Hydnoras (EUW)
: Mid IS the safest lane due to it's length. Literally every pro can confirm this too. You don't have a long distance to walk if you need to get to the tower. Bot and top however are very vulnerable due to the shear length of the lanes. The 5 man mid ganks are extremely rare and still easier to avoid than on bot lane for example. Mid also has multiple directions where you can run to if you are getting ganked when top and bot only have their own tower to run towards. Adc and support would be mid if mid wasn't the safest lane to be solo on as an immobile mage.
Top lane is just a oposite side of the bot lane but you still have a solo player there especially tanks/bruisers, even tho most of them are immobile. Even tho they're tanky, early game is really easy to kill a tank in a 1v2 situation. So why doesn't jungle and both adc and support go top you may ask ? Because of a objective pressure on bot. There you have a tower and a dragon, which is a lot faster and easier to kill than herald/baron. The fact that mid lane is "shorter" is true but that doesnt make any sense in the term of it being a safe lane. And what pros did exactly say that ? I would be very interested if you could have a backup proof to show me, since this topic is quite interesting
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >yeah and thats the %%%%%%ed one-sided view of a short-sighted idiot. Glad we can agree on that. >WHY was ADC played bot? Because it was by far the savest lane, because you have a personal protector. Which role - just use your little brain once - do you think excells if it gets babysit through it's weak early phase to it's strong late phase? Yes a scaling role - and that's adc. That's the ONLY reason adc was the way to go botlane. Completely wrong. First of all, mid is the safest lane, not bot. Secondly, adcs are played bot because mages etc gain more benefit from simple level ups than adcs which is why they are played mid instead of the adcs and the lane is safer than a side lane due to its length. Thirdly, adcs and supports are bot and not top because it gives more control over the dragon with more members. Support simply goes where the adc goes. So why did we have adcs every game? because they were so strong that your team HAD to have an adc in it. No other role has a class like that. Other roles go through different cycles of classes and yet bot had always marksmen. Even supports go through cycles of mages, tanks and enhancers (sometimes even things like mf). You can't see the forest for the trees. A typical adc main so blind to the bigger picture. >I bet you didn't even finish school the way you write. "Now it got more balanced and other classes can be played bot" I bet you haven't finished school yourself because you clearly missed the vital word "more". The role is more balanced now. That isn't even debatable. More balanced doesn't mean completely balanced. Stay in school and you might learn a thing or two. >what's balanced about ADCs being bad in bot and pure trash in all other lanes? Nothing. The generalizing is strong with you. Adcs are fine. Just not all the crit adcs. Even some of them are still fine actually. >Remove electrocute, remove entire domination tree, remove duskblade, remove lethality and mpen as whole and then watch assassins disappear. So now mages can be played mid again! Wow balanced! Yes let's remove all the counters from adcs. What a great idea. Just what i'd expect from adc mains. Ignorant remarks. >Nothing is balanced about botlane being "open to other classes" if the one class that was dominant in this single lane can't be played ANYWHERE else. Tell me where to play: Caitlyn, Vayne, Tristana, Jinx - huh where is your stupid shit smartass now? You can't play them ANYWHERE because ANYWHERE these champs are trash. Adcs are completely viable and playable. Wake up. Only crit adcs that even have lower than 50% win rate are vayne, xayah, sivir, caitlyn and tristana. Fun fact is that xayah is very strong when paired with rakan and caitlyn is good too. Sivir is very meta reliant and is always just a counter pick to a meta. Her win rate has pretty much always been below 50%. Vayne is like 0.6% away from 50% which is completely reasonable for a champion like that (still getting a buff next patch just like sivir). So that leaves tristana as the only weak adc. However, this has always been the case with her too. Watch the meta change to late game meta again at some point and her win rate skyrockets along with other crit adcs. Now is early game meta. Ofc crit adcs are bad in a meta like that. They have always been. That's why we had the lethality adcs at one point. Still adcs though. Because it's a broken class what else can be said... The adcs could also be played elsewhere like top or mid and even saw some play on those lanes. However, why would mid or top pick adcs normally when it's better to pick them bot with the support? Your argument is invalid. Adcs are fine. Get your spoiled ass on the rift and start learning the game instead of whining that your class is no longer OP.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jUZhBXpm,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T00:58:42.963+0000) > Completely wrong. First of all, mid is the safest lane, not bot. I dont want to argue or anything, but saying that MID is the safest lane is complete BS ... You have 2 sides from which you can get ganked and literally you can end up in a 5v1 fight if the whole team focus you down (you have bot lane roaming, top lane roaming, and almost every jungler putting a tent in that bush next to a Baron spawn just waiting for you to push that lane a bit harder). With the meta change on bot, it made adcs less ... "viable" ? I wouldn't call them usles but they're weaker a lot. So that also impacts other lanes as well for example, you think that in soloQ you will see a jungler camping his adc main ? Hell no, he will put a tent on mid or top side, since mages will be a bit better in 8.14 and bruisers are strong again. PS im not a adc main
PsychoPala (EUNE)
: PsychoPala Gold 2 Jungle/Mid Main Champions : Jarvan, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Shyvana, Gragas, Rengar. I dont like to play with comms, if u are a decent player we can duo with ease using chat and pings.
