: Rito please
: My dream becoming a pro player
Actually you can be whatever you want. If this is your dream go chase it and don't listen stupid nonsense negative comments without any proves > You don't become a pro with hard work. You need to be very talented. Every pro player has reached high elo (like d2+) within their first/second year of playing. It's not like they even put a lot of effort into it. It comes naturally to them.
: Poppy Stun needs a huge nerf
Even id we say you are right (which I don't think) wha tis your sollution to the problem? Nerfing her dmg or maybe the cd (or maybe get the fact that she is far away from being OP). Everyone can point out issues but giving proper solution is what matters.
canablyss (EUW)
: understood thanks for the 6 years,
You had your chance! Its called 14 days ban, you didn't use it and these are the consequences.
canablyss (EUW)
: well tencent bought out riot games back in season 3-4?, so its called riotgames but it isnt really anymore as far as i'm aware although corporate politics do elude me, and why should i make a new account? i've had this account since season 2, and i've spent alot of money on this account, i'm not abandoning it, shame on you
You don't have any other choice if you want to continue to play the game. I am happy that you have worked on yourself but permaban is permaban. It should stay forever, otherwise what's the point in the permabans? If everyone could just come here say something emotional and get his account back then the whole point of the ban system would be destroyed.
Boolhya (EUW)
: These skins are better than all riot skins, am a kled player I got that dracula in a box I turned it into essence because kled had 0 cool skins.Also if you don't like conttontail rengar you have no soul that's all
Nah you just can't get other opinions that's all.
Boolhya (EUW)
: Why are fun skins better than riot skins?
I suggest you are maximum 12 years old if you actually think this is good. All of these skins are jokes with the champions and me + I think a lot other people will just stop playing those champions if their identity is destroyed and transformed to this (I don't know how to name it) > evry one wants these 2 in the game but riot will never realese them I don't want them
Dhoni (EUNE)
: Shaclone is right!
Question: Why are all cry baby streamers never happy? Answer: %%%%%ing about the game is what gives them money. Let me explain you something. When someone has built his whole carier into btching about the game and this is what made him popular he is gonna continue. This is called character streamer who is just playing fake role to atract his audience. This is what perfectly describes Hashinshin. About Shaclone its pretty much the same with the little different that I think he is a flamer in the real life too (deffinetly not so much). In case you start asking yourself most of the popular streamers are forced to play a character (not all of them). If you really think Nightblue is so positive and cringy in his real life, well he isn't. If you actually think that Hashinshin thought that he would win all his crazy 1v1 level 1 you are crazy. And also if you thing that I am gonna listen someone who screamed to his whole team how they should get cancer (multiple times) you are insanly crazy. Don't get me wrong, the game has its disadvantages but these guys are deffinetly not the people who you need to listen to form your oppinion.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Do i actively hurt my ADC’s performance when inplay pyke well?
As an adc main I have nothing aggainst playing with Pyke in my team. The grade is not importnat until youi try to take a chest. I take the same ammount of gold like you. Why should i be pissed when i can get more gold without even last hitting the target.
: And what about those that just played in Season 1 and 2 and quit? They aren't dedicated but still got it. It doesn't have to do with dedication in general, more like you have been there at that time, with a good stretch of luck. Lots of people would be just as dedicated have they heard from League earlier and would have earned it. This way, they just were unfortunate really.
Don't mistake dedication with fortune. They played then they got the reward. its actually pretty simple. Every sigle game has specific things which seperate veterans from begginers or just noneveterans. Btw I started playing in s5 so I am not a veteran.
: Receive Past Victorious Skins idea
I think victorious skins + some icons are the only things which still seperate new from old players. The dedicated players who play this from s1/s2 need to have there thing.
: What are currently the best support picks for Silver/Bronze now?
In my oppinion the best 2 are Blitzcrank and Soraka. The first one can punish position mistakes really hard while the second can minimise the damages after your teammates make a mistake. These mistakes are really frequent in low elo so this is it. Everything which is meta right now also will work - Leona, Alistar and Rakan (if you learn him properly)
: > Don't blame the community for that you can't give proper arguments how come "i don't want to wait 40 min for a game" doesn't count as a valid argument in your book? > and I can't get mad just because someone has bad connection, it just makes no sense. again, how it doesn't make any sense to get annoyed by that? > my draven came back after 20 mins of being afk and then we won i think i'm writing proper english but i'll try explain myself again since i think you're still failing to comprehend my point: 1) i queue for a game, after a long day work. 2) finally the game start (approximately 10-15 minutes later) 3) one dude is afk, the team remakes (13-18 minutes wasted) 4) rinse and repeat, if next game has another afk you're wasted 40 minutes of your life, congratulations!
