: cant log in to LoL
+1, I am from Bulgaria and I have the same issue
: MSI Song 2019 can't find it!
How do you even distinguish it enough with the casters speaking. I barely hear the song lul ;d
Vilegion (EUW)
: Hmmm
"You're a waste of air" - OMEGALUL
: A doubtful penalty
I can't say whether you were inting or not but jesus how can people die 20 times in a single game... :D
: hate laning against that aids creep denial skillshots denial infinity mobility high damage and defenses but my ban is usually reserved to {{champion:105}} cuz he deserves it more than him for obvious reasons
+1 for that fizz ban. It's just ridiculous champion, I never learned to counter him without blowing tons of summonner's spells/active items for so many years now. (Well there is the possibility that I am just bad so :D )
Chtholly (EUNE)
: Any info about Clash?
Don't wait for it soon. Tests are still running bad according to dev updates posts.
thalassemus (EUNE)
: Новосъздадения клуб "BG millennium" е отворен за нови приятели :) :)
: Clash? was it a dream?
Hopefully they don't try implementing it again lul.
: ARAM - Make it so we can buy a char we don't have
To be honest, this should be a feature in all modes
: The best way to learn how to jungle is by getting better at every lane. Jungler needs to understand how the lanes work and their different match ups and what the laners actually need. You don't learn those things by playing jungle. You will never get their proper perspective if you don't know what they are thinking. Once you understand the lanes properly, jungling becomes easy. Jungle is my weakest role and yet i'm still better at it than anyone in at least up to low dia.
^^ This. I am so tired of jungles that force a gank when I am not prepared for it due to various stuff like not having a cd, having a big minion wave etc etc. I try pinging them to not do it but they come anyway ... We usually end up both dying, giving the enemy a double buff from our jungler and it completely destroys my chances to come back.
: MSI 2019 question
NA Will be wildcard region soon so ... :)
: I dont think Annie needs a remake , shes always just been a basic beginner friendly mage for players to learn the game. I'd suggest a remake on {{champion:72}} reason? Hes just dead
Dead? He is one of the most played jungles in competitive and higher elo
: Can you bribe riot support?
You can bribe anyone in the world for anything for the right amount... (or other stimuli, if money is not it) I doubt you have/are willing to give the resources needed to pull this one though.
ban ryze (EUW)
: What do you think? they added the missions so they could get more viewership on their esports, all the views on their site counts as twitch views so that means more people are going to see that first when they click on league of legends category on twitch.
Yea, because eSports scene is growing in general, duh... if you can correlate it with the general game's population, it can be only in a positive manner or it does not make sense.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I was a little surprised that Rakan would be getting a skin that Xayah won't have, but this is still an e-sport skin awarded to the champions of worlds. The players got to select a champion they wanted the skin to be made for.
It is not a secret that the selected champions have to be approved of Riot in order for a good monetize, so Riot could have forced a Xayah skin, if there was a desire to do so.
JesusTHC (EUW)
: i think stopwatch is unhealthy for the game. because you dont need any skill or anything to survive
Of course you do. Timing when to pop the stopwatch is crucial for survival. If you don't time it well, you are just gonna die anyways.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: Dear riot change your system of you will lose another player.
: Free partnership with RIOT for Arabic language translation
I doubt that Riot will engage in this but I am volunteering for Bulgarian translations if this happens.
Neyfthys (EUW)
: New Champion idea / concept (Damara)
Ability kit is a bit too much like other people said. I like the thematic though. I really want to see a champion in league that somehow resembles the classical "bad forest witch" idea, a bit like slavic's [Baba Yaga](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Yaga) folklore.
Just Jerry (EUNE)
: New Loading Screen for Season 9
Loading screen chat is another toxicity boost... many times when people flame each other in pre-game screen, they cool-off during the loading phase and don't transit the negativity in-game, but now oh boy... Riot needs to start working on reducing community's toxic behaviour, instead of giving opportunities for its increase. Like it's about time they already change that super toxic psychologically manipulative MIA ping. ? ? ? ?? ????????????? ? ? ??? ?
