Assasins now have a bad time...Wtf you talking about.Zed that supposed to be early game champ is doing better in lategame...His early is pretty weak. And because adc dont exist anymore(you have to be dumb to play adc right now)they have no porpuse xD.They cant deal with bruisers.So amen.
Smerk (EUW)
: You understood everything correctly. This system was reworked to help new players get their real rank faster and also to make it more transparent for everyone. But as it always happens there are some side effects. In this case side effect is that all smurfs are %%%%ed. But nobody cares about smurfs, so it's all fine. Play on your main account and you won't have this problem
The problem is that if smurfs get placed in lower elo...then they have to play against iron players..I dont know if thats good for them.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: To be honest from Silver - Challenger there is actually no skill gap, there are factors: By the time you hit Silver you already know most of the things and what to do like taking objectives and teamfightning but sadly in Silver most people lack communication, they usually mute everyone or someone is just not listening to calls and refuses to use the signals, also Silver players tend to focus more on taking kills like a lot of kills which is 50-50 because they sometimes start to die too much and they get tilted and lose game, they also not focus much on farming but this problem is up there at Plat and Low Dia as well so... At Gold people are slightly better because they most of the time have knowledge about their champion pool and known them pretty well allowing them to execute different combos and make "plays" but again the skill gap is like 2-3%, the good thing is they start focusing more on minions and objectives but again not everyone of them there are still those who are refusing to improve. Platinum-Diamond: gap is thanks to knowledge and macro play like freezing waves, they know when to push it etc... Master-Challenger: People there know almost everything that has to be done in order to win, they know the champions and how to use them, they farm more and play with more macro, they ping when someone flashes indicating it, they know when someone's flash will be up thanks to chat timestamps and etc... Divisions are divisions skill gap is not really existent Silver-Challenger there is just a huge knowledge gap, A Silver player won't play for example Darius that more differently If you remove minions and objectives for an instant when he is against enemy he will try to make 5 bleed stacks and kill them just like any other from other divisions, but If you add back minions and objective their playstyle will differ due to the knowledge gap between a Silver and Challenger player.
NO.Thats from gold-chalenger. Silver players are bad.And new players get placed in silver too.So skill gap i agree from gold to chalenger.
Smerk (EUW)
: You shouldn't really use preseason stats, they don't show real picture, redistribution will only happen after reset, plus bugged placements do not make it any better.
We all know that 98% of players are in low elo.Iron bronze silver gold plat.From diamond is rest 2%. So even i dont know why new elo.Its gonna be the same anyway.From 200 chalengers...only 100 are there.Because rest 100 accounts are probably same players chalenger with their smurf accounts.
: DuoQ - 8 games in a row with 2x Mid as mainrole (midtop, midsupport), not getting mid
How is your sister ?At the game ofc. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What can you do as an ADC when both of your solo laners lose their lanes?
Nothing.Right now adc dont have impact.You need a decent team.Just play something else botlane. Until adc get help you should play apc botlane.Or whatever you want.{{champion:50}} {{champion:30}} .Those are 2 pretty nice example.
: In high elo, players are mechanically perfect and they are good with most champs. So you can't compare it with low elo...
You dont play league??or just normals...Cuz i played in evry elo.And you can see a shitty gold player that probably got there with luck too.See that gold playng irelia..he performs better then a diamond zed. The difference on champs exist.This is league...Even himself apdo said it right now is more about picks.
: I don't agree with you. Maining something and being good at it is always better than playing a meta champion and underperforming with it. People who keep following the meta often have trouble climbing (unless the meta champ is already their main, they can consider themselves lucky).
Tell that to high elo players.
: Camille main here Can confirm you're talking crap and probably just had a bad day against her
{{champion:164}} is op.She gets banned all the time.For good reason.. Youre probably bad and because you main her you try to deny it.But camille is a very strong champ.And right now because of bruisers meta she can be free elo as hell.
