Cypherous (EUW)
: You called for a report, thats reportable, collect enough valid reports and you earn a ban, pretty straight forward
LOL, every player asks for report all the time. Have you ever watched streamers? They ask for reports at least 3 times per game.
Vayneiac (EUNE)
: Spectating bug??
Delete LeagueClientSettings.yaml from the config folder, it solves the issue.
: SO lots of people are going on about how Mordekaiser is OP...
Firstly, you shouldn't use because it has false stats. According to Riot has the most accurate statistics. Secondly, you are listing champions that are not even played. E.g. Kog'Maw was played 7,577 times in plat+, Aurelion Sol 5,682 times, Maokai 8,508 times, and so forth. They are barely played because they are weak. Of course they won't be nerfed. Meanwhile Morde was played 108,717 times with 13.59% pick rate, 75.1% ban rate and an oppressive 53.46% win rate in plat+. He has the 2nd highest win rate around this pick rate. He is op, he needs to be nerfed.
: Ping 1K + dc
My ping is over 300ms even in the practice tool. I started a coop vs ai, it was over 900ms. It all started yesterday.
Memuru (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion, but I'm firmly defending NB3 in this, and I'm not even a major fan of his. Please hear me out, I think you'll most likely agree. He definitely gets far too carried away quite often, especially if something triggers him. I selected overreaction in poll however, because tbf seeing a roaming Teemo support would be an automatic trigger for most of us, and that guy playing it is clearly very aware of this fact and is potentially revelling in it lowkey. I strongly believe he needs someone from Riot to tell him personally that his behaviour is out of order, so he can be better. I think anyone would agree that successful streamers like him do deserve to get a personal warning rather than be slapped with a penalty, since he does it full time and a penalty will bear major financial consequences to him. In turn, this may have major impact on him mentally for the duration of the ban. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm sure he can understand, apologise and improve. Sorry for commenting even though you said to not, but 'should receive a personal written warning' was not one of your options. :) EDIT: Thanks to everyone who is joining this discussion with me. I'm sorry for not being more clear, I do believe that NB3 deserves to be punished - I've decided I would give him a 2 week ban from streaming LoL. Also, knowing more about the Teemo player I fully believe he deserves to be unbanned and should receive apology and compensation from Riot. Btw, I played almost exclusively Teemo support in seasons 4 and 5 :D
> I strongly believe he needs someone from Riot to tell him personally that his behaviour is out of order, so he can be better. I think anyone would agree that successful streamers like him do deserve to get a personal warning rather than be slapped with a penalty, since he does it full time and a penalty will bear major financial consequences to him. Why would a guy who makes a lot of money and I mean A LOT OF MONEY from playing the game deserve more special treatment than a schoolboy who spent his limited money on his account? If a kid gets carried away a little after a bad day he loses his account, his skins, his money, all of his effort. That is okay but if a rich streamer is purposefully toxic and breaches many rules, he just deserves a second chance? Wtf
: Why are the majority of female champions "OP"
I don't know what you are talking about. Jax and Jayce (Urgot) were the most broken toplaners for years and they are still very good. Now Aatrox and Tahm Kench are dominating toplane. Yasuo was and always will be the most broken champion in the game. Alistar was the best support for a very long time, now Taric seems to be op with a mage adc. Best adc-s are females now yes, after Lucian and jhin were op for a long time.
: These trial ARAM 'balance' changes.
If Aram was ever random. 15/20 you get champions from the free rotation pool and the rest comes from the same 4-5 champions. Bans are needed becaue some champions have no place in Aram e.g. Pyke, Ziggs, Lux.... they are unfair and break the game. I disagree with the other changes though.
qko pate (EUNE)
: So Riven...
Explanation: Riot does not destroy a champion just because you are a hater. "Riven is not an ok champ its obvious to everyone that isnt a Riven main.." Pretty bad self-justification.
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: POPPY. That girl is rivens worst nightmare, besides an armor stacking malphite who maxes w.
Poppy is not that bad actually. Once you get to know the matchup she is quiet manageable. A good Jayce on the other hand... now that is a nightmare, not just for Riven, for everyone.
: Pls nerf Riven
Search for the discussion I opened earlier named "The Riven-paradox". If you can give me logical answers for my questions there, I happily agree with you on this.
