: Champion select report option
I knew it, that there will be smart asses with their " Off meta pick isn't punishable ". Im not talking about weird meta picks or similar stuff, I'm talking about people who are telling you that they are going to int if they are not given their preferred role.
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: Well mmr is use for matchmaking not the divisions or levels. But let's assume divisions are in accordance with mmr to talk easy, they consider team average mmr not the individual mmr, so some time being different can happen. They had: g4, s3, s2, s2, s4 You had: g4, s2, s1, s3, b4 So they had a g4 you had a g4 They had no s1 you had an s1 You s2 corky wich in your print screen apear unranked because not update, has an insane 83% win rate so huge mmr, sure he has it in only 12 games with 10 win and 2 loses, but sadly just mmr is taken into account not the games numbers which can be after an lucky win streak. I think your coky ruined the team mmr with his huge win rate so you got an bronze to average your team mmr with their team mmr. Of course this is not ok since no matter the mmr the b4 will lack game knowledge vs anyone in their team even the s4, not talking about s2 and g4. Lucky things like this happen rarely, I was playing in last 3 days on an my second account to take it back to gold and I rise from s2 to g4 and last 20-30 games where all balanced in terms of divisions I was always in team or enemy with s2, s1, g4 which are around same mmr. Only 2 time in this 20-30 games something like in your case happened, one time enemy had a b4 lucian while rest of them and us were s2 to g4 (funny is he was a booster/smurd I assume since he destroyed us bot lane) I play very good support and that guy was not even platinum skills or diamond 4 was way beyond how he farmed perfect, and doge, and kite and queue his spells+aa. So that bronze carried them so I assume even he was same as your teemo around 30% win rate, he got a booster that start to win games so i assume he was even lower win rate then booster start winning games so he rise his mmr to our s2-g4 level. Other time we had a platinum 4 wheel rest wher s2-g4, and he was terbile, played like a level 15 so I assume he was boosted in high platinum or diamond and then he start losing and dropping hsi mmr so much that at hsi p4 level he was same as us in s2-g4. Don't know what to say these things happen rare and usually the very low division is good and very high division suck. In my experience in majority of games you get good matchmaking and balanced teams in terms of statistics since in terms of skills games are one sided sadly no matter if it's a win or lose. But I can't contradict you may be your experience is different, for sure averaging team mmr and not individual mmr is kinda bad since if the lowest mmr guy in a team face the highest mmr guy in the other team lets say a g3 vs a s4, while mmr are same the experience is usually bigger to the side of the higher division and he win lane. I saul don't watch people divisions, I never go on sites like op.gg to check my team or enemy, I just play the game and try my best and take win/lose as it is. If you don't knwo it, it don't bother you. It happen now to check my last 20-30 games on op.gg because I was curious about the matchmaking myself and if teams are balanced (which surprisingly they were base on statistics), not because of losses or wins but becuase all games where one side, we won with 50-10 team score or we lost with 50-10 team score (just an example but numbers were huge difference for winning team, also skills the losing team feel like level 15) which is very boring or very frustrating. WOW SUCH A LONG POST TLTR: DON'T READ IS BORING AND NOT IMPORTANT! I just got into writing it without realizing the length :D
First, Thank you very much for taking a time to explain everything so perfectly and to mention a few examples. It is not happening a lot. I usually play with the same ranks as mine, but for example, like, every 20 games, there is something like this and completely randomly. For example again, when I was Silver 4 it never happened to get that much lower elo player. However, I think it's a stupid thing to allocate players by their winrate, first, 90% winrate means shiit if you have played 10 games, then even tough you get that high winrate in a few games, and you keep on winning, it makes harder for that player to climb after being Bronze 4 for example while playing with Gold 4, ok you can skip division, but actually they could have do it to be much more simplier then that. So, I get it, unlucky things are happening, at the end of the day it's SoloQ and it's normal, but it would be much better if Rito take care of this instead of just releasing new champs and skins :) Take care bro :)
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Why did you sell your support item?
LOL! Since we didnt have any AP damage, I was forced to go full AP and also in this elo, even if u secure a vision, they dont take advantage of it.
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: How to play immobile ADC's?
