: No missions
After playing few games today I dont see any progress on my missions as well - had this problem right when i bought thicket. Support did not provide any useful solution. It dissapeared few days later, I just hope it will work on weekend because only 3 days left for it.
Smerk (EUW)
: remove brackets from your links, closing bracket is interpreted as part of the link and it leads to 404 page
Sorry. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Fixed.
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Sm00Th007 (EUNE)
: Ping
Hi. I had same problem for few days already. Like you said ping just raised for few seconds so I lost control of the game for this time it does not matter what match mode I am playing but in ranked it is very annoying since those peaks appear in many teamfights and most of time result my death. Yesterday I saw enemy support who just froze in the middle of the lane but when he return after respawn he was just fine (it seems he had same issue for few seconds). This problem appears only with LoL – I have nothing at all with other games and my internet is working absolutely fine (from the first place I thought it was my internet’s problem but I understood it was not). Right now I don’t have any solution – today I will try to full repair game and play only normals for couple of days since it is no fun to play and lost ranked like this.
Muryoo (EUW)
: nice! I wish riot would already make figurines....
Well, you know they are making it. The thing is that we are using porcelain so our figure are more like piece of art but not just figure. I really would like to share my love for fantasy worlds with people.
Taquion (EUW)
: Awesome work, congratulations
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Exlerth (EUW)
: Wow, that's awesome :O How long did it take to create one of them?
Actually it took pretty long time to complete. Many problems came with Ahri’s tails and we spent a lot of time trying to fix it. Also there were other works/orders so those figures were delayed many times. If count time only spent for those figures – 3-3.5 months for both.
: annie.
Well, Annie could be really good choice for figure but there are a lot of her figures right now and I don’t think it is wise to make more. There are a lot of champions who can really have figure (or must have one).
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Is it gonna be challenger Ahri?
Challenger Ahri is pretty new skin and I actually do not look at it. Mostly because it is new skin (there are not so many good arts of it yet) also Ahri has metal armor with this skin instead of her usual clothes and it is matter of taste. Those armors make her look like more warrior than elegant mage fox (I don’t want to say that Ahri lost her grace with Challenger skin) and we think that classic Ahri skin will be the best choice for figure.
: very nice. I hope ahri is going to be made, I love her <3!
Since Ahri is so popular we will do our best and will try to make our best figures so we won’t disappoint Ahri’s fans as well all people who are interested in our project. The main problem with her are Ahri’s tails (if you remember there are nine of them) and it is pretty hard to complete this task. Probably Ahri’s figure will take a little more time than other figures before.
: really like the sona one, but they're all great
Thanks. Guqin Sona was our first figure but because of her dress with all details and Etwahl (musical instrument) it became a real challenge. Also her hair was pretty hard to make because of the length but the worst problem were tapes on Sona’s dress, this detail really cause us a lot of problem. We were trying to make different shapes of those tapes but it could not survive process and broke down so we finished it the way you can see. By the way i added one more photo of Sona's figure.
Swittz (EUW)
: pls make a jelly that looks like zac
Actually I don’t see opportunity to create good figure with Zac. As you said he will look like jelly but we are choosing more aesthetic and good looking champions (female only up to now).
Chirika (EUNE)
: League of Legends's champion's figures
When collection will increase in numbers we will hire professional photographer so people can see figurines in all their beauty and if project receive community support we think to create a little catalog of our figures with full description. Unfortunately many champions are very hard to implement because of their details that’s why this work is taking so much time.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Oh, I get it. Thanks for your answer.
The only thing we can provide is that we can describe the result and process details after completing any part of the process. But the thing is that we don’t like to show half-made figures because some people can be disappointed with current progress and can lose interest for final figure.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Omg this looks so nice. You could make some "how to make porcelain figures" videos or smth like this. I am sure most of us will enjoy see how you make them.
Actually it is not so easy to do it because the process of creation takes a lot of time. The first figure (Guqin Sona) took us around 3-4 months due to difficulty of her character, next two figures (Sivir) took a little more than 3 month. A lot of details and colors make this work very hard. When you’re doing any part of the process it require a full concentration from you and you don’t have time to describe anything during it because any mistake can cost you very much.
: can i get a project yi?
Actually I never thought about Master Yi, right now there are more priority champions.
Chirika (EUNE)
: League of Legends's champion's figures
If everything will be fine. We planned to create Ahri figure but it will be quite a challenge.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Really nice! Have my +1 :3 For some reason I want to see Zac like this.
Actually Zac is not in our list.
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