: Link your main and then we talk, for all I know the only games you have played in the last month are bot games, 7 ARAM games and 2 URF games. Is it not a fact that you have very little knowledge of the game because you don't play Ranked? Is it not a fact that if you were put in charge of balance changes you would %%%% everything up because most balance changes are intended for ranked and not mini modes?
I have 4 accounts for pvp games you dumb %%%%. Most of the players have. I played bot games on this one because it was the fastest way to accomplish missions. How stupid you are seriously? You dare to come here and complain about EUW boards and act like this? Look over these comments and quess who is the biggest jerk here. You are complaining about strong arguments then you offend others without a reason? Top of the cake: I never check other players accounts here because it does not make their statements more valid or less valid. However, because you are so eager about it I checked yours: YOU ARE BRONZE 1. LMAO People would think someone who has such an attitude like you at least. Diamond 1 or above. Then here you are BRONZE 1. A BRONZE 1 is trying to lecture others if they can or cannot disguss something. A BRONZE 1 thinks he is so qualified he can boss people around here. xD I cannot stop laughing. At least I know now why you think SoS needs a nerf:D Do not ever talk to me again...
: YOU LITERALLY PLAY BOT GAMES ARE YOU KIDDING ME. people that don't play ranked should never post on a "champions and gameplay" board. Jesus Christ If I was forced to play bot and ARAM games I would want to blow my own brains out. Please don't ever talk about balance changes on the boards you literally don't even play the game.
Oh yes, because people have only one account in this game.xD Stupid noob. Btw, since when does something like "you are playing this or that" makes a statement valid or invalid. Your really think offend someone is a valid "point" which can back up your stupid statements? Stop embarrassing yourself, you are just a pathetic clown.
: Disappointed with EU boards
I would not call anyone smart who actually thinks SoS needs a nerf. Quite the opposite attribute comes to my mind.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: They mostly buffed her lel.Practically she gets more defence aganst ad..So adc again is more %%%%ed.And toplaners..she was already a god tier top now she is even more op. LOGIC Riot games.
That is what I am saying. At least I am certain now who is my permaban.
brutąl (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Corvin0716,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FP9mZvLB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-07T09:37:09.549+0000) > > You are glad she is not on your lane, so gj riot and who cares she destroys your toplane? That is pretty idiotic tbh. > And what do you mean she deserves to shine? She has been one of the top3 most broken champion in the game for a year now. If sy could not shine with her so far then s/he has lliterally 0 skills and should not play the game. Win by skills not by broken champions. she require skill, and 1 year is nothing. Jayce is top tier almost every year and he is always in the meta, and champions like orianna, corki,jhin.
Yet jayce is not a pick or ban champion like Irelia and rarely played. Corki? I have not seen a Corki for ages. She requires skills? Far less than any other AD top laner now. Irelia wins now by default, not because the player is better, it is because the champion is way overpowered. How is that fair or competitive or fun?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Would would have to change with Yasuo to really make him an off-meta champion?
He has about 13 abilities in his kit which is ridiculous. Decrease it to 7-8 and he will be fine. Remove his passive shield, give hím cooldowns, remove the EQ combo, decrease his W durability for a start.
: Imho chat abuse never deserves a permaban, but le us just summarize riots stance on this issue: - They only really care about chat when deciding about bans - Everything that doesnt applaud yóur teammates is toxic So yeah, according to the rules in place this is a deserved permaban since you had warnings before
It is not a deserved permaban, do not be ridiculous. I do not know his history but this is nothing. If this is toxic then I wish all of my games would be like this. Not better, not worse.
awdsawds (EUW)
: Will i get more Lunar Revel missions?
There are only 10 missions you can get tokens from. You have to buy the rest. If you buy the pass you will get further tokens for playing pvp games and for the first win of the day missions. If you only want that chroma you should buy 3 of those 250 RP bundles which gives you the 24 tokens you still need. I wonder how you got that 6 tokens though. I thought the numbers are rounded.
Indig0 (EUW)
: Need clarification on Lunar Revel Event pls!
If you only need the chroma then buy 4 of that 250 rp bundles. It costs 550 rp less than the pass.
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: You're right, this is a huge part of the problem. But with less damage pro players just farm for 40 minutes and then have one 5v5 to decide the game in tournaments. Which is boring for the viewers. Which is how Riot justifies high dmg/fast paced games. I'm not sure how they resolve that.
