: Rofl at the top tab search in your browser. Also Riot stopped doing such things since they stopped being cool. They used to care about us, the players, long time ago.
They didn't stop. Riot still does such things. About a month ago I sent them a blank painting page which was supposed to be twitch and evelynn (I know i'm lazy af) and they gave me the LP I was missing.
: i will say just store the lp you get in promo , like how they do it with defeat like your sub lp with go to 120 if you win the first game , so if you fail the next two you come out on 80 lp , not 60
Yeah actually that's what should happen. That's the fairest thing.
dimex135 (EUNE)
: Same as before, it's fine to do as it has no impact. If you simply want that one tier then it changes the time you spend, however, if you want to go higher it wont help you. Having 99 Lp is the same as the system telling you that your mmr is lower than is ideal for that rank. (in the situation you describe) Its a short term gain and long term loss for the player. I personally wouldn't like this change as I'd much rather play an extra game in (25+25+25+24) than get into promos.
Ok so to end the "you would be 100LP if you were worthy of it according to your MMR" https://ibb.co/gMew3J maybe this will make you believe me when I say that being close to 100LP but not really there has nothing to do with your MMR and it's just luck and numbers. All I want is to remove the "luck" factor from the system. I respect that you wouldn't like the change. Personally I would if it was able to save me some time. And as you said it will be easier to get demoted so I don't see why not? It really isn't pushing people to climb. It's just a way to earn rewards for EVERY game you play.
dimex135 (EUNE)
: If your mmr is positive you go 99-19+20. If your mmr isn't at least average for that rank then you're not supposed to be climbing before you improve it.
It often happens that while you usually get 20LP for each game to get 19 or even 18 after a game (maybe because your team's overall MMR is higher than the opponent's team and it's considered an easier game). So you might be 99LP then lose 19 go back to 90, but then while you would normally would earn 20, instead you get 18 or 19. This doesn't mean you are ready.
Ashen Soul (EUNE)
: Isnt "free LP" what you are asking for when you get 98 or so LP? So that you get to promos? You already earn LP that represents your MMR, if you get 18LP and that puts you to 98LP than that IS your skill lvl. That 2 extra LP that you need and are proposing for riot to implement is Free LP. There is no other way to put it. If your MMR was high enough it would have put you to the promos and no to near promos LP. So i don't really understand your logic here. "I wouldn't mind being in master tier with a diamond 3 MMR", you wouldnt mind, but real Master Tier players would mind when they get you on their team :) This is why boosted accounts never stay in their boosted division, simply cause they don't have the skill to be in that division and the MMR system puts them down to where they belong.
You didn't understand. Yeah that 2 LP is free indeed. But ok let's say I went to 98LP. If I win the next game I want the full potential of my victory. The same way you say that no one should get free LP, I do not want my LP to get "stolen". The victory would give me 20 so I want the 20. Not 2. Maybe I should enter the new division with 18 LP as someone suggested above. "If your MMR was high enough it would have put you to the promos". That's a 0.5 second thought I guess. Being close to promos by 1-2 LP is pure luck. So let's say I've got the extraordinary MMR to get 99lp for every victory (it's impossible I know, I just want to show you that what u say is just not based on any kind of logic), then being to 99 lp means what? That my MMR is not high enough? That I need one more game to prove that I'm worthy of entering promos ? Finally I with the master tier example I mean that I do not care about being 5-10 games behind in terms of MMR if that means that it will save me the time to fight for 1LP. I'd rather have 10 games less in my history than playing 10 games which will benefit my MMR only. I know they will also benefit my LP gain for every victory in the future but I mean I want every game to give me BOTH MMR and LP.
