fazeash92 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CarryAll,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aaEnVAUb,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2020-01-03T09:20:47.781+0000) > > The impression I get is that event pass missions are roughly tuned to lead you to get the 2000 tokens. I think that if you finish all the regular missions, all the four weekly missions and all the 20 event pass missions (which indirectly cause you to get the per win/loss tokens) you'll be very close to this target. For sure this is the situation I see on my account. Hi do i grt the missions if i buy the event pass now
Generally, as soon as you buy the event pass the missions appear automatically on your mission tab. Notice though the event is very close to its end and I am not sure if you can get (nor have time to complete) the event missions.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Can you realistically get banned due to constant instances of 'lack of motivation'
You describe a situation in which you rationally decide to farm the jungle and minimize ganking and objective control. As long as you are not doing this in order to grief your team or supplement this action with offensive chat - this decision is clearly not bannable.
Saphyra (EUW)
: Season Start? When?
On my client it is also January 10th. Do you both play on the same server?
Vanila03 (EUNE)
: Hi, i have event pass and i have about 1300 tokens my next mision is for 320 tokens, is it posible to reach 2000 tokens till the event ends?
The impression I get is that event pass missions are roughly tuned to lead you to get the 2000 tokens. I think that if you finish all the regular missions, all the four weekly missions and all the 20 event pass missions (which indirectly cause you to get the per win/loss tokens) you'll be very close to this target. For sure this is the situation I see on my account.
Borat18 (EUW)
: I recieved the 3 day xp boost, but where do i go to activaye it?
According to my experience it is activated automatically. If you look at your profile it has three small symbols - How many hextech chests you can get, how many ARAM rerolls you have and what boosts you have active. If you hover over the relevant symbol you could see your 3 day XP boost active.
Ares2341 (EUNE)
: So we cant gather tokens for prestige points even with the event pass?
The event pass helps you with prestige points in three manners: 1. You can get up to 25 prestige points directly from the missions above. 2. The event pass has weekly missions through which you can get tokens. 3. The event pass generates you tokens for any game that you participate in.
10nutz (EUNE)
: Rune Pages
I suggest you contact support. If they can't fix it they should at least refund you for the excessive purchase of rune pages.
Zeezilian (EUW)
: Why Yasuo is the most feeding champion ?
This is the explanation I got from my son, who is a Diamond player, though not a Yasuo player: Yasuo does not have any escape mechanism and when encountering a bad situation often his best bet (even when not so good by itself) is to charge into the opponents and try to outplay. In other words it is a champion that can often feed due to not-so-terrible decisions.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just want to give credit to Riot Support
Over the years I also had multiple experiences of very good support from Riot.
: where are the emotes of Night & Dawn
The emotes were moved to the (paid) event pass missions.
05Asmodeus0 (EUNE)
: do we only get 324 tokens for free???
The most events I participated in had 300 tokens for free, i.e. exactly one chroma if you complete all free missions.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: The bots are banned in waves, but not often-but in fixed intervals(due to some technical issues?) and agreed totally if it might be for the profit they produce xD
The reason they are banned in waves is to prevent the bot programmers from identifying what event helped Riot identify the bot.
: your riot support page cant load and i have something to send there
You can send an E-mail to support@riotgames.com.
Yeah, I don't see how I can complete all these missions...
Phishye (EUW)
: Why is people so hesitant to use flash?
I don't think people avoid using flash in this case due to a complicated plan. I think it is a mere judgement mistake. They think they can make it away without flash and they realize otherwise when it is already too late.
: Hello! I have a question guys! I've completed all the missions last week and, till today I haven't receive any of the weekly missions of Night & Dawn event, and some times the tokens from win or lost matchs bugs and sometimes I don't recieve or I recieve later. Does this sound familiar? Thx for reading! Best Regards,
Hi, 1. I did receive the weekly missions. 2. I didn't check with respect to the match tokens. 3. I do recall cases in the past that rewards for various quests were delayed for me. I don't recall a case that I didn't receive a reward at all. 4. If I wouldn't receive a reward for a quest at all I would contact support. Even more so if it was a paid quest.
: Riot should expand their shipping capabilities
: Event: Prestige Lee Sin
Just throwing a direction: Did you check both your loot and your collection?
Alzokdal (EUW)
: Playing support in solo queue, ranked, has been an absolute nightmare so far
> [{quoted}](name=Alzokdal,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J7ycvEBT,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-25T07:02:09.792+0000) > > Is it even possible to rank up playing supp in solo queue? Yes, it is possible. I can testify because I managed to climb from Silver to low Platinum as a support on 2015-2016. I, personally, as was also suggested by others, would prefer to practice on normal before going to ranked.
: Do the missions repeat or is Milestone 20 the last one?
Let me admit that I am far from completing the 20th mission and I am not sure I'll manage to finish it till the end of the event... Anyway, without experiencing this myself, I am sure the missions do not repeat. Notice that even if you complete all these missions you still can benefit from the weekly mission and from the 12 tokens per victory/ 6 tokens per loss that the event pass provides.
