: Favorite champ and why?
{{champion:78}} because i like sexy girls.
1Caleb (EUNE)
: yes.. and loggin half an hour and nothing
Currently, UPC users have got troubles to communicate with some servers properly. We have to wait UPC' fixing of the problem. Theres no way how to make proper communication, but, there are some methods that can increase **CHANCE** of proper connecting (but it may disconect you anytime during game), for example: 1. Search "cmd" file in your browser, and **open it as an administrator** 2. Enter following code: *ipconfig /flushdns* 3. Restart ur PC
1Caleb (EUNE)
: i can't play lol, on eune, please do something. i wanna play
QuitoLie (EUW)
: The new champions or champion is coming out around patch 5.18 or more
And as Riot said, we didn't get any female champion during 2014 :(
Shaydrox (EUW)
: Rito went full retard
Relax. It's PBE only.
ACY v1 (EUW)
: help mee riot
Try to restart client.
: What Champ do you miss the most?
Karma's R+E casted on minion was too op!
tophackwas (EUNE)
: Best Passive?
The best passives: 1. {{champion:34}} 2. {{champion:78}} 3. {{champion:432}} 4. {{champion:7}} 5. {{champion:14}} 6. {{champion:266}} 7. {{champion:63}} 8. {{champion:20}} 9. {{champion:101}} 10. {{champion:201}} 11. {{champion:96}} 12. {{champion:90}} 13. {{champion:30}} 14. {{champion:69}} 15. {{champion:75}} The worst passives: 1. {{champion:26}} 2. {{champion:22}} 3. {{champion:150}} (control his rage is hard) 4. {{champion:40}} 5. {{champion:60}} 6. {{champion:74}} 7. {{champion:134}} (nothing in early) 8. {{champion:25}} 9. {{champion:12}} 10. {{champion:9}}
: Fair enough, I'll give it a try: 1- Ezreal? 2- Depends. Gnar's singing stops after a while, but his movements continue looping. So I'd say false? 3- 4? 4- True. Zz'Rot. 5- No. Cooking. Clue. (Popeye the Sailor man?) 6- Uhm...the amulet she wears? 7- False 8- Ashe, Olaf & Zilean ? 9- I'd say false. I remember only one major rework (apart from slight changes like buffing/nerfing) which included a large visual improvement. 10- lol Imma guess and say (a) cause I'd say there are less Czech players. 11- False 12- Do you mean a total of 6 times or 6 times each? If total, then I'll say true because shaco couldn't level up his Q in the past. If you mean 6 times each, then I'd say false. 13- It gave a chance to block a certain amount of damage from besic attacks (can't remember how much though) 14- Season 3 I think 15- If you're referring to game modes & stuff they release on PBE, then true but I don't know what it's called. If you mean before the actual Beta of LoL, then I'd say false (unless you're referring to developement of course) 16- False. I think he's Q was on-hit though. 17- TRUE!! Chogath has Battlecast AND Gentlemen Chogath, both of which are legendary :D 18- No idea. 19- Nami 20- Vi?
1 - Zenon 2 - True. Rek'sai does not have looped dance animation. 3 - 6 (including classic skin). 4 - True. 5 - That was hard ask. The rift answer is Nicki Taylor 6 - Moonstone 7 - False (however, Riot wanted to add this Summoner spell into game, but finally he didn't) 8 - You could pick three of following: Annie, Sion, Sivir, Singed, Twistedfate and Lee Sin (however, TF was called cardmaster and Lee sin blind monk) 9 - True - officialy, Kayle was reworked 2 times. 10 - b) - The Ekko was first time teasered as a champion pick quote file in Turkish and Hungarian language. [(click)](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/05/55-pbe-update.html) 11 - False (but there was Snowdown event in 2009) 12 - I thought Karma (before her rework), so true... But my English gramar and expression sucks, so i give you +1 for this ask :) 13 - Yeah, he had % chance to reduce damage taken. 14 - Season 2 (in the same patch that brought lulu too) 15 - True. There was a very short period called "Alpha" (or "Alpha Stage") 16 - False (yeah, his Q was on-hit) 17 - True - Cho 18 - In theory, both True and False are rift answers. Before beta's closing, Flash was reworked and the channeling was removed. But true is the righter answer. 19 - Nami 20 - None 8/20... But my english expression sucks, so i give you additional +1. **9/20** Well, answer to 20 asks is really hard, am I right? :)
: 1: Ashe. It's her taunt to Sejuani. 2: It's called Feint (the shield) 3: No, it's true. It was called Surge 4: Avarosa 5: Hecarim 6: Galio 7: Nocturne. Kevin was one of many patients affected by the nightmare. 8: Sarah Fortune 9: Katarina. He's madly in love with her. 10: It's true and was called Ionic Spark. It gave HP and AS and every third hit did what a fully charged static shiv does. 11: False. Tiamat was for ranged, but not Hydra. 12: It's true. He struck a deal to use a water supply from the freljord for his brewery for 9000 years. 13: Jax 14: Correct. 15: Correct. It was 2009. 16: The old TT had two jungles. In the center was Rez the Lizard Lord. 17: Correct. 18: Leona. 19: Darius. 20: It exists, yes. It's called the Lightbringer. You got 3/20 (not the worst, don't worry :P ) And yes, that's a cool idea and I do know enough HTML to do it, BUT I would have to pay to have the site running, so nah.
