: sigh here we go again first off the champs you listed. {{champion:57}} is a tanky mage the same as {{champion:31}} and {{champion:54}} this means that like the juggernauts they useally do damage while being tanky/ {{champion:111}} and {{champion:154}} are both tank champs but zac does % damage with his W and naut has a lot of sustain with his Passive,W,E and Sunfire {{champion:14}} is a juggernaut that whole class is designed to be tanky damage dealers just like {{champion:78}} {{champion:86}} and {{champion:122}} . All of these champs can be kited quite easily although sion may have an easier time sticking to champs then the others do. Now on to items 7.4 {{item:3035}} got a buff in which you cna get 45% bonus armor pen for 1300 gold before you only got 30% yes the 10 ad on it might be bad but against a full tank team its worth it. 7.5{{item:3153}} got a buff in terms of lifesteal and attack damage and is now a good rush item on quite a lot of champs due to the 8% health shred and the active which can steal 20% of there movement speed and you can increase the duration by AA Both of these items completly mess up tanks so dont no what else you want riot to do but here is an example. I played a 3v3 match a couple of days ago and i chose shen and had to go against a vayne. my first 3 items were {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} and {{item:1054}} her items where {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} and {{item:3035}} now i know that vayne is a late game monster and is good at killing tanks but even with 0 armor pen i could do nothing vs her she killed a full tank shen in 3 seconds and this was by the 20 min mark so no where near the late game.
yeah but still, why do they deal dmg, I dont know any game where tanks can do as much dmg and still has incredible sustain, like in LoL, this makes 0 sense. why cant they nerf ap scaling? tanks have always been broken..
Rioter Comments
Well since LoL is a bit different from CSGO where u can actually kick people in game, I know this wouldnt work in LoL, and it shouldnt, but this is a very good solution imo, altho the only bad thing is, people could abuse this, so I think there should be a limit of how many times u can get kicked, since this would be abused, and if u get kicked too many times, u will get some sort of penalty or something, since people who dont like supporting could just write that they will troll, get kicked, and get to another champ select.
: Silver is tough as nails.
Got placed in silver 3, and currently gold 5 with 80+ LP, u will get there :3
: I've been a support main for quite a while now! Definitely enjoying it! Enjutsu is totally right - everyone is dependent on their team to some extent. I actually feel like support is one of the few roles that can significantly help to amplify my whole team's impact. I can save teammates from certain death, enable kills that would have been impossible, interrupt and disrupt the enemy team from setting up all sorts of plays. Depending on who you main the potential impact is HUGE! I also feel like support can single handedly win bot lane (assuming your ADC at least autos whoever you're attacking a couple of times). Pro tip (well, mediocre tip): if you can, try to pick your support depending on the team you're playing with, and/or against. There are champions that are setup for specific types of games (Janna if you have tons of AD on your team and want to peel, Leona if you're lacking a tank and need someone to engage, etc). Having the *right* support for the game will make a massive difference in how impactful you feel and can be! If you're interested in playing some more support, and you're Plat or lower, I'd love to share some experiences and realisations that helped me climb last season (finished D3).
For me, it depends alot on what support you pick, for example a Soraka, she can be the key to winning in a teamfight, as long as you keep the fed one in your team alive, it's basically won, and because of this their team must focus you, so they focus you, and then become a target themselves, for me Soraka is one of the best supports right now.
