: Game is shit mate compared to the hayday of season 3 or 4. Honestly it's trash , options are stifled to fucck. Did you know mate ? In season 3 we didn't have ward limits ? Everybody could buy vision ?? As much as they liked ??? Did you know you could extent your warding range ?? Did you know we had a thing called masteries in addition to runes which allowed for more diverse and customised play styles ?? Honestly uninstall man , there is no league anymore. Game is utter trash and directed towards money making , that's all .
I wish s3 was as magical as you make it sound like. Yeah, everybody could buy vision, yet no one did. I remember how people refused to pay 75 for a gold and save themselves from ganks and blamed the support for not buying wards and doing circles in the map trying to ward everything with no protection. In the late game supports had the support item , boots, 1 or 2 more complete items and then spammed wards. I also remember how wards used to take a spot in your inventory, so in late game only the support could buy wards since it was the only role without having a full inventory. As for the diverse and customised play styles you talk about, if I recall correctly, people just searched for a good rune page for each role and then never touched it again. Same went for masteries. Not everyone wanted to know what everything did, just like now. Just open mobafire, search for a build you like and copy everything. As for todays diverse and customised play styles, we got some more balanced (as opposed to lvl 1 riven with 10% cdr) and more fun runes. Old masteries were pretty much stat bonuses (increased dmg, lifesteal, hp regen, mana regen, movement speed). ADCs can pick Press the attack for increased dmg, lethal tempo for ignoring the attack speed limit, fleet for sustain and conqueror for sustain in teamfights, Hail of blades for 3 fast autoattacks, Glacial for slowing you, Omnistone for trolling. Mages can actually pick anything and it will work out. With glacial and glp/twin shadows they can slow down an entire team with the press of one button. Assassins pretty much take electro/DH. I've been trying omnistone lately with irelia,jax,camille and it's pretty fun as from the moment I use phase rush, I can get glacial so my opponent won't go anywhere. League is still fun, just not for you. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean the game is trash. The game is directed towards money? Wait, you mean a company like Riot Games wants to make money? It's almost as if they have to make a living.
: Noone cares, but I'm quitting
No fun off-meta picks? Really? 1. AP Ezreal is still viable. Ezreal builds luden's, gunblade and sometimes zhonya's with sorc boots in the adc role. 2. AP Shyvana is getting played more than the standard ad Shyvana. 3. AP Kog'Maw got nerfed a bit but still fun to play as you cosplay as an artillery unit. 4. AP Nautilus got buffed for some reason so go ahead and try him. 5. AP GNAR 6. On-hit or critical strike Kassadin. 7. When Akali got reworked, some players were building her as an ad-tank top laner with titanic hydra, sterak's. 8. You can build whatever you want on jax and it will work. Go ad/critical/ap/lethality/full tank and enjoy the game. 9. Pick volibear and urgot bot, rush ohmwrecker's and dive the enemy. 10. Neeko got designed as a mage and she ended up as an adc for a few patches. 11. Play on-hit morde and go 1v1 in your ultimate. 12. Do you want to play nasus but not focus solely on stacking? Go mid and build ap. 13. Play AD Ahri or Leblanc. 14. Full ad garen and spin to win. 15. AP Corki. 16. On-hit Ivern. 17. AP Trundle to kill someone by just using your ultimate. 18. AD Yuumi. 19. Someone in the boards suggested that we try a special build. Basically, you pick zilean, get a lot of attack speed (I think about 1.7 AS) and then get a spear of shojin. Activate your ultimate and use your autoattacks plus your Q+W+Q combo to keep the enemy stunned for about 6 seconds, unless they have tenacity. 20. Full AP Godur. 21. Lethality Urgod. 22. On-hit Diana. 23. AP Alistar. 24. AP Amumu. 25. AP Galio. 26. On-hit Braum. 27. AD Thresh/Blitzcrank. 28. Pick Teemo in a ranked game :D 29. Lethality Vi. 30. Pick Vi but get Press the attack, Bloodrazor, Tiamat, Trinity, Titanic Hydra, Black Cleaver, Sterak's and boots. 31. Top lane Taric. 32. Pick Bard in the jungle and go on-hit. Or top. Or support. Just go on-hit. 33. You've heard of the 0-10 Yasuo main. Are you ready for the 17-1 AP Yasuo? 34. Tank Veigar. 35. AD TF. 36. AP Sion. 37. On-hit Shen. As you can see there are quite a few picks for anyone to play, troll a bit and have fun. It's not the community that isn't creative, but you and that's perfectly fine. If you need help with some strange picks on how to find a way to play a champ differently, if it's going to work at all or not, or if you just want us to tell you some picks, all you have to do is make a post and we'll be sure to help you out. A few tips when playing against Yasuo. Just remember that most Yasuo players will outplay themselves if you just give them time. Also, Yasuo mains tend to get hit by the turret once or twice when trying to trade with you. Mobility alone doesn't win you games. Sure, the enemy Zed can run like he is playing Rammus, but if I hit him with my E as Zoe and he doesn't have hexdrinker, he's as good as dead. > Back then, hitting an ability meant hitting it, but there are so so many elements of the game that don't have counterplay anymore unless used badly. I do not quite understand what you're trying to say. I strongly disagree that skill is not rewarded. Usually, when people think of skills they think how well you can play a champ that's hard to play for the average player and they tend to ignore the other factors of the game such as vision, when and where to put their wards, who should swap their trinket to clear the enemy wards, when do you swap lanes and with who do you swap, wave management. However, just putting down wards doesn't mean that you will get rewarded. You will have to be watching the map to spot the jungler if you see him ganking,farming scuttle, invading or farming in his own jungle and you spot him via a deep ward. After that, you have a decision to make. Do you try to take drake, roam to another lane, call your jungle for a gank, send him off to another lane, prepare your jungler for a counter gank, invade their jungle or simply farm and wait for them to make a move? Depending on the picks in your team, would you rather play safe and wait for late game or do you play more aggressively and try to win early? Overall, the game has become a lot more competitive and in my opinion requires more skill than the previous seasons. It also has become more infuriating to play, but I think that's mainly because of the community. Sure, Yasuo can be obnoxious in lane with his endless dashes while Vlad can go 1v5 and win a team fight alone, but I do not think they are as problematic as the people who purposely feed, spam ping, flame. So, what can you do in order not to get tilted so much? Simply, play with friends or play less.
Tiberth (EUW)
: I´m main jungler, and the thing is people dont understand some very simple facts. 1. when YOU die, it is YOUR fault, not others, not jungle, not mid, not top. 2. If you are behind and your oponent is strong, asking for ganks will probably get you both killed since jungler normally is 1-2 levels behind the rest of the team. 3. Not all junglers are early game gankers, learn how to play based on your team composition, dont ask a fiddlestick a killer gank lvl 3. 4. Dont question mark when you die under enemy tower. 5. Sooner or later you will have to learn to farm under tower.
A new challenger is approaching! Mid main here. 1. If the enemy jungler is ganking and I am running towards my jungler to kill them in a 2v2 but he doesn't help because he is killing the krug, it's probably the junglers fault. 2. Depends on the champions. If you gank a Darius/Illaoi that are ahead it's possible for them to 1v2. Champs like Orianna/Malzahar don't have the dmg to 1v2 early game 3. Not all laners are early game laners, champions such as vladimir or veigar will not have such an easy lane. One gank can help them out a lot. 4. Don't question mark other people when you die under enemy tower. 5. When that happens, the enemy laner will be able to roam. Don't expect from your laner to follow as he will have to catch up to gold/exp.
: Ok first of all... Chill... I am just saying my opinion. I know how Darius works but dont you think that 1100-1300 true dmg is an overkill for just a button click? I can't make you believe me about the ahri Q but i read it carefully...and i am 120% sure it said 1050 true dmg Also about the part that yas ulti automatically puts you out of turret range... you are WRONG... Yasuo's ulti isn't automatic...if you don't hover your mouse over the position you want the champion to go he will not go... for example if you are near the enemy target and the enemy champion is between "the out of range" area and "in the range area" if you click your R while you are hovering your cursor over the "out of range" area yas will go there, but if you click the "in range area" Yas will blink inside the range. NOTHING is automatic. About the strategy in the game... Yeah there is this little piece of strategy but where did the strategy before teamfights go?... Now you just dive 5v5 and the one who has lower cds, more dmg output and spams faster than anyone the Q,W,E,R keys wins... Also the games before weren't THAT long...ok 1 out of 10 games was a 50 mins game...ok it might be boring but it keeps you on the edge of your seat... You are thinking ways of winning and that's when the strategies about the fights come in. Where can you find the fun in a 20 minute game that you are against a teamcomp of Rengar, Karma, Jinx, Le Blanc and Tahm Kench that can each one can 1v1 you without breaking a sweat.