Ashen Soul (EUNE)
: Hello, this is my 5 cents on your question. LP and MMR are not the same, your MMR is more important than your LP. From reading your post you obviously don't understand the importance of MMR, if you did you wouldn't complain about 98LP you would be happy that you got it. Having 98 (or any LP close to the promo) is God sent if you want to boost your MMR. If you win your "2LP" game, you gain a full win to your MMR stats, but only 2LP, and if you win your next 2-3 promo games, you get up to 3-4 Wins to your MMR stats, but your LP is still 0. This means, your MMR is higher than your division and you get matched with and vs better players. The ranking system never worked off of LP and probably never will. LP is just there to give you a general sense of your rankings, the magic number is your MMR (Matchmaking Rating), which riot doesnt show publicly. The higher your MMR number, the more LP you gain per win. So asking riot to give you "free LP" just so you enter promos is completely counter productive, as even if you enter promos and lose it, your MMR will tank even further and it will be even harder for you to climb. This probably answers your question as to why riot doesn't reply to questions like yours. It's because you're proposing to change something you know nothing about. Cheers! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
"Having 98 (or any LP close to the promo) is God sent if you want to boost your MMR. If you win your "2LP" game, you gain a full win to your MMR stats, but only 2LP, and if you win your next 2-3 promo games, you get up to 3-4 Wins to your MMR stats, but your LP is still 0. " This should be your answer. The rest about how MMR works is common knowledge. As for the quoted part, I want to play games with people of equal skill. Neither better nor worse than me. Everyone's MMR is supposed to represent his skill level. Also what's "free LP" supposed to mean. I win a game that would give me 20 LP and I get 2 instead. The rest 18 I earned and ask for are considered "free" ? I don't get it. If you're fixated with your MMR then that's fine you can do that. You might be plat 3 with a diamond 4 MMR and be happy. I wouldn't be. Because at the end of the day what matters is your division. I wouldn't mind being in master tier with a diamond 3 MMR
: Whatever. It's not such big deal, because being at 99 LPs or so usually means that: 1) Losing a game does not matter that much because you are going to reach 100 anyway if you win the next 2) You may indulge a second dodge if you really want, because again, losing 10 LP while being at 99 is not going to kill anyone So there are already some kind of benefits in exchange to those missing LPs. There's really no need to change anything.
1) I don't see the benefit in that. It's just math. You lose one you win one. You don't get anything for free. 2) Well if you lose the game after the dodge then it is going to kill your time playing 2 more games in order to get to 100.
dimex135 (EUNE)
: 1. Your LP doesn't matter, it's only MMR that does. 2. The system will push you up if you have higher MMR than your LP. 3. The leagues system is already very forgiving and tries to push players up. If your MMR is too low then you dont' get to 100 LP. If your MMR is positive then just play 2 games (1W 1L) and you will be 100 LP. If you're willing to sacrifice your MMR to get 1 Lp then you can do that.
The league system pushes players up in the bronze-gold elo. After platinum there's no free win so I don't see how do players get pushed up. Well I am not willing to sacrifice anything. Neither my MMR nor my LP. When I win a game I want both the MMR and the LP. Now if you get to 99LP you do not get the LP for the game you won. And if I had to choose I'd like to get the LP. From my experience even after a 4-5 win streak I don't see any major improvement to my MMR.
dimex135 (EUNE)
: The person with the "sickest" MMR wont want this system. People with 30+ LP gains don't really gain anything from this, at that point you can skip both promos and divisions. (actually by having an extra game you can play you can get extra MMR which is always useful for skipping promos and divisions)
The sick MMR is just an example. Let's say someone earns 20LP for each win but in the game after 80LP he gets 19 and gets to 99LP. Why should this player have to play a game which will either give him 1LP or take away 20? And what if he loses the game? If he loses 20LP then even if he gets 20 in the next victory he'd still be at 99LP fighting for 1LP again. It's just a waste of time and not everyone has much of it.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I think they should just count the surplus LP as surplus, which gets returned to you after you finish promos. E.G. come into the next division/rank with 15 LP or be closer to being in promos again if you lost them.
Yeah I agree {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: No need to punish. If loss, make it the same as before but 75LP not 80. Also if you win the said promo, you start from -5LP. This way there's no FREE LP, and the anomaly with the Master/Challenger tier players doesn't happen. Over 100 games, no matter if you got "bonus" or not, you have same LP.
That would solve the problem. Good idea.
: I explained for 1 match as well. Please read my post carefully before commenting. If the limit is there, isn't it unfair that 1LP under the limit doesn't get the bonus any more ? Sounds to me like a 99LP situation :) OH but I was 94LP (that's will be the new 99LP), please riot, make it so 90LP and up get bonus. Oh but I was 89LP...cmon riot don't troll me !!!! How bout we make every1 challenger and we don't have to play ranked at all. OK ? You keep saying that it's very unlikely that this 99LP thing happens. So why implement a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM around it, when you can easily go 1 more game, and maybe Riot puts this work in a better place, like client or champ optimization. How bout that?