Termosx (EUNE)
: A the sweet nerf bat! bye bye rengar/jayce/kha zix
Rito realized Rengar has high ban rate in LCS, and op af when not banned and played there, so they finally realized they should nerf Rengar, and Kha, and Jayce since they are currently %%%%in broken...
nrganev (EUW)
: There are not a lot of people on high elo who are playing Reksai, but I think it is because carrying with high damage assassin who is one shotting is much easier than going for Tanky champion with not high but good enought damage. Anyway, Reksai have good CC, her damage is nice and also have some True damage and the most important - she have unique gameplay whioch make her fun to play. About Ivern, he is a god at the moment. He got some nerf last 2 patches but Riot made jungle monsters to do more damage which is buff for him. Anyway, I am not sure he is good for gold elo. He have a high CC and a lot of utility but you need someone to taka advantage from this utility. And in gold there a lot of people who don`t have any idea what is happenning. He also have unique gameplay and he is fun to play. If you want to go out of gold, Elise is better choice in my opinion and if you want to play just for fun, both ivern and Reksai are nice.
thanks alot! and ye reason why I was planning on buying these 3 asap, is that their playstyle really is unique, and alot of fun.
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exicco (EUW)
: Xerath mains called scripters
Got called a scripter when playing xerath in bronze, I really dont know how I did it, but that Vayne ultied and flashed and i hit her with E and killed her, twice, just good at prediction I guess, with a little bit of luck :) that Vayne was really bad.
Mas17 (EUW)
: I believe (unless I'm mistaken and just haven't reached it) that there is no limit to the IP you earn on any PvP mode, just in Co-Op vs AI, so if you really want more IP you should consider playing matchmade game modes. :)
yeah, I have almost played 24h straight and still got IP, ofc this was normal/rankeds only but those are the ones I enjoy most.
basta360 (EUW)
: how do we level up at the boards ?
** Wait, there are levels on boards?** {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: They removed dominion a long while ago, because the queue timers were absurd, approximative queue timer was about atleast 16min, nobody even played it that much, unless u went as full premade team u wouldnt find a queue that easy.
I bet if u gathered 9 friends, and invite 4 of them to lobby, then let another friend invite the rest, u would be able to play a 5v5 dominion game queued up against ur other 5 friends. That's how dead it was.
Sirrever (EUW)
: What happended to the Dominion gamemode
They removed dominion a long while ago, because the queue timers were absurd, approximative queue timer was about atleast 16min, nobody even played it that much, unless u went as full premade team u wouldnt find a queue that easy.
Sephyrias (EUW)
: That her early roaming and ganking is good is obvious, even better with direct communication ofc. What interests me most is how the "pros" play her, when the enemy team is grouping, since that's where I had the most issues myself with her so far.
its because of the zoning, u dont want to walk into her combo, also when she hits her W ur pretty much dead if u have a team that follows up and knows what to do, also her ult is super op if u use it right, but I think the problem with you is that u dont have a full premade team with voice communication
Sephyrias (EUW)
: What's up with Taliyah?
she has very good roaming, and zoning, and thats why she is mostly played in professionals where they are all premades and have the communication for Taliyah to roam.
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: that's exactly the point I'm making. its not just the supports job
it's so annoying, like, a vision ward costs 75g... wow so much build difference, rather get ganked and die than buying a pink now and then
90scorpio (EUW)
: Blood Moon Skins
I think the only nice skin there is the TF's, rest looks sloppy especially the Jhin one, only nice about it is his ult
Le Tongue (EUNE)
: Hey, I'm currently in Diamond 4. As you see in LCK, Faker is spamming Katarina, so it means that even those pro teams can't handle Katarina. ^^ Thresh is a good suggestion, I was thinking of Lulu as a hard Katarina counter, but I'll check Thresh out as well next time.
ye well, Faker actually knows how to play, and counterplay, when to go in and not, also they make less misplays than in the elo im in, but anyways basically any champion with instant cc and no channeling time on it is good, Thresh E, Lulus W is also really good. The Kata's I see take every opportunity to dive that they can, so its so easy, same when people complained about Trynda, Yi, even Yasuo, they cant do much when CC'd which should be easy shutdown.