Problem is, when you state your opinion as a fact you cannot expect people to change their mind. Telling Riot Games that they don't change the game based on how the community wants, don't know how to balance their game, or that their skin ideas are not as good as the ideas of the players, that the community is sick of the game the way it is and provide ridiculous numbers, then most people would think that you are just tilted from a loss streak and you are taking out in the boards and on rito, trying to find ways to nerf the champs that annoy you while defending your favourite champion. I went to see the win rate that darius has. Wouldn't you think that 49.95% w/r is strong for someone whose ulti deals 1100 true damage? Well that's because in teamfights Darius gets easily kited and has few chances to get 5 stacks in order to be able to deals that much damage. Darius can indeed heal 600 hp with one Q but let me ask you, how many people did he hit with it, how low was his hp and did he have spirit visage and conqeror? Also did he kill anyone with it and get healed by triumph? Did he have revitalize? Did you have anything that applies grevious wounds to reduce his healing? If you had, did you put it on him? In conclusion, riot allows darius to deal this much damage because he is not as good as he seems on numbers. He has armor penetration, damage over time, an attack damage buff that gives up to 200 bonus ad, an ability that deals true damage and can reset, a pull that slows, a healing ability and another slow. So, why is he not top tier? Because there are ways to counter mostly everything. He doesn't heal if you go inside his Q or dodge it completely, doran's shield gives you health regen which refreshes every time you take damaged, meaning his passive will deal greatly reduced damage, he won't deal too much true damage with his ulti nor gain bonus ad if you can make him use his combo, go back and go back in when the stacks are about to disappear. So what can you not dodge? His armor penetration, his DoT, his W if you get pulled. So, with proper management of your skills and position you can turn Darius from hero to zero. Let's go to Yasuo. Let's say I am playing against Ahri. If I hit her with the tornado inside the turret and then move sideways to dodge her E, I will be put outside of the turret range without having my cursor anywhere near close to Ahri. I am not even aiming to deal extra bonus damage for free and get armor penetration. I just dodged her incoming E and used R without moving my cursor. It might not be fully automatic as in I will always be outside of the turret range if I screw up but that is as close as it comes to it. I get rewarded for pressing my ultimate without having the need to aim. The only strategy I didn't mention is sieging. So, please tell me, what are some strategies that this game doesn't use anymore and, if you could, tell us all why they aren't used anymore. As for sieging, it's not that it's ineffective, but rather the people enjoy fighting rather than poke, take a turret because the enemy had low hp and wouldn't risk the game to defend a turret and repeat until you take down most of the turrets. Sieging is still used in some games where you want to ensure victory but it's not as popular as it once was. If I recall correctly, the games used to take 35-45 minutes unlike now. Riot listened to the community and made the games shorter by buffing champions, making changes to turrets and introducing the elemental dragons and herald. Of course, Riot is not the only one to blame. All the people spamming " ff 15 go next" are also the cause of the games being shorter. Some people also thought it unfair that after a really good game that lasted 35 minutes they thought that they had won because they got most of the drakes and barons, but lost one teamfight and lost the game because they had to wait 60 seconds to respawn while the enemy carries were full built and annihilated the turrets. As for the team comp, I'd say that you are picking whatever suits you. What if you were one of them? Would you enjoy the game? Would you enjoy winning a game without breaking a sweat? Some games can be incredibly easy, and some can be incredibly hard. Sometimes you wish for difficult games to show the world that you are still skilled, and sometimes you want an easy win where you don't have to tryhard as you are worn out. It's only normal that sometimes you will get destroyed by the enemies as they would have played better, smarter or picked champions that counter yours. The amount of time the games take, does not affect the whether or not you will think of ways to win or strategies. It will just change them.
: The Game is getting worse every patch
The game has become fast-paced because the community was whining that the games were taking too long. Now, the community is whining that the games are too short. The game is still fun, just not for you. The balance changes which you consider mistakes, are Riot's efforts to change the meta and keep the game fresh. Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied with the changes. No one wants to see their main champion or their counter pick getting nerfed/buffed. Although you see Riot's way of balancing only as buffs, let me remind you the immense amount of complaints by the Riven mains when Riven's Q got nerfed to always have 13sec cd. Riven players complained that Riot had killed the champ and was unplayable. Darius deals 1100 true damage with one ulti. Yeah, if you let him stack his passive which gives him around 200 attack damage later in the game. It is impossible for Ahri to deal 1050 true damage with one Q as it deals true damage only when it returns and it deals 140 + 35% AP. Yasuo is not consider broken for the amount of true damage he deals, but because of his kit, mainly W and ulti. You can cast W in any direction and block all incoming skillshots and your ultimate automatically puts you outside of turret range AND gives you 50% armor penetration. So. add the armor penetration, the true damage from conqueror, and the bonus armour penetration from lord dominik's. That's 85% armor penetration and true damage. Absolutely no strategy in our games? So, people are not counterpicking, putting wards around objectives, swapping sides depending which one is alive, baron or drake, splitpushing.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaseDaCookie,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LdEZgyVa,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-22T22:34:37.064+0000) > But some champions are quite difficult to balance without buffing them to gods or nerfing them to the ground. Such examples are Azir, aurelion and mordekaiser. Mordekaiser became a beast at bot with nautilus/thresh/blitzcrank. Aurelion and azir dealt too much damage. Aurelion didn't get killed by the nerfs but Azir is another story. Another one is Kog'maw who fell out of the meta only because the supports changed. He was strong with both versions of his W and didn't had a significant change in his number to make him weak. Though they did nerf ap kog'maw. As mentioned before, Azir's learning curve makes him close to impossible to balance correctly. If you don't know how to play him, even if he's god tier, you're gonna lose. Sol's been done nicely, I'd say, which is an argument for "yes, it can be done". Mordekaiser's current design has been thrown into trash can at this point and we're just waiting for more info on his next, full scale rework. And I'm glad that Kog fell out... or rather that Ardent Cancer meta ended, since the games back then were literally "who can make their ADC more fed while ignoring the rest of the map". Regarding the "problem if migration" - migration in itself isn't a problem, as said many times already. Problems begin when such champions are allowed to do whatever they want in their new roles. The 430 range gates are just a temporary solution. If affected champions REALLY have nowhere else to go (and they do), I'd say let's change their numbers a bit to have some counterplay when picked toplane, allow them to cross the gate AT HALF RANGE when being in top (with, let's say, minimum of 250, so they have their "rightful" advantage), and if they still win just because, kick them out with a hotfix and repeat the process. When they finally become playable against in toplane, hotfix them to have full range there, see what it does. We don't have other tools than trial and error at this point, but I can assure you - these champions work fairly well in roles they were designed for. The only reason they're picked toplane is because they win lane over 90% of the time just by existing, but because there are games when entirety of their team loses and they can't 1v9, their winrate isn't that abnormal, so Riot doesn't give a shit about their balance. Even if playing against them turns League of Legends into Dyrus Simulator (famous quote from one of his interviews: - Would you like an opportunity to deal more damage? - I'd like the opportunity to play League of Legends.) By the way, if I didn't refer to any part of your post, it's most likely because we've reached agreement on the matter. Or at least it looks like it.
> Melee assassins. Kennen, Lissandra, Vladimir. (You can throw Annie in). I hope you see the problem. As a matter of fact, I do not see a problem here. There are ways to counter those champs. Vlad doesn't have a fun time against Veigar/Syndra in lane nor in team fights. None of the four champions can get close to Syndra/Veigar without using their flash. > Zhonya's active is so good, it's picked into almost any matchup anyway. Maybe not as a rush item, but it's definitely on the "want to buy" list more often than not, and it's been this way even before they put unnecessary CDR on it while buffing it's cost efficiency. That's why I think CDR should be removed from it. It provides enough already. Personally, I think Zhonya's passive is overrated. While it saves you from a sudden death, it doesn't ensure your safety. A player with good timing will kill you the moment Zhonya's active expires, unless you have the rest of your team on top of you. Another reason why I think zhonya's overrated is the "first item zhonya's rush" when I am playing a mage such as syndra or lux. The enemy picks it mostly for my ulti, so I can bait it out and then kill them with the rest of my abilities. > But... you did say... What I said is that an enchanter can assist an ally in engaging by providing movement speed, not that an enchanter will make the engagement. You won't see a Soraka or Lulu rushing into the enemy team using W on herself. Janna could flash +ultimate into the enemy team and maybe push someone towards their own team but I find it quite unlikely and can result in more deaths to her own team. > I don't disagree, BUT I'm saying that "heal & shield power" Taric is worthless compared to tank, or at least tank-ish Taric. With Locket, Vow, maybe even Zeke, and good health items Yeah but I find that to be true mostly because of his passive. A tanky taric will be able to hit the enemies enough times to pop his heal and shields every 2-3 seconds, while a heal and shield power taric will die to the enemy mage or adc the moment he's been seen. > Okay, so in the next part, the formatting of numbers in front of semi-paragraphs f*ed up (as they're not displayed correctly in your post, but fine when I quote you o.O), so I had to guess which champion you referred to, based on the original discussion. Interesting, it's the opposite for me. Well, guess riot has another bug to fix. > Meanwhile, when a midlaner is picked top, and you want to pick a standard toplaner, your best bet is sitting under tower and hoping enemy won't freeze so you can pick up any EXP, at least in most cases. Using JAYCE as an argument AGAINST midlaners being a problem top... when he is A PROBLEMATIC MIDLANER BROUGHT TOP... is just beyond. It's like saying "If you have a headache, break your leg. You'll be in so much pain, you'll forget about the headache". You're trying to tell me you never broke your leg or your arm because you had a headache or a stomach ache? Back to the point. I find it normal to adapt to unfamiliar situations. Against vayne top, you could get either someone who could tank it out (which was pretty hard due to her W), someone who could trade with her, such as GP or a natural counter. I still remember lucian being picked top to beat vayne. When considering one's counter, you don't look only from one role but multiple. Cass top loses to Aatrox, Irelia and Camille, three champions considered at top laners, AND Jayce, Syndra, two champions considered mid laners. E.G. I have picked Darius and Nautilus (AP) when I saw that the enemy mid laner picked katarina. So the enemy top laner picked to counter me (back when nautilus was played at top) and my top laner counter picked him. Needless to say, we won both top and mid that game, enabling our jungler to focus solely at bot. Also, before anyone says that those things happened on a normal game so people do not try hard, allow me to mention that those picks were at a ranked game. Darius was with a friend of mine, and naut in my promos to diamond. > Meh, since he's being shit on in a fair matchup anyway... where do I sign? 2 auto-loses and Malzahar for more than likely win, great deal. Great, all we need is to bring Riot here to ban players from picking yasuo at mid and malz,swain and cass at top. > I refered to Runeglaive Ezreal MIDLANE. Yeah, jungle item in lane, and he crushed almost any matchup this way. Other lanes also had problems with jungle items. Red Smite Warwick (OLD Warwick) top, Red Smite + Devourer Vayne/Twitch ADC.. Ah, forgot that ezreal existed. Didn't really picking smite in mid lane, but I loved it at top. I still recall my games with red smite on-hit Teemo. > Nasus has to survive till that 200+ mark (and I'd say you're generous with this amount), Yorick has CURRENT %HP damage - quick corrections. Problem with Vlad is: if he doesn't leave the lane 0/7, he can 1v5. Even if he goes out even from the early game. His homies don't want him either? One more reason to nerf the shit out of him, or at least rework him. While Nasus isn't strong till he gets the required stacks, he is durable due to his ulti and passive. Buying a spectre's cowl will guarantee his survival. As I mentioned before, there are counters to vlad which can deal with him, both in early and late game. Well, I don't think that's a reason to nerf or rework someone. Not many enjoy playing vs or with a yasuo in the game but riot hasn't done much about it. Sure they nerfed him a bit, but the community cannot decide what they hate the most about him. I hate his W, another guy hates his constant crit, someone calls his ulti a bullshit. It's quite troublesome to balance some champions while keeping the community happy. Another example is Kassadin. At mid I play mostly mages and not ad assassins so Kassadin is a pain in my ass to play against. Even when I am not the mid laner, seeing an enemy Kassadin gets on my nerves. It just the type of champion he is. Durable in lane and a monster in the late game. Playing against a time bomb is not the most satisfying thing to do but that's the whole theme of vladimir and kassadin. > So to deal with midlaner top... you've brought midlaner top... And then you talk about "REASONABLE counters". That's the main problem. We don't have almost any counters in out standard rooster. We have to pick really, REALLY specific shit just to survive and make it 0/2 out of the lane. As I said above, you have to consider from a wide range of champions for a counter pick, not only from your lane. In a normal game of LoL we'd have a tank/off-tank top, a fighter in the jungle, a mage at mid, marksman and a support at bot. But as we have seen through the history of LoL, that isn't always the case as the roles swap lanes when it benefits them the most. So, in a normal game, no, picking syndra at top is not reasonable. But when the roles swap to their most succesful lane, then yes, picking syndra into viktor is a reasonable counter pick, as you can keep the monster in check or become a monster yourself. When I had Urgot at mid, I asked my top laner to change so I can play against irelia as a mage. The game went much better for me and it was the same for my ex top laner. Sure, I lost access to blue buff but I won my lane. > As mentioned before, Azir's learning curve makes him close to impossible to balance correctly. If you don't know how to play him, even if he's god tier, you're gonna lose. Sol's been done nicely, I'd say, which is an argument for "yes, it can be done". I do not deny that Sol's balance was great, considering an expert aurelion will impact the entire game. As we can see in the last patches, Riot is trying to balance Azir by buffing him bit by bit so his win rate will not skyrocket. > By the way, if I didn't refer to any part of your post, it's most likely because we've reached agreement on the matter. Same goes for me, with the exception of few things like the range or damage deduction. I still disagree on them but I do not have another alternative to mention.
: (part 2) 19. There even was a case of Rumble in the jungle (pun intended), and hte conclusion – his build path for that lanes got hit with a nerf hammer. Somethign that didn’t happen to Vlad toplane, Jayce toplane, Swain toplane… I can keep going. 20. And they ARE problems, even mentioned by me in the first post. Well, apart from Sylas, but he’s in a very similar spot to Galio (designed as anti-mage, but prefers to fight melee), just with less team utility, thus not picked for a support. 21. Graves got a huge rework back in the day, which made him completely unviable in lane. As for Quinn, she was designed an ADC, but got too much burst in her kit and switched to other lanes. They did try to push her back botlane, with little succes though. She’s in quite a tight spot right now. 22. He’s a pick similar to Shaco in this role – he either gets a cheezy lvl 2 kill or dies. Meta didn’t shift around him just because he got picked jungle once or twice. I’d even say he’s quite unpopular in this role. 23. And Corki stayed there with ADC changes. And Corki got balanced around midlane since then. Jhin, on the other hand, experienced overdose of assassins while having crippling lack of mobility. He’s in the botlane now. 24. Wukong became jungler because of his above average ganks (invisibility), maybe his toplane persona will see more spotlight with upcoming changes – he’s welcome to come back. As for Urgot, well, I have nothing to add to your statement. 25. No, we shouldn’t try that. He used to be a midlaner with great damage, then Riot shifted his kit to be more tanky, got tried in toplane but didn’t really work out, became a jungler instead and remains there since. Being balanced around jungle. 26. He got bot when ADC’s got „removed” for a moment, now a niche pick there. He got top and doesn’t stand a chance against a standard toplaner in a fair match (so no babysit and enemy has some cognitive functions). Designed for mid, he should stay there. We don’t want him. 27. True. We got promised another rework, let’s see where it leads. 28. He did, and he’s still most usefull as a support. Although he does have potential when laning solo, G2 showed us that, he still drags behind other solo laners in most situations. Now, let me expand your list a bit. 29. Morgana – designed as a midlaner, became support mostly thanks to her Black Shield, considered off-meta pick for midlane for years. Riot tried to put her in the jungle with the W changes, didn’t work out. 30. Leona – designed as a toplane tank, but they didn’t allow her to proc her own passive, support since then. 31. Akali - originally a midlane assassin, got too much sustain in her post-rework kit, and even when it got removed, she doesn’t want to leave toplane. She’s one of the picks I’ve mentioned when saying „we have enough balance problems without midlaners interfering”. 32. Brand was support for a while. I mean, still is, but came back to mid for the most part. 33. Diana changing shifts between mid and jungle, occiasionally paying a visit at top too. 34. Ezreal. Or, more specifically, Runeglaive Ezreal. Got „fixed” quite fast, don’t you agree? 35. Fizz becoming an off-tank for a while, then full tank for a longer while. Took them a while to balance his fish stick. 36. Heimerdinger – one of the MIDlaners, who currently sits toplane and doesn’t want to go away. Doesn’t get balanced around top, just gets allowed to push the lane while being relatively ungankable, since there’s only one way jungler can come from and he can fortify it. 37. Jayce is another MIDlaner, that becomes toplaner, even when nobody wants him here. And the biggest reason is that melee toplaners can’t strike back, cause if they try, they get %HP magic damage (you don’t build much MR against AD champions like Jayce) knocked back and he continues to harass them. 38. Tank Karma was a big thing, thankfully not anymore, since she lost a chunk of her base damage. Still tanky, but can’t carry the game. 39. Kassadin was wieved as a toplaner for a while, and honestly, he wasn’t that much of a problem. Definitely not as much as Heimer, Jayce or Vlad are. 40. Pre-rework Kayle couldn’t decide if she was a mid, top, jungle, carry or support… sounds familiar, right? Now she’s almost exclusively top, where she farms her late game with Kleptomancy, cause that wouldn’t work in other lanes against non-melee picks. She’s relatively fine, though. 41. Kha’Zix was considered the ONLY mid pick for a while and it was a HUGE problem for mid meta. Thankfully that time has passed. I wonder if other lanes get their HUGE problems that ruin standard picks viability fixed? 42. Lissandra was considered a top pick, mostly because - standard mages outrange her - she does have some sustain with ult - builds off-tank items to compensate her range and need of going in - aftershock One of these got balanced, she’s no longer a problem. Annoying, yes, but nothing more. 43. Lulu and her „go everywhere, maybe they have purple tasting tulips” moments. Her design, especially with current amounts of CDR, is unhealthy at best, whether she’s a shieldbot (yes, I’ve changed the term to less offensive), an on-hit machine gun, a burst mage, or 0/6 polymorph bot. 44. Nautilus is now played in midlane. Or at least was, before Aftershock nerf. Damn, I wonder if that was the reason, since mages abused it for several patches and nobody cared? 45. Neeko, although she was designed as is, with no role in mind. They wanted players to figure her out, and she became toplaner who wins because she’s ranged. At least for now, and hopefully not for long. 46. Nidalee was a midlaner long time ago, but they gave her root against jungle monsters. And she was quite strong toplane for a moment too, although she was build AD off-tank there, instead of full AP. Obviously, nerfed, but it took several months. 47. Olaf went mid for a moment, but literally just to counter the Irelia pick. 48. Pantheon lost a lot of top power when they changed minion aggro, now top Pantheon players take him mid for E max burst build. Although, some try him jungle too. 49. Ryze is another Swain-like champion. Either he’s too strong overall and played midlane, or is relatively balanced midlane, thus allowed to wreck havoc toplane. 50. Varus, just like Corki and Jhin, wanted to try midlane for a moment. Then he was back botlane, but as a mage (Attack Speed, but still mage, with Rabadon, Zhonya and other AP items). 51. Vayne, who is and probably always will be a niche pick for toplane, since she ignores tanks only asset of being tank. 52. Viktor top. Boy oh boy, how long did it take to get rif of it? 2 patches? 3? He was doing literally whatever he wanted there. If it happened to botlane, I can guarantee it would be HOTFIXED within days, next patch at worse. 53. Vladimir, just like Jayce, we don’t want him here. Take him somewhere else, literally anywhere, rework factory would be the best. He was designed for mid, with slight tankiness and survivability to survive the harass. Then he got picked top and became the one thing he was supposed to counter – free poking mage taht you can do nothing about since he outdamages you at range. So yeah, agree, not only mages migrate in this game. But when they do, they bring more chaos than balance and make standard picks unplayable, thus KILLING VERSATILITY. Midlaners don’t give a shit about toplane. They go bot, cause they can score 2 takedowns there, not just one, and the neutral monster also looks like a better reward for them. Ranged junglers ATM are: - Graves, who has access top anyway - Kindred, who profits greatly from the smite item - Fiddlesticks, okay, this is a flaw, since changing range cap to let him in would also allow Vladimir, who’s one of the main reasons for the gate to exist - Twitch (out of meta, but let’s roll with it), who takes red first, goes mid and dies/recalls anyway - Elise and Nidalee, who, depending on playstyle, can ignore toplane for a while and put pressure on other lanes, which is usually more profitable decision anyway Teemo wouldn’t technically even be allowed to enter top, and I see it being a problem, since he’s barely picked anywhere else and can be contained relatively easily, especially when compared to other picks mentioned. Thank you for the long post. If you want to continue the discussion, I’m up for it. If you don’t like the solutions presented (which I did mention are kinda controversial), I’d love to see some alternatives.