Rioter Comments
: Punishment for Spam Pinging on your Champion by Other Players
They should also change the "missing enemy" icon as it's psychologically easily interpreted as "WHAT THE F*CK YOU DOING YOU PIECE OF SH*T". Of course you can ping whatever you like but this visual contributes to toxicity.
alpha croc (EUNE)
: I sent riot a ticket and it got me suspended
LMAO who remembers that kind of info... RITO pls.
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
At the start of the season I got placed in Gold 3 and set a goal to reach Plat 5 as it was only a few wins that kept me from doing so in S7. However, a really bad losing streak made me quit ranked for a long time and I even got a 14-day suspension due to me losing my temper. I decided I want to be a much more positive player and I wanted to focus entirely on my performance instead of pointing at others' mistakes. For almost the whole season I was playing in Normal - I encountered a lot of high-elo players there so I could get a grasp of their skill and knowledge. A while ago I finally came back to honor level 2 and decided to give ranked a shot again. To be honest I was kinda scared that I will be too bad for my ranking but it turned out just fine. It seems that I really have gotten a bit better and I was able to climb from Gold 3 to Plat 5 in just a week or so, with a really nice winning streak of 13 consecutive games in the end. I was really happy and decided that I am content with that ranking. I was already Platinum in Flex (5v5) so In the very end I pushed a bit in 3v3 to get a gold 5 ranking and qualify for the third chroma.
: I see this post as a personal attack
I find your nickname really disturbing :D
: Troll in champ select (plat 1 / dia 5 elo)
LoL. It can also be the troll himself that dodged. Many people when are autofilled or just don't feel like starting the game, say they will troll to force someone to dodge and if no one does it, they do it.
BioDio (EUW)
: How to counter Fizz?
I counter him by banning him every game I am mid. That's the only thing that worked for me :D
: When do you counter roam against assassins?
I also play mages in mid and I know the situation you are describing. To be honest 8 out of 9 times the other lanes die to a mid lane gank is actually their own fault due to greediness. Even if you don't ping, players should have map awareness and back a bit if someone is roaming. In solo queue (if it is not a really high elo) early-game tower dives are not easily pullable so backing to the tower is enough in most cases. Regarding what you can do - you shouldn't go alone through the river to counter-gank an assassin. If you know you have enough movement speed (which with Cassi early you don't), you can start moving through your jungle and appear in the lane through your tower. It can be beneficial as if the enemy is overextending, you can make a pick. In my opinion in most cases, if your jungle is not on the target side, you should just let enemy roam and hard-push your tower and pick up farm. In addition If you want to roam before him, you push the minion wave and then start moving.
: Hiting honor lvl 2
Yes, if you keep your behaviour on point. It took me around one week to go from L1 CP3 to L2 with playing 3-4 games daily.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: Irelia Kleptomancy?
Conqueror is so crucial to her damage. So nope.
Bözo (EUW)
: [Tutorial] How get the best Match Making EVER!
If it only was that simple. ML requires tons of data to produce an accurate outcome. Because league is a really complex game - In order to accurately identify your performance, you would need to play thousands of games.
JRylez (EUW)
: Riot Give Us a Game Mode
It's worlds atm so everything is focused on it duh.
: FNC Worlds skins?
It's players' decision. As mentioned with the requirement for that champion to have been played in a meaningful game at worlds. However, RIOT will tune their preferences as they see fit in order to monetize successfully the skin line... So the most preferred champion by someone may not be one getting a skin.
: nerf fizzs powerspike at lvl 6
I just ban this little sh*t every single game. I played back in the days in season 2 - I wasn't able to counter him, today I am still not able to do it. But hey I am bad so... not RITO'S fault. Also people like you that spawn at least one topic daily about fizz's disbalance are also bad, totally not RITO. I mean if it was a balance team problem - they would have said so and tuned it already, they care about us, right? RITO?
Moonblast (EUW)
: Deserved Permaban¿
> [4:15] Janna: thats why you have 10 cs in 4 minutes Shaming > [5:56] Janna: im done bot Probably verbal abuse > [9:01] Janna: ff [9:03] Janna: open Griefing, giving up > [12:39] Janna: should have [12:41] Janna: dodged Griefing > [14:02] [All] Janna: i dont give a shit about this game Inappropriate language, griefing, giving up > [14:21] [All] Janna: 0 3 0 talks Shaming > [14:49] [All] Janna: i got a kill and you didnt haha Shaming > [17:29] Janna: while you all lost lanes Blaming ------------------ This is my quick analysis as I understand it. Do you deserve a perma for this? I think it's too much. But you were indeed toxic in this game. You shouldn't have engaged in a conversation at all. Just for the record - I've been banned twice for 14 days and been able to come back to honor level 2 so I have a grasp of all the viewpoints.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Tiny Lulu Buff for the Lulu Top / Mid / Jungle mains.