As mentioned Jhin is actually very hard to get since he has movement speed buff on every crit and usually is going for boots of swiftness, also jinx gets movement speed buff if she kills a target.. If you ask me, Ashe, Kogmaw and Varus are only truly immobile adc's. They have hard CC, Kogmaw just a slow on his E. But the point is that these immobile champions have hard CC in their kit which cannot be said for mobile adc's and that is a compensation. Also those immobile adc's should be played only with utility supports.
Shamose (EUW)
: Why does the tier average in my team go down in promos?
Sam thing here bro, such a nonsense. Regular games are just fine, and then, when I get to promo games, I always get player or two that are almost whole tier below....
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: personally as someone who transferred from EUNE to EUW i can safely say EUW is much less toxic over all
Same here buddy. Also the issue with EUNE is that 80% of the community do not speak English at all. And they are flaming on some mixed language, English mixed with Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian...etc...
: BE Dropchances
Actually Riot has made a joke with Champion Capsules. You level up and get like Ryze, Sivir and Garen who are 450 BE and plus 90 BE. Or if you get like Zoe who is 6300, you will only get that 1 champion.
Amazitez (EUW)
: Tips on getting an S grade on Tristana
Mostly focus on farming, as the vital point for getting S- or higher.
: What do you do as eve when you have no abilties?
As Evelyn, when you have all of your abilities up, you should be able to 1 shot adc with full combo... So if he survived that means, he dodged a bit of your Q damage or you were just behind that game. With W, E, Q, ult combo you have to 1 shot adc if u are not behind that game.
: When are you planning to nerf Jax E CD ?
Well, there needs to be someone who can stop Master Yi. So DON'T touch my Jax xD
: Make it possible to change the first ability before the 15second mark.
Idk why someone levels up any ability before the actual game/lane starts and is 100% sure which ability is the best to start up with. Just be patient, no reason to upgrade any skill until you get in contact with enemy team :)
: If I go AP Master Yi support, is it trolling?
It is Riot's stupid politics - Playing off role - off meta champions isn't punishable. I understand that if you have for instance OTP Maokai, Sion, Malphite, not legit support but at least with some sort of CC, tankiness, just to make a little bit since. So i would not mind if support picks that, but pls, you cannot tell me picking Master Yi, LeBlanc, Rengar...etc... Any type of assassin or some fighter as a support isn't trolling. Yes, it's trolling no matter what you build or how hard you try, it's trolling and it should be punishable. Or classic kid's sentence in champ select " I don't have any support champions " and then picks Miss Fortune support. REALLY?? Yes you do have! No matter if you are autofilled support, you are OTP Kata, Akali, Yasuo....whatever, you can play Soraka for example. 450 BE, so you have it, and it is not hard to play. No offense Soraka mains, just saying that she is much more easier to pick up then Thresh for example. And every adc will have his time easier with first time Soraka, then 300K mastery Riven support. So, yeah, 100% it is trolling, one more time.
Thepital (EUW)
: What is wrong with Platinum?
True, Plat and Diamond 4 are such a shame for whole community. Over there you have legit Silver players, boosted kids and E-girls, that got boosted there so they can say they are Plat or Diamond, it has been for a while like that and I don't think it's going to change.
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: Bramble vest is too strong and here is why
And tell me, how am I supposed to win lane as Irelia main vs Tryndamere without Bramble vest? TELL ME PLEASE? xD
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Gryndall (EUNE)
: I'm looking for ADC player
Adc here xD. Which elo are you buddy?
: > [{quoted}](name=Britnéy Spéars,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZuA3EOwo,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-11T10:56:45.582+0000) > > ROFL! You want highest base armor??? As people mentioned below. He has most cancerous ult in the game - He is either going to kill you or if you disengage once he activated ult, he will just walk away with his E even tough you were so close to kill him. His sustain on Q is stupid, he is mana-less, he is one of the champions with most hp and ad early on, and not to talk about that stupid 35% crit on first levels with just right clicking. Pls Trynda is that last thing that needs a buff. I can think of many better ults or atleast equal. - Pyke - Karthus - Darius - Malphite - Illoui - Soraka - Rakan - Wukong - Kennen - Ekko - Fiddle - Neeko - Kata - Kayle - Shen - Brand - Vayne - Ahri - Twitch - Twisted fate - Ori - Taric I would rather have any of these ultimates on my team than having tryndamere
Well, term "best ult" is very disscusable thing. It's true that those ultimates that you mentioned are probably more useful for a team. But Trynda 's ult is a cancer for a lanning phase more and that's what makes lanning vs him hard, also diving immune :) However in general I don't think he is OP, but also I don't think he needs any buffs. If you ask me he is just fine.