(From part 1) > Did I lose bot to them? No, can’t say that, because I don’t really play bot or support. I’ve lost games to them, and even when they’ve lost the lane.I’ve also lost a lot of games, because this passive playstyle didn’t work on our side. Sadly, these games exist and I don't think we can do anything for it. It's like the classic 2/12 yasuo who says "ez mid" or "better mid wins" when his team manages to win. > I’m not 100% sure, since I can’t provide any screenshots, but I do recall them saying they want to see more aggresion from such champions when they were adding damage to Janna’s passive. And yes, the mistake they’ve done now and is reffered to as Yuumi, would contradict such statement quite hard. It's not the first time Riot has done the opposite of what they're saying. I remember when they said they wanted to remove a bit of the RNG factor and then introduced to us the elemental drakes and kleptomancy. > No, I’ve never stated it’s about the laning phase. And you don’t even need 18th level to do this. Level 10 (since most of these champions max their „press this and go AFK” ability first, even when it’s not optimal) is enough for Transcendence to kick in, get support item for another 10% and at least a Forbidden Idol for a total of 30%, plus Cosmic Insight and additional few from the stat rune – voila, 40% CDR by spending 1650 gold. Prize? Permanent shield. Ok, they might be able to reach the cdr you mentioned but the hp of the shield is still quite high for level 10. Plus, if they upgrade their heal/shield first, they will not be dealing damage making it pretty hard to kill you as well. I do not really have anything to say about sheen, but if you remove the cdr from stringer, then 10%cdr should be removed from Nashor's Tooth. That might be enough to kill Azir once again, and have a negative effect to the rest of the champions who actually buy this. > Deathcap is being pushed out from the standard mage build in exchange for utility AND defense – Rylai (thankfully no CDR), Protobelt (10%), Zhonya (10%), Banshee (10%), sometimes even Abyssal (10%); the Glacial Augment build, which has GLP (but since ALMOST every mage builds a Lost Chapter item, this 20% is kinda standard) and Twin Shadows (10%); I’ve seen a lot of builds prioritizing Boots of Ludicity (10%) over Sorc Shoes, since other items gave enough AP to compensate for that penetration; I’ve seen WAY TOO MUCH mages SKIPPING Morellonomicon entirely, just to get that 40-45%, even when it wasn’t about penetration and HP anymore, but about them having healer squad (like Vlad + Maokai + double lifesteal ADC + Soraka, oh and jungler was there too) Due to my experience, I disagree that deathcap is being pushed out since some of the items you mentioned are situational. The mages that pick rylai are: Azir (skippable if you want more damage), Cass, Brand, Malzahar, Aurelion Sol, Karthus (skippable), AP Kog'maw, Swain (skippable if you take phase rush with nimbus cloak), Taliyah (no need if you have glacial augment), Rumble, Protobelt is mostly used by melee assassins such as Diana, Sylas or Kennen, Lissandra and Vladimir. Zhonya's and Banshee's are meant to be situational items much like Spellbinder.If the enemy team has no magic damage then you will never see banshee's being bought.Also, the only ones who buy abyssal are battle mages like Galio (who's not being played ap at mid), maybe kassadin, swain and vlad. The glacial augment build brings cdr sooner and provides utility sacrificing damage. Some champions that use this build do not care if they lose damage as they have other means of replenishing it. e.g. Veigar gets ap by his stacks, Ahri deals bonus damage thanks to her E. Taliyah can use this build but I find it inferior to her standard build of luden's + rylai's scepter. The rest of the mages however, prefer going the standard build of Luden's/Archangel into morellonomicon and deathcap, unless there's a threat so they buy a defensive item. Skipping morellonomicon against a healer squad is pretty dumb so I cannot justify that. > Agree, Spear is being build less and less, mostly because of better alternatives. Disagree on not having any defense – grants health, while 20% CDR and it’s passive effect more often than not allow you to use defensive abilities and gap closers more often. My bad, forgot that spear also granted health. However it's passive effect is not guaranteed. A spear of shojin could cast his ultimate and find himself cced so he cannot autoattack. > I’ve NEVER seen an „enchanter” (apart from Taric, who doesn’t really fir in this „class” IMHO; he’s better built tanky, not Redemption + Ardent) engage the enemy. I’ve seen them pinging they’re on the way and then hiding behind ADC at the range of their heal/shield, I’ve seen them running away from 100 HP enemy and spamming their low damage tenacity proof CC, I’ve seen them following 4v2 initiation with ult and making it a 3v2, but I’ve never seen them initiate. Well, it's probably because an enchanter doesn't have means of engage. Janna/Soraka/Sona/Lulu do not have a pull/grab/hook nor a reliable root/stun. They are able to help the one engaging by providing him movement speed and then stay next to the adc/mage to protect them. That's what their supposed to do. They have the ability to deny the enemy assassins from rushing into the backline, kill their target and escape. Janna can use her ulti to knock back the assassin, Soraka can silence, Sona can stun + shield, Lulu can polymorph + shield. Of course, there are picks that can ignore all of that such as Hecarim and Vi who can target the mage/adc and just use their ultimate. Taric too, can afford to stay in the backline if he uses his W on the engager and use the stun + ultimate from the backline. > And again, I didn’t say that ONLY mages are a problem for toplane – they’re the biggest group. I completely agree. I also find mages quite difficult to balance around other lanes without destroying their mid lane. When irelia came mid, they removed the magic damage reduction, forcing her to leave. She's weaker vs rumble and kennen now, but she still can be played. Riot managed to nerf cass without killing her mid lane, and provided some buffs to help her. Her Q got nerfed while she was at bot and got her E buffed for mid. 1. Irelia also went bot for a while, dominating the lane. If I recall correctly, she didn't get nerfed but instead stronger picks went to bot forcing her to leave. 2. To be honest, I still see the veigar/yasuo adc but yeah, marksmen have returned. 3. Well it's only natural for the meta to shift around. 6. I don't think cho has a bad time at mid. Sure, it's a bit difficult to farm, but put a few points to Q and you can easily outrade the enemy laner. 13. Well I haven't seen cass top in my games so I don't really know how powerful she is now. If she's at the red side she will never get a blue buff to help her with the mana costs. If she's at the blue side it's unlikely that she gets blue as there is another mage at mid. Plus, she is quite squishy in the start so she can easilly be harassed by Jayce or Camille. (From part 2) 26. I think the mages would be more than willing to give you yasuo if you give them swain/cass/malzahar. 29. I doubt she was designed to be only a mid laner considering her E. Nevertheless, she has made her return to the mid lane for some reason. 31. Thankfully for top laners, they got other beasts to play with akali, such as Darius/Olaf/Nasus/Aatrox/Yorick due to their amazing sustain. 34. I do remember ezreal in the jungle, but the lethality-trinity-dark harvest ezreal. Haven't seen ap ezreal in the jungle yet. 35. True, that shit was disturbing. 36. The problem with such picks is that they are created to be picked against assassins in the mid lane, but have found greater success in other lanes. *Looking at you adc heimer* 39. Well kass was never meant to be played against ad champions so no wonder he got destroyed at top. 45. Well neeko is supposed to disguise as others so I find it natural not to have a primary lane. Still the bug fix on her W took her w/r down. 52. Boy oh boy, viktor top. Disgustingly overpowered and worked even in mid lane with a few adjustments in the order of the build. Thankfully it got nerfed because it was carrying 1v5 (I remember getting a few pentakills with that build because the enemy couldn't destroy my shield which came up every 2 seconds along with klepto granting me potions to regen my hp/mana). 53. As for Vladimir, while I don't think mages want him either, there are picks meant to deal with him. Kled is one of them. Catch him with Q-E and he cannot dodge them with his pool. Vlad will also have a hard time against Nasus with 200+ stacks in lane. One W is all it takes for Nasus to beat vlad. Fiora/Camille/Illaoi/Gnar/Yorick have max hp % damage. Pre-nerf irelia would have been able to kill vlad but now... > So yeah, agree, not only mages migrate in this game. But when they do, they bring more chaos than balance and make standard picks unplayable I do not deny that chaos is brought but as the meta shifts, so do the standard picks. You will always have a counter to a champion. Viktor top couldn't beat Syndra at top. I do not really have a solution to prevent immigration and to be honest I don't think this as a problem, as long as there are reasonable counters. Picking syndra top to deal with klepto viktor was not a reasonable thing to do in my opinion but somehow worked. If we could avoid that level of disaster, the game would be interesting with it's shifts in the meta without everything collapsing into chaos and despair. But some champions are quite difficult to balance without buffing them to gods or nerfing them to the ground. Such examples are Azir, aurelion and mordekaiser. Mordekaiser became a beast at bot with nautilus/thresh/blitzcrank. Aurelion and azir dealt too much damage. Aurelion didn't get killed by the nerfs but Azir is another story. Another one is Kog'maw who fell out of the meta only because the supports changed. He was strong with both versions of his W and didn't had a significant change in his number to make him weak. Though they did nerf ap kog'maw.