yes, I am pro! :D **Revenge!** I am going to test you {{champion:119}} 1 - Who desinged Azir? 2 - True or false: There's a champion that has un-looped animation of his dance. 3 - How much skins owns Maokai? 4 - True or false: There's an item that gives +60 armor and magic resistance. 5 - Who sung the Vi's login theme? (hint: the singer's surname is similiar to word "sailor") (MUHAHAHA SO HARD!) 6 - What Nami brought to her people? 7 - True or False: There existed a Summoner Spell that removed all buffs from targeted enemy. 8 - Name for at least 3 (of 6) champions that was desinged as first. 9 - True or False: Was Kayle reworked multiple times? And if yes, how much? 10 - select the right answer for ask. ASK: Ekko was teasered by champion pick quote files in the PBE server. However, the quotes wasn't contained in all of the languages. In which languages the quotes were teasered **first time**? * a) In Turkish and Czech * b) in Turkish and Hungarian * c) In Turkish and English 11 - True or False: There was a Harrowing event in 2009. 12 - True or False: There is (or was) a champion that can level his Q, W, and E (not ulti) ability six times. If yes, name the champion. 13 - What Sion's old passive was doing? 14 - In which season was Maw of Malmortius released? 15 - True or False: There's a period before Beta. If yes, how it was called? 16 - True or False: Kog'maw's E before Kog's rework wasn't a skillshot, but on-hit ability. If yes, was the slow higher than now? 17 - True or False: There's a champion that has 2 legendary skins. 18 - True or False: In the Beta, Flash had a channeling for its use, but the leap was really further. 19 - Who says: *Sometimes you're the catch. Sometimes you're the bait.* 20 - Which champion that was released in year 2014 was not teasered? MUHAHAHAHA!
: LoL Quiz!
1 - Yasuo think :D 2 - Rly... why shen's W? :D 3 - False. Think that some ss gained Spell Vamp and Lifesteal. 4 - Ashe 5 - Karthus? 6 - I dont know. 7 - Heimer? 8 - Oh, I forgot... T_T 9- ??? 10- False. 11 - True. ~50% maybe? 12 - False 13 - I dont know :-) 14 - 40! I know this! 15 - False 16 - Rly.. I am not playing TT :-) 17 - Proving Grounds 18 - hmm... cassi? I dont know :-) 19 - Sion 20 - I dont know... QQ... does the ITEM exists? Yes, everything wrong :-) P.S. should be nice if you learn HTML language, and make an own website. It should be more transparent, and it should have a time limit (you dont know how long forum visitor was doing this Quiz, while a HTML script can do it).
: About the Magma Chambers
Seems that the Magma Chambers was replaced with the Snowdown Showdown 2013-14 featured game mode.
: What do you think your champion says about you
Karma. {{champion:43}} Because nobody know what they say; that Karma always catches up to them.
: How did you Pentakill?
**First penta in bot game**: With Yasuo, that was ~6 pentas in one game, in s4 **First penta in normal game**: With Kalista, because my support (soulbound) was awesome voli! He flashed and then fighted to give me kills. I was so fcking fed!
Salmighty (EUW)
: Nice!
thanks you And private[ Star guardian lux :3](http://sketchtoy.com/65122920) (i was doing it 15 minutes!)