: The following champs have higher base armor than Tryndamere lv 18 (melee squishy)
ROFL! You want highest base armor??? As people mentioned below. He has most cancerous ult in the game - He is either going to kill you or if you disengage once he activated ult, he will just walk away with his E even tough you were so close to kill him. His sustain on Q is stupid, he is mana-less, he is one of the champions with most hp and ad early on, and not to talk about that stupid 35% crit on first levels with just right clicking. Pls Trynda is that last thing that needs a buff.
: Tips for an silver noob
Nothing, ranked match making sucks this season.
: If Nasus was made yesterday
This champion is such a BS!!! Especially with 12 stacks recent buff on large minions. The thing is that every Nasus player, plays so passive in lane that it is sooo frustrating how passive they play, cause he knows, I don't care, I will just sit here, farm and 1 v 5 enemy team later on. I mostly play Irelia if Nasus is picked top for enemy team, I destroy him in lane 100% of the time and then after 2-3 items, I am 10-0 he is like 1-5 and I can suuck his dicck 1 v 1, like legit! He is good in team fights, OP split pusher, I am ok with ults that give you extra stats and stuff, like Jax's, Renekton's etc, but this is too much.
: Can we please get Solo Q ? ACTUAL SOLO Q ?
Well I play duo from time to time, but mostly i queue up Solo. Because when I Duo Queue, some match making BS gives you players with much lower MMR then enemy team. And yeah, it is true, especially when there is Duo bot lane... They are often sooo boosted i can't even describe.
noobitup (EUW)
: is there a way to limit YASUO by mana or energy?
Well I agree with you but not completely. The thing is that there should be some resource for him to use, but actually Yasuo is a champion with such a hard to balance kit and any small change can make him OP or unplayable. If you ask me, Garen and Aatrox should get something like mana or energy much more then Yasuo. Irelia main here btw, and with mana spending champion you can still shiit on those manaless champions if u do it right way.
: Gain 13 LP lose 23 LP
Same issue here, since match making is horrible, I win 5 games in a row then I lost 5 games in are, and so on and so for. So I am not in a losing streak in general nor on the winning streak I get around 14-15 for a win and lose 22-23 for a defeat. Also few days ago for some reason I won a game and got 8 LP.....Yeah 8 LP. That happened once, but nobody from Riot couldn't get with reasonable explanation. They fuccked up everything this season.
: New Tiers Destroyed Ranked
Tell me players like this Ziggs and Twitch are real??? [](https://imgur.com/a/Z1uaceO)
northellion (EUNE)
: Trolling goes unpunished
Well the thing is that Riot doesn't care to much about that. When I report somebody for flame I get instant feedback report 99% of the time. But when I report somebody for Troll, Int, Hard Grief - NEVER! I get chat banned 10 times for flaming a troller??? Really Rito?? So it is worse that I told him, fucck yourself or that he is inting/trolling?? Obviously in Riot's opinion it is my fault and I will be punished.. So thats the way it is.
: So this is Lux support in Bronze...
Well that is the whole point of playing support in low elo. Lux, Zyra, Pyke, Brand....Something with damage and not to play Ali, Thresh, Braum cause you are playing with bad players and they don't know how to use what you are doing for them as a real support. So yeah, in low elo damage wins games xD
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realKano23 (EUNE)
: sometimes you get good teammates, sometimes you get the worst. However, like most people on the boards say, "if u cant carry 1v9 u dont deserve ur rank" yeah i know, it sounds stupid
It sounds stupid??? It sounds ridiculous!!! xD The thing is that like a lot of people say, this season is the worst one with this match making and generally ranked system. LP gain/loss system completely sucks and you are saying 1v9, problem in the last 2 seasons is that 1 BAD player has much more impact on the game then a GOOD player. Simple as that.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Rework the LP Gain/Loss
The thing is that is never going to happen, it's true that maybe it will be more fair, for example for a better performance to get 2-3 lp more then usually or for a worse performance to get a bit less - but it will never be like that. Actually they should fix LP gain/loss since this season a lot of players are getting much less for a win then before (around 15) and losing more then 20 for defeat, including me. Even tough you are not on losing streak it's the same shiit. Btw I had a game few days ago to get 8 LP for a win, NONSENSE. I contacted Riot directly but their support couldn't get out with a normal answer, they were saying something about new system that doesn't make sense at all. So all ranked system rn is actually %%%%ed up.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is Ezreal not a priority ban in pro play?
