: Trolls in ranked - Mindsets in League
If you are looking for a different mindset, I might know someone that could help. There is a YouTuber called Wrel and he has a series of videos named "Thoughts on better gaming". Years ago he helped me get around and understand gaming in general, avoid tilt and stress. I will link you the playlist, feel free to review videos that might be related to your problems. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5d3vzUrw9W03nKag4fTs7LcLXZZB0yFV
: I hate you league of legends
Yeah, the game scans your computer and sees you have sh*t going on and intentionally decides to screw you up. You uncovered Riots conspiracy. Congratz XD
CLampToN (EUW)
: New game mode idea: Player Change
Or here is another idea: Why stop at Hexakill?
: Teammates
They are not feeders, they just get opponents that are better. That is the greatest general misconception in competitive games.
: Unless they abandon their "master" for a roam to have him murdered by the enemy Jedi pair working together in harmony.
The Jedi's affection for each other is a weakness.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: if they can pas thorugh entire your team, focus you it means that 1- u are bad positioned 2- your team is bad if your team clean them after they killed you, it means that they are not that smart, hence, maybe, #1 is closer to reality
Trust me when I say that I am more than aware of my positioning. Problems are a caliber of picks that bypass my team. Assassins, engagement tanks, etc. are the reason I get shut down and die a lot. I don't care about my team's performance because I only look at my own skills and capabilities. Why my team did or didn't do a certain thing is not my place to question.
: ***
Idk what the issue is with Shyva. She has no CC.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: No one wants to play support.
Experience the misery of being the Marksman's slave.
: Banned
If you can't stand their sh*t just mute them. Don't fall on their level.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Peformance based lp gain
Bad idea. Lets say I am an ADC and I am the central focus of the enemy team. I will die every fight almost instantly and have a bad score but my team will clean everyone up. I have 5/12/15 as ADC. Does that mean I am a bad player and should get less LP? No, it means I got focused by the enemy team too much to make a significant impact.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Wow... really? Supports probably were the most obnoxious thing for a very long time. Ppl were complaining about shield meta and ardent censer meta... Soraka got so many nerfs I stopped counting them. Janna, Lulu, Sona and a lot more dominated every game. Tbh I'm happy this stopped with new season. If there is one thing that I hate more than beeing one-hitted that would be enemys that are unkillable/untouchable.
I will admit that your argument stands, but only for caster supports. It was a transition from supporting into support carrying which wasn't a guarantee every time (but enough times to make a impact apparently).
: Because support items are usually free slots for adc itemization. If they stopped making support into adc dogs, supports wouldn't be broken (Ardent / Knight's vow / huge shields)
Supports were always slaves to ADC (in most ADC views). If we weren't I'd go support jungle and top lane.
: Well I use to go relic upgraded and locket for the double shield.
{{item:3306}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3075}} /{{item:3102}} They removed the sightstone icons. Generally this was my build last season.
: {{item:3302}} +{{champion:412}} .................
Actually I used Talisman of Ascension. An AoE team speed boost was way more appealing to me than a single target shield.
: Yeah in 2012 youd get 2-3 gold generating items and spend the rest of the game buying wards en masse. Fun.
That is supposed to be one of the core roles of the support, "supporting". Now everyone wants to turn supports into carries.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: Just a heads up
RIP early snowball then.
Hassiss (EUNE)
: Player Behaviour
So you report people for not listening to your advice and calls? To be real now, you are in no position ever to give anyone orders or telling them what to do (yes, even regardless of score). People are not bound to a hive mind. Players act individually, think different (yeah yeah, "players don't think") and usually get triggered when someone else starts dumping shit on their decisions. You don't have the same mentality level, you don't have the same skill level, or level of general understanding of how the game rolls.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Riot could add a feature that gives us the option to set any past login screen as the default one.
: getting unbanned
Jensen got banned for using DDoS years ago but got pardoned. You were using DDoS?
Cypherous (EUW)
: As a Support Main, 8.2 Really Kills My Desite To Play :/
I play LoL since mid 2011, support main since late 2012. I have the ugly feeling that Riot is systematically nerfing the support role bit by bit every season. Its like watching a sadistic version of some computer developing TV series that is going on for 7 seasons. Every year they take one small thing from the support role and the community accepts it more or less like "Oh they take that bit away, but it won't affect the gameplay too much". Well compare today's support role to what it used to be in 2012. Every role through the years had ups and downs, but only the support role was going down the chart, slowly but efficiently. Every season I had to change my meta builds and adapting to some changes that were pure bullsh*t. Just my thoughts.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Keep in mind while you did play on your smurf, most likely you were identified as a smurf and played with other smurfs
Well, I wasn't "exactly" smurfing. I went low levels to get a bit back into the game since I didn't play for a while and I didn't want to jump into high level matches.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't play on low level accs though, but just go for normals instead. Might be that low levels don't use the distinction between ranked and normal as they only have access to normals anyway.
I went for low levels cause I didn't want my level 30 to get penalized for poor plays and spammed reports.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I (almost) only have been playing casually the last half year without any problems. .-.
Weird, I always seem to land in MLG games :/
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: account removal
Why don't you simply stop playing? Why do you have the urgent need to remove the account?
05walkers (EUW)
: Remake bug, game not remaking
You can only remake a match in the first 2-3 minutes of the match.
: Why its so hard to get Hextech chest's these days ???
You know how the mechanic works right? Weekly or every 3-4 days you get 1 chest slot. Also you can only get a chest from one champion once per season if you get S on it.