It makes no sense because everyone can dc and there can be a lot different reason (mainly bad internet). As I said Trolls are 10 times more frequent and 10 times more frustrating than someone who can't connect.
: that is not what i meant, at all i'm not talking about how despicable inters/trollers/afkers are as human beings, i don't care about that i'm talking about the fact i have to wait 40 mins for getting to play the actual game, because there are too many afkers how many inters/actual trollers do you get? 1 every 100, 50 games? flamers? yes they are very frequent and a problem nonetheless, yet we can protect ourselves against them meanwhile we are getting 1 afkers at least every 2-3 games.. i don't know about you but the available time i have in order to play the game isn't much, and i'd rather not have to spend it all waiting to play the goddamn game. btw, i can't believe the amount of downvotes i'm getting from pointing out a real and severe problem the game has this community really is batshit.
Don't blame the community for that you can't give proper arguments. If you ask about me I have trollers in my games a lot more frequent so in my oppinion afkers are a lot more in control and I can't get mad just because someone has bad connection, it just makes no sense. I would just say to my team that it was unlucky but we can still try. Btw I did this thing yesterday my draven came back after 20 mins of being afk and then we won.
: the real problem of league of legends aren't trollers inters flamers but..
Do you really think that someone who has bad connection is worse than someone who is intentionally trolling you?
Boolhya (EUW)
: Wich champions are unfun to play against? tell me your list
Every assassin (I dislike the idea of one shooting), Irelia, and the high range poking champions but mainly Brand i guess.
: bye league
Bye! I guess players who leave the game for soemthing so small can't be called true players for any game.
AsherUA (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChocoParis,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=npXaFTVY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-13T13:16:54.542+0000) > > I personally think that new postition queues are specifically made for the smurf probem. A lot of smurfs make new accounts to play new roles and learn. Now they should be able to play whatver they want in ranked in their main profile. I think this will minimise the number of smurfs with like 20%- not a lot but still something. > Well, I wanna hear your oppinion on how to deal with trolls, inters. Since you didn't give any ideas and just flamed Riot so you basically look like a troll right now. So I am curious, what is your idea on the problem which you mentioned in your discussion? Queueing and playing on different roles still will affect lp/rank of your main role. People smurf because: a) the queue times can be very long, even know (considering there're only 200 challenger you can't possibly expect all of them to be playing at the same time, right?); b) to show off (hey all, look at me, I can climb on as many accounts as possible, while you're still stuck in bronze/silver/gold).
These are other reasons but I personally know that some of them are playing just for the role swap. And Riot said that if you are not trolling (now this is still questionable how will it work) playing different roles won't affect your or it will affect with just a little bit.
RooneR (EUNE)
: You are right i have no idea how to deal with them so i write this to read you thoughts guys on this problems. Flamed Riot where? i just write a Q that they care more ybout money or players what is flammable on this?? xD
Well we can't say they are not trying to solve some of this problems and lets be real noone can actually figure out a way to make the punishment system more "fair" (this counts for every team game). It shouldn't need real humans to dictate it, also it shouldn't be attached with KDA and it shouldn't give unfair bans for just a bad game. In some games you actually won't have the chance to perform well enough and you can see like someone deserving a ban. They are still trying to make it better. How harsh were the punishments this season just proves that. My personal suggestion is attached with kill participation and how you need like minimum 10% per game, but even then it can cause undeserved bans. Also having consecative games with over 15 deaths can be punishable but again its not sure sure idea which can work 100% of the time. Don't forget its better for the game to have a troller not banned, than a normal player banned.
RooneR (EUNE)
: Next season?
I personally think that new postition queues are specifically made for the smurf probem. A lot of smurfs make new accounts to play new roles and learn. Now they should be able to play whatver they want in ranked in their main profile. I think this will minimise the number of smurfs with like 20%- not a lot but still something. Well, I wanna hear your oppinion on how to deal with trolls, inters. Since you didn't give any ideas and just flamed Riot so you basically look like a troll right now. So I am curious, what is your idea on the problem which you mentioned in your discussion?
: quitting lol
Why do you even downvote his post. He didn't flame or anything like that. He just said his oppinion with valid arguments why the game lost its magic for him.
Avendr0s (EUW)
: A Letter To Riot
Amazing comment! I expected just a rant post but what you've done is just your oppinion (which I encourage) with good arguments. I don't like the combination mobility + dmg in one champion. I can get a support to get a lot mobility (even about Pyke his dmg is not stpudly OP) or a jungler (he needs to gank somehow). But at some point all none mobility champions are just underpowered. The biggest reason is how punishable is one mistake. With mobility champion you can try to avoid the consequences of mispositioning or just towerdiviving while with a stale mage or crit adc I can just wish you GL. I really hope next season will change this. They already adressed 50% of the problem (the high damage). Snowballing is also a huge problem. I can get it for 4-5 patches but whole season is just too much. I am tired of this games whih end in 10 min and you just can't get out of it (I usually fight till the end but when everyone is frustrated and we are sooo behind, there is just no point)
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: What will be your goal for S9?