I've sent you a friend request, if you're interested we can play together sometimes (i prefer playing mid atm)
Ineedomen (EUW)
: L9 stands for low nine it is a clan on the euw server from high Challenger players known for their still,toxicity,racism and elo boosting. Most famous persons from that clan are rat irl and ap0calypse for example
I found them on youtube, dayum that rat irl is one crazy mofo, but at least they dont run down mid lol (at least from what I saw from them)
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CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Looking for a Support
What is your elo ? I was a support main long ago but I can still play it. Add me if you're interested or something
JellyMish (EUNE)
: TAW.net - Recruiting!
Oh thats really cool, I forgot to add you guys, I hope I dont forget to do it next time in log in to game. In case that I dont could one of you add me ? Would be great
: A search for some teammates
Yeah, same thing here, last 4 ranked games were totally desester since they dont even know what to build. Anyway, if you're interested feel free to add me
Breakhz (EUNE)
: I didnt got no friend request {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Oh ... I probably forgot, Ill send the request again
: Is this a joke or what? Is League got that much toxic community evento a point people looking forward to join troller clans :P {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
I have no idea what L9 is, could you explain it (pretty pls) hahah
Kakamuro (EUNE)
: Look at the boards and Riot mentality
I do think that they kinda force a intentional feeders in promo games or in the games that are very important for your elo, since there is no way that i can carry easily a game until i come to promo, there (in promos) its just impossible to do anything. Other stuff you said about the waiting time and the leveling system ill have to disagree tho. But the matchmaking system is pure bullshit and going solo in soloQ or flex is just pure cancer this season. Lets not talk about what they did to bot lane which made me move from bot to mid or top
Holideus (EUNE)
: EUNE international club
I added you, I'm interested
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Looking for people to play flex/normals with
I added you, Im mostly playing alone too, gets boring after awhile
YujaAnoYu (EUNE)
: Orange essence
The common skins and legacy are actually fair, they cost less, they give less ... But it makes no sense that if you disenchant and epic or a legendary skin you get only 270-364 but need 4-5 times more for the skin to be unlocked. I understand that its actually nice they're giving us "free skins" but its kinda unfair... if they make a system they should at least do it right and balanced it. Its like having a zeal in this patch nerfed without lowering the cost ... Oh, GG Riot
MainBronzer (EUNE)
: Shall i delete my account cuz of no chance to get reward again?
I actually have to agree with him, i understand all of the punishments but tbh you have to play the game every day for 4 months to get to at least honor lvl 1 which makes no sense since if you play solo no one will actually honor you ... I wouldnt recommend getting a new account but if you have free time play some games with your friends and tell them to honor you, should take some time but i think it will work. I have the same problem atm and i think this is the only way
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > first of all, the first penalty for aggro chat or flaming is chat restrict for 25 and 50 games or mor 10 games is the first penalty. --- > The "team mate" who issued the ban against me turned the players of both teams against me Your punishment is based on how you behave. Nobody forces you to break the rules, so you can't use that as an excuse. --- > This is what i mean by quantity over quality, he injured my family and made me %%%%%%ed and i told him piece of trash. He didn't make you write what you did. You did that on your own free will. --- > At least, why didn t got he banned too? Because not enough players had reported him? One report is enough to flag someones behaviour. But it's very rare a single game is enough to give a person a punishment. Besides, the first penalties tend to be chat restrictions, and you won't ever be able to check that. --- > I reported many players on assistance with serious proof and very harsh insults about family, they said they could not punish the respective players. ARE U %%%%ING KIDDING ME? Reporting isn't done through the support system though. You report people when the game is over.
