: Good video bro keep going
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Instead of bashing on how either the intro is too loud, the colors are odd and you are too quiet (aaand your camera angle is kinda off), I'm going to give you somewhat constructive critisism: First of all, the way you designed this video made it really hard to watch and follow. When talking about a game you either got to entertain by the way you beheave in front of the camera, or show actual footage of the game while talking about it - Not just shortly after talking and then placing random music over it which doesn't fit at all. But sitting infront of a camera (which is lower than your face > which is a bad idea in general) while roughly showing any mimic at all, doesn't add up to the entertainment value of the video. Additionally gameplay keeps entertaining even though the actual content isn't super exiting on its own. And especially in this video, you would've had the perfect opportunity to always show on screen what you are talking about. If you really insist on the facecam, you could also add it in a corner of the video, aslong as you're not doing anything special, there is no need to take the full screen. If you want to keep the current layout, I'd go the harder way and improve on that. One good example would be Sky Williams (or atleast the old videos of him, this one for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ4vPCY11eM)
Thank you for the tips and I will try to use them :)
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Jardine (EUNE)
: This garbage game....
Whenever I read the word "banned" I understood its just another crying baby. At least use arguments next time instead of just blaming the game because you friend got probavly deserved ban according to your attitude and the fact that you are friends.
yasuo2812 (EUW)
: TANK champions
Sorry if I will sound rude but you loos like a really selfish guy. The only players who hate to paly aggainst tanks are the assasins because they can't one shot them (which is the idea). On the other side, playing aggainst assasins is frustrating for most of the other roles (if not all). All assasins have the same mechanics like the tanks. Jump, one skill with huge dmg or easy way to proke electrocute, most of them has stealth and easy escape. The fact that you like these champs doesn't make them special. Also, tanks are extremely weak this season. If you are disagree look at the statistic.
Rstoniuss (EUW)
: Sick and tired now!
I am also sick and tired! Of crying babies who will never apprriciate what they can play for free.
: Rito plz
You just crossed the line! Doesn't matter how bad your jungler was you insulted him directly and made his expirience worse. You didn't insult only your jungler but the enemy jarvan too. You are not the guy who can say what rank are the different players deserve. Is he a master tier playe,r is not your work. Sometimes it is actually easy to get a ban nowadays but you made it so obvious that you deserved. I can't understand why do you even think this is not enough for a ban.
BlueStr (EUW)
: Hi again
You can't have an objective answer. The players who like it will say how good it is the others will say the opposite. In my oppinion, the game is ok at balance point. The level of graphics is increasing every month but this cause some connection problems. And the game is updating and we have a lot new stuff like the Nexus Blits mode. But this is just my oppinion I think you need to play some games and make your own one.
Jökër (EUW)
: Out of curiosity.
Swearing is not bannable on its own. Something as simple af "Fck" won't be a reason for a ban. But if you put a person after that like "Fck you" its automativally bannable because it is insulting the others. The barrier is pretty thin. My tip is don't say anything more than just "Fck". Don't forget that we should have the freedom to write whatever we want, as long it doesn't make the other expirience worse!
Maggusch (EUW)
: Why is zoe even still in the game
Can we hear your oppinion actually? Repeating what Hashinshin and Tyler1 said is not an argument. Do you really think that 45% winrate is a problem? Even if we look at which champions are most frustrating to play aggainst, Zoe would never be on the top. We have Teemo, Yasuo, Fizz, the new old LB, Kha'zix and so many others.
: R E V O L U T I O N
I really can't understand what is so appealing for you to play champions out of their nature. Soraka is a support this is her nature putting her anywhere else is like forcing your dog to act like a cat. One of the changes which I like about League is that champions have their identity and changing it is unrewarded nowadays. Also why do you make the others expirience in ranked terrible? Instead of making the game better you are doing the opposite. There is nothing bad in fighting for something which you think is right, but the way you are doing it is just wrong. You will just piss more players and make the game more toxic. If this is how "better" game looks like for you, CONTINUE.
Renamed12 (EUW)
: Just want to say thank you Riot
Don't blame the game for that you were unable to control yourself and manage your priorities right. I love the game too and play it a lot but I will never put it in a higher place than my friends. In the future learn to control yourself or you can end up addicted to something different a lot more dangerous that a game.