I do not think this attitude is reasonable from Riot. Who is watching the tournaments? The playerbase, the fans. Those who like to play the game. If you like to play it you already accepted its pace. However, would you watch any of those tournaments after you quit the game because you found it boring/crap? I would not. Once I played CS:GO and watched pro games too. After I had enough of the horrible game experience and quit I have not even thought about to watch any CS:GO again. Tournaments should not be game changers, they only exist because of the fans. If there was not any tournament the game could still be played by millions, however, if there is no playerbase the tournaments will disappear alongside with the game itself.
brutąl (EUNE)
: they nerf midlane irelia, but....
You are glad she is not on your lane, so gj riot and who cares she destroys your toplane? That is pretty idiotic tbh. And what do you mean she deserves to shine? She has been one of the top3 most broken champion in the game for a year now. If sy could not shine with her so far then s/he has lliterally 0 skills and should not play the game. Win by skills not by broken champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=CrazyCat711,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EEwhItmZ,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-07T08:27:46.445+0000) > > At a point i was like "nah don't revert her she is way too much fun like this" but when they took away the heal they went too far so I kinda agree both with revert or giving some sort of heal to her because the earlygame isnt fun anymore It's not supposed to be easy on you. No melee assassin outside of maybe Zed has a good early game.
Zed is melee?
realKano23 (EUNE)
: How do you play as mana using champions on lane?
It is only an issue for a few champions because most of the mana users has tons of mana, ridiculously high mana regen and cheap abilities. So, apart from a few champs, it is you.
Prophecy (EUW)
: Yasuo nerf thanks
The only reason I do not complain about him because Yasuo actually needs some skills to play with unlike many broken champions. However, it is true his kit is way overloaded and needs a nerf. I mean wtf, I cannot even list he has so many free stuff in his kit. Lets see. His passive means he always has 100% crit chance with only 2 items but that is not enough it gives him a huge autoshield which refreshes in 3 seconds by "skillwalking" or spamming E. His Q is an aoe ranged poke which has literally no cooldown after early game and also gives him a recurrent ranged poke which is an aoe cc, does tons of damage, and refreshes itself. His W blocks everything, not only skillshots, even %%%%ing autoattacks, so it is big middle finger for every other champion. Yasuo can essentially block the highest damages in the game at level 1 by pressing W. It blocks infinite damage until its up, and oh, it is up for a long time. His E has no cooldown either and it is buffing itself because why not. His R does tons of damage and he can cast it from a long distance. Moreover, because his 3rd Q is a skillshot, he got a 100% ult chance with EQ because why not. Altogether he has 13 active and passive abiities in his kit (i may even missed something). WHAT THE %%%% WERE THEY THINKING???!!!
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Season 9 really unenjoyable so far...
I blame the high damage output for this. Champions can basically one-shot eachother even in early game. Many champions already can kill their opponent with an all-in at level 1-2-3. If you make one mistake it is game over. BORING! Where is the fun? The fun of long tradings and outplays, the fun of collecting stuff and getting strong? This problem is even more highlighted with broken/meta champs. Nerf every damage to the ground until matches normally last for 40 minutes. It will be worse for casual players like me, however, I would much more like to play rarely and have fun than play often and get frustrated.
: Ain't the akali nerfs going a bit to far?
That is why winrate is not the answer for everything. No, her winrate will not be 20-25%. It will actually increase. She was permabanned in high-elo therefore she was mostly available for low-elo players to play. Players who struggle champions more difficult than Garen or Yi. Akali is still broken. People just %%%%%ing about her because it was so convenient to set a campfire under enemy turrets and kill the other player without any real counterplay. Now they need some skills and calculation to do it. Shocking. Same goes for healing. Most champs have to buy items, set runes for extra healing, now Akali has to do the same. It is not like she does not buy gunblade anyway.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Akali players - Stop crying.
Thank you. That is what I am saying since the crying has started. Irelia mains are even more funny. "They gutted Irelia" "Dead champion"... omg shut up. She actually got buffed. If you are a top laner you have to permaban her otherwise she will destroy you by default unless you can counter pick her with Vlad. What a gutted champion, huh? rofl
: Am I wrong? Stop blindly following tradition without knowing why. You just look like a foolish sheep.
