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: Same here, pinging other servers is ok, here is a picture of pinging lol server vs pinging google dns(I have 4G, ping isn't the best but usually stable) -
Pings seems to be showing as ok,but the reality is 500 ping most of the time...
Block (EUNE)
: Maybe we are not paying enough for RP ??? Lets give them few more milions and maybe we will have good servers 4Head
YAY lets buy Phreak a new watch and Guinsoo a new ferrari {{champion:119}}
Kaldrei (EUNE)
: Same thing here... 10 players laging as hell in all my games. Just dont play for a little till they fix this. We need to make it big topic cuz its like 2 days now and nothing has changed.
But that problem is ever since patch 5.17 :(
Validosis (EUNE)
: They are just celebrating Origen and SKT victories, and ,of course, sheded some coffee and coke on the servers. Typical rito problem Kappa
Yeah let EU servers burn! {{item:3070}}
Block (EUNE)
: Insane lag EUNE
I'm lagging a lot since last patches too,i usualy have 40-50 ping now its stable 80-90 and it feels like 10000 at moments even getting dc sometimes.It's truly unplayable is that why im giving my money away for unplayable game.Maybe Worlds are more important than servers.
Mulchy (EUW)
: PLEASE fix Blitzcrank's Q hitbox..
You havent seen boom boom blitzcrank hitbox of grab haha.I grab ppl out of my range all the time! {{champion:53}} But cmon blitz got nerfed recently and if they make his grab even harder to hit he will be completly useless.Just learn to dodge better and he is useless even with this hitbox.
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