: Season 8 is the worst season ever becuase the 80% of League champions are unplayable because of meta
You are overdramatic. There are really small number of unplayable champions right now, despite other metas. Just because you won't trust me I am gonna go through all of them- Gnar, Ornn, Ivern, Nunu, Galio, Tristana, Kog'maw and Tahm Kench. This is it not that much. Rengar is is a decent spot right now and complaining about him is just childish. Shen is pretty weak though but far away from unplayable. If you are playing the game only for fun go and play only normals there you will rarely face aggainst the meta. And also just please stop including this I will quit element it doesn't make your post more important it just makes you look childish.
: love that GAME
I can't even imagine someone really believes that this is not fake. I checked the youtuber's profile and uploads. Amm he still plays this game, interesting. Just a miseravble cry for views, AGAIN. Some points are right like the addiction factor (which is a part of every game nowadays). Or that Riot wants us to think we can be pro players. But the way video presents this is totally pointless and gets to nothing.
: Petition by Vandiril - Delete Zoe
I can't understand the hate arround this champion. She is one shooting in a fancy way with all these spells. Still really far away from Yasuo,Kha or Zed cancerous level. So yeah I will participate in the petition but will say NO, because there is not a valid reason.
TTashin (EUW)
: Dear League Community *Not Important At All*
This is something which I haven't ever expected to read. It really made me smile. The community needs more people like you so feel as welcome as you want :)
: riot games you are dogshit
You have statred flaming even though you were perfectly aware what could have done. The fact that you were repeating this mistake at least 3 times shows that you haven't learn anything and the dogshit is not Riot but you. You can't flame without reasons. Things like "I didn't even hard flame" are childish so I won't be surprised if you are under 14 years old. The fact that you have spent money on the game doesn't make you special you are getting the same punishment as the other flamers. Obviously, you won't get your account back without a real reason and even then the chances are extremely small.
Eimas (EUW)
: My acc was hacked and pasword changed
Try to go to your e-mail and counter change the password. I have done this ones.
: Dumb things you done
Helping the enemy take dragon with my MF ult. I unintentionally target the drag instead of the enemies who were attacking it.
Moetaro (EUW)
: Whatever man, you arguments are just.... well... whatever.
As I expected you haven't seen the beauty of the game. I hope you will find it one day.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: i dont recall any state when assassins were useless ignite got buffed probably because pro play and money from esports, viewers needs more flashy plays and more actions. assassins only ever problem was lategame where they had hard time catching someone out of the pack and also because if enemy counterbuild then it was very likely he survive the suprise combo AND that in my opinion is how it should be but assassin mains will cry that they cannot jump into 5ppls at 35minute, oneshot 2+ ppls and escape unharmed... the buff to ignite only improved their already strong early game to the point when talon needed W-Q-aa-ignite and you were dead no matter how much hp you had, only maybe barrier+spam of potions could have save you. RIght now the situation is a bit better but we still need to nerf ignite, and lethality. Or rather throw lethality into the thrash bin right away, failed mechanic.
I think Riot needs to be carefull with the cahnges now. Its not needen now lets see how the heal buffs and domination nerfs will work out.
Irarius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChocoParis,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ikfiVJhc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-17T23:39:16.235+0000) > > This will just make so many balancing problems starting from the CD of these new runes. Then we have champions which can just abuse that as hell and at the end if they don't get OP they will be miserable compared to what we have. read again i did not say runes SUMMONER spells
My bad but the idea is the same. This is what I wanted to talk about just I don't know why I wrote runes. If they are not OP then they will be useless
: Finally
The idea is not to have useless assassins, I think.
Moetaro (EUW)
: Just because every moba is a grindfest it doesnt mean that there are no other ways of ranking players in a pvp game. The grinding one, moba style, is the worst imho, since skill is not enough. I understand that Riot needs to make money, and you dont make money if people can go up to diamond in a week and then stop playing untill next season. But that grinding is annoying and unpleasant for me. That's all, I'm sure that there are people that enjoys it, not a big deal.
