: Billion Dollar Company vol.3
Let me tell you my bro, these issues you complain about, are on the surface of the bucket, you havent even dived deep enough i play this game for 10 years, and as such i see in almost every game 10 YEARS OLD bugs and glitches from season FOKEN 1 still being unfixed if anything. COWSEP made a video called "abuse this bug" where he shows us a meditate bug on yi 5 days later, a patch releases OH, THE PATCH DOESNT FIX THE BUG MILIONS NOW ABUSE.... its just a patch to add a new skin into the shop <3 thats riot for ya 10 year old pathing bugs 10 year old autoattack canceling bugs 10 year old hitbox bugs but yeah lets release more champions quick to add more bugs they push champions out so much now that i cant even keep track of it they only released yummi and after a while i noticed there was a champion named quiyana in shop i didnt even realize they already released a second champion after yummi..... i mean i get it TENCENT wants money and content for a game thats free to play...... but still..... this is the same as Diablo, people who develop LOL just Lost any passion or will to care about their game, and they are just facerolling to not let the game die its literally the same as Diablo devs or WoW devs
Shamose (EUW)
: Replay?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: his level his items his health values pls
his lvl was 6, his items were Sheen and boots, his health was 100hp left
: "Unskilled Player” has been removed as this was putting a lot of stress on new players because it suggested that playing bad was a bannable offense and was never used to punish but only **to improve matchmaking**
thats good. Pressure and stress is how you improve. You think you improve by being told ur never doing anything wrong? i started playing league in season 2, and i got flamed, shit talked and sended death threats pretty much any game i queued up in i never reported any of those people because i realized they are flaming me for a reason, and that reason is im shit if it wasnt for toxic people, i would never reach diamond in my life, i would forever stay a silver who is crying that people are toxic
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: win trading isn't inting and trolling exactly
and also isnt punished by riot :3 only flaming
Stell (EUNE)
: that's what the ranked system is for. if you play bad, you stay at bad ranks.
LMAO............ you think THAT IS HOW RANKED WORKS???? this is pure comedy my dude............ yeeeah no. The ranked system works like this: if your **team** plays bad, you stay at bad ranks if you are a good player, then probably 90% of games you lost are only lost cuz of your team, and you deserved to win if you are a bad player, than probably 90% of your games are won thanks to anyone but you, and you deserve more losses
: sad story
and true story
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