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: short disconnects, ping stays normal
Same problem here, i cant move in few seconds, that starts o happend today, i have dealey but ping stays normal.. a lot of bugs, pls fix this problem..
: Offline in chat and bug with invites
thank you very much, problem resolved :)
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: Friends Systerm Down
same problem here :( My friends cant add me for playing game normaly, but they can from friend list ( or chat ) And sometimes im online, but they cant see me (im offline for them ) That bug starts to happen a week ago..
ManSuR31 (EUNE)
: shop does not open
: Store Problem
Same problem here.. my store dont work, i cant buy RP, i cant buy anything..
: my last game (maybe ever)
Same problem here :(
: Cant connect after champion selection 19.08.2015 EUNE
yes finally working <3 <3 <3 ty Rito <3
: Cant connect after champion selection 19.08.2015 EUNE
I am also sbb user,and i have the same problem with blackscreen after champ select,continuing the same issue for three days,hope it will get fixed soon. Please riot dont forget this ip adress while resolving the problem.TY RIOT
Berbo (EUW)
: Connection issues since 2 days ago
PhanSte (EUNE)
: Black sreen error 3rd day in a row...
me to, same problem, i cant play, black screen after champion select.. but one EUW works perfect, none black screen .. pls fix it !!
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