: If you like Lulu i think you should give Bard a try. Like Lulu he's AP based, has good range and strong auto attack and a game changing ultimate. Bard's Q is the most rewarding CC skill in the game in my opinion. Yeah it's kinda hard to hit, but once you know how it works it's amazing. It's so hard to predict many opponents don't see it coming (like Leona's stun for example) and are unable to flash or shield in time. Dat feeling when you stun two enemies is just... awesome! Lulu's ultimate ability is pretty straight forward and plain. Bard's is a whole different story. It can change a fight completely, both for engage and disengage. It can however completely ruin a fight for you team so timing and communication is essential. But when you land a good ult, trust me, you and your team will go insane. I always find it incredibly rewarding to play Bard. I have never felt useless. He might be squishy, but the amount of control and utility he brings to the table is worth it. Bard is a roaming support, so again: communication with your adc is a must. You can visit mid lane, give your ally a kill and be back bot in no time. Bard also has a surprising damage output. Where support Brand is falling off towards late game, Bard only gets stronger. Collecting chimes give you even more power as the game progresses. Bard can duel an adc and come out victorious! Being chased? No problem! Bard can get away safely in most scenario's. And since you like Lulu, it's also important that Bard is SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE!!! The sound, the design, everything. Now you may not share my enthusiasm, but feel free to give the friendly caretaker a try. I'm sure you will fall in love. {{champion:432}} <3
Oooo, I'll definitely try to pick up bard soon but maybe after picking up Janna and Nami as suggested by the others, I did play Bard before but I remember not being a huge fan bcs he didn't have the sheilds and I pretty much didnt know when to time my Ult Though I'm willing to try him out again soon, I'll keep your advice in mind, thank you! <3 (and you're super right balloon man is soooo adorable <3)
: Well, as a Lulu-Ethusiast myself, the "Lulu is Love, Lulu is Live"-Phase can go on for a looong time (I main her since season 5). Don't be afraid to stick to just one champion. But if you need something similar from time to time try out Nami, Karma or Janna. All these three have something similar with Lulu so you won't have too much trouble picking them up. Have fun buddy ^^ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I knooow I don't think I'll ever get sick of Lulu damn, I mean she can go Top and Mid and also go full AD no problemo, and she's such a super safe pick, I love her versatility so much! and bonus, she's suuuppperr cute <3 Yeah I'm actually going to try out Janna and Nami they seem fun <3 u hf too man :3
Cheini (EUNE)
: try with Janna, zil, nami, lux, karma.. they are a little like lulu, with a fairly long range and dealing damage/healing in the meantime, or even raka & morgana... if you dont mind a little flame from your team, go with Taliyah as well, however she is a little harder when as supp so i like her there :p Malza works as well, at least in silver, for he is rarely played there and no one expects his damage, yet you will run oom rather quickly with him if not careful... and i chose you mostly the "nice" charas for i guess you wouldnt like anything evil as naut :) If you want to try with jungling, go for Ivern and ward well, he is proably the best (aaaand only) jungle/supp chara in the game if we dont count a trolly bard.. yet everything is accepted in b/s elo soooo go for it if you like it! If you want to go for mid, try Taliyah or lux (or karma, but be careful how you use your mantra!) And in the moment you want to get "op", just pick a jungler that ganks the lanes often - if you like lulu, i think Evelynn would be your style (if you are okay with her... attitude), or diana and akali - you will actually find out that even though these are divers, are Still quite safe charas for you can simply ult-out on a minion. Lee sin is also not a yolo-er, however you must see if you like him; Shaco is a troll but would work as well.. And, my favorite pick (but she IS hard), Ashe jungle. She will bring you a very nice amount of flame and is really hard in the beginning, however, if you are careful, ward & E and use your brain, she is really fun to play :p Follow the free rotation, and if you dont have too many champs, queue on aram and just check them out (yet dont sadden if you lose or win for.. well.. rng is strong with that queue). Or rekt the bots. :)
i'll try out Nami and Janna since they're in the rotation lol I do actually have evelynn and I tried her out before but I feel like it's a little too hard for me early game I mean her sustain isn't really the best and I suck so bad at melee champions But I do remember playing Warwick a lot when he came out, I loved the Q heals man lol I even had a 100% win rate for a short while but Idk he just doesnt seem like he's the best jg pick rn Thank you for replying <3
Cheini (EUNE)
: which role you preff?.. (lane & way of destroying opponents)
I like supporting and giving my team kills, plus I dont have to get stressed out about farming and all that lol
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