Dude don't get angry. I really don't get why does everyone tries to point the flaws of this "system" instead of trying to give ideas on improving it. I shared my thoughts so you share yours until we create a system that could actually work. Also I talked about the limit. It will have to do with everyone's MMR and the points he earns for every victory. Finally bugs happen rarely. Shouldn't developers fix them because they are unlikely to happen? I just suggested something that would stop people from believing that the game is against them. Also check the suggestion I made about balancing the "shortcut" you were talking about.
: You didn't get my idea. If said system gets implemented. Person A gets to 95LP 10 times a season. Person B gets to 94LP 10 times a season. Rest of the matches aren't this close. Person A after 200 games let's say 65% win-rate, will be master 200LP Person B after 200 games same 65% win rate, will have 10 matches less, since he had to play for those 6LPs, while person A took the shortcuts. 10 matches are 200LP. Basically 1LP difference 10 times, created a Mid master and a Low master situation for TWO EQUAL players. They start from Plat 1, 0LP , with a Diamond 3 MMR. Same quality players, exactly same match numbers, same win-rates, same everything. 10 times is very unlikely ? Ok. 1 time. Player A will be at Master 200LP Player B will be at Master 180LP, while they are equal. Who compensates for the high-elo ladder then ? That can be up to 10-15 positions.
What about this one. So let's say I got to 95LP and got to promo automatically instead of playing another game for 4LP. If I win 1 promo game and lose 2 then I'll only lose LP from the lost games but I won't gain LP from the promo game I won. So instead of going 100+20-20-20=80LP I'll go 100-20-20=60LP. That seems like a punishing game to balance out the "shortcut". What do u think about this one?
: No matter how you look at it: It's a shortcut. You gain free LP, when you're not supposed to. a 49% win-rate player that gets 18 and loses 20, when getting to 96LP will be granted 4LP "bonus" AKA won 22LP, that's considered 50-52%win-rate let's suppose. The guy that gets 25 would get 30 and so forth. You artificially inflate the LP pool of the players. What if this happens 20 times in a season ? You gain 100LP for free, total. So a player that's going for master and always lands on 94LP under D1, while you land on 95+, with the same win-rate and same number of games, will be 100LP under you, just because you had 5MMR more at the start of the season. That's quite a HUGE difference if you ask me. The high-elo ladder is quite sensitive, and changes like this might affect it drastically. You have to think about that too. About the "wasn't meant for you to get to 100LP that day" is literally what I typed. Sometimes you lose from 99LP. It's not the universe, it's you. You play bad, you lose. Some people get easily frustrated and trigger-happy when on 99LP or when in promotion decisive matches. Why give them a "safe space" ? A shortcut.
Okay I'll answer that one by one. Following your logic when you win a game at 98 LP you DON'T get LP that you were supposed to get. Instead of getting the 49% winrate normal LP that you said you just get the 1% Win Rate LP gain (1-2LP). What you said to be honest is impossible. To get 20 times in a single season to this range of 95-99LP? Not a chance I think. Another guy commented in this discussion that while playing LoL he happened to be in that range 3 times only. And he wasn't talking about one season. So let's say you get to 95-99LP 10 times in a season (which is really very very unlikely) then you'll have earned 10-50 extra LP. And this will work for everyone, not just you. Following your train of thought, if someone ends up 10 times at 95LP and another one doesn't, then the first one will have played 10 more games than the other one to enter promos, which means he'd be 150LP behind the second one (if he earned 20 for every victory: 10x20=200-10x5=50 for entering promos=150LP), just because the numbers happened to take him to 95-99LP (pure luck). The high elo ladder (from master to challenger) doesn't require promotional games. It was meant for me to get to 99LP but not 100LP? I really don't get it. And about the shortcut part. If I get to 99LP and win the next game, then I want this game to count as a promotional game, because it basically is a promotional game. It's not a shortcut, I won 20LP and I want 20, not 1.
: Nah...don't like the idea. What if it wasn't meant for you to get to 100LP that day? What if : if you went and played that 99LP game you'd have lost. LP is not BE, not RP, can't be gifted, can't be won by events, can't be given out for free. You work for it. Yes it's frustrating to be on 99LP, you play 1 more and you won't be on 99LP...pretty simple. Stop trying to get ways of climbing faster/easier. We're on this system since S1. I've lost a couple of times from 99LP, I won the next game, or not, doesn't matter. We don't need any more ranked shortcuts. Free wins in low-elo series is enough spoon-feeding already.