Not wrong just dumb. It is not against the rules, it is just plain stupid. Keep farming with support then autolose the lane and probably the game because your adc has 0 damage. Very clever. *facepalm*
i am Riveń (EUNE)
: Lunar tokens
Because they have no interest to give us anything for free. You have to buy season pass and overpriced bundles to get a single chroma. What a joke. I mean yeah, they work for money like eveyone else, that is not the problem. They problem is how they do not appreciate their playerbase. There are not too many appealing things in this game right now. Shitty balance system, tons of bugs, lag and disconnection, still only one map, etc. At least they could let us earn a chroma during a whole mission session...but no. Too bad for them I planned that way if I can afford the golden chroma for Dragon Blade Riven then I will buy the skin for it. Now I will buy nothing. Well done, Rito.
: ARURF is trash. Change my mind
Totally agree. I played a few for a mission. I never want to play it again. Ever. Why could not they just make nexus blitz permanent?
Tirnanok (EUW)
: Why do we have to win ARURF and ARAM to get Fortune Favors GGs ? I hate playing that.
I feel you bro. ARUF is plain disgusting. I managed to get a win for the mission but I never want to play this shit again in my life. Zoe just spammed her sleep bubble from a distance I could not even see her. It did not matter how many I dodged with Yi eventually she could hit me once out of her infinite spamming and I was dead because ofc she can one shot u even without items. So much fun, so skill based gameplay... DISGUSTING SHIT actually.
Boolhya (EUW)
: Akali nerfs are too harsh
> [Removed] Akali is no longer hidden from towers when shrouded. This is not a nerf. Riot just fixed something they should not have done in the first place. > Cooldown increased from 21/18.5/16/13.5/11 to 21/19/17/15/13 Early game it is the same, late game when you already have 40% cdr it means a 1.2 increase which is not the end of the world. It is still a middle finger to the enemy in every situation. > Five Point Strike (Q) > [Removed] No longer heals Akali. I am not sure this one was necessary. Her core item still heals her though. Anyway, look at the bright side of these changes. If Akali is less cancerous it may remove her from the permaban list.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: No, i am having fun, while playing lulu, roaming top with 3 more other guys and smacking nasus to death in an instant
So u r having fun while u r losing the game to a split pushing Nasus who needs 4 ppl to be taken down meanwhile his teammates r getting every objectives in the game and win? That is just brilliant chief! #ggez
Gíannis (EUNE)
Oh, come on! You really think we gonna believe this?:D Though if you are saying the truth then just send an appeal to Riot and ask them to delete your chat restriction. They will definitely unmake it after a short investigation.
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Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: "same is on the other side" sure it is, but it's not about losing game or something, it's about atmosphere. Personally I'm exhausted with all that double stress because people flame and blame you without a reason. And I'm exhausted in trying hard to win while my team just don't care. Even if I'm winning such game I'm so exhausted that I want to take a long brake from LoL. Which Im doing right now.
That is bad. You should not be so stressful about winning and toxic players. Just mute everyone when the game starts and have fun.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Your point?
His point is you were not a support at all. You built nothing supportive other than your first item which grants vision and nothing else. You even improved ur shiled for last. If your adc gets caught by a bubble you have nothing to help him: no Mikael's Crucible, no Redemption, no relevant shield. You played out of your role.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gV3NOQ00,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-27T02:49:20.674+0000) > > Man play normal game for it, having him on ranked is not good. I wanna paractice him on normal game not on ranked. > > + We have 1 ban chance so Nasus / Syslas/ counter champs WHO I AM GONNA BAN I don't really know, what your point is. Do you agree with me? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
His point is you "get the chance to get used to it" in every other game mode, you do not need ranked games for that. While players who already know the new champ and do not want to play it or against it still can play decent games without struggling in op-champ abusing games for no reason.
Onì (EUNE)
: You don't get it....Riven herself isn't actually broken. We all know Riven is great for duels, she's pretty high up the dueling list, only losing to champs like Jax, Yi, Trynda, Udyr in terms of pure dueling capabilities. Now, you take that already good dueling strength, and add Conqueror's, Essence Reaver and a skilled Riven player who can animation cancel (especially the Q animation cancel and AA reset). Anything that's in front of you is basically %%%%ed. Its anal cavity is about to be nuked. I have a friend who is a Riven main, he was hardstuck in d3 for 2 years. Conqueror's comes out, now he's challenger. Riven is fine, Conqueror's is not. For reference see Twitch Rivals, where IreliaCarriesU was playing Irelia against Revenge's Riven. Irelia was lvl11, Riven was lvl10, Irelia hit the stun and everything else, Riven missed her R....Riven smacked an Irelia who was ahead of her with just basic hits.
