: This is hilarious. This guy actually believes the new rune system was intended to give him more options instead of bruteforcing him down to a branch of 2 valid choices without any wiggle room because access to any other interesting rune will mean you need to sac the only useful keystone. This is hilarious, riot slashed the masteries in half, designed them to fit meta roles (adc have their page, assassins have their page, tanks have their intended page, supports have their page) renamed them as runes, deleted the runes and actually convinced people that they gave them more choices. With a slight of hand riot deleted all previous viggle room with stat manipulation on champs and convinced people that they have more stat manipulation. This is beautifully sad.
are you being sarcastic ?
: The idea of runes is nice...but runes itself sucks...Assasins over powered,tanks overpowerd,for supports like soraka and etc no place anymore
As a support main , i feel that nothing really much changed for supports , but i really felt that the game impact was protecting the assassin or following up with a tank
SdG ct (EUW)
: Actually, I feel like every role has been left out except for assassins and tanks. ADCs are doing fine, but they are not the steady stream of damage they used to be, they all feel more "burstier", and the most successful ones tend to be played more like ranged assassins (tristana, ezreal, jhin, twitch) than traditionnal ADC (champions like ashe, varus, jinx). Worst of all is there is no real rune for DoT based champions (malzahar, rumble, fiddlestick) to fill the gap of deathfire touch, so we're ending playing them with aery which feels clunky and weird. I thought they'd get some buff considering how the other champions have been given options to completely cut their damage down (adaptative helm, second wind), but still no love from rito...
that's another point of view (y) ! whatever , it's still preseason we still got time
Alex3995 (EUW)
: imo its the same for supports. even tho almost all supports are now somewhat viable, they are way more restricted in terms of build and setup.
ye . because i feel some runes for support could be found in items so no need for some of them
: Depends what you play. For many mages, the new runes are awful, even more cookie cutter and worse than the old system. For example for my main Cass, before we could run any of the Keystones i.e. DFT, TLD or Stormraider ... now after the Aery nerf, it's only Phase Rush if you want optimal runes. Currently, the "runes reForced" give us less choice and flexibility than the old system.
Remember that time when Karma tank showed up, everyone was surprised but it was op, that's the thing that i want from the new runes ! I like the the word "reForced" !
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ˉˉsorry (EUW)
: Is it normal to get a big losing spree after having a sustained high win rate?
I agree with what you said that supporting rely on your team mates, but have you ever considered playing carry supports such Brand , Vel'koz , Zyra? (...and no , no Lux please) ?? -If you are a good Janna main (like me :3) you dont have to since you can fix your team mates mistakes more often
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: Did you even read what I wrote?
I know , am just saying
: Yasuo comeback - need help
"You cant feed as Yasuo if he's perma banned"
: I hate my junglers so much...
Man , the last time i blamed a jungler was a 2-12 Lee sin , because he was really bad , if you just freeze lane and ward , no jungler will camp you
: I'm a Soraka main, and I agree with a lot of what you said. However, I feel {{item:3060}} shouldn't be ruled out in low elos. I usually take it as a 3rd item for some mid game tankiness but especially to splitpush since I'm always needed near my team and can't solo defend lanes myself. It also counts towards your creep score, which makes getting s ranks on supports quite easy :)
You dont need this item for splitpush , because your allies are 24/7 on sidelanes and dont group xd
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Jackom1 (EUW)
: Are we pretending ryze doesn't exist anymore?
They gonna rework till he become a tank ad hybird melee mage XD
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Four Star (EUW)
: Every time I get close to gold i go on a massive loss streak
Do as what i do , everytime i reach my promos i just shut down the PC and relax , probably play the next day or 2 hours. it makes you think about different picks , relax , and soak up the tilt u had in some games
: Ryze winrate
I bet they gonna rework Ryze again to make him a melee fighter. EDIT: About the win rate: Ryze dosent have that strong teamfighting compared to Azir and Sol, +low elo uses ryze completely wrong
Catimba (EUW)
: Does anybody think that the champion/items balancing are fair?
well i kinda feel that Riot only notices how good a champ is from the LCS(na/kr/eu/oc...etc) and with the 10-bans system i think there will be more nerfs , since malz,zyra,jayce got nerfed, challenger player will have to pick more champs and then rito will nerf more xD i think that would happen
: Gnar needs a buff
i think all tanks in this meta/patch are good and op , sometimes broken "if you are an adc main 2k17 , lol" Gnar is also good in lane since he can poke from range, he is good when you have a follow up damage when you do a perfect ult so yeah , i dont think he needs a buff
ISushiz (EUW)
**Are you using the new client?** If so , Use the Legacy _**old one**_ , because the launcher remains open while your in-game , so that makes you laggy **Play with no sound** I do all the time and i get like 60 fps minimum , it kinda suck but you'll get used to it. **Use Toaster Mode** you'll find it on client options , not sure if it exists on Legacy, but i does on Alpha
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sulfiie (EUNE)
: what server should i play on for min. ping?