Its stupid to give the players rank on a team game looking just at their mecahnics. There are so many other things which I think you still didn't understand where the beauty of the Mobas is hidden. For example the teamplay, the game deciding calls, the positive or at least tilt-proof attitude, the right picks not just spamming one champion. Also I wanna apologise for the bad way in which I started my counter arguments. Things like "Let me guess you were unable to "grind" it right?" are not valid arguments. This doesn't mean I am agree with you. Obviously being constant is gonna help you so if you think constand=grimd I am kinda agree.
Irarius (EUW)
: Put old items as Summonerspells
This will just make so many balancing problems starting from the CD of these new runes. Then we have champions which can just abuse that as hell and at the end if they don't get OP they will be miserable compared to what we have.
Moetaro (EUW)
: Mmmm, no. I'm not saying that you cant climb, I'm saying that you need to grind and that this grinding is what this game is about. It is not like wow arenas, where you could get your rank without grinding, only by skill, that doesnt happen here. Here you have to grind, and to grind a lot. A LOT.
I don't care about WoW at all. Its just a normal system every Moba works like that with some changes but the main idea is the same. And to be honest it gives enough time for the new palyers to actually learn before getting b5 -500LP after that its pretty pointless to play ranked.
: I have failed to climb Platinum
Greetings! Since you didn't say what kind of champion do you want ( tank, carry, bruiser) or (hard to play or easier) I can tell you just the statistics. For me meta is changing right now, from the carry top laners to the more tanky one. The moment when we have conqueror nerf is the moment when we will have new tank meta. But it will probably not happene soon. By far i recommend bruisers. Which can carry but even if you are behind you will still be usefull. By far the best ones are Garen and Darius then we have Jax, Kled, Urgot and Renekton. If you wanna risk with a carry champion who can literally 1v9 but also if got behind you will be pretty useless. Your best options are- Gankplank, Cammile, Jayce, Yasuo and Riven. If you want to have a sure picks which are gonna be good no matter what will happen but you won't be able to carry. Then here are the best tanks Cho, Mundo and Malph. If you want my personal oppinion you need to be able to play 2 champs from every class so you can climb constantly and you will have the ability to counter pick the enemy. I would personally pick Bruisers - Garen, Darius Carries- Jayce and Cammile and Tanks - Mundo and Malph. But this is just my oppinion choose whatever you want and GL at your games, hope you will get your platinum soon (still not aggainst me :)
Moetaro (EUW)
: This game is nothing but a big grind, a big big big one
Let me guess you were unable to "grind" it right?
Ibbi (EUNE)
: How Do I Stop Being Toxic?
I can just tell you a bare statistic. It is proved I don't know the % that players who don't flame win more because their teams just simply feel. The emotional state of the player really affect his performance. Whenever you will start flame take something which you can hit hard, then do it, and then take a deep breathe. Everyone will be happier! I am gonna upvote you because of the fact that you realise that you are flaming and you want to change that which is respectfull.
babaphet (EUNE)
: LF Active players to play with us. :)
I will add you but I won't be able to play this weak. After that I will be happy to be a part of your project :)
: Stupid Question
I have a tip for you go play some rankeds and wait untill you find the player who suits you. I know you want your duo partner or with other words your buddy but I don't think it works like that. Go play some rankeds and when you find this guy you will feel it.
sexbog34 (EUNE)
: Do you think that my PERMAMENT ban was deserved?
The first time in my life when I am reading something like this and I think its trully not deserved ban. You didn't offend, or swear, or saying anything different from some criticism and a little bit of a bad humour. I think you have a chance when you talk with the support. The first time in which I will say I hope you will get back your account. There is a little hope so don't give up!
: One idea which 70% of you sure won't like it (not clickbait)
Sounds interesting but when you start thinking so many problems will appear. Even if we ignore the lucky factor which will get even more important the biggest problem will be the stress which will come to the game. This means more flamers (because they can't deal with the stress) this means more trolls (because they can't deal with the flamers) this means worse expirience.
: I'm tired of this game
Try to take a break of how much time you need. Then try to come back.
