: D3 in China and i find it hard to climb in plat elo EUW
Do you have any proof of your current rank in any Chinese server through any third party website?
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Santinel (EUW)
: Can we talk about Kalista
I think fixing Kalista should start with smoothing out her gameplay, namely fixing Rend, because it causes AA timer to drop after usage. It makes her cluncky.
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: Man, in spite of the many nerfs, it has been picked in worlds. You will be grateful already if it will not be nerfed further because of that. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
At least he isn't overwhelmingly picked and banned, so he's in an alright spot for Riot I assume. We can all remember last Worlds where he was picked or banned so damn often alongside Urgot.
: I am curious why Panth is perma banned in worlds
He's got very few bad lane matchups, and almost all of them are pretty weak for pro play like Darius. Only Irelia is a pro play champion who can beat Panth in lane. His early game is among the strongest of all champions in the game right now - some may argue that is even better than Renekton. His semi-global ult ult can impact other lanes very well, and he provides a lot of useful stuff like a point-and-click stun and total damage immunity in target direction. I'm not kidding - not even a Cho'Gath ult can kill you if he's eating you while you're using Aegis in front of him. He's not the best late game for sure, but you can still work around that a bit with a build change towards more of a bruiser Panth (something I do). But pro players can comfortably go for Lethality and have a higher likehood to snowball the lead and end the game.
: The likes of {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:3}} have been picked too, which is surprising considering that they pass for overnerfed too.
Gangplank actually got no nerfs this season. The last nerf he got was in 8.4 - that's over a year and a half.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Will League Voice be available after the Clash lock in phase?
As far as I can remember, you do stay in voice chat after the lock in phase.
Axel (EUNE)
: Braum would've given you both Guardian and Glacial bonus. Anyways, too bad you didn't hit 7-6 :(
But I already had Glacial bonus because of Sejuani and Frozen Mallet on Varus. Xd
Silent Note (EUNE)
: You can just press F12 and your screenshot automatically gets saved in your League folder.
Might take your advice next time. Thanks for the tip!
: Why keep the fiora ? u don't have blademasters.
I mostly kept her because of Noble, but I guess you made me realise I could replace her with Pantheon instead to get the Guardian bonus. Would also probably provide more damage overall. But I didn't think of it back then.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had a League of Legends Death Note
Maybe only to ban someone who threatened the meantal health of my teammates.
: most frustrating role?
ADC, but mostly when I have to play AP because other lanes are dealing physical damage. It's usually... frustrating. While there is Kai'sa, I still prefer full AP champions in certain situations like in lane matchup, unless you want to tell me Kai'sa is so op she fits in every team comp.
: just played mundo jungle and it was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen
I do remember watching one video of Diamond Mundo Jungle main, and it was oddly satisfying by how he could farm jungle with ease.
SpasmenoS9 (EUNE)
: Riot stop nerfing Akali
Just reduce the duration of her shroud to maybe 3 seconds, with maybe readding shroud duration increase, but by htting E in it. The current problem that still exists is that she is an assassin, but her shroud lets her act as some sort of a tankier champion aswell, zoning enemies and putting tons of pressure. There are tons of pro clips that show how an Akali inside her shroud zones enemies effectively because of her killing threat. She should have damage, that is undeniable. But until Riot nerfs her shroud harder, she will keep getting damage nerfs just because she can zone enemies like a bruiser. Or maybe it is their direction to embrace her zoning and "bruiser" capablilities, but I don't think it will make her healthy in a long run.
: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
T0rr (EUW)
: I mean if you look at it, he looses alot of defense and sustain in it but GLP can also make a comeback because of it, yet the whole way of working around your W was the most interesting about this champion. I could deal with his W slowing down after the first 3 seconds but, like this I just don't see the point. Atleast buff the passive or not remove the E passive. I'm really double sided about the changes, but he just feels a little like Neeko to me hit Q then pop W wait for it to stop then retreat and repeat. That's all I see in it. Teamfight you just R them into your W.
I wouldn't mind having another Neeko, because I love playing Neeko xd But I will kinda miss passive movement speed from your E, because it was decently useful if a wave crashed under your turret and you could get there faster to get at least some cs.
T0rr (EUW)
: The Aurelion Sol Changes
I mean... I'm happy that it deals with one of his toxic problems being constant wave push at level 1. What people misunderstand is that you can still keep your stars orbiting at higher speed after maxing W, because the new spin lasts for 3 seconds, and the cooldown is 2 seconds when maxed out. So the new W is still technically an older W, but only at max rank.
