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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Why I got different rout to servers sometimes? I want to have that 21ms. Sounds like a joke but you can noticeably feel difference in that.
: A ping difference of 15ms is well within normal variance for a WAN connection
Again - its nothing related to my connection. It works fine in other games, and I did ping check in websites and in own CMD.
: > [{quoted}](name=CHONG,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=YJQ4Eh4g,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-24T09:23:29.626+0000) > > And who will pay for it? Mexico? Russia of course. First step in the new annexation of the Baltic states and Yugoslavia. Commies are back man.
: Well, they will create this huge wall guarded by gunmen and they will call it "the LoL wall". You better get prepared before become trapped in the wrong side.
Tarolock (EUW)
: omg 35 ping? that must suck real hard :D the best ping i have is 50 btw why would they split eune? it got separated from euw already and have way less playerbase, there is no point splitting it even more
I think because servers of eune are still located in western Europe (Germany) and player base is from eastern Europe - Poland, Baltic states, Russia etc. Maybe they are trying to performance by splitting it on two.
: How bored are you to notice that? Happens to me too but still dude, you watch way to much tv.
Man, there must be something going on. And if that happened to you too, its can not be coincidence!
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MorroWtje (EUW)
: When you duo it either makes the rest of your team slightly worse/enemy slightly better. Means as a duo you need to carry disgustingly hard to make it worthwhile. Your champ pool might actually be a huge issue. Vayne completely gives up your lane phase, pisses off every support, and needs 3-4 items before you start doing things, and even at that stage, you're doing less teamfight damage than a jinx/twitch. Jhin is good into certain team comps. His 4 autos means he's really poor into tanks, whereas someone like cait would be able to shred them, Jhin does near no damage. Draven, amazing in the early game, but due to his build, he really lacks any sort of AOE damage and late game damage. Ezreal, horrible at the moment. Poor lane phase, and doesn't build crit which is hella strong RN. IMO the best champs atm are Cait/Twitch/Lucian/Draven, of which you only regularly play the Draven.
Im doing well now with twitch. But there is games where I can not team to work together. (doesnt matter do they feed or not, twitch can turn around teamfight upside down) I dont know how to make them listen.
: Chances are, most of the time you will get matched against challengers and D1 players. That's how it works? Premades "have advantage of communicating" and etc, so total MMR of enemy team is actually always greater (sorry can't really tell how much) if you're duoQ'ing.
Didn't know about this. Ok ill try solo.
Doomley (EUW)
: Don't duo. That is the best advice i can give you without seeing you play.
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LTJonas (EUNE)
: Im in flexed diamond 4, solo duo plat 4. If u want duo, invite LTJonas
you can not d5 with p4
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: New client is so laggy, even with low settings.
its crappy flash or idk design. I can run witcher 3 on 140fps and still can't run 8 years old game :@D
: Looking for a duoq
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Driaven (EUW)
: Best name i ever seen :D YOU ARE NOT SHAMING HIM, ITS OK.
Redrinng (EUNE)
: How About a "Log Out" Button?
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: > [{quoted}](name=CHONG,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Kc6hOlEz,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-24T23:24:31.614+0000) > > Im not a doctor, but I believe that seeing someone being agressive after 15-20min game, is not alright. no it isnt but you did continue to provoke him which was your fault.
Timestamps, timestamps... We are missing them. I was always just did a reply. There wasn't any sentence made towards him from me. I should quit lobby and play next game. Yes.
: Well the reason he started was wrong, you shouldnt really have continued, the best in these situation is just to report them and ignore them instead of constantly provoking them, for example this: CHONG: and I think you have medical condition Its just rude and toxic to say things like this, keep that in mind next time.
Im not a doctor, but I believe that seeing someone being agressive after 15-20min game, is not alright.
: the good old gg thing... in matter what happened during the game, if it is over, you shake your hands and say GoodGame. As a sign of sportsmanship!! nothing else!! if it has been good or not, doesnt matter! Did someone leave in the enemy team, so they played 4on5, or even 3on5...if the game is over, ill write GG, not my fault they left, neither is it the fault of the others...its no provocation or judgment on the game, its just a sign of sportsmanship!
