House x33 (EUW)
: Why would flame make you play better? Unless you consider flame as constructive criticism it won't probably make you play any better.
> that strives to prove the toxic people wrong basically when someoen says I am bad at something or cant do something, instead of breaking down and being the victim, I say "hold my beer"
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Read again before replying. Negative feedback does not need to be insulting, punishing or anything of such sort. It can be as simple as just disapproval. Clear example: "Bad idea" is negative feedback, but not insulting nor deconstructive. "%%%%ing noob" is negative INSULTING feedback, thus deconstructive. Now, before you reply I strongly suggest reading my posts over again.
You are incredibly unintelligent. Everytihng youve said literally proves my point I will write this as simple as I can so even you can understand. Fruit /negative feedback/ can be apples /insulting/ but also oranges /bad idea/ or melons /here is why what you did is wrong/ Asking if something is Fruit or Melons is incorrect way of asking. It can be fruit and melons at the same time, or be neither of those. Go read some books mate, it would benefit you greatly.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Nope. I just figured I wont bother to answer to some random guy on the internet who doesn't event differentiate constructive criticism (negative feedback) from deconstructive criticism(flaming, insulting etc). So your analogy was incorrect to begin with.
so insulting is positive or negative feedback? If youve answered "are you dumb? of course insulting is negative feedback!", congratulations, youve just disproven your argument. If youve answered "insulting is positive feedback", you are not very intelligent. Hence my analogy... Askin if something is fruit or apples is not a correct way of asking. What would be correct is asking whether something is Apples or Oranges(Constructive Criticism vs Unproductive Criticism) or fruit or vegetables (Positive/negative feeback)?
Dobiwobi (EUW)
: so flame makes you indirectly play bad, you know?
but what if ur not pleb ?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: negative feedback or straight out insult?
also did you just downvote my comment for pointing out the flaw in your analogy? Kek. Pretty much sums up todays society.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: negative feedback or straight out insult?
fruit or apples?
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Neonchan (EUW)
: That's usually the response of the ADC doing Gromp while the other team takes Baron. "Why did you fight???" Or the Midlaner without TP splitpushing for outer bottom turret while the opponents where towerdiving the team trying to hold mid inhib turret against Malph + Ori engage :D "Why did you fight???"
ikr baron + quadra is much better than baron
: Did read, life still the same. I want my money back.
changes will be observable over longer period of time
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: > [{quoted}](name=voflasnik,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VAIhByxx,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-10T13:10:18.188+0000) > > So if I have chall on diff accs it will show on this one aswell? hmph, then its 100% bugged why should i care about your other accounts?
Oh, you are wearing red shoes? That means you cant own any black shoes!
: > [{quoted}](name=voflasnik,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VAIhByxx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-10T12:09:48.872+0000) > > how do you know I am not? You would have an icon in your board profile
So if I have chall on diff accs it will show on this one aswell? hmph, then its 100% bugged
: if challenger in EUNE is a cakewalk, why are you not there?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I doubt it's really worthy, tnasfer is pretty costly and after trnasfer people tend to lose a bit of theyr rank so most likely if you managed to get high in one server then you can do it in another one too.
Nah friendo, chall on euw is hard, but on eune and tr it is a cakewalk, even top players there are horrible. Also idc about cost of transfer kek :D, and I know about division going down, but does it really matter if MMR stays the same?
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: even the greatest argument would still be up to opinion. u take a topic like obama and you add it to a league of legends community problem. what answer do you want ?.. if i give u the answer u like.. thats probably the only answer u will recognize as intelligent. you could even consider 1+1=2 as a unintelligent answer. anyways good luck.. leagues problem isnt SJW Or obama.. we just have problems and thats about it. we hav trolls. We have afkers. We have match making system that isn't too great. we have a Reporting system that cannot Tackle trolls that trigger people into flaming. Only flamers are punished but not those causing it. None of the above is related to obama.. but hey ill leave it at that and let you stay in your intelligence bubble
I dont disagree with anything youve said,
Doomley (EUW)
: They wish horrible things to your family and you? who cares? words don't hurt and what he wishes is most likely not going to happen and even if it does, it's not because he wished it. Be the mature one and ignore the kid.
victim complex... because the quality of life is so high atm, getting flamed online is probably worst thing that can happen to you in your daily life...