: Time to make some changes
> 1. For the lack of better terms, you're gonna have to excuse the harshness of my language - heal/shield-sluts. We all know the type - Janna/Lulu/Soraka/etc. players, who just stand three kilometers behind the actual game, yet still manage to win, because they press one button whenever it's off cooldown. Why is it bad? Both Riot and most of the community is AGAINST passive gameplay. We're playing League of Legends, ffs. A game that's supposed to check dexterity, decision making and teamwork, not if you can set your E to auto-click itself every 5 seconds! To be honest, every Lulu/Janna/Soraka/Sona that I see in my games pick spellthief's as their support item so they are harassing their enemies instead of just healing/shielding the adc. Personal experience aside, you're saying that you have lost to such players, but did you lose because their top/jungle/mid were winning their lanes or because you lost at bot? If you lost at bot 2vs1 then maybe you are the problem and not the heal/shield spammers. It's quite easy to win such a lane by picking Leona into Lulu/Soraka or Blitzcrank into Lulu/Soraka/Janna or Alistar into Lulu/Soraka or if you prefer going ap support pick Lux/Vel\koz. Their heal/shield ability pre-6 is not great and you with your adc can pick a few kills at bot if the support manages to hit the cc. If heal/shield spammer is indeed standing three kilometers behind his/her adc then you can harass the enemy adc or freeze the lane so the enemy adc cannot farm without taking damage. Ward constantly so you don't get ganked and you have basically won the lane. Also, are you sure Riot is completely against passive gameplay? Sure, they did nerf ardent censer when it was meta and it was constantly played in LCS with the people complaining about such boring games, but let's not forget the new champion they just released, Yuumi. Yuumi has the least APM (Actions Per Minute) in the entire game making her the most passive champion since she can just leave the positioning in lane to the adc. In the end there are different gameplay styles. Sure, being active might lead to more wins but sometimes you just want to relax and be the afk support. > The only counterplay against supports of this type, is taking them down before they start spamming their 800 strength shield with 6 seconds of duration and 5.5 seconds cooldown (looking at Janna and Lulu), or at least stunning them for a second on two, to have a chance at killing the damage dealers. You're using level 18 stats for laning phase? Janna's E does have 5 second duration but it decays shortly after the cast with a cooldown of 18 seconds at lvl 1 and 10 seconds at lvl 5. Lulu's E exists for 2.5 seconds with a base cooldown of 10 seconds. Yeah, they can buy cooldown reduction but they don't get 40% cdr fast enough to have it every 6 seconds in lane. > 2. There's too much CDR in the game. Few seasons ago, if you wanted to get even 30% CDR in your itemization, it was more likely than not be a significant blow into your other stats you should focus on (whether it was AP, resistances, health... good AD + CDR build was almost an impossibility). And these were all full items, costing about 3000 gold each (with boots being obvious exception). Nowadays you can get up to 10% CDR per level, runes like Cosmic Insight to increase your cap by another 5%, Ultimate Hunter and Presence of Mind to spam your ultimates, a great deal of CDR items granting almost any statistic you might need, and to top that off, if you plan to overcap your CDR limit, you can pick Transcendece to turn that into more damge. Why is it bad? I'd rather not use too specific examples, but this one's way too obvious - Riven. Yeah, you can get cdr much easier in the game now and that allows players to be more aggressive since they won't have long cooldowns in some abilities. Anyway, to your example: Obviously Riven gets the cdr she needs much more easily now, but so can everyone else. In the past seasons you'd have 40% cdr Riven fighting with another champion who also has 40% cdr. That pretty much makes it more difficult for Riven, rather than help her. > Other champions on the list are: heal/shield-sluts mentioned earlier, Trinity Force users (yeah, it used to have ZERO CDR), mages that HAD TO choose between Morellonomicon and Athene for 20% CDR while now they can get anything that grants AP at random and reach at least 30%, Tryndamere who now has access to 40% CDR with Spear and Essence Reaver (both being quite situational, but still reducing his ult cooldown from 110/100/90 to 66/60/54 seconds, and we all know how unpleasant that ability is), Lucian, Yi, Renekton, Fiora, Jax, etc. with Spear (and occasional Essence Reaver for the first one)... it really goes on, and that's not even considering EVERY tank item with Magic Resist, even though ONLY Spirit Visage has CDR component. Trinity Force also granted ap for a time, so riot figured that cdr would be better than ap taking into accounts the champions that bought Trinity. Mid laners had been asking for 2 years that Riot increases the pool of items to choose from since every game you'd be buying the same items. The only choices for Mana and CDR were Morellonomicon and Athene, as you've said, providing (Morello) 400 mana and 20% cdr or (Athene) Mana regen based on missing mana and 20% cdr. No, they cannot buy any item at random and get cdr. Common items for mages are Void Staff/ Sorc shoes/ Deathcap/ Morellonomicon and none of them gives cdr. So they have two more slots left for mana, cdr and/or survivability. The choices for mana are Luden's/ Archangel/ GLP along with 20% cdr. With Transcendence a mage should have 30% cdr at 10 minutes if everything went smoothly. So that leaves us one spot in the inventory. Sometimes a mage is forced to get zhonya's as a first item in order to survive in lane so he will have 20%cdr at 10 minutes. 20-30 minutes into the game a mage should have 40%-45% cdr. The problem with Spear is that it's costly and doesn't give any defensive stats so it's not rare to see it not being bought. A Jax with Trinity and Titanic Hydra will be scarier than a Jax with Trinity/Spear. > Adjusting CDR and removing "heal & shield power" stat would provide more diveristy in support builds, forcing them to make decisions - do they want CDR from Redemption and Ardent, or do they want more AP for stronger heals and shields (and also some damage), greatly fixing balance problem #1 of this thread. It would definitely fix that problem, as well as kill the enchanters. Why would one pick Janna/Soraka/Lulu there will be champions better at doing both jobs: engaging the enemy and defending the adc. > 3. Toplane has become a wastedump for champions, who "don't fit their roles ANYMORE". Or rather "were too good in roles they were designed for, got balanced for that positions, and someone noticed they still shit on toplaners most of the time". Yeah if only top lane was the only lane where that has happened. So far we've had (as far as I recall): 1. Irelia from top going to mid/bot. 2. Ziggs moving from mid to bot. 3. Taliyah going for an adventure in jungle. 4. Nautilus swapping roles as a top laner or a support or a jungler. 5. Karthus going everywhere except support. 6. Cho'gath trying to eat everything at top/mid/jungle. 7. Aatrox invading mid from top. 8. Camille went to execute every beast in jungle, making the original jungler stay at top. 9. Rengar (the original jungler) was forced to go top. 10. Kayn also wanted to try top and mid to get his form faster. 11. Malzahar went in the jungle and top to feed his pets. 12. GP still cannot choose a lane between mid/top. 13. Cass went bot. 14. Ornn decided to become a support. 15. Galio had (and still has) an identity crisis so he's currently being played Top/Mid/Support. 16. Annie and Lux are swapping between support and mid. 17. Ekko decided to become a tank and then a jungler. 18. Jax/Jarvan/Olaf keep changing shifts at jungle/top. 19. Rumble went to mid for a while. 20. Tahm/Sylas/Swain haven't decided to stay in a single lane. 21. Graves/Quinn went through every lane except support. 22. Twitch seems to like jungle. 23. Corki and jhin wanted to give mid a try. 24. Urgot and wukong left top for mid/jungle, though urgot went back. 25. Gragas hasn't been an adc yet so we should try that. 26. Yasuo goes bot/mid/top. 27. Only god knows where mordekaiser is supposed to be. 28. Pyke gave every role a shot. So as you can see, not only mages are the immigrants in this game. > It kills versatility. So by having more picks, you have less picks? Is it like the cheese? You know, the more cheese you have, the more holes it has, so you have less cheese. > Gates that would prevent any champion with range over 430 units from entering the lane. Barrier would break once the average level of all players becomes 6, and would allow enter to ranged champions who have complete Smite item (not necessarily enchanted, just blue/red smite). That would simply kill all the roaming from ranged champions. I suppose ranged mid laners will get access granted at lvl 6 and not with a smite. But who would play any ranged champion in the jungle after that. Most of the melee champions are better at lvl 6 than the ranged champions. Lane bullies would exist in every game so expect lanes to go either with 3 kills difference or 40 cs difference. A Teemo will have the time of his life against nasus with no one to help him. Simply get control of the lane, freeze it and then wait, while the junglers can do nothing but farm.
: Ziggs Needs a buff,now he's at tier 5.
Ziggs being at tier 5 doesn't necessarily mean he is in need of a buff, it might mean the meta doesn't favour him, which it certainly doesn't as we can see which champions are being played.
: I meant think of a new champion kit lol, mb for not being clear enough in the title.
: Riot should rework death recap
Death recap is just like mordekaiser, a meme.