Just play better and learn to watch the minimap cause I think this is the weakest part in my playstyle. Reaching diamond will be my huge goal.
253IQ (EUW)
: Sorry, i thought you are the owner of the post . I didn't see that you are a random guy . Sorry again .
No problem buddy, it happens to everyone.
: Why i think honor shouldn't be linked to ranked rewards and what Riot could do instead.
Intereseting idea. It made me think a little bit but the problem which will come is what is gonna stop players which already have all champions to be toxic. In my oppinion the honor lvl 0/1 players should just get the border and nothing more. I actually like the example with the math test. Lets say your grade is your rank and even if you didn't listen the teacher when you needed to the only think which matters in the end is the grade no matter the circumstances (wow I sound like a harsh teacher xd). Riot went so far with the punishment this year because toxicity went out of any control. I am not sure will your suggestion scare the players enough. Something which I know is that Overwatch's playerbase is as toxic as LoL's one (maybe a little bit less but still they have the same problems).
253IQ (EUW)
: Yeah, that mean that you don't think when you lane in botlane <3
I am curious how you got to this conclusion when I just said something obvious which made your whole post pointless <3
: Hey Riot
You had your last chance. But you can make a new account and show that new mentality.
Dreugan (EUW)
: Lux is balanced...dont nerf
She was before the 100 buffs which she recieved this year.
253IQ (EUW)
: Maybe you are just bad . Assassinating someone is a risk . You think that Rengar can just come and gank your lane ? HE NEED 1 MIN THINKING HOW HE GONNA COME TO YOUR LANE WHILE BEING UNSEEN . And Kha'Zix is weak before level 6 . Because his Q do no damage and take 4 seconds cooldown . Another thing about midlane assassins . You think that Zed - Talon - Fizz can just go in and get you a free kill ? Hell no, they can't oneshot a Draven with a Leona that they are both feed and deffending each other . Another thing . Yi is harder than Riven . Riven need 1 finger in the right hand to be played . Yi need 3 fingers . And both of them need a good thing to be fed . And players aren't "Assassins", someone is John and someone is Jacob . Okey ?
I hope you are joking. You obviously need to think no matter what you play. You mean adc can just go and aa wow he needs to think will he gets oneshotted you think janna can shield who she wants she needs to think before that will she get assasinated. Master Yi is easy mechanically and this just a fact while riven has some combos (not the hardest but still she has something which she can mess up)
: I got perma banned a long time ago and just wanted to share the case with you.(This is the original)
The statement you were negative is exaggerated. I mean you broke some rules even if you didn't know saying "report someone" is actually bannable because one report triggers the whole system - still we all do this and I haven't seen anyone banned because of this stupid thing. The next thing which I can say were a little bit negative was the huge ammount of text which you wrote on the first game- again a lot people do this, its not a proper reason to get banned. My only explanation for your questionable ban is that you have recieved your 14 days ban a small ammount of time before the perma ban. Some weeks after your first restriction you are on a really thin ice because even the smallest thing can resulted in another punishment.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Can i ask for a much more unbalance team..
Being confident is something good but being cocky is maybe the main reason why you are stucked. I am curious how in your oppionion other players have reached platinum, diamond etc. Also, we probably are playing different game because the level of overall league is just increased. When I was gold this year I had a lot good games where I saw some positive and good players.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: So no one gonna talk about how BROKEN Veigar is ??
Actually, Veigar has so much damage to complansate for the unefective kit. His stun can be easily doged by just staying in the centre of it. This is how good players play aggainst him and this is why he has 0 success in high elo. Lets not talk about how immobile he is and how countered he is by mobile champions which get more and more in the game.
: It's okay for League of legends to be League of Legends
Not everyone likes strategy and competitivness this is the auditory which possible permanent Nexus Blits mode is aiming at. I am agree it will cost some problems but the idea is that the players who like chaos need to have a mode too I guess. ARAM was meant to be this mode but lets say it got pretty repetitive for the players.
Smerk (EUW)
: Then you can report him for flaming. Banning someone else's pick is not against the rules
Well you can't expect to win acting like this either. Pissing of your teammates rarely ends good.
SfarlLex (EUW)
: Hello riot! its nice to see you again!
Even though it sounds cute everyone who got banned can come here and just say a heart touching story. Then what unban everyone? If you wanna play again you need to do it in the old way-making new account.