: 62% Win rate in d3 - losing 19lp and winning 12lp
Match making is not performed according to win rate. Your high win rate simply represents the fact you climbed this year from Gold to Diamond. A player with the same skill level that was Diamond also in previous season would have a much lower win rate. Match making is performed according to MMR. The indications you have show that your current MMR is lower than your visible rating. The most probable explanation to this is that you had some lose streak while having 0 LP at Diamond 4. This streak lowered your MMR without lowering your visible rating. If you keep playing, regardless of if you win or lose, but as long as you don't reach again the point of losing on 0 LP without demoting, your visible rating and MMR will gradually converge and you won't experience this issue anymore.
: Do you think my current situation is due to my previous ranked mmr from season 4 or 5 ?
I got direct confirmation from Riot support that there is some slow decay of the MMR over time. So your current MMR might not be the same as you had in season 4 or 5. Anyway for sure this decay is slow: I was Platinum on season 6 and then stopped playing and returned on season 9. Then I experienced an annoying lose streak till my MMR converged to my current skill level which is Gold. So this shows the game remembered I was Platinum on season 6. So yes, I do think your season 5 MMR affects your current situation.
: Sucks, even if it just decreases a tiny bit more each game I'll end up in bronze 1 even if I keep the 100% win rate
Your games in the current placements will help increase your MMR (assuming you'll have a good win ratio). Then, the next season will start during January and you'll have another session of placements with a seed that fits your new MMR. So the two consecutive placement sessions might improve your situation a bit.
: Can someone explain placement lp gains ?
If your LP gain keeps decreasing in a linear manner it means your 8th victory will yield only 8LP... So no, your LP gain will keep going down but in a sub-linear manner. For the entire placements each victory will provide a nice amount of LP.
: 16 is the most lame milestone ever. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Haha, yes I also always have excessive keys...
: what and when ? give me link
Hi, This is not a future event. This is the list of missions of the current event for those who bought the event pass. Some of us already completed them.
Rioter Comments
Nørth (EUNE)
: Wait, what pass missions are we talking about? I've already done the 20 missions that were available on purchase, are there any more coming? Or is it just that "You don't get to know what's in the next mission, it's a surprise"? Because if that's it, then you may just as well check Reddit, all information is there.
I am talking about the 20 missions that you have already completed. Thanks, I'll try to check Reddit.
Rioter Comments
Forsan (EUW)
: Why is there no LP earn/loss history yet ?
I share your point of view. In addition, I would also like to see honor gained in the match history.
Blotniak (EUNE)
: Wondering: Why is it so hard for people to actually enjoy the game?
> [{quoted}](name=Blotniak,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=683HPEWX,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-21T22:43:39.497+0000) > Also, I'm looking forward to meet more people who are playing for because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to! I play the game because I want to and I enjoy playing it. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
SayDaddy (EUW)
: night dawn pass missions
This mission was removed in this event. It was replaced by a weekly mission that overall provides more tokens.
: Why can't riot display owned skins right by the default skin intead of off the screen?
Yraco (EUW)
: It harms everyone. Players don't know what's going on or what they can get so they're less interested and Riot has less people invested in the event and, for the more selfish approach, less people interested in buying the pass.
I fully agree. My message was centered about the statement that even if looking only at the selfish approach this cannot be explained.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: "cool" event riot ...
Very weird indeed. I think that not having the relevant news post clearly harms Riot cause.
: Question about MMR
1. Your MMR (your true rating) simply goes up every victory and goes down every loss. 2. Your visible rating (League + division + LP) is built to track your MMR. In case your MMR is lower than your visible rating it will close the gap gradually each game. For example if your MMR goes +/-17 every game while your LP goes +16/-18 it means the gap is closed by one point every game. 3. The gap you experience happened because some recent event opened a gap between the two. The most probable event is losing a game while having 0 LP without dropping a division. Such an event lowers your MMR but does not change your visible rating. If you keep playing, regardless of whether you win or lose, (as long as you don't hit an event that opens the gap again) the gap between your visible rating and your MMR will gradually close.
: A question for people who spent years here
Naturally people who play this game for years don’t share the impression you got on the game. I guess the people who share your impression already stopped playing. And this leads me to my point - This is only a game. If you don’t enjoy it then just move to another game. (I by the way really enjoy the game and recommend it to anyone I can)
: Grading system
If you go to your profile->stats and then click a champion you can see there three aggregate stats which are broken to 13 stats that Riot tracks. You can also view there a comparison of your performance to the players in the same rank, role and champion as you. If you click any of the plots you can see your scores in each specific game and see which were your weaker stats. So, regardless of whether the system is good or not, if you want a good ranking you should probably take a look at all these 13 stats.
