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Mada (EUW)
: Yeah, that's a typical people problem. As long as there are people, there are bound to be ones like that. My advise is to use mute with extreme prejudice. adc is ezreal, draven, vayne, corki, jhin? Mute. Lee Sin in game? Mute. Yasuo in game? Mute. Player name contains country code or something? Mute. Player points out what's won and what's lost? Mute
i wonder why have you left Riven out of the preemptive muting group
: Smurf is Gold are the worst types of smurfs.
ok, i should probably listen more to the advice i am going to give you right now. Listen carefully, i will use bold and caps lock to make sure people get it (including myself) **** **YOU HAVE LOST A MATCH BECAUSE OF BEING MATCHED WITH AN ASSHOLE.** **EVERY SINGLE LOL PLAYER EXPERIENCES THIS ON A NEAR-DAILY BASIS.** ** THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO POINT POSTING ANYTHING ABOUT IT** **NO ONE CARES. WHY WOULD THEY?** ****
: So basically roam as much as I can. This is.. A good advice thanks! I had the mindset of roaming when I see a possible kill but it see what you mean: Even if they are in the position to escape easily my roam will chunck a piece of tower/ force the enemy jungle change position
it is less "roam, roam, roam" than it is about "objectives, objectives, objectives".
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Should Garen receive a gameplay update?
well... no. he has a very important role in the league: he is essentially the LoL equivalent of a bike with training wheels. he does not demand much mechanically to be played, he does not demand much mechanically to play around. he teaches the basics of a melee combo champion to those who play him he teaches the basics of kiting and peeling to those that play against him he punishes hard for the lack of the absolute basics when played against. ... and on top of that he punishes some team compositions so hard, that he may actually be a good pick even in higher elos. Under some circumstances ofc. He is not only fine. He is precisely what League needs him to be
: having impact on the game as a mage?
1. (optional but does not hurt to do so) win your lane 2. use your op mage waveclear to crush the wave and force you oponent to stay mid to not lose any minions. 3. roam. 4. If your roam kills/forces the enemy to b, shove the minions to the tower and take it. always convert theadvantage into objective pressure 4a. if your laners cry about you "stealing cs" mute them, and ping tower like crazy 5. if it does not, return to your lane and return to point 1. Edit: Always. and i say ALWAYS, no exception to this rule, press the objectives when you have the local advantage. objectives get you closer to the nexus. killing nexus means a won game. 20 kills do not mean sh*t unless they are used as an advantage to create objective pressure
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: Blind is pretty much the only way they can get played. They're banned (especially Yasuo) in draft a lot of the time.
hey furor, i have a question you see, when i ban yasuo i mainly do it because i fear playing WITH him, not against hm. do you fear the same?
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: I hate my junglers so much...
feel ya. i know exactly how you feel. THIS is my worst nightmare- a jungler comes with a doublebuff delivery, when you have a kill worth of minions at your tower and then blames you for not assisting the gank. the only solution to this problem seems to be playing jungle yourself
: The higher you get in the rank system the less toxic players you will see. The hardest part is Bronze and SIlver ranks, i don't really see difference between bronze and silver players. Ranked is enjoyable from Gold, but not on 100%. So i wish you good luck to get faster out of hell, where the good players don't belong. Between i'm psycho, but from the good ones {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
gold is the elo-heaven. casual players, who are less butthurt and have the humility required to politely communicate. and on both sides of gold are the bottomless pits of hell. In silver you have people with better mechanics than bronze, but not really better attitude and will to communicate and in platinum you have a bunch of wannabe diamonds who care about the game very much- one spark on that barrel of butthurt and it flies all around the Rift
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voidner,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BK0bou8W,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-18T10:27:23.125+0000) > > That's why it's harder to climb in bronze than any other division of you're a really good player Did test this on smurf and it proved to be false. While the environment itself is pure insanity(in terms of what people are saying/doing) the fact that players are handing over you many(I mean really many) free kills, don't understand in the slighest how to play around your champion and the easiness to take objectives(quite often I could happily push mid inhib while my brown friends were doing whatever(as were the enemies). However,I would only recommend to play mid,top or jungle as adcs won't get peeled at all and playing support is same as you were playing mid except you aren't allowed to farm.Ziggs worked out extremely well as a: I could take towers down even easier and b:quite often ziggs gets to his late game power quite quickly (bronze,the happy land of free kills). edit: As the true elo hell,people often offer plat or diamond 5(these opinions aren't mine,just overview of what I have heard people saying). Plat as people have gigantic egos and are really eager to throw even won games if something doesn't go on their way(can agree with this one) and solo carrying starts to get really hard around there. Dia V for the amount boostees,trolls and overall players that don't want to tryhard and solo carrying is even more difficult. Then again,there are countless master/challenger smurfs who went through both cases like hot knife through butter so in the end the question is if there is any division that couldn't be climbed easily with enough skill.