Well, actually Ezreal is somewhere in the middle when it comes to bans with being also one of the most picked champs. The thing is that he is very flexible pick and doesn't have real counter on bot lane. Also he doesn't scale the same way most adc's do, he has a completely different type of power spike and different purpose. You are right, he is at the moment probably strongest adc beside Lucian, Kai'sa used to be there until the last crit items changes, and now Sivir is also S tier, but the thing is when it comes to pro play there is much more champions that are causing threat elsewhere since pro play works completely different then SoloQ and have ban priority over Ezreal, such as Cassiopeia, Urgot, Aatrox, Lissandra, Sejuani, etc, being much more impactfull with their damage, CC, tankiness or all together.
: Playing Solo With, and Versus, Premades
Since you are talking about 3-4 premades here, you are obviously talking about Normal Games. So Riot actually doesn't care about Normal games like a lot of people, and I agree with that, Just play it for fun, try new champs, builds, runes etc. Don't get stressed because of stupid Normal game. I mean you should not get stressed with Ranked also, but it at least has some value if you win or lose it.
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: New form of report
I really don't understand, this completely went out of topic and point of this post. It's not about playing off meta picks, I just mentioning a guy proly adc main picked Draven when autofilled support cause he doesn't care, he is going to play his adc role or somebody is going to dodge because of him or he is just going to troll. So, It's not about playing off meta picks, it's about trolling!!! Also he picked Draven, saw that adc hovered over Jinx for example and banned Jinx just for troll.....Don't tell me about that terms of use BS.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: "If you paly her smart" is not something you consider when deciding if wether something is broken or not. What if the enemy Conq bruiser plays smart too? They have more to work with thanks to the free damage from the keystone. No matter how smart or skilled you are, you can never get as much out of a Grasp or an Aftershock as you can get out of Conq.
We will see how new Conq works, but if this nonsense from PBE goes live, it will be even more broken...
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Buffs and ners on champions are not because of the role, its because of the position of that individual champion in the meta. "Poor marksmen" is a phrase that makes me sick. The only time adc was truly ruined was with the True DMG Infinity Edge. Now its back to old, where you literally die if you get too close to a Jinx or a Tristana if her support is there. AD carries mostly rely on only one teammate and the others dont matter, but they can still solocarry a game, and we've all peobably seena Vayne 1v5 carry a game. The only time you were able to actually 1v5 win a game regardless of your teams doings with a tank was with inting Sion with Banner, and maybe with Nasus, but thats all, thats 2 champs of that role.
Honestly it is a BS. I am Irelia main and if I get 2,3 - 0 on top lane, I don't care if enemy adc is 10-0 because I know if I rotate bot or in a teamfight I will one shot him. So adc's are still in a shiiit position with 0 impact to the game until at least some 30th minute.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Buffs and ners on champions are not because of the role, its because of the position of that individual champion in the meta. "Poor marksmen" is a phrase that makes me sick. The only time adc was truly ruined was with the True DMG Infinity Edge. Now its back to old, where you literally die if you get too close to a Jinx or a Tristana if her support is there. AD carries mostly rely on only one teammate and the others dont matter, but they can still solocarry a game, and we've all peobably seena Vayne 1v5 carry a game. The only time you were able to actually 1v5 win a game regardless of your teams doings with a tank was with inting Sion with Banner, and maybe with Nasus, but thats all, thats 2 champs of that role.
Listen buddy, I used to be Vayne main before, Diamond 5 for 2 seasons and she was only adc to be able to carry because of her assasin playstyle. But now she needs more to scale then before. Proly its true if they have somebody to peel for them they can carry but in solo q it's not often the case, since your support doesn't care about you a lot of times. Positioning is the vital thing for them, but if u get caught by enemy assasin or bruiser you are DEAD af, so my point it's not fair that if you are 5-0 out of lane and you easily get oneshoted by enemy toplaner who is like 1-1 with a simple Black Cleaver and still able to one shot you.