> These small passive buffs should be able to boost her solo-laning ability without interfering with her support laning ability too much. There is no way this wouldn't interfere with her support laning...
: I need a cute nickname (I love Ahri)
: When do we know the schedule for the knock out stage for worlds?
Maybe wait for the group stage to end first? :D I think the day after may be the draw. Anyways it's October 20 or 21 at 7 AM or 11 AM (GMT +3) since that are the scheduled dates for the quarterfinals.
: Ranked never was about the individual games. It has always been about playing as many games as you can, and on average playing well. You can have a 50game lose streak, but if you play 1000 games, those 50 losses become insignificant, because at other timwz you will have winning streaks.
That pretty much sums it up! About a year ago I was Silver III, today I am Platinum V. Of course I've gotten better and learned a lot about the game but as I see it - me being able to climb isn't a result of hard-carrying games, I rarely dominate lane or get fed but as well I almost never feed or fall too behind so in general I always play on average. That in addition with having enough games allowed me to climb.
Oyee (EUW)
: Is world pass worth it?
If you like the rewards from the event, it's totally worth since the amount of tokens you can get without it is quite small. About 400 in total I think...
: IS this 'ban worthy'
It's funny how so many people are saying "you will get banned bro, you toxic" and then get a perma afterwards OMEGALUL.
Rioter Comments
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: You think this Sivir is bad? Look at poor Morgana. I love Fallen Angel skin in game but her splashart is horrible. Same goes for Sorceress Lux. >.< And Sheriff Caitlyn. There are some splasharts where anatomy hurts so much that you are not picking the skins because you can't look at them. :P Also, I hope that someone finally will fix Silent night Sona in game - she looks so, so, so bad.
Morgana is already in for a confirmed full visual upgrade that is coming relatively soon. (Alongside with Kayle).
: apparently ppl dont know the meaning of trolling or inting nowdays and reports too
If someone is saying things about someone's mother, it's indeed toxic behaviour...
: The Map Is Really Cool.
It's really heavy on GPU though. It puts the same emphasis on mine as running the game in high quality. I think if it isn't gonna be optimised, there will be many people that won't be able to explore it without hard-spikes, tried it on my work pc as well and it's impossible to navigate lolz.
: Decrease loading during Champion selection
Choosing a champion is not just about what you want to play, it's also about countering, team synergy etc, and can be as well communicated with teammates. 15 seconds is generally not enough to make a good pick.
: R.i.P Fizz W (rework?
Seriously Fizz was the only champ that could burst you 100% to 0% at level 6 with ONLY starting items with only a little chance to be countered without stopwatch, it's more balanced now, I am so glad. Fizz's mains can "QQ Moar". <3 Love you guys.
: SSG skins
After the 3 games in the final and several valuable games during worlds I am disappointed with Crown for not picking {{champion:90}} :(
: Boots and flash my friend, boots and flash... And good positioning.
I don't see you having ANY games with Malzahar. I main him and I have matched up enough versus fizz, I also have played with other champions versus fizz and Malz is the only one with that I have problems dodging the ult. Boots don't contribute enough and having to flash his ult does not exactly categorize as the dodging we are talking about. Any plat/diamond fizz player that I play versus can counter your positioning before ulting you by using either one of his two other repositioning abilities. So we are back to my answer, FRIEND.
: Invulnerability and hard CC kill him. His combo relies on him jumping on top of you, dodge his ultimate and cc him (Malzahar). Worst of all for him it's that he's a melee, you know when he's coming, if he uses his E for engage just lock him. Zhonyas whenever he ults you, if he still kills you it's because he's already fed (Farm or kills).
" dodge his ultimate" - if he is not super bad you have small chance of dodging this with Malzahar's low MS and no repositioning spell.
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