from my short bronze experience i can say this: the fastest way to climb outta bronze is playing zyra support. The fact that you do nto farm does not matter a thing, since kills are delivered on a silver platter, so you may consi8der yourself a fully-fledged midlaner. and, on top of that you have a chance of preventing on of your teammates from feeding. Plus- you get shorter queue times. shorter waiting adds up over time and after 15 games you may consider this a full additional game. (it was even better before perma-autofill, free game every 3 or even 2 games)
: Mid-gold? 2 seasons ago when I was mid-silver skillwise and even then I had no trouble I believe I lost one game after being placed in bronze IV till I was silver V. Most games I ended like 20/1/10 or something and I was only mid silver skillwise back then. People claiming you cannot climb out of bronze and elo hell just look for any excuse to not have to admit that they are bad lol.
there is my hypothesis about how bad players are in each elo. platinum- they know how team compositions interact with each other, but chose to ignore it gold- they do not know what makes a good composition and how champions interact with each other silver- they do not know what champions they do not play do bronze- they do not even know what their own champion does.
Voidner (EUNE)
: That's why it's harder to climb in bronze than any other division of you're a really good player
meh. bronze players are SO BAD, that you doublemute every single every other player and solocarry. mid-gold player should not have any trouble with that.
: Help im OTP
change nickname to something less... provocative, cocky. such arrrogance to take for yourself the name of gosu. rly, if you are bronze a little bit of humility may be called for.
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sevenkill (EUNE)
: The Worst Patch Ever Seen (7.12) ...all these champs are OP because they've just killed me!
: lose lp for trolls/feeders? really?!!!
well. this is the cycle of the League. You lose lp because of trolls/feeders and gain lp on them. whoever has the biggest moron on their team, loses. the only thing you can do is making sure you are not the said moron.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Well, people cried for AP Master Yi nerfs and Riot basically removed him from the game so who knows. Personally I think Yasuo is fine, I just hate to play WITH Yasuo on the same team so I ban him anyway
same here. However, be aware of one fact: even if you ban Yasuo, and thus avoid playing with Yasuo, you are still playing with a Yasuo player.
: Nerf yasuo
it seems that Yasuo is the new Master Yi a champion, that no matter how hard he is nerfed, there will still be a player who will cry for even more nerfs.
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Scheise69 (EUNE)
: Mundos problem is that he is melee. Every other self heal champ is ranged, like Swain and Vlad. They can do damage from a safe distance while mundo has to walk in to the enemy to do damage, he has a lot of healing so he can survive getting there since he has no gap closer and so he has to run at the enemy.