: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following images? (16 images)
Just abilities?Mate, I can name the characters. Gnar/Ivern Diana/Female Ekko Yasuo/Singed or Zed Fiddlesticks/Nasus Ashe/Diana Teemo on steroids or Graves (whichever you like)/Lee sin Akali/Zed
Godlzahar (EUNE)
: Karthus with the new Dark harvest
I disagree. Teemo with dark harvest is way more powerful.
Restalious (EUNE)
: Custom games will now temporarily require a minimum of 5 Summoners due to higher than normal game traffic. The Practice Tool has also been temporarily disabled.
Problem is we cannot create custom games or if you join one you cannot leave.
: EUNE is making me hate this game
Change server and don't come back.Thanks!
: Tbf he got pretty old.
You somehow triggered a bomb.Teach me.
Lumiko (EUNE)
: She is not untargetable ! You can't see her so you can't click on her but thats the same with any invisiblity. She can still be hurt with skillshots / aoe skills. The only difference is that towers can't see her either, which is true kind of annoying and a great Akali player can use that to wreck you but she is nowere near impossible to beat. Try to play with her ! Learning the champion you are worst against can teach you a lot on how to beat it ;) Good Luck ! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
She is untargetable but not invulnerable.
Rioter Comments
: I'm pretty sure that damage is a lot more important than movement speed, especially in champs that dash around instead of walking... And Irelia has a bit too much of it.
What happens when movement speed gives you damage or potential to easily gank?For example, {{champion:120}} and {{champion:40}} are really dependant on movement speed since it gives them damage and the opportunity to easily gank.Another example is all of the supports who are capable of roaming.You always see them taking Boots of mobility.The only item that might increase their damage output is their support item if they are going ap.A few more examples are the junglers.Many junglers, like the supports, also rush mobility boots before taking any damage items, just so they can gank (e.g. shaco,udyr,hecarim).When it comes to roaming and ganking, we can see that movement speed is superior to damage.Of course, as the game progresses it's only natural that damage becomes more important, excluding a few team comps based on sieging only and avoiding fights as much as possible, for the carries since they got the other roles to help them lessen the distance between them and the enemy. Also, EPet said that MS is one of the most important stats, meaning that damage could still be much more needed that MS.
: Mage AP as support from gold to diamond?
Yes it is.If you're going to try it I suggest going mainly Brand/Zyra/Lux as they are probably the easiest support mages compared to Bard and Fiddlesticks who require skills as to when you're going to roam mid or collect chimes.Plus, you are more likely to be flamed for playing Bard or Fiddle because you're either going to be called a troll or your adc will die as soon as you're going away from the lane to pick up chimes, whereas as Brand/Zyra/Lux you can sit at the lane and harass the enemy bot lane 24/7.
: The best feeling in ranked Queues
There could be a reason as to why they didn't pick their high win rate champion.Perhaps the enemy laner had picked their counter, or they were just not feeling that they were going to play well with the champion.Maybe, your team comp could benefit more from the one they picked rather than the one that they main.
: This right here is called ignorance :) . Have you ever asked yourself why did they make these changes now ? Not few years ago when the game was at its peak ?
So an advertisement is only used when you are losing players, never to gain more.
: I am done reading fam :D Have it your way idc anymore
Incoming "You care enough to comment"
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaseDaCookie,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cEFUoI6P,comment-id=000600000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-19T02:55:40.719+0000) > > First of all, fun is subjective.Secondly, you think there's no fun in using these items?Why?Because they are meta?As for my third point I notice that all of the items you mentioned are old items.Something tells me that that's the nostalgia speaking. > Its not nostalgia when you had more items to play with and experiment.... As I said previously you had more items to play with, not you are limited on what you have to build in order to make it work. If you want to play certain champion AP, you have to build him the same way every single game. > Atma's Impaler?Banner of Command?Even when they were in the game they weren't used.They mostly were situational items.With the exception of the one month when BoC was ridiculously strong with the baron buff. > Just because you didn't see people using them every single game doesn't mean they weren't used. Same with the game mode dominion just because people don't play them nonstop doesn't mean that they are not playing it. > Poacher's knife?Ah yes, you mean the item which only Nunu used to purchase. Yeah, just Nunu suuuure. I agree that it wasn't used as often but at least you had the option unlike now... > > Tracler's knife.Basically the go to item for most junglers before it got removed because there were too many wards. Because of LCS ofc, they had no reasons to remove it for SoloQ > > Deathfire Grasp.Won't lie, I had tons of fun with it but I am glad it got out of the game.Please tell me how fun it was for the enemy team when one mage managed to complete this item.The enemy adc just stopped close to teamfights because you would one shot him.I remember playing Syndra using DFG + R and truly annihilating the enemy adc/mage.Veigar DFG+ R the enemy mage (back when his R used to scale with the opponent's AP) Don't be over exaggerating the people that were oneshotting squishies were already fed. Also DFG got added into the game from the recent gamemods (I forgot which one). I played with it and against people with it and it was nowhere near broken > > Frost Queen's Claim.You mean Twin Shadows?You do know that we got it in the game right? Can you build it from ''FrostFang'' ?, Why would you spend another 2400g to buy it when you already had to option to upgrade to it from the start (OH yeah because they removed sighstone yet again because of LCS) > Face of the moountain.I don't know why it got removed but all it did was add a shield. So what ? It deserved be removed because it ONLY added shield ? > > Eye of the Oasis.Basically {{item:2065}} . And again can you build it from Nomad Medallion ? > > Sword of the Occult.Ah yes, the worse version of Mejai's. Why is Mejai still in the game then ? Its not like people weren't using it but they still decided to remove it ... This item was fun and rewarded you for doing good > > As for the spirits.What was fun about them?Every game as a jungler you would get the same item over and over again while now The different passives. you actually have a choice. > > You're telling me that all the fun items that ever existed in LoL got removed or reworked?That Riot doesn't add interesting items to the game? Few are interesting and good but as I said you are still limited on building them if you want to make your champion viable. This is why you are building the same shit every single time. I don't see any fun in that...
> Its not nostalgia when you had more items to play with and experiment.... As I said previously you had more items to play with, not you are limited on what you have to build in order to make it work. If you want to play certain champion AP, you have to build him the same way every single game. First of all, with the spirits you had no choice.If you were AP had only one item to pick from, same for tanks.Back in the day, most of the mages were taking thunderlord's decree.Nowdays, they have a variety of runes to pick from, and a few builds to back them up.For example, Vel'koz used to be played with Comet and Luden's echo.With his new build he is taking Glacial Augment and GLP + Twin Shadows.I've used the same build with Brand and Heimerdonger and it worked just fine.With Syndra I can choose if I want Comet for poke or Electrocute for burst.As Lux I can decide if I want comet for poke, electrocute for burst or aery to help my team not die against an assassin.As Diana you can rush Spellbinder or play it safe and get Protobelt.Nashor's tooth still works on her. > Because of LCS ofc, they had no reasons to remove it for SoloQ Remember when tanks were still dominant in the jungle?Well, every single one of them would get Tracker's knife and the amount of wards was huge.Jungler's had a hard time ganking unless they had a gank route which could be difficult to counter (e.g. shaco's Q over raptors).Thanks to Tracker's the other jungle items were rarely used. > Don't be over exaggerating the people that were oneshotting squishies were already fed. Also DFG got added into the game from the recent gamemods (I forgot which one). I played with it and against people with it and it was nowhere near broken I am not exaggerating.I also played the new game mode (Nexus Blitz) and it was still powerful.As Ahri you use DFG then hit your E.With these two combined, you deal 20% bonus damage and you and your teammates deal 20% more magical damage to the target.Syndra could easily one shot with it.Veigar too obviously.Also, I happened to play Zoe and buy it.Needless to say, it worked like a charm. > Can you build it from ''FrostFang'' ?, Why would you spend another 2400g to buy it when you already had to option to upgrade to it from the start (OH yeah because they removed sighstone yet again because of LCS) So that you can build it on champions other than support. > And again can you build it from Nomad Medallion ? See the previous answer > So what ? It deserved be removed because it ONLY added shield ? As I said, I have no clue as to why it got removed. > Why is Mejai still in the game then ? Its not like people weren't using it but they still decided to remove it ... This item was fun and rewarded you for doing good Well for one, the stacking was terrible.2 stacks for a kill and 1 for assist.In order to get maximum stacks and the bonus stat you had to get 20 stacks.And the bonus wasn't something great, it was just 20% attack speed.When you get to the point that you have 20 stacks you should be dominating the game.At that point 20% attack speed doesn't matter.It was just a bad item. > The different passives. you actually have a choice. Different passive?When one item gives stats for AD, another one gives stats for AP and the last gives stats for tanks?Sure, as evelynn, elise, fiddlesticks, diana, karthus you had a choice. > Few are interesting and good but as I said you are still limited on building them if you want to make your champion viable. This is why you are building the same shit every single time. I don't see any fun in that... I suggest searching in Mobafire or Youtube for some interesting builds if you cannot come up with any on your own.
: The rushed game mods with which they were trying to keep the playerbase, the countless youtube ads, The partner program, the missions in which you had to play with a lvl 15 player, the missions in which you get rewarded for watching their streams, the reworked tutorial that combined with the worst season by far shows that they are losings players...
Ah yes, it's all for gaining new players, never to keep those they already have.
: No since Riot has the only true statistics but what we can do is observe their actions :) You do realize that they are actually loosing many players atm (based on their decisions)
LoL has lost more than 100k players, but Riot is keeping their statistics a secret.Then how the hell did you find out that at least 100k players have abandonded LoL?Let me guess, the "Quit LoL" train?