: LP System
Has been suggested a thousand times and the same answer was given a thousand times. "Its a feature that is easy to abuse by the loosing team". You start loosing a game and one of your teammates doesn't have an issue about loosing LP or getting AFK warning. He goes "ah what the heck, I will leave and spare my teammates some LP". Not so pretty now is it? Also Solo Queue tests your skill. It tests your ability to adapt to different roles and different types of teammates. If you simply keep going on that your team sucks and is worse than you, than you are nothing short of an elitist, and talking to elitists is like talking to a wall.
opanak92 (EUNE)
: My idea how to improve ranked Q
I suggested the same around half a year ago and someone had beaten my arguments. Its not a good idea. Riot put a restriction years ago on Solo Queue that you can only pick champions you own.
: Idea to get rid of trolls
People mistake "lack of skill" with trolling and that feature would probably be over used and Riot would need to employ a heavy amount of admins for such thing. Its simply not executable.
Rismosch (EUW)
: It looks to me more like an auto correct error than actual bad grammar.
BawanNL (EUW)
: It was actually one game because i got the chat logs from one game only and it was from that game.
You said you had 14 days ban. Offences committed after that Riot considers you a unfixable case.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > And our annie had negative altidude Damn, was she below earth or how can you have a negative altitude?
I noticed that too, but the poor fellow apologized for his bad grammar XD
BawanNL (EUW)
: I got permbanned.
You weren't permabanned cause of one game...Reports and offences stack and you probably reached your permaban milestone.
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Leptyx (EUW)
: Enemy summoner names should not be visible/available until the game ends (at least for ranked games)
Well, Riot removed stiff from loading screen piece by piece. Why stop now? XD
: asking apology
If you want your account back you should have gone to Player Support, not publicly throw on the Boards.
: Please help me, IDK what to do
Well, the solution is keep doing what you do. If you are patient and put more effort you will climb bit by bit.
Bug? Nah Riot simply hates you cause you are an elitist and wants to ruin the game for you. There is no bug XD
Signiferr (EUW)
: It's possible?
I climbed last season all by myself from S4 to P4 playing only Thresh. You saying "noob team" means you are an elitist, meaning the sh*t part of the community. Accept the game and the community as they are and think of the fact that not everyone is as pro as you.
: i'm not gonna lie,i've been playing more on my smurfs than my actual main,helping my friends with ranked soloqueue. all friends are stuck in low elo and it just feels bad,and playing alone gets boring at times. normal games aren't fun either. it's all for the sake of having fun with friends. this is my reason for smurfing with my low elo friends. I hope this is good enough
Chronaz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 Intreductor,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iPLAA0Yt,comment-id=00110000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-11T23:31:38.553+0000) > > I can imagine. I did manage to climb last season from S4 to P4 by maining Support. I put my own effort into it and managed fine without too much hardcore. I wasn't even paying attention on which MMR the other players in my match were. I kept doing my own thing. Sh?t games can happen that I know. MMR might be sh*t in some regards, but f?ck it, I believe Riot will fix it somehow. Were you playing completely alone as a support?
Yes. I have been supporting since Season 2. Queuing up from game to game, on lot of occasions getting added by ADCs on friends list. Maybe 15-20% of my games were with someone of those added ADCs, but rest I queued alone.
Mabons (EUW)
: Current state of the game
I witnessed the evolution of League...from the day Wukong was released to the day Exhaust was last time nerfed...I feel old...
Chronaz (EUW)
: Read the other post.. we are either a minority that needs to be exterminated or the game will eventually go to the toilet.
By "minority" do you mean veteran players from prior to Season 2?
Chronaz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 Intreductor,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iPLAA0Yt,comment-id=001100000000,timestamp=2017-03-11T23:05:18.746+0000) > > You mentioned something yourself that people tend to get frustrated because of some previous matches. Players that usually get triggered in League are these puberty players that simply need to shake off their frustration on something when they loose or are verbally abused themselves. Maturity comes with experience playing the game and accepting it as it is. I play League since summer of Season 1 and I adapted to it. Many of today's players didn't, and that is the issue. > > The more direct reason would be simply competitiveness of the game. In competition the looser always gets frustrated, and competition is what generally drives everything on this world. Elitists for instance don't care about anything else but winning. If you aren't as good as him, you will be flamed for cancer or what else have you. Its a dead circle pretty much. > > Regarding the "boosted" stuff you mentioned. For years some players asked for a real "solo queue" where you can only queue up alone. Premades in Duo queue usually consist of lets say Silver 3 scrub ADC being babysitted by a Gold 4 main Support or a smurf. Dude.. nowadays even playing good is very hard to climb in solo. I was playing solo and now last two days I played with people from my division but that are not idiots and my win rate went up. This wouldn't happen if the MMR match matching were good.
I can imagine. I did manage to climb last season from S4 to P4 by maining Support. I put my own effort into it and managed fine without too much hardcore. I wasn't even paying attention on which MMR the other players in my match were. I kept doing my own thing. Sh?t games can happen that I know. MMR might be sh*t in some regards, but f?ck it, I believe Riot will fix it somehow.
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: people trolling and afk is really annoying when it happens in rank game
What would you do? Make Riot create a Inquisition that will IP track players to their location, knock on the door and teach them a lesson? XD AFK/trolls have always been a thing. There is no solution to such level of community issues. A troller can troll one game and behave nice the next 3 games. The automated system does somehow filter minor stuff, but lets be real. Its something unfixable as you don't know in advance if someone will go AFK/troll.
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