: My appologies, unusual that apparently no one knows this fact... still point does stand about litterally everything else
(No problem. Nothing to apologize for)
: Ganks bot give outright more gold than any other lane (another assist), it’s easier to gank (more cc and damage than anywhere else, plus no tanks), easier to dive (again multiple champions), and opens up more objectives than anywhere else (bot lane prio = dragon control more than anywhere else, as well as easier to take tower plates)... not even taking into account what champions are there (adcs are the best carries and support can open up opportunities anywhere on the map) Mid ganks can open up pressure in the jungle, and top has rift herald... but even before the dragon changes a gank bot lane just outright gives more than a gank anywhere else. And that’s why bot was always so important... there being 2 champions and a dragon there means no matter what it’s gonna give you way more than anywhere else (a gank bot can give 2 kills worth of gold per kill through assist gold, you’d need multible ganks top to get the same).
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=twbyaomn,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-12-08T18:36:31.659+0000) > > Ganks bot give outright more gold than any other lane (another assist) A small comment: Having one assist indeed provides more gold then having no assist. However, any additional assist on top of the first does not generate any extra gold, the assist gold simply gets shared between all the assistants. This is how the game works. You are welcome to check.
: Gameplay : secondary role and autofill
> [{quoted}](name=Lippoutou Club,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jpiqa0tE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-07T07:06:42.101+0000) > > *We would wait an eternity before all games* > > Actually if you play ranked, they give you your first role almost everytime and we don't wait crazy windows of times to get a ranked game. Why wouldn't it work for the normal Draft ? The method to achieve the state you describe for ranked is to have autofill and secondary role. If the demand for mid is slightly higher than other roles and no fallback methods (autofill/secondary role) are possible the queue for mid would just get higher over time and indeed translate to "eternity". Indeed, if the demand is only slightly higher it is possible to frequently accommodate the requests of everyone and only rarely utilize the fallback methods to prevent this from happening. In case you claim the situation is worse in normal draft, all it means is that the imbalance in demand is higher there.
: No, you should say f*ck you Riot, because they have been producing garbage since season 7. Stop whiteknighting.
(It is not clear if you are joking or you didn't understand OP post)
LeonMallix (EUNE)
: Its a simple question!
You have to be at least Gold IV. (but no more than Plat I. Plat III players cannot queue with Diamond+ players)
: It would be awesome if tier 3 support items gave 1% extra cdr for every ward killed (capped at 10%)
: How does the "grading" system even works?
If you enter your profile -> stats -> press a specific champion, you can see there four aggregate stats which a broken to 13 stats that Riot tracks for you. You can compare each of your stats to the average Bronze Malphite and see where you should improve. Notice that if you click on one of the plots you can see the actual score you got on each stat on each game.
negativ0e (EUW)
: i cant climb of bronze
I suggest you to start by browsing for "Darius guide" and "Garen guide" and read what people suggest there.
Zynvra (EUNE)
: Question
The "Chaos and Order" event (which, at least by name, seems very similar) lasted 14 days.
: > [{quoted}](name=CarryAll,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZuyfzK7A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-02T21:36:03.157+0000) > > Senna has: > 1. A method to heal a teammate. > 2. A method to shield a teammate. > 3. A method to make a teammate untargetable. > 4. A method for crowd control. > 5. A method for scaling without farming. > > I think that this kit screams support and I would find it very weird if Riot tries to force this kit to be stronger as an ADC than as a support. So in conclusion Senna is "A methodical redeemer"? {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
I apologize. I think I lack vocabulary or context to understand your comment. I guess you are joking on the fact I repeatedly used the word "method". (No problem, just trying to understand the joke). Is the term "methodical redeemer" a well known term that has some known association?
kaþa (EUNE)
: Honor system- Can someone please explain how it works precisely.
According to the information you provide you should be honor level 5. The only reason left for not getting honor of 5 is as follows: You repeatedly perform minor offenses to the code of conduct that do not result in a punishment but slow your honor progress. In order to avoid this you should try to avoid making other teammates feel bad: 1. Avoid discussing mistakes that happened in the past. Neither your or theirs. The only exceptions are saying "mb" when you did a mistake and "np" if someone else admits a mistake. This applies (i.e. don't join the discussion) also if someone else started discussing what he thinks is your mistake or someone else mistake. 2. It is good to discuss plans for the future, but do so politely or a in neutral manner. If somebody responds in a manner that shows he is offended by your suggestions leave the subject. 3. Use pings in a constructive manner only. Similar to the above points they should be used to communicate plans for the future or warnings, not to convey your dissatisfaction with other players mistakes. 4. It is OK to attempt to surrender, but don't spam surrender votes if they are repeatedly refused. If your team does not agree with surrender (or if no surrender was issued yet) keep playing to your best even if you think there is no chance to win. A small comment: If both you and your friend honor other players it cannot be that the average honor score of both of you exceeds 1.5 (A mathematical fact). Anyway an average honor score which is much lower than this should be sufficient to get honor 5 after a full season.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Which way should Senna go?
Senna has: 1. A method to heal a teammate. 2. A method to shield a teammate. 3. A method to make a teammate untargetable. 4. A method for crowd control. 5. A method for scaling without farming. I think that this kit screams support and I would find it very weird if Riot tries to force this kit to be stronger as an ADC than as a support.
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