: I don't think Kayle is that good as a support right now. She scales better with attackspeed/ad right now and her early to midgame are very weak with the AP builds. Her numbers just aren't their yet to build her AP. As far the enchanter build goes. I think it's alright but still hard to pull off the build probally goes something like {{item:3174}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}}{{item:3165}} {{item:3102}} and only pick her against heavy AP comps as support. As far the catcher build goes that might work better for her with things like {{item:3030}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3905}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3157}} etc...
In my all four games of Kayle support this season, I did rush Ardent Censer for good amount of AP and a good buff when healing, because it helps both your adc and you with bonus on-hit damage and attack speed. I did then buy Athene to reach a little over 100 AP to get slightly more movement speed from W and even more damage. I think I also built Shurelya for even more AP, CDR and movement speed. I once was tempted to go Glacial Augment, with which your build would work. But I always defaulted on Summon Aery for more damage early game and slightly more healing later.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Ya, she is good. I tried her when she was stronger, but didn't know how to play her early game. Like any game that my adc didn't die in first 5-10 minutes with her late game was just too good; get level 11 and 16, few items and she literally 1v1 anyone. If her early game is made stronger or atleast have heal cd reduced, I will pretty much one trick her :) Because most of the games goes beyond 30 minutes, as long as base doesn't fall, she can even solo-carry(as support) I think.
Sadly no mentioning of lowered W cooldown on PBE and also no changes in Cooldown of ehr ultimate, but she should still feel stronger as a support because of gaining 525 range at level 6. I usually have built normal support items like Ardent Censer on her to give her enough AP for decent basic attacks and 40% CDR for more healing. In terms of playstyle, pick Targons as your supp item. Max E first for more pressure in lane. Use Q for slow and resistance shred. Heal with W for movement speed. Ult when an ally is in danger or when the AoE hits.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Malzahar Support-Isn't it good?
But... what about trying Kayle Support? As someone who played her as support, she is rather fine, but I'd probably wait until her PBE changes come live (ones which change the bonuses you get from your passive aswell as reduced CD on your ult).
: Why is botlane so horrible now...
I actually don't play much against mage supports, and even then you can still play around it, albeit with some more annoyance. Bot lane is also a diverse role now - you aren't restricted to marksmen anymore, but you can play other stuff like mages, melee carries and even bruisers (but only with Yuumi).
: Yep, he’s outright dead in top abd support and yet riot keep nerfing him cause people can’t learn counter play vs top Kench
> Yep, he’s outright dead in top abd support and yet riot keep nerfing him cause people can’t learn counter play vs top Kench I bet not because of that, but because of pro play.
: But why do I have to change it constantly?
It's something you would get used to eventually if you don't want to spend 6300 BE on a runepage.
: 5 ok, but I have 2. So ?
You can reserve the first page for Precision, Domination and Sorcery while you can reserve the other page for Resolve and Inspiration.
: Infinite Rune Pages
You absolutely don't need like 20 pages, because in the end they would feel similar. You could argue to have one for each keystone, but isn't it more economic and easier to just have up to five - one for each primary tree - and then change keystones on them?
: > The next Midlaner can remove entire walls from the game permanently. They tested that on taliyah... didn’t feel great to use. > The voli rework will be completly immune to hard cc.(Oh wait thats allready happening never mind). A god in smite already has this, jormundgunder (I butchered that spelling, the world serpent from Norse mythology)... hasn’t actually caused any issues. The trick is that it’s not immunity to hard cc persay, it’s converting hard cc into soft cc... namely slows. So while yes you can’t stun him, but that stun becomes like a 95% slow or stuff like that... so if your just standing there brawling with him you won’t be able to use cc, but he is still kitable and can still be peeled off carries. > the fiddle rework can fear an entire team by walking to them. Still fairer than his current fear.
It's spelled Jormungandr. I did play some SMITE, so I can help you out in that regard.
: So I need some micro seconds to go full real stealth, okay, thanks. Any thought on her AD build on the toplane? Building always {{item:3146}} first, but then going something like {{item:3078}} and {{item:3161}} and {{item:3053}} ?
I can't exactly say, becuase I'm not much of an Akali main, but I guess these items can work. Maybe drop out Shojin, becuase while it does let you cast an additional shroud within a short amount of time, you still want to commit to killing a squishy when ulting. Also her Q and E are mediocre with Shojin passive. The rest is good.
: I have a doubt about Akali's W
About enemies auto-attacking you, it was one of first nerfs to Akali actually. It changed the functioning of her shroud so that auto attacks still proc even in you go inside the shroud.