: I dont even have the chance to see my teammates I got "Attempting to reconnect" as soon as my Que pops. I got reconnected in 3-4 sec and the que is gone + i got my DODGE TIMER + LP LOSS + rage
reinstall LoL, open it as admin, make sure your internet is stable, if not, try moving it to another place closer to your PC's router, check ur networks speed via www.speedtest.net/ after you have tried all these, take a bot game and check ping, your loading screen, if theese has not worked yet, write a ticket to riot support https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us which is there, also look through ur PC's memory, if its full, delete files and games you dont need, do a virus check and see if there's anything threatful, maybe increase RAM or replace with new ones, since if they are really old, or doesnt work properly it might be a problem.
: Broken and uncaring
Im silver 1, and I have played against everything from bronze, unranked, silvers, golds, plats, and last season diamonds, I dont mind tho since it only proves that my MMR is high, and theirs is low, either one of them, or a combination of both.
C9 LynX (EUNE)
: if ur team cant handle a kata ur in low elo, its pretty easy, and most of the time u can predict where she will jump, look at the %%%%in circles, go away from them, and let the tanks deal with her, so many times as Thresh have I got a perfect hook when that stupid ass bronze champion jumps into her circles and hook + E easy %%%%in shutdown, her ult doesnt even deal alot of damage if u cc her early enough, its a stupid champ with alot of counters, and since nobody in my elo even knows how to dodge shit or think forward she is the most useless champion ever.
oh also, dont let her roam, keep it warded all the time, tell your teammates to buy a pink, and as support u can afford to roam mid and help midlaner with her, shutting her down early will give you some time, and win a few teamfights because she is utterly useless when she is behind.
Le Tongue (EUNE)
: Need help to deal with Katarina
if ur team cant handle a kata ur in low elo, its pretty easy, and most of the time u can predict where she will jump, look at the %%%%in circles, go away from them, and let the tanks deal with her, so many times as Thresh have I got a perfect hook when that stupid ass bronze champion jumps into her circles and hook + E easy %%%%in shutdown, her ult doesnt even deal alot of damage if u cc her early enough, its a stupid champ with alot of counters, and since nobody in my elo even knows how to dodge shit or think forward she is the most useless champion ever.
blissbomb (EUW)
: if I can climb with 25 fps and 40 ping you can 2. unless of course you fix your internet
might be a bug too, my friend was unable to log in, but he reinstalled and it worked so yeah, not everyone have to experience it to be a bug...
: Who said anything about climbing i cant even accept a stupid que 80% of the time and who comes with the idea you that you should get QUEUUE DODGE TIMER (IP LOSS) when you fail to accept a queue was it Hitler himself ? And btw nice climbing to bronze 5 you are the best
because otherwise people will just quit if they dont like their teammates, this is a teamgame not solo carry.
: If it would be the Client everybody would have problems. Only you have this problem -> Fix your internet
might be a bug too, players might experience bugs or errors on the client, which should help by reinstalling it.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Can carry as tank?
u outsustain them, go in, since tanks do have damage, u can actually solo kill an adc and assassin most of the time atleast as Maokai if they are ad, outsustain them, and keep them CC'd and busy fighting you, thats why I like mages who can stand back and still help me kill the squishy targets.
Fasolea ta (EUNE)
: First montage of one of my friends. Hope you like it
I dont really see good plays there, and its kind of over-edited in my opinion. Otherwise music is good, and he seems to know how editing works, little less of that zoom thing and map overview and its pretty good.
: This patch notes makes me sad
Same, a buff to yi? it wasn't big but why was that necessary? and Yasuo is still op, and about the PBE thing, I don't think Riot actually look at the responds and reviews from players, since if that were the case, they would have nerfed Camille when she got released, all those videos saying how broken she is? well same happened to Illaoi, she didnt get a nerf, same with Kled, and guess what riot, Camille still has the highest ban rate... Soo many videos with new reworked champions, and champion releases promoting how broken that champion is in terms of sustain, or damage, yet u still release it as if nothing ever happened, probably to gain money, because who would buy skin to something that doesnt do absurd damage?
