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: Im not a tester, so this might be unrelated or even "arrogant" for some people, so if im being to arrogant im sorry. When I first heard about the update I was very happy, and after seing that it was connected to the official servers, I immediately got over to the website and signed in for trying to get a chance. It's been more than 2 months now, and it's still "Pending", I know they said for me to be patient, but 2 months is a lot, really.... Now here's the deal, im toxic sometimes, I was toxic yesterday. I was in the middle of a ranked and suddently Fizz started AFK-ing for no reason, I asked the problem and he just replied with "Oh, im checking muh facebook :3" and we lost the game with a 4v5 situation where he fed LeBlanc too. I have to admit it, I was toxic that game, and so many other games. But im only toxic because the other people who play with me, seem like a bunch of ~~Idiots~~ if you know what I mean... Now, RIOT, if you aren't going to accept me, just deny my pending request, but if you aren't denying, do something about it because patient is not exactly waiting 2 months. -Thanks PS: If you saw any errors in my english, it's not my main language... and im sorry :3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
From what I can understand, it isn't actualy as much of a request that is pending, as it is you telling them that you would like to join. Then each time they let new player in, they go out and "accept" some of the people that have asked to join. So it's not actualy you asking to join, and them saying yes or no. It's you signing up to join, and them accepting some of the people who signed up, every time they're ready to get more people in. Hope this helped you in some way
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