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: Team stealing my jungle farm
its not stealing if it goes to your team , after all its a team game .... l2p ^^
Xencali (EUW)
: I've had my fill now.
noting offensive man but good players can go from silver to diamond in 1 day with around 95% win rate. it;s your own fault for losing games dont blame your team.
vikinator (EUW)
: Chat restriction and honor level drop
at first game you was so toxic , not only insulting your teammates but harrassing them , calling for report or when you call somebody troll is punishable too. next time dont call for reports (1 report is enough to get somebody punished , even if the person gets the 9 report if he didnt do anything he wont get punished) at 2nd game you was so negative , which is kinda punishable too. so next time dont use the chat simple as that. if you ask if your bad is fair , yes it is , you was toxic and you got what you deserve (but my team was toxic too) well next time dont say anything and just report them so they can be the punished not you :) if somebody is toxic you dont have to be toxic too. GL and i hope you learnd your lesson :) pst Sorry for my bad english.
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Givifa (EUW)
: How to avoid tilt. (I just want to improve, but my tilt f*cks me up)
Well I climbed so easily when I stop paying attention on my teammates mistakes , for example if your mid goes 0-2 don't ask him or her why he/she is 0-2 , but ask yourself what you have to do to help mid. Stop chatting , disable all chat option , focus entirely on yourself. That's how I managed to climb from silver 4 to plat 3. ( with few words , stop looking at your teammates and focus on yourself , because next game they won't be in your team but you will be) That will stop your tilt and help you to climb , at least that helped me ^^ gl&hf
Angolaria (EUW)
: Thanks riot for putting me down in ranked
Just get gut and you will climb :)
DoubleDream (EUNE)
: Read this.
Yup your team drags you back man :) Good players can climb from silver to diamond in less than 24 hours with trolls in their team but , yeah it's your team fault! :) *pst if you want an example gosh went from placements(gold 1 ) to diamond in 20 hours . Ty for your attention. Btw flame your team more that's the key for the success. ^^
: My soraka goes 1-13 intentionally feeding and flaming. But I get 25 chat restriction instead...
Next time don't say anything , mute / report after the game and you won't be the one who is banned c: Good luck mate!

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