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: My main account got permabanned
I don't think you get exactly what free speach means atm. Kinda like mister(or miss) Timethief49 said, Riot has all rights to throw you out of their house if you don't honor their rules. Which means that if they don't tolerate toxicity and the rest of the world does, you gotta play by their rules if you wanna stay in. And seeing your words and attitude i can understand your ban. No amount of money throwing will make you stand above the rules and there is absolutely no reason permabanned people should be unbanned (except for the ones that are wrongly banned, which is a minescule amount, trust me, you ain't one either). All i can say is good day and have fun in another game or creating a new one if you understand the error of your ways. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Gifts
I think the problem with that is that it can be abused by some people. Not that you might have thought of this but the mythic skins are rare and cost a fair bit, so that might make real world trading of these skins a thing. because if you google "hextech annie account sale" you will find a lot of websites selling the accounts. Now if we were to implement that technique you explained, it would basically mean that the sellers could do the skin selling a lot easier and players could buy it with no real problems and not having to wait behind the buy limit of hextech chests. I do not like the idea that this would be possible so i would prefer if it would not be a thing. Gifting chests and keys could also have the same effect of bot accounts who farm key fragments and then would sell them for a lot cheaper than on the lol client shop (not that they would make money out of it but still), for example: idk if you have heard of Runescape but there are bots who make 20 hour skilling trips, that don't make a lot of money by themselves but adding it up hurts the economy and marketplace integrity. now replacing that marketplace with Riot shop is another reason why Riot would decide against that rather easily. I do like your way of thinking though, I own most skins and getting keys and chests doesn't feel the same, but we have to look it from the other perspective as well. TLDR: Mythic skin gifting along with key and chest gifting can be exploited and I don't feel like it would be right to enable that although i get your points. PS: sorry for the wall. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Silver is the worst place to pick Un-Meta-Champions. All though i'm not silver (Anymore). When someone picks something like Nunu or Aatrox, it's a shitstorm. Also the winrate is definetly not because of me xD. Nunu is not hard because of his abilities, the hardness comes from making him useful somehow.
Totally true. Was high plat last season and started my road from gold this season but it is really hard not to be a metaslave if you love top lane bruisers in my case. need to play 3 times better than a tank who has only one job to do. Same with most junglers, they just get hit by the meta and get run over by everything and everyone.
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: Lol i get your point, don't worry. It's just funny because i main Nunu xD. I feel like his pickrate is all becuase of me.
But not the winrate? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} its really weird considering that people when seeing some low pickrate champions get really bummed out or start whining that the champ has low win%. in champ select i mean. "Why do you pick aatrox, shit champ" - silence after killed camille 4 times.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Well no matter what you say, Nidalee barely gets picked. And that's the main point here.
yes, that is true. but for me i value nunu as a jungler way higher as an objective controller, yet he is played less and has a worse win% . It's all the matter of perspective. And then there is a 14% play rate galio sup who has 48.58% win rate. i dont exactly know why win% or pickrate matter for a champ that you know how to play. I am currently playing aatrox in the jungle, who has 0.32% pickrate and yet 46% winrate. i dont care if a champion is op or not. just play whoever you like and you will win games the better you get
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: nidalee and kindred completely useless and unplayable
Now this is where you get this stuff wrong. looking at the team comp you were against i am not wondering you can't do much. secondly not 2% of those are mains. she is just picked into some comps that she is a good pick. for example teamcomp with no poke, nidalee can work wonders. i agree with you that some junglers are in a bad position, but no jungler is weak, having played bot kindred and vi recent weeks i can agree that vi is stronger, but let kindred stack up a few kills and there is little enemy can do. The problem why in my opinion nidalee is bad is because we are having another everybody build tank and with courage of colossus you cant kill anyone meta.
: is camille getting nerfed anytime soon?
Now this is a fun thing to talk about. Now: Take a good player, bad player and a great player. giving everyone the same champion the great player should win 100% of the time. But give a bad player an "op" pick like camille and a good player perhaps illaoi, who is "meh"(personal oppinion, no crucificion please). it doesnt matter that that the bad player is playing camille, an op pick, a bad player cant win against a better player. The only reasons why a good player loses: no idea how the enemy champ works, no idea how his own champion works, no idea how to build vs the champ. Camille was built as an early game fighter, one which riot hasnt previously yet implemented into the game. she is a 1v1 fighting specialist, which is where she excells, 1v1. She has dps for one champion, only one escape and if she uses it to go in, then no escapes. one heal, which in teamfight does less dmg than autoattacks. ult for one person. Now compare it to illaoi. aoe tentacle heal, aoe dmg, aoe ult. now looking at this why wont i say that camille is op nor why i say that illaoi is op. I know that they aren't op because they have to be played a specific way. camille loses extended 1v1 to jax, irelia, aatrox, tryndamere, fiora. All the champions who want extended trades (if similar level and same amount of items). She loses hard in team fights because lack of aoe. sure her ult is a disruptor, but unlike jarvan's ult, enemies can come in and cc the shit out of you. Illaoi in example loses vs hard poke and long ranged champions, who can kite her : quinn, vayne, kennen, gnar, jayce. To sum up my rant (broken as fuck english, i apologize) : The reason you are losing your matchup vs camille or think that she is op, is because you don't know your champions strenghts against hers, nor can capitalize on her mistakes, you dont know the matchup well enough, nor you know well enough how to use players(not champions) weaknesses (i mean agressive players, non-warders, roamers ect ect, you get the point) against them. This was my opinion and although i am open to criticism i am not likely to respond to flame or any kind of idiocy. there are stronger picks than camille, just learn them and play them. Yours truly Cekata {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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My used ID is: NxygOjjiu6 PS: the ideas and problems are very interesting and i hope it will all go well for you
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