Hmmm... I do not get what actually? You essentially agreed with me. Those statements are conflicting alone, adding the circumstances just makes them plain stupid. They never said anything about Conqueror at all. Btw, I do not have that "everyone is %%%%ed by Conqueror" impression. There would not be so many tanks on toplane if it was as powerful as you say. Riven herself has 50% winrate along with tanks like Urgot or Poppy. Sion, Nasus, Mord, Malphite, Maokai all have a better winrate than Riven. To me it seems Conqueror rather balanced things than unbalanced. Btw, I hated the tank meta when champions who only bought armor and hp could not possibly die while they were dealing more damage than anyone else in the game. How was that balanced? Anyway, i heard they will remove Conqueror, so hurray for unkillabe tanks again with ranged poke. I watched those games. Except for the third game Irelia shit on Riven. She solokilled her like 6 times if not more. A master Irelia player on a challenger Riven player. That is okay, that is not unbalanced. However, when Riven killed Irelia the only explanation for it "Riven is unbalanced"? Come on dude, they both played that duel awfully. Irelia misplayed just as much as the Riven. More so. Unless you want to tell me that Riven was not broken when Irelia solod her but she suddenly became broken when this duel happened about 5 minutes later.
: What u say here is true however there are a few points that i'd like to make as well. The meta for por play and soloQ isn't the same: The reason Riven isn't banned or picked a lot in pro play is because the meta is difference given better communication which is champions like Aatrox who shine with highly coordinated teams are picked more. Urgot is a lane bully who scales into a strong tank with damage and a guaranteed execute with AoE CC (fear) again pro players can take advantage of this. In SoloQ most players don't know how to play against riven and again most riven players who get fed can't effectively carry come mid-game. Riven is very outplay heavy just like akali. The thing is Riven can outplay anyone.
Which is also part of a champion's strength. It is just not expolited on lower levels. The higher level you play the more you have to be able to do with your champion. Riven being outplay heavy champion is not a good thing btw? I know that many players care only about winning, personally I think it is stupid when I win because my champion is simply stronger than my opponent's and not because I am better than my opponent. Outplaying someone means you had better skill/+ gameknowledge. You're saying Riven can outplay anyone. True, but she also can be outplayed by anyone. All depends on the player skills and not on some point and click op ability that has not been nerfed yet.
: In general I agree with you, but there's one thing I'd like to add: I don't think most of these streamers state their real opinions on stream. It's just their persona, and they say this kind of shit cause they know their iron IV audience will like it. Take T1 for example. His on-stream persona is the kind of person where if he were drowning right in front of me I wouldn't lift a finger to help and instead just pull up a chair and enjoy the show . However, according to people like Sjokz, behind the scenes he's actually an at least semidecent person. When they interact with people in a more professional environment than twitch I think most of these streamers will use less of the hyperbole and straight up memeing that you see when they stream. Riven in particular also has one more problem, namely that she has probably the "longest" learning curve in the game. Take a champ like rammus or malph for example. I doubt anyone could tell the difference between a hardstuck bronze rammus and a challenger rank 1 rammus, simply because the champion is so non-skill-expressive. Read the ability descriptions and tadaa, you've learned 99% of what there is to know about rammus. Riven on the other hand has a lot more depth, which also allows her to be a lot better for players that are actually good with her. And yeah, that means that the best riven players in the world can do things that look absolutely disgusting, but it also means that you have to put in hundreds if not thousands of hours before you become that good.
You may be right which does not make it any better tbh. They should have some responsibility towards their viewers/fans. I mean, you may say it is just a game, however, it is possible there are kids who actually look up to these guys, kids who want to be professional gamers or streamers in the future. Also there are many who want to learn about the game from good players with great experience. Then they watch these games where their favorit streamer makes stupid mistakes and instead of saying „my bad guys, i did expose myself as adc when we had no vision in jg and the enemy’s fed hypercarry had been missing for a minute” he is making stupid excuses like the enemy’s champion is too broken. We did not lose because I made mistakes, no, we lost because we cannot win against that broken champion (they actually said this essentially). It is just sad imo. It just spreads the "always blame someone else for your own mistakes" mentality instead of the "learn from your mistakes" one (just like Riven says) I totally agree with the rest.
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: can’t loggin
I do not even get the error message, it is just loading forever while authenticating. What a nice patch, huh?


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