I think EUNE is the best for you
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Do you hate when Riot reworks your main?
For me , Shen got reworked , my old main i played the reworked one for like ..a month but then i stopped i miss the old shen :T
: My main was Annie. After her rework - nerf I realised that it's not worth maining a champion and you have to be meta slave.
Annie is frustrating to deal with , especially when she has 4 stacks of her passive her new tibbers is .....Op
YoniBony (EUNE)
: Hi, i main Kindred {{champion:203}} (pretty rare to see that i guess), because it's made for my hands; i like her mobility, love her R (good for tower dive, to wait untill your team come, counter enemy R, save your team or something else,). I start to play kindred 7 months ago only because i got skin from chest for her, then i fell inlove with her :D. I got even more inspired to play it after i saw "RedKind" on youtube (A main Kindred from EUW, he has good guide). I haven't play her before the nerf, so i can't complain when i play her better than any other champ. People are so afraid to play Kindred, because they heard this silly comments that she is too much nerfed or they don't play it, because they can't learn it or don't want to and meanwhile giving advice to the others to not play it ("because it's bad champ") {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}. And they say Kindred don't have damage, well her damage comes with the stacks, 4/5 stacks and you got damage, 10 stacks and you are powerful, 15+ stacks and GOD mode ON = enemy team write surrender {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}. People play a lot Yasuo, but i don't play it. I tried it when it was free or on "One for all", but it's just not champ for me (don't like the mechanic of it). Many people pick it and many people feeding with Yasuo, the only reason the newbies pick it is because they see someone who play it very good and they think it will be the same with them. They just don't think that this champ may not fit their play style. A champion can be bad, when it's in the wrong hands.
I really love kindere's play style but am never good at her..him...them , whatever xd Thank you for giving me the YT : RedKind , was searching someone who mains that i can learn from
FrogBeat (EUW)
: Didn't played for a long time but in season 6 I mained Shyvana. She is simple to play but what made her op for me was my unique build on hear. It was a more damage orientated build so most players wouldn't expect the burst and started running when they actually could punish me. So I think what makes non-meta stuff works is that the players don't know how to play against them. Sorry for bad english in my country it is midnight right now and i am tired xD
Shyvana is very strong this patch , am actually bronze I because she made me lose my placements i cant sometimes ban her cause' am first pick
milan81100 (EUNE)
: I wanna know,how i can get PBE account?
Am not sure , sorry
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: My main is Viktor. The reason I like this champion is because he has a relatively safe laning phase throughout the entirety of it, while also being able to dish out strong burst poke over a short time and not even take retaliation for it. Then after level 6, he gets access to very strong wave clear, which makes him get a lot of easy cs, while not risking his positioning and also giving him a lot of roaming potential, since he can push out, roam, come back and the maximum is that he will lose maybe 1 wave, maybe. Then he becomes a late game monster. The Lich Bane build path makes him so strong, he can one-shot squishies with Q-AA-E + thunderlord's. The damage is insane. Therefore, he can be utilized as an Assassin. At the same time, he has very strong poke with his laser. I believe it has a max range of 1050, which is around the same as Ezreal's potent Q range. Along with some of the best AoE damage in the game ( 410 + 120% AP), he can also apply slows with Rylai's which can be really good during the teamfight or to start one. Then, he was his W, which is a very very strong zoning tool at first, but also become an extremely strong CC tool if people stay in it. A 44% slow with a big AoE is already strong enough on its own, and the stun potential is making it deadly to cross over. Finally, his Ultimate, apart from very very strong AoE damage over an amount of time, gives him very good control of a teamfight by zoning and slowing. Apart from his basic kit, he also gets upgrades on his abilities. The one that stands out the most, apart from obviously the upgraded double - laser, is the MS buff he gets from his Q, making chasing targets really easy for him, especially when paired with Ghost. So, he can be an Assassin, a strong poke mage, a strong burst AoE mage with enough mobility in the form of MS. He doesn't have mobility spells, but the fact that he can get a lot of MS to kite around, but also just straight up kill whoever comes in his face makes him my favorite champion. As a sidenote, he isn't very popular until like mid Diamond, so people don't really know what kind of damage to expect. You Q-AA-E + thunderlord's the ADC, and they die in like 0.4 seconds, and they sit there wondering what happened.
never had the chance to play Viktor , but reading your discussion made me wanna main him lol
: Skills will always make the champ good. Just because its the meta doesn't mean you'll be playing like a challenger. But to answer the main question... I don't have one. I pick whatever I feel in the mood for playing or what is needed for the team.