: lol even blame obama for gamers not liking u. maybe its just you.
I wish you would raise an intelligent point.
: LOL blaming obama, for your salty trolls that keep destroying our games. man you whinners never sink lower.. i guess obama also lost you that promo game.
Stop being toxic to me. Im offended. You are a bad person. I win. I could report you for offensive. This is what you support.
: How to win teamfights against wombo-combo?
Splitpush Disengage (1 4 or 1 3 1) comp or Kite disengage poke comp easy basically shit like ivern lulu janna nami viktor cassiopeia ... basically anything that thrives when peoplerun into it .... also not staying near each other during poking so they cant get clean cc on 3 people
: My vision for a better and happier community
or things could go back to the way they were before Obama got elected and introduced the PC "first to get offended wins" culture... everything was much simpler and easier, especially on the internet
: Well I'm now plat again, and currently sitting on around 70-80% win rate. Anyway, you are continuing to prove my point with comments like this.
Again, buddy, in no way do I try to insult on demean you. You are platinum 5 with 53% win rate, 50% for last 10 games. Why are you so opposed to accepting this as reality? There are information which contribute to winning regarding team itemization, specific strategy and highlighting points of focus or give warning regarding specific players/strategies on enemy players that CANNOT (again Im not globalizing, just pointing out there are instances like this) be simply deduced from game knowledge and HAVE to be shared through chat. Ive presented lot of examples and a logical reasoning and you responded with guns blazing calling me a douche and a not nice person for simply disagreeing with you and presenting my case in the simplest way possible. Gotta love 2k17 > Anyway, you are continuing to prove my point with comments like this. Which point is that? Logical person = bad person?
: Lol I was plat before my break, check season history... And I'm climbing back there now. And yes Elitism is generally kind of douchey. Also, you're talking about human behaviour, not game knowledge. You're the one with the chat restriction and felt the need to come post about it on the forums, not me. So yes - that says that in at least some ways I'm a better player than you. You haven't destroyed any argument here... ...But I'm done trying to help you and won't respond again.
hardly elitism.... when a 6 grader is trying to persuade a PhD. holder that his opinion is incorrect he damn better show something else than opinion to back his statement up ... no need to get offended I was just following basic logic
: > Im sorry, but Im not gonna take a 51% wr gold players opinion on this. ... maybe you are just not a nice person and you deserve all the punishment you get? I'm starting to think so anyway. Also, I'm on 65% win rate last 100 games... I just came back after a long break. If you come on the forums asking for advice, don't then be a douche to the people that are trying to help you. Remember that Gold 3 is the top 15% of the playerbase, so most of the people responding in this thread will be below that elo.
how am I douche... I just dont think that someoen who is 4 tiers below me has better game knowledge than me jeez... im sorry it destroyed your argument
: The general advice on this is not to play to win. By that, I mean just set specific goals for yourself each game, like: this game, I will get __ CS by __ minutes. Or, this game I will work on this mechanic with this champion, etc. This helps you to focus on what you can control and to push away those things you can't control (teammates). Also, in the end, we are playing to improve our skills, right?
actually Quite helpful, thanks
: > [{quoted}](name=voflasnik,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Tu9tOoV3,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:21:22.051+0000) > > I disagree. Stuff, like "buy frozen heart for vayne", 1 3 1 splitpush, fake baron, peel for Xerath, save ulti for Rengar, not Talon, buy mr, enemy has quadra ap team comp etc etc .... I could keep going on forever ... Yeah, but if people are not seeing the strategies that you are seeing and vice-versa, then no amount of chat will get them there.
: If someone is being toxic, chances are they are not going to be sharing helpful information. Also, if you need advice like this from other people then it's your own game knowledge that is 'counter productive to winning', not that you muted someone that was bothering you.