: 6 years playing this game and really loving it intill now
What a mistake? You flamed you got the punishment! > CLG DoubleDrift: u can suck a dik CLG DoubleDrift: i tried to kill him as fast as possible CLG DoubleDrift: to help u CLG DoubleDrift: survive > CLG DoubleDrift: dumb %%%
: This game has changed me
Don't blame the game for that you can't control yourself. If the game affects you in a bad way you need to either change your behaviour (which can be really hard) find people to play the game with or just stop playing. .
Rioter Comments
: Carrying in ranked
Amm the moment when you say ,,Op champs" is the moment when I understood that you are where you need to be. Try to improve and you will get higher rank. Still Lux and Heimer are not good choices for champions if you want to carry. You need something with bigger carry potential. If you want a mage try Veigar, Karthus or Vladimir. These are the mages which can solo carry a game and even with them you still rely on your team (at least not so much). Edit: Garen is a part of the ,,OP champs" right now.
: Is it just me or... (RANTUR)
Don't get too big conclusions for the sion players right now. With this strategy (which btw is really stupid in mu oppinion) Sion got really popular. Also the runes kinda made him one of most flexible picks in the game due to the fact that you can take a lot runes and build paths so this makes a lot none sion mains play him because he is also pretty save. The only thing which I use as an indicator to see good sion player is the usage of his ultimate and also the imagination with which he plays. You can make some really spectacular things with this champions if you know what are you doing.
: What champion is your worst nightmare when extremely fed?
Master, Irelia, Jax, Yasuo, Kha'zix are maybe the worst for me.
: If you've ever considered maining top lane, read this:
Another pointless post where you haven't said anything. Top lane in my oppinion is the most unbalanced lane. There are the cahmpions with the biggest impact on the game when they are meta- Irelia,Darius,Garen,Riven,Fiora etc. I can agree that non-meta top laners are too weak but this doesn't make the lane bad. Also why did you even put the question when you obviously don't wanna hear the community answer.
: 14 Day-Ban
You perfectly know what nowadays results into a ban. Using this abriviation even as a joke is not accepted. And I am sure you know this because there are so many players who have done this mistake and you could at least learn from that. Obviously when somone has reported you there was a reason.The fact that you don't say it to us doesn't make your ban undeserved.
Rock3tt (EUNE)
: Rock3tt - RIOT doesn't care about US I I Got Suspended | League of Legends
I watched your video and I should say that the fact that you have played from 8 years doesn't give you any special rights. Also the fact that others have flamed doesn't mean you can. If they continue they will get their punishment. But I should also say getting insta 14 days ban was a little bit too much. If what you wrote in the video was actually the reason for your ban I think this was pretty harsh.
: I'm dying, and League is all I have.
I know how hard it is to fight with your inside demons who tell you, kill yourself it won't get better or just making you feel like the most useless thing in the world. Its ironic how when I was younger I though that everyone who wants to suicide has just given up. Now I can see the picture differently when I went from my own mental breakdowns where I wasn't able to find a thing to smile at. The difference is that you don't only have psychic but also physical problems which makes the pain a lot stronger. I will be honest with you if I were at your place I am not sure would I have found something to live for. But at least try, try to find those things that will make you feel better. About the parrents I have learned something, its just impossible for the parrents to properly understand their child. This goes for everyone. I mean its normal that you want your child to study to earn a lot money etc. But most of the time child's heart wants different things.
Rioter Comments
ekorkmz (EUW)
: Hi everyone! I've coded midorfeed.net and I would like to hear your thoughts.
Amazing job buddy. I haven't log in this board for a while but after I saw your site I feel like I have to log in and upvote it. I guess this 10 months worthed the efford.
Rioter Comments
: Good video bro keep going
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Instead of bashing on how either the intro is too loud, the colors are odd and you are too quiet (aaand your camera angle is kinda off), I'm going to give you somewhat constructive critisism: First of all, the way you designed this video made it really hard to watch and follow. When talking about a game you either got to entertain by the way you beheave in front of the camera, or show actual footage of the game while talking about it - Not just shortly after talking and then placing random music over it which doesn't fit at all. But sitting infront of a camera (which is lower than your face > which is a bad idea in general) while roughly showing any mimic at all, doesn't add up to the entertainment value of the video. Additionally gameplay keeps entertaining even though the actual content isn't super exiting on its own. And especially in this video, you would've had the perfect opportunity to always show on screen what you are talking about. If you really insist on the facecam, you could also add it in a corner of the video, aslong as you're not doing anything special, there is no need to take the full screen. If you want to keep the current layout, I'd go the harder way and improve on that. One good example would be Sky Williams (or atleast the old videos of him, this one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ4vPCY11eM)
Thank you for the tips and I will try to use them :)
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