Phun9837 (EUW)
: ***
[Sae Eleisa Tera Vi! :D (Order of the Lotus Karma :D)](http://sketchtoy.com/65121948) I love this program :D
Salmighty (EUW)
: Lol this bard xD too beautiful :)
I made another one. This is really nicer :) http://sketchtoy.com/65121024
Yaseen9 (EUW)
: he's secretly masturbating...
this is my really awewsome [bard](http://sketchtoy.com/65120991) ^^
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Ekko
definetily assasin. He has a lot of leaps, strikes, etc. And he might be mage - the time theme seems too "magical"
: VAYEN can Q to get out from j4 catclysme
[ :)](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Vayne#Tumble) Click on Ability Deatils [Show] :)
: Why rito
Bro, sorry but u cant play so u cant be gold. Just check this game: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1149649025/202974337?tab=builds * No wards * No support item * Stupid Items * Stupid Masteries * Stupid Runes And as Graves, you was building only AD. So you purchased {{item:3139}} and your enemy was not zed or fizz etc... against these champions is Mercurial Sabre working. Please, fix these problems first....
: Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides
: Which champion do you NOT want to see in the enemy team?
saveguc69 (EUW)
: ***
Hmmmm... Please, translate following sentences to Bulgarian and Russian language: Welcome! Am I good? I am saying.
: Karthus Ulti U.R.F 180 sec cooldown
it is sometimes bugged when you use an ability after revive immediately
: Rank your urf champions!
{{champion:30}} deals tons of damage, uses Q every tick ;)
Flue (EUW)
: got 6300 ip , and 1820 rp.
{{champion:101}} is currently very OP and his new skin on the pbe is really nice :-)
: Dota 2 report system
bye bye (now all imagine Jinx' quote when she uses ulti)
: The only thing fun about URF is the trolling .-.
killing is fun too
Kaliikl (EUNE)
: lets see tomorrow nurf
I hope that NURF will be tommorow (no, I am not schmoe). It looks like very cool mode, like other modes.
: They are trying to encourage players to roam more when they are using {{champion:432}}
yeah but bard is support {{champion:201}} so I think that Riot can make him better as support. On PBE, there are buffs for his damages ( but every support needs damages, I agree (not ironic)), but he also needs some changes for his unbalanced W. And his passive grants him mana... But that's only MISSING mana... So you can collect one chime to get back mana, and then you can go to create a new shrine, and then back to collect chimes. Btw chimes are giving only 20 XP, think that it is not so much, to be level 14 you needs 1480 XP, everybody thinks that if he collects 10 chimes so he will better level, but you need collect very very much chimes. So I think that XP from his passive can be also buffed a bit (to 30 XP).
: If you look at PBE you'll see that magicall journey will not cost any mana anymore so he will have more mana for the shrines
Yes, I know. But I usually use his E to get chimes, so idk if his E costs mana. But I think that his W is more applicable, and I use it more times than his E.
So, you had one of the best KDA. You probably said "report my team, feeders only" (btw reports for feedings are only if it is deliberately), or when you won the game, you probably said "gg easy".
Rioter Comments
Netavio (EUW)
: R is actually a homage to old Xerath, since before xerath was updated he was my main and i played him a lot. But now that riot have simplified Xerath i haven't played him as much.
well, new xerath is OP. After release of {{item:3285}} , he became my main, he is unstoppable and every game have possitive KDA.
Netavio (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Gargalon - The Volcanic Artillery
Hello to you, Well, I quite like him, mostly his unique attacks, but I think that he currently needs much work. This is my critism: * Think that 625 range is too much for tank * Yeah, I like his unique attacks... But they are unusable. Increase passive's radiius (to ~100). * Why unusable? Because all champions can very simple run from its radius. * Yes, I know, his W+R are increasing its radius, but he is the most useless champion as level 1 (more useless than Bard!) * Q is nice, but think that it's projectile speed can be increased a bit * Just imagine an enemy with any kind of boots with alacrity. So simple run, the stone can ifnitiely follow them. (Would be nice see 250 Qs that are following the same enemy xd) * W is nice! * E is nice too, but it's passive is broken. * R needs a huge nerf * Because of very simple backdoor * Because of very simple killing enemies under the turret * Because of (maybe) killing AFKers on the fountain * Because of simple stealing Drake * It looks like old Xerath's W. It was removed from the game, so I am not sure that Riot will accept ur ultimate. Don't be huffy of my feedback, it's very nice idea, but it needs much work. And please check my [suggestion](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/3bnJEEHE-tiasia-the-terror-of-the-tides) :-)
Magymorph (EUNE)
: Nest URF Suggestion
and reduce Death Recap duration by 100%.
: Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides
: I think NURF mode could be fun, providing they disabled Riven, Katarina and Yasuo.
and other 121 champions.
: You are not allowed to post summoner names here! It's called naming and shaming and can get you punished. Please remove the name(s) and read the [rules](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/TELEBnr1-universal-rules). Thank you.
Can be a following warring that is showed for a player that is creating a thread for Player Behaivor discusion:
: The concept seems very nice, though I have a few things to note. I like how you tie her lore to other champions, but Riot aren't very fond of going for fan creations that go as far as making someone who is like family related to an already existing champions. I originally planned for [Kruularion](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/TfmzjoTs-champion-suggestion-kruularion-the-spectral-consumer-thread-remake) to be Thresh's servant, but it was too much. Lore wise - connections with already existing champs is best to be subtle, and not something so directly involved. I'd reccoment making her stats you should make their progression. Think the final amount you want to have then split it up into parts that increase with an equal amount per level. Same goes for skills. As for the skills...I didn't quite manage to fully understand them, because of the presentation. ^^' So this is what I understood: Passive: Other than gain "resourse"(billows) while facing a person I did not understand what the passive does. Q - You become immobile and silence people around you W - You throw a skilshot like {{champion:56}} 's Q/{{champion:96}} 's E - and it leaves a line that slows enemies(that slow seems way too huge, especially for a regular skill. I think it's even bigger that the slow on {{champion:412}} 's ult), and you can reactivate the ability to swim the lenght of the line that is left, knocking away enemies along the way E - You become immobile and heal allies around you and yourself R - Buffs your other skills like {{champion:43}} 's ult Like I said, think of the final amount of damage and other stuff and distribute it along the levels you upgrade said skill. Maybe scale down the slow % on the W line, and 7% seems like a small AP scaling for the heal of the E, I'd say buff it up to 20-40%. But the thing I would reccomend most is to try and make the thread text more clear, maybe ask a friend to write it, because it is rather confusing to read through. And often times when people see text they can't actually comprehend they just abandon the thread. I hope I have been useful, and thank you once again for checking out Kruul. :3
well, thanks for your feedback. I will try to make Tiasia readable, and I will nerf movement speed reduction from her w, but ap scaling for her e not, because the healing is doubled for Tiasia and I don't want to make her support.
: Her mantra W doesnt scale with ad or lifesteal. Yea it heals her but it's nothing spectacular really. Annie has 575 range on her aa which is higher than normal adc range (used to be 625). She has stun that is point click and some tankiness and really nice base damages. On paper everything looks great but tbh ad annie is not that bad of a pick in a normal game.
well, I go try AD Annie in ranked xD
: Funny cause annie is the best adc out of champs you mentioned. Nida maybe better sometimes.
hmm, are you sure? For example you cannot kill AD Karma with high lifesteal. If she uses on you Manted W, she will receive ~700 health per second. Well, Bard probably not. But xerath can be adc. Great stun, and great damage in early that can feed him.
: Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides
: 1 Champion for all the roles?
think that {{champion:43}} , {{champion:76}} , {{champion:1}} (she can't adc) , {{champion:432}} , {{champion:101}}
: Champion Suggestion: Kruularion The Spectral Consumer (Thread Remake)
nice suggestion! Liked both abilities and lore! Only think that can be changed is reduction of his W when he slains / assist an enemy champion (would be nice if you increase it to ~5 seconds). And also, I agree with udixx. Can be more transparent ;). And please check by [suggestion](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/3bnJEEHE-tiasia-the-terror-of-the-tides) :-)
Xavyus (EUW)
: Good champion you made!! I really like the lore and her connection to nami!!!!
Thanks you for your feedback! I was doing this suggestion for at least 2 weeks. And finally someone likes it! (and told me that) The last time - thanks!
: Tiasia, the Terror of the Tides
Can be a new summoner spell that resets cooldown for your ultimate (or reduce its cooldown by 50%-90%). Cooldown ~7-15 minutes. Can be very effective for some champions to make a nice combo: * {{champion:30}} Karthus: * Double ultimate? Why not! * gives him back to meta * {{champion:238}} Zed: * One target can have double ultimate, deals epic damage. * {{champion:432}} Bard: * Infinitely statis! * Probably increases his win ratio * Well, he does not have some supportive summoner spells now? As i said! Double statis! And much more! Effective for everyone!
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