: The two hardest roles in league as it stands
I can really relate to what you said ""since when is warding JUST the supports job?" everytime enemy takes an objective or ambushes someone, I get flame because I dont ward properly, sometimes, this might be the case, but, I can only place 4 wards at once, which means when I place these wards, I cant ward more, so why does my team always think that buying a vision ward does not apply for them? or placing those damn trinkets they carry around the whole game, im in silver 1, and I never see anyone place a pink but me, so where does the idea come from, yeah I get it supports carry the warding item, but still it's not only my job to ward on the map, it's not my job to buy all the pinks for the team...
: You are right having a runepage with armor and one with hp/18 is not that bad, but you only have 2 rune pages from the start (which I was aiming for). Sacrificing magic resist for ability power in blue is also an option if you can handle the early game. kind regards, ScriptarinaFX
yeah, I can see your point, if you only have 2 I highly recommend the runes u said, but if u have 3, I recommend to make one tank rune page, for tanky supports, everyone has to do it sometime, and if u have more than 4, u can already make ap vs ap, where u have hp/18 and magic resist, and ap vs ad, armor yellows, ad vs ad, armor yellows, ad vs ap. hp/18 yellows. I recommend taking hp/18 for every squishy champion that lane against the opposite, say u play ad, and end up vs ap then u take hp/18, same with ap vs ap, as for tank runes, I mostly go for either ad marks, armor seals, magic resist glyphs, and 2 ad quints + 1 armor quint, now thats what I use for Thresh, but if u play say any other support tank, I mostly go for armor marks, armor seals, magic resist glyphs, and armor quints.
: I will start with the ap page: You need a rune page being usefull whenever you play a champion who needs ability power. You don't want mana/mana regneration/energy/energy regenaration etc. runes because they become useless if you play certain champions. I would go for magic penetration in your marks (red) because the magic penetration you become is a lot especially in the early game where champions normaly don't have that much. In the seals (yellow) my personal favourites are armor or health per level (both of them have their benefits). For glyphs (blue) I also would keep it simple and go for magic resist, if you pick the instant 12 or 27 at lvl 18 (or a mix) is up to you. Quintessences (purple) are obviously the runes which give the best stats, thus I would pick ability power runes. tl;dr: red: magic pen yellow: armor or health blue: magic resist purple: ability power Somewhat the same goes for the ad runes. you have, ad, ad per lvl, attack speed, lethality, crit damage, crit chance and lifesteal. Though again, for an overall ad rune page I would recommend to mainly (if not only) use ad runes. In the marks it is the best option to take flat ad since it gives you a good amount of damage in the early phase of the game. seals and glyphs are the same as in the ap runepage, though if you play adc I would recommend taking armor and magic resist per level. For the Quintessence runes I would choose the ad since some champions don't need lifesteal/attackspeed/crit shit/lethality. tl;dr: red: ad yellow: armor or health blue: magic resist purple: ability power Ofcourse you can use any runes you like if you plan using them for specific champions (My Kled runes are 52ad at lvl 18 and my Singed runes are only %hp and hp per level runes and it works ^^)
health per level, u should make 4 rune pages, one with health per level which u take if ur vs ap, and one with armor, so u can choose between having that armor, or not, also u can change blues to ap if u want.
: He just got one.
yeah well it sucks, its even more op than old Rengar, and their motives for reworked Rengar are absolute BS.
robotkip1 (EUW)
: Project skin
tbh, Lee wouldn't fit imo, I think Twitch, Tristana, Ezreal, Varus would be really good adc's to get a project skin, as for support, Project Braum would look awesome, or Project nami, Project Xerath, Vel Koz, Zyra would be cool, and toplaner maybe project illaoi, panth, olaf. Of these, I would love to atleast see Project Varus, Xerath, Olaf.
