Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Sure But you being polite ain't gonna get your account back
It is true but i gotta fight for it since everything is possible.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That's not very polite, is it?
I wasn't polite at that moment but in general i'm polite.
: Jeah, sure, not everyone is going to do that shit. But some will. So it's obviously not worth it ;-(
Why? If someone who will troll/int will be banned, and some who don't won't be. Isn't that just wise?
: > I realized the seriousness too late. Well, unlucky I guess. It literally states on the 14day ban card, that the next one is permanent, and that you should be EXTREMELY careful with what your next actions are. > you just don't understand. I'm not you. You're not me indeed. I managed to remain an honourable player since season 1. Do you know all the shit I had to endure, all the insults that I had to let go in order to protect my account ? And to be honest with you, it was pretty easy. I'm a grown man, I can tell the difference between something that affects me and something that doesn't. In-game insults, or the poor performance of others, never had an effect on my life, in any way. I just don't care. Perhaps you should have been a bit more like me, or the other 99%+ of the playerbase, who didn't get permabanned. I understand perfectly. You failed, and now you wanna weasel out. How about for once, you take the punishment as a man, like you should. Just like in life, there are no second chances here. And you're responsible for your actions. The sooner you learn this lesson in life, the easier things will be for you as you move forward.
That was a powerful comment from you. Thank you a lot, i guess i was unstable because of my puberty, i'm just 15 years old so. Sad for me. I will try to live it out but i guess i will try to ask my acc at the same time from Riot. But thank you, you deserve respect! So about your comment that i have to be careful after a 2-week ban. I know that i had to and i really tried. But I'm so addicted to League that even when i realize that i'm tilted af i keep playing. I mean i invest all of my freetime in the game (that is bad too). I wish i could have one more chance though, because i would literally unbind chat button and that kind of stuff, tell my friends that i will give them money if i get banned. Extremely sad of this turning out like that for me :( Still feel bad about it.
: They get permabanned. The point is: Why not banning them before they have to resort to trolling / inting (which is way harder to detect) because they can't express their anger in chat?
Because i personally won't int or troll. I would just enjoy the game without chat. Idk about others
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Your account has 0 chance of unban That's how the rules work If they unbanned you, they would have to unban everyone. And that wouldn't work Should've read the report card better. Because it very clearly says that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban You had more chances than usual to reform, but you still went and got permabanned And don't you tell me to be more polite. You're the one who had 2 chat restrictions, 2 14 day bans and got permabanned
I'm polite but i got toxic because i got trolled. I couldn't hold it and told them how i thought.
: They already tried that. After people knew they wouldn't be able to get rid of the chat restrictions, they stopped caring and started trolling / inting instead of flaming
Why wouldn't inters and trollers get permbanned? instead of permbanning a toxic player?
: I personally wouldn't give another chance to permanently banned people. As in, I'd implement ID bans. Yes, I know it's not currently possible, especially with the internet caffe and shared home-PC scenarios, but still. If someone gets a chat restriction (first warning), and a 14day ban (2nd warning), it's pretty clear that he just doesn't wanna act according to the TOS. Players like that don't deserve to enjoy the game. I find it problematic that ppl can create N number of smurf accounts, and ruin other games with their toxic bullshit. Some of us forgot, that this is a free to play game. We forgot to appreciate it. Some of us are trying SO HARD to get banned, while they are given everything. You can literally go iron 4 to challenger 1400LP from a fresh lvl30 account, without skins/ without spending a cent in this game. And this is still not enough for some. Pathetic.
I miss my skins and the account name, you just don't understand. I'm not you. I want to stay in the gold and play again. I couldn't take the bans seriously because i played other games like cs where bans would just stack. I realized the seriousness too late. I need the very last chance to prove i'm not wrong.
: And what if they are toxic in normals? That doesn't solve any problems, it only shifts the problems to another game mode. Edit: The majority of the player base plays normal / aram / bots only.
If they would give chat mutes or chat restrictions for time. I mean that Riot can make more bendy ban system which would be better
: > Please give more chances. Chance 137: Hope this time you will learn your lesson. -_- For real now... You already said that you had so more chances and you still got permanently banned. You are the example who counter your own idea: If you can't change after 4 punishments then you will never gonna change.
No, the thing is that i couldn't take them seriously and that's my big big bad. I woke up when i got permbanned and that is the problem, and everything else i need i the last chance from now on.
: Riot already tried other options and even gave some accounts back.. and with that problems wern't solved. It got worse by then. Be glad you got 2 2 weeks ban, and even that wasn't enough for you.... And you got one more chance when you recive a 2 week ban so... i guess you understand the problem with that as well. So make a new account, and if you really changed then you wouldn't get in trouble any time soon.
I've made a new account, but i can't play. I don't have much blue essence to buy my champs and they don't drop from capsules. Additionally i miss my skins and that is the reason i'm active here. I want to get my account somehow. I can prove it, i really do. The only thing i need is the last chance. And don't worry SAO Heathcliff, i really am glad that riot games gave me many chances. But as i said, i need the last.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Few years ago there was a different ban system where the bans would just stack etc That didn't work, so perma bans became a thing They aren't 100% effective either but they're better than the old system because now some toxic people actually leave the game after a perma ban. And that's what riot wants Honestly, you had 2 14 day bans and 2 chat restrictions and you still didn't reform after those? I don't believe you would reform if you got unbanned (which ain't gonna happen) You were well aware that the next offence will lead to a permanent ban (It clearly says that on the report card)
Yea i know, but if i had a chance i could prove that i've reformed, really. I also know that i was an idiot who got suspended a lot but still were toxic. I've made mistakes and i know it well, don't hate me though. I'm not toxic anymore after i got the ban, I support people a lot nowadays. I've bond my soul with that account and i need the very last chance with it. Trust me, i've became a completely different person and i want Riot Games to help me. Btw Arcade Lulu, be more polite because i felt very bad when you said that my account doesn't have a single chance of unbanning. I want to tell you honestly that i don't pay that much attention to those reform cards and in the past i played games like CS:GO where the bans would just stack like you said, so that is the reason. Now when i know the seriousness of League, i'm ready to prove everything. I've done wrong, and i hate myself because of that. Everyday i imagine playing on my account and i miss it. Help me please
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