: Funny or not it's not against the rules kiddo
Actually I can be your father or at least your older brother, probably <3. Get the point before commenting the post, it's not all about that insta lock troll pick :)
: Playing off meta champs isn't against the rules
Actually is not funny as you think ;)
: Are u a monkey? You cant split push if you do not have a team you know that? If your team is walking in and dying 4v5 then what are gonna do? split push and die to their whole team killing you? It is impossible to split push in low elo and that is a fact.
I agree, I mentioned split push as an example. The point is that you CAN carry a game if you are much much above that rank, including mechanics and game knowledge. But for instance if you are legit Gold 1 player, you play vs Bronzes, and you have a troll in your team or the enemy team is just better then yours, the thing is that there is much more chances that they are going to win, since your good plays a lot of times can't make up for your teammate's bad plays, and when there is a team fight, legit 5 v 5, you can make a good focus, peel for them, kill a biggest damage dealer, and your team dies, you are still 1 v 4, already spent a lot on that one carry, and there is nothing too much you can do. So if you can carry a game in your elo, regardless of your team feeding, where players are on the same level like you, I will give you a medal of honor <3 xD
: Thank you! Crit feels so much better this patch
Yeah, completely agree with this. There should be a bit more balance regarding that, but actually Riot did a great job this patch and finally some reasonable changes to get ADC's not being such a meme anymore.
Neszo (EUW)
: S9 Ranked is totally unplayable (especially in low elo)
Stop that BS of carrying a game. You can carry a game if you are 3 tiers above your current rank, like you are a Diamond player playing in Silver and for example you destroy your top lane opponent, split push to death and get a win. But if you are some high Gold you can't even carry a Bronze game, since this season ranked is legit a coin flip and the thing is that, remember this, BAD PLAYER has much more impact on a game then a GOOD PLAYER. That's just a way League works right now. I am so frustrated at the moment, starting with my placement games where match making was HORRIBLE and also once I got placed in Silver it's still the same. I was first thinking of just playing normal games, but they are even more troll and there is no point in playing them, it's fiesta and any smaller advantage any team has accumulate into a 15 min. FF - So, no point. And yeah, I'm still playing this shiit ranked even tough there is no point if you try hard or you don't give a shiit if you gonna win or not.
: last night i played 4 games (3 wins, 1 loss) and I gained 28 lp. I literally gained 49lp and then lost 21lp from only one game.
Well, lucky you :) In placement games I was getting like 50 or something for a win, but since I got my placements completed, it dropped down to this :-S
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YushaSama (EUNE)
: A few last words.
Completely understand your pain bro. The thing is that I don't agree with flaming somebody for a mistake or two, or even if somebody is just having a bad game, it happens to everybody. But if somebody is intentionally trolling and destroying the game, least you can do is to flame them, and ofc I do so. But the thing is that if you reported them, Riot is going to "investigate", follow that account for maybe 1 or 2 more games and he plays game or two normally he gets away with it, until next time somebody report him again, and you are going to get punished immediately for flaming him that game, regardless of what he has done. And actually maybe a BIGGER issue is cause we only have option to report them after the game, 10000 times it happened that some MORON got autofilled support and Insta Locked completely off role champion( adc, assasin) and also swearing in the champ select or intentionally bans the champion you intended to pick, so the only option you have is to either go into the game even tough you know u are going to lose it and report him after, but losing 20 lp is not worth banning that jerk or you can just dodge that champ select and YOU lost 3 lp and got a Queue Ban, and that moron got away with it for who knows how many times! So that's such a big issue that Riot needs to change.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Many games have disgusting tanks with ridiculous damgage so dont act like its only League again. Poppy needs a lot of things to 1v1 someone. Without the right conditions - such as a close wall or a leap that she can repell - she has only one effectite spell in combat, that being Q. But its not about Poppy now. Listing one "counter" for a Conqueror bruiser doesnt solve anything, and by the way, standing face to face to Poppy with a Jax or a Yasuo and just keep her in combat easily beats her. Just like every other tank.
Yeah, it's true, Poppy can't easily burst somebody from 100 to 0, but if you play her smart vs those Conq users, like, Darius, Jax, Kled, she can outdamage all of them in a shorter trades and actually that's the whole point of a top lane - push them out of lane and fuccking shove the wave under that tower.
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