deVulse (EUNE)
: That logic is my friend, "the most %%%%%%ed argument". Its a very suitable answer - BECAUSE IT CAN BE SAID ABOUT EVERY CHAMPION IN THE GAME. Dodge his this, gank him, stay away from this. Like seriously GP has no counterplay, he is quiet a bit tanky, does %%%%%%ed amounts of damage and has broken Barrels which are not only OP broken or %%%%%%ed they just have ridiculously big numbers and armor shred mechanic which makes stacking armor useless against it. You know what? i'll tell you a story, story of me playing hecarim and a random player playing GP in the enemy team. It was around 30-35 min game he had 4 kills 1 death and tons of assists (maybe 12-15 smth like that) cuz of ulti its super easy to fed yourself just from assists. Pretty high CS but our top laner had maybe 20 cs less also our cait had more cs than him, so his CS wasnt that great at all. I had 5 kills and 2 deaths, dont remember how many assists. I had Green jungle enchant, dead mans plate, tabi's and iceborn gauntlet + some other lesser items i forget. That gave me something over 200 armor, and a bit less than 3k hp, guess what, he was able to not only do 40% of my HP in 1 barrel but also almost kill me afterwards with some other trash. And no they havent got a single infernal drake, nor baron at that time and total team kills were maybe a little bit higher by their side...they had maybe 3-5 kills more total. I seriously dont care about GP, i only want this game to be fun and balanced because champs that work like he does are unhealthy to the game, you cant have a huge burst ability on a very low cd, being aoe and on top of that it shreds through its only way to prevent its damage - armor. And its a total armor so its super powerfull vs carries as well, told you, saw different GP players literally one shoting ADC with a single barrel, no idea what does increase its damage or why are barrels actually able to do so %%%%%%ed numbers, all i care about is this crap getting nerfed immediately before ez mode GP players will boost themselves to Diamonds thinking that they are good, while in fact they suck, play broken champion that is not even discovered yet (so that means its open every game, never banned and people never blame it for being OP cuz u know, its not discovered by whole community yet). Thats it, all i tried to do is to actually open your eyes on how hilariously broken this champion is, but all you can do is throw some trash arguments that doesnt even make sense, everything same around and around (like i said those arguments can be said about every champion) - fact is that he cant be countered and thats it. Only Riot can counter him with their nerfhammer, but im over, not gonna comment here anymore as you people and whole community are too dumb and not worth my effort anymore. Im gonna say it last time: Mark my words. You have been warned. You have been warned about Cancerplank. you have been warned...
remember when Zed was cancer? literally one shotting carries with WEQ combo, well surely looking forward to the lethality buffs that suits GP so well :) oh btw, I guess none of u punished him early since he had 1 death, that explains it all, wonder if u let a vayne do the same thing, u just let her farm, and farm, now if that were to happen u would sit there writing about cancer vayne instead. GP is op late game, but sux ass early game, which means, shut him down early, and he cant do shit for long time...
deVulse (EUNE)
: So stacking lethality as Rene actually works? However i completely agree on Kha'zix, he was already out of control before the changes and now he might get out of control of control hehe D:
yeah it does, that W damage is insane... I tried full lethality Cait mid yesterday, my ult did over half the hp of their adc, didnt even have full build...
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: well, i did not make this thread as a discussion about the recent buffs, but generally about yi :( Also i do not see how this changes would help him clear. He would not waste his doublestrike on monster overkills, but thats pretty much it. 1/2 of aa, conditionally, duh. one less aa needed to clear mini krugs. Borderline no impact on clearing imho
well lets say he is in middle of a teamfight, and his team is with him fighting, and he uses heal, boom now he has double strike upon a crit, that is some damage, or even if he uses it to stop AA timer, it will probably go off, so he will get instant 3 stacks also the stacks he gets when he decides to heal starts off pretty good too.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: but tbh, it was not a huge one EDIT: amd what are your divisions guys? I am not asking it because i am a judgemental prick, just want to know the opinions of each elo bracket. quasi-study stuff
ye it will help him with clearing alot, and to kill, if u heal and get stacks for it, while ur e and ult pauses, thats pretty good one, since he already is a low elo hypercarry jungler on steroids, he still gets a buff on top of it? nah maaane, not that it bothers me, I just hope the people in my mmr doesnt read patch notes, cuz it was long time since I saw a Yi
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: How is Master Yi doing in your opinion guys?