Kânekí (EUW)
Its kinda late for that, buddy. I recomend you to make new account and show us your new identity which doesn't flame :)
BestGmers (EUNE)
I know his 57% winrate at low elo right now is not a reason to be nerfed. This champion is literally the deffinition of OP instead of these small miserable nerfs he just need a huge one. Nothing more nothing less.
: > Did really ghostcrawler leave? No. He got promoted. He is now Head of Creative Development, which means that he is not working on League directly anymore. He still works for Riot and even before that he was team lead, which means he was mostly responsible for leading the team of designers, not directly working on the design of League. So while it's definitely a big change for him, for us players it doesn't really make a big difference.
Hmm interesting personally I have nothing aggainst him he was following the concept of League's evolution. But if he doesn't change Laeague directly anymore what will he do? Working on new games because to be honest Riot relies only on League to even exist as a company.
: Everyone reads the patch notes, are you %%%%%%ed? You're talking as if reading them equals already being adjusted to them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
There are a tons of youtubers nowadays who are making videos about them when Riot bring the changes to the PBE. You can just go through the patch notes if there is something cancelled or added (which is really rare). I read them personally but I should say there is nothing new and keeping with the game is not that hard as you all are trying to make it look like.
: Yeah changes, they're too frequent and too big/ major so if you think League would be dead without changes just sit back and watch what happens when they give us too many in too short an amount of time.
Dead is a little big of an exaggeration but it would deffinetly have less players. About the changes you can just watch one youtube video for 10 minutes and you know all the changes. Is this really that hard?
: {{champion:142}}
I really can't understand what you want to say. But as I think your point is that the game wasn't fun before, right?
: Dear riot balance team xD
Did really ghostcrawler leave? Or you are joking? And just saying that without all these changes the game would be dead a long time ago. I don't wanna go further about this topic because I have talked with different players about this so many times and at the end they just miss the old League and think that whatever is the best for them is the best for the game.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: When did gold get so horrendously bad?
Everyone has bad series of games. It happens to everyone. Also the meta is like the lane is decided at the first 5 min then the best you can do is just try to passive farm.
VaVoem (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=King Lego,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zKlK88JJ,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-08-13T14:46:18.259+0000) > > This idea is a lot more terrible than that post about the ADC having the right to sell his support (of support is bad) and gain like 1k gold, and get the support player completely out of the match. > > I'm sorry, but once someone gets the 14 day ban, they will be forced to keep in mind that a perma ban is around the corner. > > Hell, I bet this will cause a great ton of players to even quit League for good. > I don't know what main issue you got, whether inting or flaming, but this right here is not even a proper solution. There are bronze players (evem bronze friends of mine) who play the game purely for fun, couldn't care less about climbing or improving, and if your idea gets alive, it will even have them get stomped for....well forever for all I know, and not enjoy the game anymore and quit. Thank you for your reply and i am happy you have the same view about the problem ' Smurfing'
His idea was that if someone is forced to get from high elo to bronzed this will force a lot bronze players to quit. They will simply get stomped over and over this is not attached to the smurf problem.
PzyXo (EUW)
: BE Gifting
It will be perfect for you but not for the others. I mean the idea is to get the champions on your own not by someone else. If they put this they will make their profit less for no reason.
VaVoem (EUW)
: A new way to punish players
The idea is terrible no matter from where its comming. This would literally make League the worst game from new players. Smurfs are more cummon in higher divisions in bronze they are really few and comming just to have fun. You can't demote someone for anything different tahn lost game.