The champ you have fun with is the champ you gonna win every single with it
: {{champion:11}} Right click + {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}}
I mentioned earlier, i dont hate Yi as a champ , but i hate players who do play him **_not all of them_** they usually solo farm and makes us reach late game so he could have fun 1 shotting people _sigh_
MrMayonaise (EUNE)
: {{champion:82}} is actually very strong atm I could of go 1 v3 by myself and do so much dmg with his kit currently his E is a passive saver lol My "super main" is actually {{champion:89}} I find her super fun to play and support my adc, she is one of the only supps that can engage even trough minions, she is very tanky and helps adc doing extra dmg with her passive and don't forget the tonz of stunz :3 (yes i know she isn't too off meta)
Idk how people do 1v5 with him lol , i can barely kill someone with my whole combo , **_i suck at him , that dosent mean he's out of meta_** Leona is OP af , i have 66% win rate on her **_bronze I _** but i dislike engagers **_in bronze only_** because some people cant react fast and follow up , ending up dying for nothing
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: {{champion:267}} very dominant laning phase and later on she does fall off a bit, but is still very effective. General rule of thumb with Nami, you're playing her right if you're able to pressure lane, unless you get camped or got counterpicked (but those counters fall off harder than her) and im talking about suppot counter, adc's don't really matter.
I like Nami when i play her vs Draven lol you can easily hit your Q i also like Nami with champs who has a 3rd auto hit dmg **_vayne , varus, twitch_** with your E it becomes a pain in the a$$
munraker (EUW)
: Veigar...his laugh
His laugh always tilts me lol also annie's laugh with she stuns you GOOOOODDAMIT i get so tilted
TTekkers (EUW)
: {{champion:51}} Strong at all phases of the game and high range & kite abilities make her exceptionally good at staying at the fringes of a fight. What really marks out Cait mains from the general populace of scrubs is W usage; everyone knows how to set up a line of toxic zone power around a tower, but there are a lot more possibilities which I would love to go into but don't want to use half a page xD. The other big thing is that uncanny ability to always have E ready, always have Q ready to combo with it and always be able to use range, traps and net to get out of a sticky situation, or just completely outplay it.
I dont usually play adc **especially this season , lol ** but when i do , i always pick cait i sometimes start q to wave clear faster vs certain champs such as twitch which makes it alot easier for me to poke with autos the downsides of cait _for me_ that early game she's kinda weak and i cant cancel animation much faster than mid-game
: In the state of the game, meta makes a champion good. That's not to say you can't succeed with one of the weaker champions at the moment if you're good enough but you'll have to play much much better than your enemy if they're going to play one the broken champions.
If you think of it , every champ in the game is broken but sometimes rito decides to buff a certain champ which makes him alot better than any other champ , then he gets nerfed 2 weeks later and no one plays him again xd
: I also love engaging but I'm ok with it being absent on tahm... mainly because if you want to start a fight a well.used ult works just as well in my experience (or goes horribly and gets you killed, oh well).
well sometimes when am about to engage with my ult my noobie mid laners (comes in my mouth) and he dies instantly lol happened to me alot
Charibasa (EUW)
: very probably meta... {{champion:11}} however im thinking about picking up viktor which is definitely skills.
Yi is good but sometimes %%%%%%s mess him up
Aseraan (EUW)
: yi:inbuild sustain for jungling or 1 v 1 whit tank steroids cant be canceled only whit hard cc, a skill that makes u unhitable by almost any kind of skill,75%cd resets on kills/assist, true damage, good synergy whit a lot of item udyr: good jungle control, good for playing from behind, one of the best split pushers, tanky enough whit 1-2 tank item/cant be killed whit 3 or more tank item thresh: lot of hard cc, one of the best utility spell from all,
You must be a jungler main
: Draven because he has a very unique and amazing kit, is a total badass and is practically ungankable if your support is decent enough to stay in lane and fight.
Antr0p0s (EUW)
: Nocturne A well timed ult can win a fight His ult is huge ranged and has insane burst while building triforce Great ganks Pretty tanky while having rengar burst
i always think that noc's kit is never related to each other , i mean you cant do a full combo
Lady Yuki (EUW)
: This assumes you're playing top lane. {{champion:6}} [Extreme] poking power. Should he reach full build he can burst down almost all champions. His grenades translate into guaranteed kills lategame, and his ult can shut down every hypercarry in the game. He also has strong defensive strength as he actually used to be a tank. {{champion:82}} Lane bully that excels at 1v2s. As he is a juggernaut he is very immobile, but unless his opponent has extremely unbalanced base damage (hi {{champion:122}} ) or extreme mobility (hi {{champion:92}} ) or a mix of both (hi {{champion:114}} ) he can win almost any lane matchup, though melee matchups are his best. One drake can allow you an instant baron nashor because you can use drake to tank nashor for your team. {{champion:266}} Though immobile, if played right he's a decent counter to most early game bullies ({{champion:122}}, {{champion:420}}, {{champion:157}}) through his mix of CC and lifesteal. Still unviable due to his extreme kiteability, which is on juggernaut level. {{champion:44}} Provided he has mana, his high base damage and constant shield spam can beat most duelists in a straight up 1v1, provided they lack the mobility to get away. Essentially a juggernaut, he becomes extremely tanky but extremely kiteable later into the game and relies on his team to follow up on him in fights. Can either be a game-changer or a liability depending on the enemy team comp. {{champion:119}} Excellent counterpick to {{champion:420}}, {{champion:62}} and {{champion:41}}. Provided the player knows what they're doing, he will absolutely demolish his lane and often their jungler as well.