: None of these items are fun to use LOL. Atma's Impaler, Banner of Command , the old Bloodrazor, Feral Flare, the old boots with buffs, Spirit of the Ancient Golem,Spirit of the Elder Lizard,Spirit of the Spectral Wraith these 3 were pretty fun to use, Sword of the Occult which by this day is the most questionable item to remove, DFG,Eye of the Oasis,Face of the Mountain,Frost Queen's Claim, without the Poacher's Knife and Tracker's Knife you have less options to play jungle (even tho poacher's knife wasn't used as often as the other 3 you still had the option). Probably even items that we currently have but were changed and made more boring to use Are some champions available to played as opposite of what they are meant for ? Yes, sure but are they fun? Not for me at least. I don't want to be limited on what to build in order to make it work. I want to experiment and have fun with it.
First of all, fun is subjective.Secondly, you think there's no fun in using these items?Why?Because they are meta?As for my third point I notice that all of the items you mentioned are old items.Something tells me that that's the nostalgia speaking. I think we all agree how fun it was to play when feral flare existed and junglers were afk farming their jungle for their stacks.Most of the game were just bombs.The jungler with the better clear would win as long as he could use Feral Flare, which used to be Yi/Udyr. Atma's Impaler?Banner of Command?Even when they were in the game they weren't used.They mostly were situational items.With the exception of the one month when BoC was ridiculously strong with the baron buff. Poacher's knife?Ah yes, you mean the item which only Nunu used to purchase. Tracler's knife.Basically the go to item for most junglers before it got removed because there were too many wards. Deathfire Grasp.Won't lie, I had tons of fun with it but I am glad it got out of the game.Please tell me how fun it was for the enemy team when one mage managed to complete this item.The enemy adc just stopped close to teamfights because you would one shot him.I remember playing Syndra using DFG + R and truly annihilating the enemy adc/mage.Veigar DFG+ R the enemy mage (back when his R used to scale with the opponent's AP) Frost Queen's Claim.You mean Twin Shadows?You do know that we got it in the game right? Face of the moountain.I don't know why it got removed but all it did was add a shield. Eye of the Oasis.Basically {{item:2065}} . Sword of the Occult.Ah yes, the worse version of Mejai's. As for the spirits.What was fun about them?Every game as a jungler you would get the same item over and over again while now you actually have a choice. You're telling me that all the fun items that ever existed in LoL got removed or reworked?That Riot doesn't add interesting items to the game? Stormrazor and Duskblade was the best thing that could happen for an assassin or Thresh. Rito gave us the opportunity to purchase difference hextech items. Redemption wasn't a good addition to the game?You have a portable Soraka. Knight's vow?Just so you can deal damage to the support while attacking the carry.THIS IS BRILLIANT! The changes to the mage items so that you actually have a choice in terms of mana and CD instead of buying Echo every game? Zeke's?Just so your twitch can deal more damage per second while the support is slowing them. What about stoneplate?Why not give that to cho'gath and watch him devour any carry, passing through the entire team.Then turning around and killing them all thanks to his E scaling with his HP. I am not even going to mention items from different game modes because DAMN NEXUS BLITZ'S ITEMS WERE FANTASTIC!
brutąl (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vuduul Hadir,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cEFUoI6P,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-17T18:28:04.755+0000) > > See ya at the weekend :) 1 fun fact: rit0 gEms already lost more than 100k players, I wonder why they make so much commercials.. hmm
May we all have the source?
: LIMITED different builds. You can't play full AD Nidalee, you can't play full AP Shaco as used to, you can't play full AP Tristana or full AP Jarvan etc. ..... Some of these champs were fun af to build like this back in the days. But today this way of building on them is impossible and not really fun since you are limited on items that can work on them
I don't know if there was every a time when you could play AP J4 and get away with it since the only ratio with ap is in his E.As for tristana, it is the rework that destroyed it, not the meta.You still see AP shaco being played, at top or jungle, though less effective in jungle. Really?Limited on items?We've reached the point that {{item:3905}} and {{item:2065}} are actually being played.{{item:3030}} is now usable on champions thanks to the glacial augment rune.We've gone from disco Nunu to AP/Tank Nunu top/jungle. Let's take for example the AP Shaco at top lane.Your first item could be {{item:3030}} so you can drop your W and use the item to ensure a fear (considering your enemy has no means of escape).Your next item could be a {{item:3100}} for some movement speed or {{item:3151}} for DPS.You could even get {{item:3027}} as your first item and be a bit tanky.{{item:3916}} and {{item:3020}} give you a nice amount of magic penetration.Afterwards you might as well purchase {{item:3157}} to buy some time for your abilities to go off cooldown. AD Thresh has never been this good.You can finally one shot the enemy carries with Dark Harvest with {{item:3095}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3094}}. The same goes for AD Blitzcrank. The fact that these builds are not as good as meta builds doesn't not mean they are unplayable.
Smerk (EUW)
: yes, people stopped using lolking, but didn't stop looking at other players, they just started using other sites, like op.gg that I mentioned in that same comment
My bad then.Thought you meant people stopped looking at other players generally.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, and how does that go against my comment? Didn't I say the same exact thing?
> People stopped using lolking for that purpose long time ago.
Smerk (EUW)
: What? People stopped using lolking for that purpose long time ago. op.gg is the king there right now and it's not going anywhere anytime soon
Considering in my past games people were crying about someone having less that 50% winrate in the lobby, I'd say that people are still using those sites for that purpose.
Sinking (EUW)
: Lolking shutdown - no more model viewer either
Good.Perhaps now people will stop searching every player's match history and win rate and start flaming in lobby.
: I play since season 1, i miss the days when weird builds worked. Now i play whatever riot says i should play, the way they say. other than that... there was always as much screaming... Hasn't increased in the slightest. Actually it decreased, because everyone get their roles, so nobody needs to troll/flame anymore.
Weird builds are still working.Played AP kog'maw a few days ago it and it was just fine.No one flamed me (keep in mind that was a D5 game).I've also tried AP alistar/nautilus mid and jungle and won most of my games, getting at least 3 honours in each game due to me annihilating the enemy team.I am not saying this to brag (only a little :d) but to prove that different builds can still work.Yes, there will be games in which your team will flame you for not playing meta champs but you can mute them.Now, if they start trolling it's beyond your control unless you manage to calm them down.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Last year they introduced chromas for the victorious skin, so they're most likely doing so this year as well. Being gold in any queue gave you the base victorious skin, and then you got a chroma for each ranked queue (3v3, 5v5, 5v5 Flex) you were gold in.
May I ask how exactly will Honour level affect the rewards we get from ranked?
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaseDaCookie,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=I8Kg1A4y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-07T01:15:55.437+0000) > > To be fair you can also deal true damage by using one ability.But it cannot be compared to the damage Garen deals with his R. Excuse me? One ability? Vel'Koz's only sources of true damage is his passive proc and ulti. Passive when full research is complete, which needs about 3 (qew) or 2 (wq, but a little more difficult) to proc it, and without the passive proc itself, ulti will not be able to deal true damage. Passive- main source of true damage. Ulti- needs passive to deal true damage. Otherwise it will only deal magic damage. Do you even play Vel'Koz? 1 ability...where did you get the idea?
You do know that his ultimate applies a stack of his passive every 0.7 seconds, right?That means in the course of 3 seconds he can deal true damage with his ulti.So yes, he can deal true damage with one ability.
King Lego (EUNE)
: As someone who mains Vel'Koz, i have to land 3 passives to be able to deal true damage. Having these champions with just 1 click of a button is so insulting to me. Shame. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} But yeah, true damage on these things need hard nerfing. Even Conquerors.
To be fair you can also deal true damage by using one ability.But it cannot be compared to the damage Garen deals with his R.
: True damage meta
My dear child this is not even Riot's final form. Rageblade Vayne along with Botrk. Fiora. Vel'koz. Ahri. Kog'Maw. For some reason we even got an item giving us true damage, We also have execution abilities nowdays (not counting Darius's ultimate) As far as we know, we can counter execution with 2 ways.One being building HP and the other one is kill the enemy before they kill us. Sounds simple, right? Well, guess what.What happens if when you build more hp you also empower their abilities?Looking at you Evelynn.As we all know eve's ultimate executes us when we have 30% or less of our max hp.So we buy items that give us more hp so that we won't die so easily to her.Well here's the problem.Her E deals base damage + 3% (empowered deals 4%) of our max hp.That means while we are getting more hp to not die from her ultimate, we're giving her the opportunity to deal more damage to us with her E.I am not saying that buying HP against evelynn is bad, but it just isn't as effective as it is against Pyke.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You are going to downvote this post
> When a champion dies, he/she/it has to scream and shout from pain as if their feet are being dipped into lava. Death must be scary. Meanwhile, Ahri's death sound in japanese is just...yeah... > Yasuo must have the option to kill himself Harakiri style before the enemy can. Add a bigger respawn timer and we're good. > Yasuo must have the option to kill himself Harakiri style before the enemy can. Yasuo should leave the game if he dies in a 1v1 situation. > Baron must be able to swallow champions whole, upon which the summoner's screen must go black (since they are in Baron's stomach). Also deals damage over time from the acid. >If any female champion moves beyond 700 movement speed, their clothes must fly off. Especially Sona's, and Pool Party Caitlyn's. Yes. > A new champion must be created that does absolutely nothing and has no spells. His name will be Bob. He will be eating pop corn while watching Teemo annihilate the enemy team. > And the final demand is, after you implement all of the above, delete them and never speak of them again. Fight club with extra steps?