: From Wu San , NA One trick wukong :) Oh sad I can’t comment on the Board discussion because I am in NA But here is my overall argument Wukong in essence is a champion that really tests the fluidity of the enemy team, which is why he shines in lower elo. In low elo, it is very common that adc just go solo farming, without vision, and doesn’t have G.A. Then when they get one shot by a bush Wukong, the would blame the champion for dealing too much damage. Furthermore, a large part of Wukong oneshotting is cloning in bush. This raises the question of why isn’t the enemy support warding up thee unwarded bushes. The most common replies I seen is that “wukong’s duskblade clears the ward”. But even if Duskblade clears the ward, the enemy team still has a split frame to see that Wukong is in that bush. Hence if any adc still gets one shot, that just reflects their poor map awareness. In addition, The bot lane adc and support should also learn how to “counterpick” wukong, meaning that if I selected Wukong, the adc should not pick someone like Jhin, who has negative mobility, or a support like Nami. Instead the Adc should pick someone with at least some form of mobility, like ezeral, or a possible disengage, like Draven. The support should be picking someone who can peel for the Adc or have hard cc like Tahm Kench or leona There the problem with Wukong is not on the champion, but it is on the people now laying against him Also if an adc sees a Wukong on enemy team and doesn’t build GA while staying with team is just absurd to me
I wanna say that you described your oppinion really accesable but I shoud disagree with the most. If this champion starts to shine even in pro play this means that there is something wrong with him, if he really just punishes enemy mistakes which is absurd but I will go to this soon. Counter picking is not a valid argument doesn't matter for what champion we talk about because if the adc and supp pick first or Wuckong is the last pick of the enemy team the entire argument flops. About the warding I am agree but to be honest Wuckong one shots by the combination W + Youmumu you can't do a lot about that. GA right now is a really bad option for adc. As an adc main I can easily tell you that we desperately run for our 3 items + boots spike then we are strong we lose a lot if we slow our build path with 5 min. 5 min which can decide the game. Also GA has really high cd (which is notmal). This makes it extremely irrelevant defence aggainst most of the assasins (with some exceptions like Shaco or Nocturne but Wu is not from them). What makes Wuckong the best assassin for patches is that even grouping is a bad idea. if the enemies have good picks. You can't deny Wuckong's W and ult which if we are grouped is automatic lost in the teamfight while if we stay too far away from each other he can one shot the squishies. Compared to Zed for example who simply does too much damage right now. He can dive probably kill someone but you will have the chance to hit him with a cc skill. Something which is impossible aggainst Wuckong because he has his own cc which continues for 2 sec at least.
Akumu7261 (EUW)
: I agree, thats probably the reason why peopel started to pick vlad, yasuo, 2 ap mages etc on bot, most adc's are stronger in late, not early. The emotes is slippy topic, because yea people use them to tilt enemies, but the feeling after successful gang, where you and laner give each other the like or happy emote is a warm feeling, it boosts my morales and makes me think "yea i can count on him" about that player.
The feeling of warm can be expressed by simple <3. At least adc went back in the game
Akumu7261 (EUW)
: Rise of Toxicity, The "?" Ping and Mindset of Players
What you have written is right for me but I don't see any difference. I think right now everyone is salty because one mistake early in the game is just game-deciding sometimes (but rarely). About the ? ping, even if its removed players will find new ways to tilt their teammates (be sure) this is why I really liked the mute option. One thing I couldn't understand and I expect to read here are the new emotes. There are just made for tilting. I mean what did Riot though that dabbing penguin or Caitlyn which drinks coffee will do. This early game meta puts a lot pressure on everybody. One mistake at the lane phase and you have 5 min nighmare where you will be either destoyed or just outfarmed by a lot. I really hope that the big changes which we will have next patch will help out. At the start this new meta was funny now it really annoys me and I think most of the other players too. I never flame but honestly I started feeling the tilt a lot more frequency than before.
Leaduall (EUNE)
: My last wishes for league of legends community.
This was funny to be honest. There is something called self-control when you can use it correctly you will look at the game at a different edge.
: Unfair?? LOL Wukong top is dead since a long time :) with the amount of tank, and the counters he gets on top. Thats why everyone plays him jungle/ or mid. Dont talk about unfair ult, when almost any tank wins him, and he has no sustain. Garen Q silence you and demolish you while being full tank.. that is fair? Illaoi E ult destroys you, is that fair? x)
Compared to Wuckong yes they are fair. Even if he is in the jungle this doesn't change anything I have seen him everywhere- mid/top/jg. Its all the same. At least he has some terrible top lane matchups which make him terrible blind pick. I mean he has too much CC, one shot, stealth. As I said he really need nerfs and I am happy that they nerfed his dmg and didn't change his kit. Be happy for that because when a champion gets too strong everywhere from bronze to pro play. He usually recive changes to his kit.
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