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >what were they expecting, buff lethality so that some adc's will be able to fight tanks better, so buff lethality so now we have an unintentional buff to kha, panth,jayce and rene so thx alot. It's funny how people like you think they buffed lethality for adcs. They buffed it for assassins, not adcs... Lethality is not even a stat meant for adcs. They even said it in the patch notes (which apparently people aren't reading) that the stat and the buff is aimed at assassins early game.
well, imo I think it makes more sense to buff adc's rather than assassins right now, guess we are going back to cancer zed times again
: Biggest thing i can think of is bruisers like vi and heca going CoC. This mastery gives them a lot of extra health while diving in making them hard to deal with combined with their damage. And it's OP if they snowball. Tanks are just flat out good with it like poppy. And hardly anyone cried about Zed because all the usual criers were busy playing him. Nowadays the "mains" have moved from Zed to other champs who are getting abused by the junglers and CoC. As for exp...really? When jungling i am usually at least 1 or 2 lvls ahead over my botlane. A bit dependent on the champion played but at least 1 lvl over is not uncommon to say the least. Iยดve had no issue doing this on Evelynn, Elise, Shyvana,heca or Vi. Then we have the Lee sin mains who if played well do it even better.
well CoC nerf already happened, lethality buffs too
: Lethality was buffed, but...
Kha, Panth, Rene will %%%%in dominate now, why cant riot think properly before doing anything, what were they expecting, buff lethality so that some adc's will be able to fight tanks better, so buff lethality so now we have an unintentional buff to kha, panth,jayce and rene so thx alot.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Sure, many of Riot's decisions are questionable, but coming here frustrated, even without the most basic info about the champion, claiming he's broken, just because he didn't adapt and learn how to play against him? That's just ridiculous. Anything new or changed = OP! NERF! RITO PLS!!
Look fam, I dont wanna the that guy that complains about everything, but it is true and it does make sense, when will people buy the most skins, and champions? when a champion is op, all these PBE videos that went on about how broken Camille is, I bet there are many posts too, tbh she was op, now why doesnt riot do something to her when they clearly can see that she is op as hell in PBE, noo they release everything as it is. and WW ult is just a joke, the range of that shit, the sustain of that guy, I thought a fed yorick was a problem...
: yes... because it is... Tell me Camille is a normal champ... like eveyone else... please tell me that
I think Camillle had a nerf already that made her less op, thats better than nothing. If u look at it, most champions lately got nerfed after their free to play period, and follow up with more nerfs, and more nerfs, not long ago, Azir were like top 5 midlaners in professional stage, neither was it long ago that he became completely 0, almost deleted, not that Azir is too new champion but still, its a way to make money, make it op, people buy it, buy skin, then nerf it when most of the people already has bought it.
Torvel (EUW)
: Patch 7.2
What moron felt like Yi needed a buff?
duckarp (EUNE)
: Salt is real in this one.
Indeed, altho I can't be the only one realizing that almost 90% of the time riot reworks something, or releases a new champion, its op as hell, and since the champion is so early yet, nobody comes up with counterplay in the first days of release, they even have PBE to check, and read user reviews of patches and such, most champions released, were op as hell, and I have been checking this, after it's been on free to play, the next week they nerf it, some champs that got buffed were Taliyah and Bard, but so many champions lately that has been releases, has got nerfed AFTER its been on free to play, why? because people will buy it for rp and skin, and after its been on free to play, the last chances of people buying it for money is mostly gone. I know Riot is a company but really... they think too much of making money, and less about actual gameplay and user reviews.
: No they don't suck ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท
they have always been 0 in early game, so I dont agree with them being bad right now, maybe a little squishy but with a few bans u can get those problems away, for example Syndra being way too op
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