Nasus, Darius, Illaoi, Xin Zhao, Warwick, Mordekaiser, Aatrox, Maokai, Zac, Volibear, Trundle
: well before we had this system, we had pickorder (last guy alwasy got the supp role) now you are guranted you 2 main roles execpt for 1 game every 24 hour (not sure tho), personaly i love this system alot more than the old pick order
i was counting my autofill games a while ago to estimate how ofen autofill puts you in the off-role being no-life has its certain perks. like the ability to acquire statistically relevant data without asking people for anything
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Another game lost because of an "autofill is cancer" moron
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Massive losing streak. Feeling powerless
again. listening to the litany of "an ally has been slain" all game how can reliably carryy every game i play?
: i want to be able to remove my mastery level above 5 if i want to.
your account shall carry this badge of shame till the end of time
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SHS Vespr (EUW)
: 10 Bans and Yasuo.
Yasuo is a champion you do not ban away from the enemy It is a champion you ban away from your teammates
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Alex3995 (EUW)
: my guess would be that {{item:3165}} is the problem. i mean almost every mage buys it first item. and it has healing reduction
as a Mundo main i will say that {{item:3165}} is not a problem. it is a full item, and healing reduction has a condition attached to it. {{item:3123}} is a problem. It is dirt cheap, can be rushed in lane to negate any powerspike mundo can hope for. and.... there is absolutely no condition save for intearacting with your target to trigger the healing reduction, it is bloody ridiculous. And lategame, when an ADC will have this item- mundo cannot rely on his ult to keep him alive as it is supposed to.
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True Sight (EUNE)
: R.I.P Stat-based runes (And most likely current keystones)
shamshamm (EUW)
: they're probably not gonna get rid of all stat based stuff , like , people wouldn't really enjoy having to farm with 60 ad
: New ban system and OTP players
League of Legends skill =/= specific champion skill. If your champion pool is so narrow that you perform on significantly worse level when a specific champion, especially one being consideed strong right now, gets banned- then... if you really do not learn a new champion, youwill keep losing
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Her proper top meta was before her rework, when she could spam q and hit every enemy. But most champions can fill a lot of roles. It's more dependant on the person controlling said champion.
i actually LOVED it when Soraka was in-meta solo laner. She and Lulu spawned the "utility midlaner" meta making all the midlane assassin mains cry blood. BEST. META. EVER.
: How bad bronze is
why would anyone downvote this thread? This is actually hilarious:)
Sceizer (EUW)
: it's just to tilt you but you can just mute them and then you won't hear them taunt you
this. the reason some players do this is that they aim to taunt you into recklessness. mute such person instantly and play your stuff. and the moment you kill them: **/all laugh now**
: Yasuo is banned forever now.
Good riddance, Yasuo, you won't be missed
PixelSoloQ (EUNE)
: Is Lethality still good?
the less tanky targets the enemy has, the better it is.
Mada (EUW)
: There is also a special kind of layered insult that only happens if you're supporting an ezreal. You get an early double kill, someone in your team will write "gj ez" as if he had anything to do with it. Then he'll go back and buy a tear. A double kill worth nothing? Just Ezreal things.
well, this is a scenario of a doublekill is not that scary. What scares me the most is this scenario- picking an aggro support, but the lane turns out to be quiet. And then he buys a tear. Also, instead of buying something that has any actual conbat stats, he gets {{item:1027}} to build a sheen. Aaaaand you can do nothing in lane. Because your ezreal just put himself 3 kills behind. their Draven has a {{item:1038}} . you can literally do nothing. You cannot engage, because your ez is 3 kills behind You cannot do anything else in lane, because you are a damn Leona You cannot roam, because the moment Ezreal gets cought he will explode.
: I get the yasuo and blind%%%% hate, but why ezreal?
the higher mobility a champion has the more it is likely to attract narcissistic "muh plays" douches to play them. Based on a representative sample of "fuuck, i did not bother to count" Ezreal players i can tell he is right there with Riven and Yasuo.
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: Upvote for this honorable opportunity to let your team rework
costed me both promo and leaverbuster punishment. but hell, i would rather suffer that than torment myself and several other players with pointless "game".
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: i wish i had a bit of musical talent.
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