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Sasquoth (EUNE)
: This might not be an issue if champ got balanced for this mode. You can spam skills of some champs every second, but some have skills with 3 sec cooldown. that makes difference between overpowered champ and underpowered champ. For some this mode does not make much difference form standard mode. With lets say Zilean, I don't see much difference. And fighting champ like Wukong is so annoying. This mode is less about skill more about luck. What champ you get, makes your kd ratio. Its frustrationg to get slow spell caster.
To adjust champions abilities just for this mode would not only ruin the champion but take a lot of time. And then there still is the same issue what I'm talking about. You might get a champion you find really fun to play in urf or just a champion you haven't played yet and someone leaves. Just balancing stuff wont fix the problem I'm talking about.
JJFeeder (EUW)
: The Point of the System was to make it so that ppl don´t pick always the same Champs, i do agree it got boring in old urf if everyone picked the same, but now after playing alot of games since urf came back i have to completly disagree with this choice, it doesn´t feels random at all, i even with random select see always the same 20 Champs and to make it worse guess which team always get´s the completly absurdly broken ones? Not mine of course... Old Urf even if it mostly had the same Champs was more fun, cause atleast by picking it was guaranteed to be somewhat balance what it now isn´t at all or would you for example count a team like "Teemo/Noc/Sona/Kassadin/Chogath" VS "Garen/Rengar/Ziggs/Ezreal/Galio" balanced? and guess what that is how most games look, new urf is sad so so sad, old one was so much more fun, there atleast i knew it would be somewhat balanced, while now it´s either destroy or get destroyed since new Urf launched i had exactly ONE somewhat balanced game, don´t get me wrong i don´t care about winning or losing in this Funmode, but it´s not FUN if it´s always onesided...Rip good old FUN Urf Hello useless rng broken shitshow Urf :/
I can totally agree on the champion selection. It doesn't feel random at all. It seems like riot just gives me the same 20 champions every time. I can partly understand Riots choice to go all random. But by fixing the old problem with what they call "URF hangover" they created a new much bigger problem. Before you could at least ban those few champions that would always get played. Now you can do nothing about it. I do believe that at least a champion locking would be a great thing, since i have gotten that one champ I wanted to play so many times, but someone left. It might not fix URF, but it might send it the right way.
: well dude i really think EUNE player with negative winrate shoulnt comment ;)
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: Weekly question for LoL's universe: 1st
: Here's an idea either give us the original URF you know the one before you plebs ruined it with your crying or kill the entire mode off for good
Maybe the 10 ban system with it... before it was just 6 bans and it was for 2 people to do it.
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