> If someone is being toxic, chances are they are not going to be sharing helpful information. chances are, he will write me a code to a million euro giveway... why play the chance card at all? > Also, if you need advice like this from other people then it's your own game knowledge that is 'counter productive to winning', not that you muted someone that was bothering you. Im sorry, but Im not gonna take a 51% wr gold players opinion on this. I was at 1k pts in chall and I assure you, its not always 100% clear what strategy the team is using regardless of your game knowledge and lot of times people arent on the same page about spreading items efficiently among the team.
TrollSup (EUW)
: u just have to int down mid. before u get restricted just int. dont say anything just have a fun time in league of legends. help for me to be honest. i got several accounts banned because i always "tried" to win but it doenst help the people ua re playing with are idiots it just is how it is. So you either accept the fact that u can loose and just try to ahve fun even in rankeds but when u are done just int into 5 people finish the game and start another one and try your best another time. U think im trolling? no im dead srs. The only way to get elo is actually get better and carry really hard. but in order to do that u need to be really good at the game and the only way to get good at the game is by practiing. If u get stuck with 4 idiot in a team and its not fun just /mute all run down mid finish the game and start another one. I know i felt bad myself the first tiem i did it but its the only way to get out of a game without getting your account banned. trust me on this one. u wont get any penalty for feeding. only for chatting. if u really gain elo then practice the game but if u feel sick of playing with noobs just int. The best part of inting is, u might win the game eventually. out of 10 times when i see it makes no sense this game is over i win about 3 just by inting. and i let my team carry me while i ahve fun dying and "having fun" as Riot would say. Before you start to rage at your mates, /mute all and int. Trust me u will never get one punishment by this one and the games end faster.
what a time to be alive, bravo riot, at least we wont have any toxicity in chat! XD
: "I don't gank because you are a crybaby"
it is a retribution system riot created, instead of explaining to your adc that he cannot gank and potentionally risk a chat restriction if he wrote it too bluntly for his soft heart, he will intentionally ruin his game, but at least not get punished. Ta-dah!
: well my logic for muting is this ________________________ #if they are assholes 1. this player is an asshole 2. This player does nothing then feeding/flaming 3. I mute them, for they have nothing good to say. Flamers provide no useful information, at best they provide you with jobs that they should be doing. (like build tank because they want to play full ad jungle) ____________________________________ # If they are idiots. 1. This player is an idiot. 2. listening to idiots is dumb. 3. Mute him ________________________________________ #if they are neither 1. then they are not muted to begin with. I used to play without mute and I have yet to meet the player that was both flaming and providing useful data.
I disagree with lot of stuff u wrote but that isnt point of this thread anyway, ty for sharing opinion
: Pings are usually enough for communicating things of critical importance.
I disagree. Stuff, like "buy frozen heart for vayne", 1 3 1 splitpush, fake baron, peel for Xerath, save ulti for Rengar, not Talon, buy mr, enemy has quadra ap team comp etc etc .... I could keep going on forever ...
Viavarian (EUW)
: There's no problem with wanting to strangle anyone as long as you don't actually do it. In other words, don't use the chat. Mute people that get on your nerves, even if they're just asking for ganks. You're the jungler, you (hopefully) know better where and when to gank. Don't play jungle if you get easily frustrated. Stop caring so much. It's only a game and caring about winning doesn't actually make you win more. Quite the opposite.
> Stop caring so much. It's only a game and caring about winning doesn't actually make you win more. Quite the opposite. this is probably true tho, but I cant really dictate to myself whether I care about something or I dont, same way I cant choose to believe something
Viavarian (EUW)
: No, of course not. Why would you think that?
In case they give my team some vital strategic information which only I wont have and act in a manner directly sabotaging proposed tactic
: Mute negative people. Understand that if you want people to play better, the best way to get them to do it that is NOT by writing in chat during a game. EVER. The only exception is if someone ASKS for advice and I don't mean "wtf was I supposed to do?" I mean if they actually say something like "guys, I'm not sure what to build next - any ideas?".
ye but I stil lwant to wingames and muting pople is contraproductive to winning
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: You should try the following options: Settings > Enable Low Spec Mode (check) & the next one which says something about closing the launcher when in-game (also check) These 2 should help you
did that ages ago to boost my performance for streaming, but thanks for attempting to help
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: Why do I need to polish my gameplay if I don't care for winning? Not sure if this is supposed to encourage people to ruin games or to get better at the game.
