: Tldr: How do I give my best team the best chance of winning with trolls and afks on the team as a jungler. well i guess u can start banning yuumi and trundle {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} now for real. all that counts here is what a man can do and what a man can't do "yea we love jack sparrow" if it a "real troll" then he just wants attention. ignore him and just play the game as he wasn't there. probly if he won't get any attention he will stop with it anyway. otherwise all u can do is report him at the end.
I do ignore them but my team are always in chat "Report XXXXX" and I do report them even used to give riot the time stamp of when said person went AFK or said they were going to troll or something along those lines and no notification saying any action was taken. Thanks for the tip
: Just as there will be trolls on your team, there will also be some in the enemy team in other games. Just keep playing and it will be compensated statistically ;) Climbing is a very slow process, so don't stress about it. > Tldr: How do I give my best team the best chance of winning with trolls and afks on the team as a jungler. Detect who's trolling first, and then abuse it. Like if it's the enemy jungler, then it means that you have much more farm for you and you can become overpowered (more levels and items). You can also go in that jungle with one of your laners to share that farm with him, a laner with an extra blue or red is always much stronger. It's an enemy laner? Then abuse that lane. Let's just imagine the the enemy toplaner is trolling, then all you have to do is camp that lane and farm him. But a mistake would be to gank and go. What you should do is keep pushing that lane (either after killing him, or if he's afk or somewhere else). It means that you and your toplaner can easily push top to the inhib very early in the game while the enemy team don't have much to answer that. They will realize it quite late and if they send their bot or mid there, then your bot or mid can easily push their lane too. Simply put, abuse any hole in the enemy team and don't give them rest Have fun on the rift !
Thanks for the advice but from what I can tell there are very few I hardly ever see in all chat Please report XXXX they are trolling or That's it I am going afk opening XXXX lane (Like the trolls in my team do) I even see fewer people literally going afk and staying in the fountain on enemy teams. I know to punish peoples mistakes and the weakest players on the enemy team. I understand when we have lost and it is 100% attributed to the better team. But does this mean there is no real hope when I have someone openly trolling/afk'ing
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