1- I love Urgot lol , i always pick him when am bored, but his ult can be hard to use 2- Riven ..i hate her 3- Darius.. am good at him but i never play him lol 4- Aatarox dosent fit my style 5- yasuo , am not cancerous 6- i luv taric too 5- wukong was my main on s5
: {{champion:161}}
: Nothing important about my champions.Maybe some small tricks like: {{champion:267}} cast e after aa .cast r while your under (heavy) cc.It's all about position ,items,decision making. {{champion:40}} no cast time you can interrupt all dashes (diana r /rengar r).R>Q you can isolate one target . Again same story position,items,decision making. > share your opinion if champs are good by meta or skills Both.Skills are just necessary of you are playing a specific champion .Meta will just make things easier for you. Let's compare 2 {{champion:121}} players.The one knows how to does the double jumps and all these crazy korean stuffs.The other one just plays him because he is pretty good right now. Obviously both can climb and you may see no difference by spectating only one game .However the skilled-one trick kha vs the meta(but good) kha will be able to rush some unique plays which you won't see often.These plays will add some " extra wins" for him/her. Some champions however got low skill cap.These champions are highly depending on the meta yes but still you can find so unique ways of playing them . At least till low diamond this is true unless we are to talking for off-meta-roles (soraka adc) maybe at challenger meta>skills.
For me i have 300k Point Janna , been playing her since s5 lol Nami is pretty damn darn good but i always face problems landing Q vs champs like Yasuo
Eveninn (EUW)
: {{champion:99}} has insane potentially when being played from behind. IMO she actually is one of the strongest champs there is in Terms of denying a siege. {{champion:163}} Simply has way too high early game damage which she can translate into map pressure midgame, being prettymuch everywhere. {{champion:133}} Her burst is so often underrated and like Nocture or Rengar she can score kills on split Targets very easiely. Skills are alway needed, meta is something that can pusha Champion over the top. But Every Champion ahs a niche where they can shine.
For me the last time i played Lux was mid actaully , i never play ap lux supp , i usually buy athens grail on her , sometimes redemption , i luv helping my team Taliyah , needs to much skills and i cant risk playing her in ranked since i could fail alot Quinn is fun , last time i played her was when she was viable as a jungler
: i think meta and good picks make or break the game. example: no matter how good your rammus is, if i pick morgana you will be useless. i play multiple support champs and i try to choose them to counter the enemy comp. by playing many champs, you eventually get good at them and that pays off more than having 1 main.
The thing about meta is that : a noob (meta champ) > a good player playing (non-meta champ) happens alot
Adama (EUW)
: {{champion:119}} Mained him since a few months after his release, what can I say? It's Draaaaaaven.
Who is your main now?
: what makes kled op for me? Learning how to trade succefully, even after losing skaarl, i can get it back with a few pokes with my ~~stick~~ axe and a few ~~water shots from my watergun~~ gun shots from my shotgun
I dislike him because he cant dive easily into back-lines , unless you flank
MrMayonaise (EUNE)
: {{champion:82}} is actually very strong atm I could of go 1 v3 by myself and do so much dmg with his kit currently his E is a passive saver lol My "super main" is actually {{champion:89}} I find her super fun to play and support my adc, she is one of the only supps that can engage even trough minions, she is very tanky and helps adc doing extra dmg with her passive and don't forget the tonz of stunz :3 (yes i know she isn't too off meta)
Idk what's so speical with morde , he was op the week he reworked but he got nerfed lol Leo is op i have 66% winrate on her lol but i dislike engagers on low elo
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: {{champion:267}} very dominant laning phase and later on she does fall off a bit, but is still very effective. General rule of thumb with Nami, you're playing her right if you're able to pressure lane, unless you get camped or got counterpicked (but those counters fall off harder than her) and im talking about suppot counter, adc's don't really matter.
I really love Nami , espeically when i play against Draven , the matchup becomes fun af xd
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