Clear URF game. 5vs5 He played strong champion ezreal and he was upset that game was lost and people wrote down GG in end of it.
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: Games are reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally short!
duckarp (EUNE)
: Can't login
Nice, got dc from game. It appears lost in history. Then queued next one. After champ select just blank screen. And then i see servers are not working. GJ RITO!
Sieni (EUNE)
: Is it against the rules to afk when you have to go solo bot
Yes it is against rules. What you Siene are used to play is community made meta [solotop,jungle,mid,duo bot] They just play by theyr meta. You can play with two junglers in midlane. Its not trolling. It is not ordianry gameplay.
: > [{quoted}](name=CHONG,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=oizyf3ey,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-05-01T17:10:48.410+0000) > > I am average eastern european guy living in England. I am boored and I would like to know that someone is looking at me or enjoys what I am doing. > > Any suggestions? I'd suggest you should start to think about what audience you want to entertain & also what are your strong points? **are you good at league but not good enough to go pro?** do videos like captainmonk & anklespankin explaining why u do what you're doing in-game **Do you like to make people laugh & feel good? **try to make jokes like sp4zie, if you can have fun in-game people like watching that, also if you queue with friends that can setup some jokes for you or just having fun in general can be seen as comedy (check sp4zie on what i mean as comedy) It all depends on how you are as a person, you can't force yourself to be funny when you're not funny normally.. The difference between succesful streamers & normal streamers is that succesful streamers have a "talent" they use to entertain others and they do it mainly for their own fun & because they like to interract with their followers (*hint*which alot of followers like*hint*). But I can only give the advice to be yourself. Nobody hates someone more than someone who's trying to immitate someone else. Try finding your talent in league/other games. Let's plays are also quite popular to streams :p
I am naturally funny, but annoyingly funny. I dont know borderlines when to stop. So much trashtalking. Not in a offensive or rude way. I talk too much. And I easily can explain all steps and why I am doing excactly that. Thanks for tips and your time little fella
: How is LB not broken?
I am playing with Diana, every single time. Past game i guess was around 20 kills and 3 deaths from my side.
: Humor.. Look at SivHD, he's a big example of why humor works. Also Sp4zie & ThePeacePigeon. Those are not necesserly pro's but they entertain their viewers with being goofy mostly. So the following things work but are not always recommended in order of effectiveness: 1. Be a pro (Apromoo, Doublelift,..) 2. Comedy/humor/Queuing with your goofy friends (Sp4zie, SivHD, ThePeacePidgeon,..) 3. Being a Youtube Content creator (CaptainMonk, AnkleSpankin, SivHD, Sp4zie, ThePeacePidgeon,..) 3. Boobs (Kaceytron) 4. Intentional troll/idiot (Nicktron)
I am average eastern european guy living in England. I am boored and I would like to know that someone is looking at me or enjoys what I am doing. Any suggestions?
Armakar (EUW)
: LF ALL for gold-diamond ranked team ( Good players )
: I am 7RP From buying a skin...
No, 50RP will not profit them. I mean charges from banks and/or paypals are way to big. It means, RIOT already pays for services to make payments work. 50RP doesnt pays them, they will Loose literarly money. If you want 7RP, draw to customer support any lol related pic [No matter what quality and how good you draw] And they will grant you missing RP amount.
: Minimum age to stream
Any age. Even if you are 7 years old. Dont show nudity and drugs/alcohol. Talk in international language.
: Looking for a team
Hi, If you are really polite and fun searching guy, I could play a couple ranked duos with you just for fun.
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: Battlegrounds registration UK Resident in EuNe servers.
Same is also with RP purchases. Its all on Euros. But I have only GBP. When I do any purchase It converts GBP to Euros and I got to pay extra fee to bank/paypal. RP amount is reduced now, and also I need to pay more...
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