First of all I'll ignore the "it wasn't meant for you to get to 100LP that day". Like what? The universe-god didn't want me to? Fate? I don't get that part. All I am asking is basically for a system to be fair. It's not a shortcut really. I just want equality between a victory and a defeat. As you say when u are at 99LP you play 1 more and you won't be on 99LP. I don't see anything fair at all in that sentence. For a victory I'll earn 1 LP but for a defeat I'll lose 15-20? I'm ok with losing 15-20 at 99LP but to balance it out then I need my 99LP victory to count as a victory in my promos (basically it is a victory in promos minus 1 LP) I hope you get what I'm trying to say.
Xêm (EUW)
: The same thing will happen but with 90-94 LP instead of 95-100. The problem won't be fixed, just shoved somewhere else. People will cry about getting 94 LP instead of 99
Well as I said people will not have a reason to cry. Currently, if you get to 99LP you are like "Oh god rito why?". But what I'm suggesting is that the better the MMR the further from 100LP you'll need to be in order to get the "bonus". So if someone has to be at 98 or 99 LP to get the "bonus" and the same someone ends up at 97LP he won't be able to get mad or anything like that because it's because of his/her MMR, which depends on HIS/HER own performance and Win Rate. It's not Rito that forces him to get to 98-99LP in order to enjoy the "bonus". It's his performance.
Saibbo (EUW)
: Not exactly, you don't win LP in promos but you lose LP if you lose, that's how after a lost promo you're not at 100LP but you like dropped at 60-80LP whatever the number, I said that I think the extra LP you win before the promos counts, I don't know for sure i never tested or experienced it honestly or just didn't calculated it. I just remember reading it somewhere and even if that doesn't happen your MMR still increase anyway and that's the real number that counts.
From my experience it works the way I told you, which means you literally get 1LP after winning at 99LP and get LP afterwards. That's what I've noticed and I'm almost certain that's how it works. I agree that the win counts in favor of your MMR but still... let's say you are at 99LP. If you win the game you get the MMR for your victory but not the LP (you get only 1, if I'm correct), but if you lose at 99LP you lose both the MMR and the full LP of a defeat (which is obviously not fair). I hope you get my point.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: I agree. There should be a gap - individual for each division - that indicates wether or not you get a free win. However - this happened like only 3 times to me. And playing those 3 extra games really didn't hurt that much. Of course a change would be better but it's not a big reason for players being unhappy with league.
Well you are very lucky then to have been in this position 3 times only. Although I agree that it's not a big reason for players to be unhappy with League, I believe it would make their experience just a little more pleasant.
: I don't think that's such a great idea. The reason why people are in range of 1-5 LP away from the next division is because their MMR is lower than it should. Making this reality would mean that many people would climb even though they don't deserve it. Even though it's frustrating to play a game for 2 LP, it is needed so that the system makes sure you actually deserve than next division.
I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree. The reason people are 1-5LP away from entering their promos has nothing to do with their MMR. For example if someone has the sickest MMR and gets 33LP for every win, after 3 wins he'd end up at 99LP. I don't think that means that he doesn't deserve to be in promos.
Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean i see your point, but really if you're climbing what really matters is your MMR and not really your rank so if you have to play 1 more game before promos is not a total waste of time and LP but it still increase your MMR also i think that even if it displays only 100LP if you're like at 99 LP and win 26 LP you're actually at 125 LP and if you lose promos (you lose LP too) that get counted so if you fail you start again at a higher LP.
I don't think what you're saying is true. If you've got 99LP and win a game which would give you 20LP then you'll actually get to 100, not 124. You reach more than 100LP after you've enered promos. For example let's say you get 20LP for a victory and lose 20LP for each defeat. If you win 1 game and lose the other 2 then: 100+20-(20+20)=80. You'll end up at 80LP after losing your promotions. If what you're saying was true then this would happen: You are at 99LP and you earn 26LP. You get to 125 even tho in your profile it's displayed that u've got 100. Then if you win one more game you'd get to 151 LP and you're now 1-0 in promos. If you lose the next 2 games (for example you'll lose 25 LP for each) you'd lose your promos but still end up at 101 LP, which would mean that you'd be in promos again without winning a game after your lost your promotional games. So basically it's a total waste to play for 1LP.
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