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: I would be more concerned about twitch, jinx and jhin... to be honest. While her headshot is cool feature, caits work is to pretty much land few hits here and there... At the same time, well positioned twitch can turn your whole team into vapor for 2-3 seconds. Good cait is more supportive champion than pure carry. Hit someone in the back, get a big chunk of hp, place a trap at someone who used zhonya, catch someone who tries to flee with ult... But you wont see pew-pew-pew-penta-kill caitlyn. And because of this weakness, I think headshot is balanced.
i agree with you twitch is kinda op yea when he get fed but caitlyn with bad score can 2 hit fed champion like jhin ezreal her headshot is so powerful
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: Kayn has 2 skins! Odyssey Kayn and Soulhunter Kayn! I don't know what you're talking about. His latest skin came out 10 months ago, and is still considered "recent", compared to other champs.
so kayn last skin from 10 months kaisa got 3 skins in 6 months lb too and too many also lux has 13 skins ezreal 14 xayah the same she released before kayn 1 month and she has 4 skins now
: I agree. Patience is key my fellow emperor, as i am also a kayn Main and i want a new kayn skin too. But for now, odyssey is all i need.
same kayn my first love 900k :) and wish they make skin for him asap cant wait
: Dude, i agree. But kayn isn't as popular as kai'sa. Kai'sa is the Lux of botlane. Shes broken and played a LOT. We will probably see a kayn skin later in the year. Odyssey kayn is one of the best skins available right now.
man kayn most picked and banned champion in jungle :( i wish he get skin asap i got his 2 skins and im waiting for more :)
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FixxeS (EUW)
: the new mordekaiser is just insane... I was playing sivir, I was fed, like a lot, I was killing the enemy adc and morg with just a Q and 2 basic attacks, like, W bounces from minions were putting morg with half hp, killing the mid and jung was reletively easy provided that I had my E up and dodge lee's Q and than comes a morde with no armor or MR items, just pure AP damage, using R on me and hitting me with his Q and voilá, 70% HP gone and if he hit me with his E, I wouldn't even be able to hit him once, EQ and I was dead... he just continuously started using his R on me and feeding of me... also, my basic attacks would deal like 2% of his HP, my Q like 5%... it's just impossible to win a game with this morde rework unless you are a fed tank, like a mundo or something...
he kinda op yea but im talking about ppl who trolling last game i got morde jungler and he int the game riot must disable new champions from ranked for 1 week until they know how champion works :( still waiting next patch new champion coming thats mean we gonna lose alot of lp in ranked xd
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yup, and after that 1 week is over they can first pick them without problems... why are ppl unable to go through a thinking process before opening their mouth?
they will try it in normal so they will know how the champion works then no problem to play ranked better than trying him/her in every lane and trolling feeding our ranked games
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: Only thing might be problematic with Yi is his Q. He dodges more than needed. Otherwise he is okay. Just make pressure in early game on him, then everything will be okay.
file:///C:/Users/Mohamed/Desktop/50000494_372067410237511_8347869625312083968_n.jpg file:///C:/Users/Mohamed/Desktop/50326169_544600719349273_1717350438606471168_n.jpg i was nasus 573 stack level 16 276 armor he 2/5 143 farm he deleted me 1 vs 1
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I HATE Yi He can be 0/10, get few items and get a pentakill just 'cause he's a dumb champ
all hates yi the point all know he is broken and need nerf and riot nerf champions they already suck like aurelion ww viktor :( brainless rito
: >Plays no cc champ >Misses all skillshots >Gets killed by yi > op:https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/027/475/Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.02.15_AM.jpg
btw all miss skillshots vs yi because he dodge it with Q and his W 70% damage reduction
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: rito pls delete yi .. rito pls delete teemo .. rito pls nerf soraka .. rito pls delete akali " they did tho after her skins sold " rito pls nerf iralia " never forget the - 5 ms ...then but buff all her damge and but cc from r " (i think her skins did not sell well yet ) teemo he will never be deleted yi will never be deleted ... no champ will be deleted as long as there is skins ...
true and sad :(
: Yi is broken AF . some people say just take hard CC . but but but Yi has a ability that makes him dodge abilities so he just needs to dodge the ability and then he can melt the entire team. and u cant burst him because he gets tanky cuz of his W
he dash and reduce cooldown to get dash again and dive under turret then he press W to tank turret damage then he Q minions to dodge turret last hit and rush guinsooo gg %%%%ing noob champion i wish they delete him
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