Einherjar (EUNE)
: Odyssey mode
How are you supposed to get a 4 man premade to finish minions you want?That's simple, all you have to do is create a discussion, much like those who want to complete specific missions do.You don't need friends to complete the quests.Just as there are people like you who want to complete specific missions, there are people who just wanna play Odyssey with 5 augments to see how difficult it would be.Blaming Riot when you clearly have a solution for your problem won't do any good.
: Onslaught impossible to play
This is not something you can blame on Riot.It is not the first time people focus more on the missions than the game itself.Same thing was happening with previous missions.Remember when you had to pick Kayn in order to complete a mission?When someone banned him, they immediately got flamed. Anyway, if you simply want to play the game you can always create a discussion in the boards and ask whether anyone is willing to join you.
Shamose (EUW)
: > I think I have found the solution to any man wishing to visit pax.Just say you identify as a woman until 14:30.After that you can turn back to identifying as a man.Problem solved. That's like saying the solution to racism is to just paint yourself white.
DxVentura (EUW)
: A really excellent and cool feature that would make League of Legends ever better
> It would be really cool and would add a lot of depth to the gameplay - This shouldn't affect gameplay at all I don't know about you but I do not think that is possible.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
I mean Disney fired a guy because he was insensitive some years ago in his tweets or something so it is possible that Riot might fire him if they think that he will affect their popularity negatively.
Shamose (EUW)
: How to fight internal sexism by Riot Games.
> Riot Games announced that the PAX West sessions held in Room 613 will be exclusive to women and non-binary people until 14:30, actively banning those who identify as men from entering that particular room. It seems they have taken the "fight fire with fire" approach and opted to scorch everyone. I think I have found the solution to any man wishing to visit pax.Just say you identify as a woman until 14:30.After that you can turn back to identifying as a man.Problem solved. Keep in mind that the things men will miss will be: Art + Champions/Skins Design How to be a Producer Narrative Writing Production Careers Game Design Advanced Cosplay It's a shame since these are quite interesting topics.
: Hollow Knight
Honestly, it's one of the best games I have played the last five years. The game is about an abandoned kingdom and the knight, which is you in this case, whose goal is to uncover what kind of mysteries lie throughout this kingdom.The more you play the game, the more you will learn about the story by interacting with the enviroment and the NPCs.The combat is simple yet can be quite challenging.It's music can help you relax during exploring or talking with the NPCs or help hype yourself up during boss fights. I do not know how often updates are made since it hasn't been long since I bought it but from what I know they have given 3 DLCs for free.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: ***
So nobody can enjoy the game just because YOU do not enjoy it?Huh, so if I tell you that I enjoy the game I am delusional?Interesting opinion.Next time I try a game I will ask you if it's worth my time.
QancerClown (EUNE)
: Old League was more strategic and slower. Decisions were very important, but didn't snowball as hard. Now it is just too fast. You win in 20 min, there is no comeback. If you win earlygame, you win the match. Meta is punishing people for being creative. Everything can oneshot, even supports and tanks. Midlane is not the most impactful lane anymore, jungle is. Jungle doesn't have to farm, we junglers just kill everything that moves. You can miss every skillshot and kill somebody from items. The old League was slower, more balanced, harder to master. It had a lot of bad things and was ugly, but it was also fun. Creativity of players was breaking the meta. Op picks could be defeated by a better player, because dmg wasn't so high. You could play AD Soraka mid and win a match, if you were good enough. Now you cannot do that, because of power creep. In old League you had some super broken champions, but only 3-4 in a patch. Now it feels like everything is so broken, that you don't know what to actually ban. We have 10 bans and it is not enough. In old League we had 6 bans and it was enough. Also Riot Games is designing the game for LCS and Esports. They shouldn't do that, since when people hate the game, they don't want to watch it.
Were games lasting longer in the past? Yes, because what meta favoured were strong late game picks (Vayne,Kog'Maw,Veigar,Viktor) Is it bad that games are ending faster? No, it just leads to different strategies.Back then you would have a marksman who has great late game, a support that could help the adc survive and the rest of the team composition would be made just so your team can reach late game.Right now, there are three options.One option is for your mid laner and jungler to pick assassins and snowball the game on their own.The second one is for your jungler to gank bot lane so much that a comeback is difficult to achieve.The last one is probably getting every strong pick there is (Garen at top,Noc I think in the jungle,Zed/Talon/Ahri at mid even if the first two got nerfed, and at bot one of the strongest adc is Jhin.Pick whatever you want at support as long as you're able to either save your team or annihilate the enemy bot lane). Harder to master? Depends on one's playstyle.A player who is capable of ending a game early will clearly have an easier time climbing than someone who has adjusted to the previous meta of 40+ min games where any bad decision can lose you the game. The meta doesn't allow for creative picks? I call horse crap on that one.Based on my experience I can play AP Alistar mid or AP Nautilius mid/jungle and win.Not to mention all the different styles you can try based on your runes.A mage nowdays can decide to pick Aery/Comet/Electrocute/Predator.An assassin can pick Electrocute/Predator/Dark Harvest (never seen hail of blades so I exclude that one).Marksmen can pick Press the attack/Lethal Tempo/Fleet/Conqueror (looking at Draven)/Hail of blades (Jhin)/Comet (MF)/Aery (MF)/Kleptomancy (Ezreal).Support have Aery/Guardian/Aftershock/Spellbook/Glacial Augment/Comet (mainly supports that excel in harassing the opponent).Top laners can get Press the attack/Lethal Tempo/Conqueror/Dark Harvest/Glacial Augment/Kleptomancy/Aftershock/Grasp/Electrocute/Spellbook/Predator. More balanced? I am unsure of that.Every meta has had something gamebreaking.But with the addition of all the new runes,items and champions the game is getting harder and harder to balance.In this meta assassins simply dominate.Zed,Talon,Zoe are amongst the strongest champions in the game.Remember tank meta?When Ornn could 1v1 your adc (still happens sometimes)?When Cho'Gath simply ran it down and destroyed your carry?Nautilus killing your adc in 1v1?Nasus farming your entire team?Shall we pay a visit to the marksman meta?When marskmen defined the game?If your bot lane was better than the opponent's you were going to win most of the time.As a mid laner there were limited things that I could do in order to win the game.Most of the games I simply ignored top lane and roamed bot or prevented my laner from ganking. Since we are talking about the past, let's take a moment to remember AP Master Yi deleting teams 1vs5.I am not exaggerating when I am saying that he was indeed fighting 1vs5 since his Q would get a reset every time it killed someone and that was really easy to do if you used DFG (dealing magic dmg to enemy according to his %hp and amplifying your magic dmg dealt to that champ).He simply could use Q 2 times until you had the opportunity to hit him.AP Trynda?Heh,spinning around every 3 sec dealing massive dmg.Tank fizz/ekko top?Not dying and still dealing tons of damage.Ardent censer meta?Where every support would be an enchanter and rush that item.Mage meta?Malzahar/Cass were everywhere. Is it bad that midlane might not be the most impactful role? Why would it be?It might be for one who knows how to play around it but it creates diversity. Were 6 bans enough? If I remember correctly, the community was asking for more bans because there were too many strong/disliked champions. Jungle doesn't have to farm? Unless they don't care about falling behind in level and having a weaker smite, it is not super important as long as you gank succesfully. You don't know what to ban? There's no need to figure that all by yourself summoner, you can simply take advices from random youtube channels. Is the game still fun? Of course it is, even much more with friends.If you don't have any friends playing LoL you can always join a group that's more than happy to play with you, as long as you aren't flaming.Remember, fun is subjective, not objective. Is it bad that Riot is making some changes because of pro play? (such as LCS/Worlds/MSI) I cannot answer that question solely because I do not know what way Riot wants LoL to go.To me, at least, it looks like they are trying to make the game more competitive while simultaniously making pro play more interesting to watch.The community was displeased how every game was a stomp and there were few games that weren't like this. P.S. A message to all downvoters.Downvoting me doesn't mean that my opinion is wrong but that you disagree with me.Think about that when you are taking a look in the boards in the future.
Arrcros (EUNE)
: why do u want to go in past? i started to play in season 7 and everything i see before is some ugly old map? why are u all so hard stuck in past? what was better then and now it isnt? tell me please
Nostalgia mate.Many people do not remember the flaws that League had the past years or just choose to ignore them to join the "LoL in 2017-2018 sucks" train.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Who is the best champion in league?
Actually his kit has a bit of sustain, the shield he gets from passive. Hard cc though?I doubt it.All he has is his Q that if you are not close enough to E+Q or E+flash+Q, it's pretty hard for him to get a good hit on the enemy with it.Yeah, his ultimate prolongs the time the enemy team is knocked up but unless you have a champ to help you with that I think you're going to have a hard time getting a 5-man ultimate. As for scaling I think that Yasuo excels at mid game where he has IE,PD and an item to help him survive for a longer amount of time.As the game goes on you'll find that many champs will be able to kill you in 1v1 situations (especially mages). Range?Try getting close to a Malzahar or Gragas or Karthus.In laning phase he might be able to bully karthus but when that ends, boy should yasuo start praying if he doesn't have Maw.Yasuo also has that range when he has his Q stacked which last for 6 seconds. In my opinion there is not a champion who deserves to be called the best one.It all depends on your playstyle and the meta.Also, I am going to assume that you mean the best champion for Solo Queue and not for pro play.I highly doubt that there is ever going to be a best champion in the game simply because every champion has someone that counters him. Let's take Zed for example.At the time he is one of the stronger mid laners, able to snowball the game with just a few kills.Should his opponent play malzahar, zed will never get those kills he needs unless he succesfully roams.
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