Can you explain than why did I get a 14 day ban even tho i never had a 1st 10 games chat restriction ban ? You said it yourself that first penalty, or should we call it punishment is 10 games chat restricted ... So can you explain why on earth did i get a 14 day ban ? And also, do have in mind that doing a /muteall is not always going to win the game, sometimes you need to tell your top laner to wait or to let enemy push or maybe that you will gank on lvl 3 top so he doesnt push... a lot of these things cant be said by a random ping, and also, we all get tilted and we all curse, i think that skipping penalty is a bit too harsh. I also want to say that after the 14 day ban ended i couldnt win a single ranked game. Not because I forgot to play, but its because the system gives me players that are either trolling or just having a bad behaviour ... So I also wanna ask does the honor level infect your match making ? From what I saw, it surely does Thanks for your time
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: Lethality
I think nerfing lethality would put Zed and Talon in a non-playable spot, and lets not forget Miss Fortune, she is good atm since she does a lot of damage early and mid game, if she builds a standard crit items she would be kinda usless imo {{champion:21}}
: Yea, my old acount taht was stolen by the guy boosting it he went from bronz to dia in juist a week. You say its a marathon not a sprint then explain that
I guess you are low Bronze when you say that you're at the bottom of EUW, it kinda depends on what champions and what lane you play. For example, there is no point in going Yasuo mid if you wont abuse his lvl1-2 op trade, I would recommend you playing either mid or jungle since they have a big impact on the game atm. Play champs on mid like Annie, Veigar, maybe Viktor and stay away from Teemo/Yasuo top. Or at the end of the day, find one champ that you really enjoy playing, master him and its really a freeelo from there since people in bronze dont know how to do a comeback. Wish you the best of luck
RedBallX1 (EUNE)
: beta tournament team
Add me, I can play top and support
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: Maybe you want to play with me: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/lfwjaRNt-flexible-and-motivated-gold-player-looking-for-competitive-team
I am EUNE, so i think we cant play together :(
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 Starboy,realm=EUNE,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=yTrVocFz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-15T02:14:34.802+0000) > > This is a good idea ... +1 > > RITO PLS {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Oh. You're from eune. RIP. When I was making a team I wanted to invite you, since I saw your post, to join the team that I was making but I could not. Now I know why xd
Feels bad man ...
: Suggestion about Clash
This is a good idea ... +1 RITO PLS {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: LeagueFind: 5000 member community, official Discord partner. In-houses, tournaments, free coaching!
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: EUNE Tier 4 team looking for a member!
I sent you a friend request, we can negotiate
gidson (EUNE)
: Tier 1 clash team LF support
I was a support main not so long ago, add me if you're still interested
wuvii (EUNE)
: Beta tournament cup
If you still need a player add me IGN C9 Starboy
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
I think the players that get this skin will buy more wards in games "Buy a ward, save a life" - Riot Games 2k17
BongCrazy (EUNE)
: Mid top looking for duo
Add me I'm interested
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G2 Dark94 (EUNE)
: Dark Star Singularity Need 2
Add me {{summoner:4}}
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JewishStyle (EUNE)
: Looking For players on a daily base Ranked Team 5v5.
I'm down for it IGN: M1Lu5 ( Gold 5, was gold 4 but fall xd ) {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} PS: support main but can fill xd
ZiTee (EUNE)
: Low Rank Team
hi ... im interested ... while having fun you can always learn something new :)) + i am interested in ranked teams atm, so yeah ... feel free to add me Highly prefer to play support, but I can play adc also :) {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}}
RomanB0nd (EUNE)
: Starting a serious team need some players
IGN: M1Lu5 Role: Support Champions: What I prefer to play and what I mostly play: 1. Janna 2. Nami 3. Thresh 4. Braum 5. Morgana 6. Karma If you're interested add me :)
: Hey mate, you're from eune :D thanks for your very nice applycation, but unfortunately you're from eune :/
ohhh I see now ... I wasn't looking on that ... I'm still not used to the new board xd
: Origen Gaming Looking For Top Mid and Support!
Age: 16 ( 17 in 10 days ) Main role: Support Champpool: What I mostly play and what I prefer: 1. Janna 2. Nami and Thresh 3. Braum 4. Morgana 5. Karma 6. Sona ( not the fan of last 2 but i can play them if I need to. I also have more supportive champions but i dont play them that much ) Where are you from: Bosnia and Herzegovina General Informations about yourself: As I said, I'm a 16 year old high schooler borned in Bosnia and Herzegovina . I am going in a medical high school ( 3rd grade). I can speak English, my own language, and atm i am learning Deutsch. I am playing League for 1 year and 8 months. I am not that active on solo Q ranked and that is why i am currently in silver 2. I am playing support role since i started to play this game and I enjoyed playing it, especially the part when I could really help the team and change the game. Playstyle: Tbh I like Passive the most ( letting ADC to farm and get the most gold as possible ) but I can also play aggressive style since my last duo partner was aggressive ( and lets be honest, its fun and great in duo Q). In last team i was in we would also play something like a "Bait style" where we would easily get first blood. When are you Able to play: Mostly weekends, but I can play on Wednesday and sometimes on Tuesday too. On summer holidays ( start in Jun here ) I am mostly free every day. Aggressive/Passive laner: Like i said I prefer passive, but can play aggressive too. Depends on the ADC and our communication before and during the game. The healthier the communication is the better as duo laners we are. Why do you want to join us: As you said your main objective is winning, and im interested in it 2. I also want to have some fun while playing in a serious team like you described this one. IGN: M1Lu5 If i didnt wrote something that is important to you, or if i answered something wrong be free to ask for more informations. Cheers ^^

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