Shamose (EUW)
: Weird, tickermaster is saying I can still order tickets. I can select a stand and multiple seats and it takes me to the payment screen.
Shamose (EUW)
: There are still tickets available though.
I went on ticket master. They look like they are available, but down below it says ''Sold out'' even though they aren't sold out. So you can't buy.
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Maiziea (EUW)
: Why would they remove blind pick when more people play blind than draft? Just because you, a minority, don't like blindpick doesn't mean everyone hates it. I'd like it if they bring back draft because a lot of people from draft are toxic in blindpick so they can stay in draft imo, but these threads are starting to trigger me.
''Minority'' What minority is exactly a 90/10% of players?
Badabooam (EUNE)
: Take back Normal Blind Pick and give us Normal Draft Pick
Yes please fucking kill me blind pick makes me want to take a fork and stick it in my eye ball. Yes that is savage but just FUCK blind pick.
: ***
> You are without a doubt one of the most stupid and ignorant people I've ever ducking seen holy shot are you fucking 12? Very similar to how any blind pick player would rage in the champ select :> > but do you not fucking understand that you don't KEEP the queue with significantly few players and REMOVE the one with the most. Have you ever heard of ''Quality over Quantity'' ? Because Blind pick and Draft pick is exactly that. Would you rather join a game where everyone knows where they are going discuss if they want to swap, counter pick their opponents, discuss the strategy, their picks, build a team comp. OR you could have a queue where you join a lobby where 4 people call mid, they all lock mid as well, A random guy just goes ADC and you do that 5 more times because someone dodges Please just fuck off.


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