: Climbing have nothing to do with luck. You might get lucky or unlucky in one game, but when you sum up all the games, only your skill counts in the grand scheme of things. I've checked your profile quickly and I can already see many problems. It's actually not a surprise that you lose a lot. **First ingame stuff :** * You seem to be getting a lot of kills, but at the same time you're dying too much... Dying is NOT ok, it's never ok. Getting a kill and dying is not worth or even. Because you might be able to go 1v1 equaly with your lane enemy, but when that fed veigar (or whatever champ against you) will go fight your teammates, he'll just one shot them since they don't have as much kills. He will then become more fed than you and guess what? You can't fight him anymore.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} * Also you don't buy control wards (or only buy one). If you're good mechanically, you'll have to work more on your map awareness. **You also have a problem related to your approach to ranked :** In just your last 10 games you played {{champion:143}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:420}} Those are 8 completely different champions in different lanes, with different roles and playstyles. You cannot except to win consistently with all of those. It's simple, the more you play the same role/champ the more you're gonna get more familiar with his damage, how much he can tank, his tricks etc so you'll be much more efficient while playing him. You're not supposed to try new stuff in ranked. And no, playing 10 games with a champ doesn't make you main him and give you mastery over his skills. Specializing will give you more game knowledge and you'll win more. A mid laner and a jungler aren't supposed to be at the same places and do the same stuff. So choose only 2 lanes and 3 similar champs in those lanes and focus on those. Also, play a lot of normal draft in order to practice. Only go to ranked when you know you're gonna destroy people. The idea of "Ooh this champ didn't work maybe I'll try a new one" is very wrong. Become a one trick at some champs, and nobody will beat you when you play them. Don't forget that the harder part isn't the mechanics, but learning and experiencing all the lanes matchups. If you are playing against a champ for the first time (as a specific champ) and you don't know how to deal with him (because you never played against him before), there are high chances he's gonna beat you. Also, when you start losing, stop playing. You'll just get tilted, be more agressive and lose more games. You should only play when you're at your mental peak. It's like any other sports. I can help you if you are willing to learn and don't show toxicity in your games. Add me ingame.
I think luck s8 had a big impact.Like preseason.I dont think skills matter so mutch right now. Its all about teammates..picks meta champions.You just have more impact with {{champion:39}} then playng adc bot and playng really well.
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Thaaaank you Riot <3
Wait is there a mission that gives 125 tokens???{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Elo Question!
Hentai lissandra..never saw liss hentai. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
buff riven.{{champion:92}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} That was funny.Very funny
Kian987 (EUW)
: I got 2.000.199 mastery points on Shen just to ask one question
But but....they did a new champion. This is why league falls so hard.No 1 gives a damn about balance. But we got new champion. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Current And Former Employees Sue Riot Games For Gender Discrimination
"sexist culture of riot games" WHAT??{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Vytautis (EUNE)
: So yes, believe it or not, Toxic culture on top, so as in game, game structure becomes structured to reflect what mentallity is on head quarters and there you go, we have toxic and abusive environment in game :D Absolute mistake having 80% hard core gamer men and a fraction of 20% women in. Because men are %%%%inn idiots.
Stewex3 (EUW)
: Pretty Boi
: 5 armor dont denie 20 dmg. get that out of your head. Armor is a %tual number and i can guarantee you that 5 armor dont cut dmg by 20-30%.
Have you ever played zed mid????No you didnt.
: Interesting... Getting flammed for this is sad
Because riot dont punish such "dumb players "that climb with luck and this is what happens. Inbalance.
Eve Jobs (EUW)
: I am not allowed to play Ashe (anymore)
Adc is shit.You know...they all say "play adc 2018 lul". The only adc good right now is {{champion:145}} Someone like {{champion:236}} is just "viable".They need to buff adc most of them or they will stay in the shadow. They cant carry nothing now.
: How much dmg do you think do 5 armor block?
From someone like zed that does no dmg early game with q??? Instead of 100 without minions youll do around 80.With minions hit...Probably 30
: you wrote: now that you have armor in runes its clear that ad assassins are bad. You made it seem like that 5-10 armor you can get whipe assassins from the game like they are dealing no dmg to anyone anymore and thats why i made that sarcastic comment. The armor runes maybe affect them in the most little tiny way but dont say that this rune makes ad assassins garbage.
what i ment is the armor...gives a bit of advantage early game. Zed early game it wasnt strong s8.Now with armor will be a bit more difficult.
: 6 armor. All assasins are unviable. -10000000 dmg on each skill gamebreaking delete armor rune.
... well i can give you tips so maybe you learn to play. Zed was trash s8 i dunno whats gonna be s9 but it doesnt look too good for him.{{item:2419}} its already too mutch.Not to talk that {{item:3157}} shut him down so easily. {{champion:107}} plz...Poor kitty lel.Not even close to be strong.Especially teamfights.This days you just simple as support get {{item:3190}} {{item:3118}} its already enough. Ad can even go for {{item:3026}} that is a really nice item now. {{champion:121}} ye is probably the only assasin ad into the game that seems to be pretty ok.Not op at all.
: so you think that since there is a mute button, people can write toxic stuff at will?
They can do whatever they want.You get punishment for toxicity if they do so. Dont get triggered really.
OldDicOne (EUW)
: RITO ARE YOU REALLY THINK "That is Balance!"
: the fact there is a mute button doesn't make it ok to be toxic, it's still pretty annoying to mute someone because he is a prick, otherwise you wouldn't mute him, right?
....????????????????????? Mute button exist to deal with such people.If not tell riot to delete it.People like you feed the toxic player.Cuz they cant just mute and play the game.