Zineus (EUNE)
: yeah, but has 46% winrate in solo Q? :D
Azir is meant to be mechanically intensive, albeit to some slightly lesser extent than Riven or Yasuo, but still extremely hard. You gotta position very well, execute his combos, place soldiers in right places and so on. And that is his beauty - he feels like a true general. There must be champions with much higher skill ceiling to appeal to players who prefer challenging themselves. But sadly he's currently too good in the right hands that there aren't as many counters to him even if Tristana mid is rising in popularity as an answer to Azir and Corki. Pros will just pick him, because he can secure decently easy wins and he's pretty hard to deal with. Look at the second match between REC vs PRD in Ultraliga Season 2, and you might understand what I mean. Selfie was playing Azir and caused a lot of trouble for PRD even though the enemy team stole both Baron and Elder Dragon. He was the sole reason his team could still snatch a win even if two huge steals occured, because he was applying so much pressure.
Clownster (EUNE)
: Clash
If I remember, Riot confirmed it will come back.
Zineus (EUNE)
: Azir buffs please :(
You must be drunk. If you were to watch any pro matches right now, Azir appears in almost every game. He has little counterplay, and only a few champions can even stand against him. Only Corki seems to have equal impact as him.
: Can I get banned for picking MF?
I didn't get banned for playing Veigar ADC, so I assume you shouldn't get banned for playing ap mf as long as you're trying to win.
Asention (EUW)
: Do you think AD Assassins are too strong?
: Why is morde disabled in pro play but not in ranked games
Because he can be countered, but people refuse to try counter him. Maybe he is strong, but there's still a way to counter him.
: What's Your Favourite TFT Champion?
Draven, because he can solo carry games pretty consistently, and I like creating comps revolving around him.
: Is it ok for me to go Veigar and steal all my adc's kills and farm?
Shamose (EUW)
: Swap out Sivir for Xerath. Give xerath his W which will slow Attack speed a bit on hit. Swap out Renekton Ult for his Q and have him hit enemies around him and healing himself. Then I'd say that the Shuriman buff would be: > When Shurimans get to full mana they become ascendant gaining x amount of health and X amount of AD. Maybe even a damageing aura but I think that is a bit too much.
That would mean a farewell to Azir if Xerath was in place of Sivir. I personally used Rene's ult as his ability becuase while Q would've been good for him, it would cause problems with finding a good class for him. Shurima isn't known for Knights and Glacials, and I already reserved the Brawler spot for Nasus. Of course, they can be swapped around, but I like the infinite scaling potential of Nasus, as it's something iconic for him. Also enjoying your Origin buff, looks very promising. I assume it would last for the rest of the match after gaining full mana once, but then you can cheat it with Mana items, potentially causing some problems.
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: Why do people play Qiyana in ranked right now?
Of course, it sucks to have somebody play a new champion after it's in the game for just few days, but do not overthink it. If you're going to lose with a noob Qiyana on your team and your goal is to progress in rank, just deal with the loss and accept that it'll take slightly longer to achieve your goal. Also take every game with or against Qiyana as an opportunity to learn how to play with her and how to potentially counter her.
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: i think tft caused long queue times in SR!
TFT is the sole reason people aren;t keen on playing on SR right now. That's why the queues to TFT are so short, but are long to SR.
Mártir (EUW)
: The importance of both Champ Select, and Macro game/Decision Making... More than "Skill/Mechanics"
I'm still surpirsed that many people in ranked will usually pick their best champion and ignore the importance of trying to suit to your team's needs or trying to counter enemy team comp. I understand that people will have champions they will feel more comfortable on, but come on! Don't ne afraid to expand your champion pool! Especially adc players (like me) - do not strafe away from trying to play some unothordox champions!
: I just hit 52 % winrate on Velkoz (Happy)
: i reckon they don't want g2 to keep dominating because they are the only ones that are capable of pulling off pyke outside of the support role
GRF Viper: Hold my beer.
: Nerf Trynda Fast
Tryndamere is very weak to the point that Gnar, who is currently pretty weak despite his buffs, can deal with him decently well.
Quinterro (EUW)
: It was in Kraków (Cracow) not in Katowice.
: What exactly is the point you are trying to make? Are you angry it isn't in Denmark of Poland? I genuinely can't tell.
No. It was to prove that person whose comment was removed that his statement on Poland not hosting any EU LCS events was false. He said Poland didn't host any, and I'm trying to explain that Poland did. I'm not mad that this split finals will be in Athens, such a beautiful city that could amaze players when travelling.
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