Its supposed to make people less triggered by what everyone else is doing and more focused on what they can change (how they play)
: How well you perform and how much you win. Sorry but if you don't win a lot you can say that you are performing great while you maybe are just farming and not helping your team:"but I did well". Ofcourse you will lose games and you shouldn't let that get to you but you should still care bout winning
No, you cant, helping your team is part of performing correctly.
: You should care about the win just not too much. I really disagree that you should not care about winning howerver you should not let a loss get to you
The idea is that getting upset about something you have no control of is nonsense, you should only care and pride yourself on how well you perform, not how much you win.
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: This is like saying That guy got away with murder, so now im gonna murder people too See how %%%%ing stupid that is ?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Where did I say I killed all 3 of them ? I died a lot in 1v3 of course, but I stil managed to maintain my lead over aatrox. Even pro players get doven by 3 people even in LCS.... But I at least got some kills off of it, because I outplayed them sometimes and killed 1-2. Most of my deaths were from lanephase because I was basically laning 1v3. The thing is while I was 1v3 in top, it should have opened the rest of the map. But my team was doing literally nothing the whole game.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Not all games are winable, thats just how it is, but if you consistently play better than the elo you are in then you will climb. You seem to be doing well anyway. Lastly everyone have bad games, from looking at your matchhistory you have a fair bit of them yourself, as do i.
finally someone, I was getting sick of all these "u suck, u couldnt carry 1v9 = u belong in bronze trash" comments. Btw which games did you mean by bad games from me ? :D I thought I was doing pretty well until that last lose :D. (Ofc if we dont count arams and normals where I dont try as much and just play for fun)
Rismosch (EUW)
: To win in Bronze it's actually not that hard. People there aren't able to deal with fed enemies most of the time. I climbed out by simply crushing the laning phase and then snowballing on. I was able to 1v5 almost every game in Bronze. With your stats you should've carried your team with ease.
how? I jump in 1v5 veigar stuns me sion ults me aatrox Qs me Lucian aas me and lee sin Rs me ... they were using everything on me because I had no teammates .. and yet in every teamfight I managed to get 2-3 kills basically without any help against superfed enemies ... so tell me what could I have done more ...
: lol you died 9 times
even pros have games where they die 9 times wtf ...
: You went 17 and 5 and lost. Yes you belong in bronze
: 30 minute game and you never took 1 tower or drake. NOT EVEN YOUR OWN LANE.. tell me how you don't belong there. 17 kills and no tower ??? even at 30 minutes. you were 17-9-1 as Fiora. Lucian was 17-6-10 That was the main difference. You did well but he carried harder and spread the gold to his team more. do you belong there ? 100% especially because of the towers.
lmfao how am I supposed to lane when lee sin is constantly on top? and when veigar makes lb a cuck and roams top all the time because its the only lane showing resistance? Its only my godlike skills that I emerged from that 1v3 on top with enough kills to still be a factor. My team lost their lanes on their own. Im gonna go ahead and assume you are trolling.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Placements doesn't decide where you will be placed. They just adjust your MMR and reset it to a lower level than last season. Also if you want to improve, you should stop focusing on others and more on your own mistakes. No matter what, but the person who holds you back is you.
so if I play better my mid bot jungle and supp wont feed? And my adc wont buy 6x dorans ring? and my mid wont have 30 farm and lvl 10 in 35 min ?
: Thats the entire point of climbing. If you really think you belong in silver/gold or maybe in high elo, you should be able to carry a 4v5 and even when you are behind. Yes it is hard, but you shouldnt give up and keep trying. Believe me, you are not the only one in this situation ;)
4v5, maybe, but have you checked that screen? that wasnt a 4v5. That was 1v9.
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