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: Yes, please . Add me and tell me when u finish it <3
Is there any way to add you somewhere ? I mean I am on EUNE and you are on EUW, soooo is there anything I can do except for saving your name on the notepad ? :p
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: I just hit 52 % winrate on Velkoz (Happy)
: To be honest . If u can make a video but without the champions, it would be nice.
That actually sounds good, tho I was thinking about it and now I feel more encouraged, I will start doing it sooooo it will take a long while, but when it's done I will post it and somehow let you know about it {{summoner:6}}
Wannes (EUW)
: 10 years LoL
Like someone else already said, it will cost money. No problems with that to be honest, their pricing is fair for the content they release, the problem however is that I am poor student :D {{summoner:3}}
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Infernape (EUW)
: It's funny playing Fiddlesticks when a Master Yi runs at you with 400+ MS. You fear them and they run away at the speed of sound xD
zZiBBiZz (EUW)
: Blood Moon Jhin unsatisfying sounds
Not gonna lie , auto attack sounds are just terrible :/
: Let's talk about off-meta bot lanes
I remember good old times when there was no adc
Iceling (EUNE)
: My thoughts on ghost nerf
Well its funny being chased by doge with 560 ms ;D
: Yasuo is still obnoxious to play against
Can't even play with or against him , 100 % ban rate on plat elo
: Autofill logics
: This is why you should never BM
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Aseraan (EUW)
: take a breake play something not involved whit online community and u will get better and if u never get back to lol u are cured{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Medhany (EUW)
: Especially long time players can relate. The game isn't fun and creative anymore. Every item is unique which makes the item builds on a lot of champs homogeneous. AP champs and items are nerved to oblivion. The game has become extremely repetitive and passive. Solo advantages have been diminished every time. Aggressive plays are punished really hard if executed badly. All of these changes pushed by rito made the game to what it is today. A lousy shelf of the fun game it used to be.
I have been playing since ending of Season 2 so I guess its long
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Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft & Ranked in 2017
Logged in just to down vote that post
: Update us on your final games of Season 2016
Got demoted from diamond because of boosted diamonds 5 , I ended up season with plat 2 , I aim for D2 next season wish me luck ^^
: Skin idea for Braum + Spells illustrations
I would love to see that live good job ;)
: 99lp megatilt
At least you are winning games , and you don't have to deal with boosted players :) , I'm currently in platinum 3 , was plat 1 10 hrs ago , and I dropped bcs of this , stay positive chill out , you will get what you want , it kinda depends on your luck , to find normal team mates , and how often do you play the game , you just cant stop believing . For example at the start of this season I was silver 3 , somehow went to gold 5 , climbed to gold 3 , then I dropped to gold 5 , sometimes there were afks , trolls , or we just lost team fight , I dropped like 7 times from g3 to g5 , I was that angry on this game and players that I wanted to uinstall , but I've never stopped to believe , that was the only thing that haven't let me down and you know what ? I did it , and now I got exactly same thing here in platinum , remember that with each lose you are improving somehow , its not easy but the feeling after all this struggling is the best feeling in League Of Legends , nothing feels better than getting reward after hard work . Remember to #BELIEVE , stay positive , and after lost game don't think about what your team made bad , think what you have done bad , you know what I'm sayin' , focus from your mistakes and learn from them . I hope that short story helped you a bit , after all nothing is impossible you just have to believe :) Also sorry for bad English , but I hope everything is clear
: A good idea would be to make some items like in nexus siege for this game mode. For example you could buy a shield for your flag that enemy needs to break before taking it and other stuff.
That is a really good idea , I will think about that
: I think slow when holding a flag isn't needed. Anyway, TF, Ryze would be OP and fun. You can take flag and teleport away :D
Well just like in urf 2014 block Ryze :D
Sp33dy (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Add the ranked borders into the lobby.
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: [Champion Concept] Ste'Ven, The Void Bloke
SpTc (EUW)
: Ok Ty, i will try it ! i will back in few with answers ! Edit: Still missing after Repair
Well I had the same problem , try to reinstall , It helped me
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: EU LCS game 3
Thank you guys for letting me know ;)
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: what's the point in having armor then? I agree a tower buff might not be the worst thing, but i actually thought more about a %-buff, where the tower dmg increases on the amount of HP, Amor or maybe even enemy champions around.
I hope you know that I'm not writing about inhibitor and nexus turrets ( just to be clear ) Most of time in late game , turrets are getting destroyed really fast ( without minions ) and they are on low hp ( hp < 2300 ) , so its not that hard to take 'em down , but tanks will lose 1/3 hp or even more ? . Answering your question : I don't know how about others , but I build armor to take more damage from AD champions :P . Ofc I'm not sayin' that you are wrong .
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