Hexa XV (EUW)
: Actually she was amazing when Ardent had a buff. I mained her back then and got from płat v to diamond v almost only with her.
ardent was good in all shield supports. But janna just got way too many nerfs to be good for something now. She is useless now.For real.
: Silver 1, where will I be placed in next season?
Smerk (EUW)
: high bronze - low silver most likely
: And before people lynch me, I don't dislike Janna players. I dislike the champion's kit and overall passive gameplay.
So agree with you.Mostly low elo think janna is good.But they have no idea you need aggresive champs to carry solo que.
RoxyWolf (EUW)
: My Janna game start
Silver game {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Kha Zix and Rengar don't need buffs. Just like Zed doesn't need a buff. Zed is reliant in doing his job at oneshotting the enemy carry and unlike every other ad assassin he has an instant blink into safety by pressing R again. Ofcourse he shouldnt deal more dmg late then early thats how assassins work because they are suposed to be WEAK TO ARMOR
but now you have armor..from rune.So obviously ad assasins are quite bad.
: Can i play support mid lane (Blind pick only) ?
I upvoted.Where is my strawberry. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: i have a good nerf for yasou
{{champion:157}} nerf ha funny. Now beside jokes what they need to nerf is {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}}
DabironCZE (EUNE)
: Yasuo
: or just for once nerf assassins. dont forget we even lost banshees veil for adc's. shielding/healing support were nerfed, assassins got buffed and marksmen were overall nerfed. so yeah, all these things together makes adc useless
what make adc useless is the items.Most adc abuse crit strike and right now that crit is really bad. You need really lategame to start doing something and most of games end in less then 25 mins.Assasins are not the problem.Especially that you can counter them really easy. Only viable ad is {{champion:145}} because she can go ap.{{champion:236}} but mostly early game..and really hard cuz he doesnt have mutch range.+ doesnt need crit strike items. The rest are really bad.
: Buff adc/marksman and tanks
Yes adc is pretty useless right now.Not gonna lie. But i dunno if we really need to buff tanks. The problem is conqueror so ofc this meta is around bruisers.
: Why people care so much about victory?
Maybe cuz you tryhard like an "idiot" and 1 tilted player lose your game.
: Silver 3 support main looking for a buddy to play Ranked with
: the ban system doesnt make sense
I agree with the fact that lol is one of the most frustrating games to play. Especially if you play ranked.And the deal with "Trolls"escape from ban yes....It happens a lot of time.They put more effort into banning flame because is easier. But no 1 said "Hei why this people flame".Oh maybe cuz he got 1 mid nunu or a toplaner who ragequit for no reason.And this is 1 of the many reasons why league lose players. Facts
zgoly (EUW)
: kata needs a buff seriously after that nerf "9 months ago".... espicially neeko is coming with her massive dmg lvl 1 1 Q deals 120 dmg lvl 1 to kata .. thats annoying { tilting:( } katarina passive and maybe her Q needs to get a small buff to bring back dmg stability + kata is bugging alot since she hasn't got patched years ago ... her abilities doesnt reset right after takedown (1st bug) and some abilities shows a wierd behaviour like her Q bug when u hit the last minion (the dagger dissapear) and her E shunpo ( when u E a champ and it deals no dmg ) and sometimes when u E a champ near a big wall ( like botlane giant wall ) u get stuck right into it. Riot pls fix kata bugs and buff her a little bit just for balance. ty {{sticker:katarina-love}}
if you buff kata you will end up nerfing her to the ground once more. She is still viable.Is in better spot then zed actually. Its like asking to buff "ZEd".Zed deserve a buff but evryone is afraid that is gonna be again too mutch broken so nothing.The same goes for kata. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
zgoly (EUW)
: hell yea !!
: > [{quoted}](name=Breakhz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E4myjILE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-21T22:37:40.667+0000) > > {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} ??
: Who wants to play Ranked with a Silver 4 supp main ? :)
Haze97 (EUW)
: Do you also tell rape victims to cover themselves more? If there are toxic players then there's indeed an issue with the community. Telling people to mute all just to prevent an obnoxious kid from flaming and tilting your games should be only the last resort.
Wtf you talking about... Flame is easy to deal with.Mute report.They get ban easy. Dont pull the card rape plz.There is no rape here.
: Meta has nothing to do with it unless you are at the top of the ladder. It doesn't matter if a champion is off-meta, just so long as the player can play it well. I am getting a bit tired of people trying to play {{champion:84}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:39}} and losing their lane, just because the champions are meta. The strongest champions are the ones that you can play.
If you dont wanna listen to me then listen to apdo.Better champs more % chance for victory. S8 is not so mutch about skills but about picks.
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