MadClown (EUNE)
: So lets say this.Me and my brother play legaue of legends from the same address, he gets a chargeback issue and he has gifted me, that means i will be banned aswell? Despite that the problem is easily solved since all that there has to be done is pay to riot, but to me it sounds stupid that they can punish like that for that.
They can do what ever they want. You NEVER owned anything on League. Everything inside League of Legends is owned by RIOT. RIOT is also owned by China now and has so MANY in-side problems (toxic staff, bad communication between staff over continents etc).
MadClown (EUNE)
: "unintelligent half brained monkey turds are allowed on the internet" Want me to explain why you fall in that category too?
I'm pretty sure a 12 year old, that can barely multiply numbers could tell me that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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96Reaper (EUW)
: fragment keys not droping for over a month
I get 1 key in about 10 victories, by gaining S in almost every game.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings mopdu1988 This does sound impactfull and I've never heard of something like this before. However that is where your report cease to be useful. In order for Riot to investigate this they require a lot more information. * Can you show us the match in question? * Reproduction steps. * Information about your computer * Operating System * Graphic Card (with driver version) I have no way of trying to replicate this. I need more to go on. Please get back to me.
It has definitely happened before and reported as well (even did I). It happens randomly. Sometimes re-loading or waiting it out fixes it. One of the occasions it happened to me, it was sadly permanent. Which then caused my team to lose, as I was the one of the main carries.
miodu1988 (EUNE)
: Game breaking malzahar bug
It's a old bug. Nothing to do with Malzahar. It has happened in the past, randomly.
Xenoid (EUW)
: Positive behavior is still rewarded
I was honored for being friendly, then I received a chat restriction. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
SVA Spice (EUW)
: High Elo Teams getting screwed
It's Riot, owned by China. What do you expect?
GLurch (EUW)
: Because it is *YOU* that insulted in more games.I'm sure you wrote more,just post the chat logs if you want us to think you are innocent based on what you are saying. Also,where do I not use facts?It's a fact that many people hit lvl 30 and that I didn't receive any punishment for 5 years of playing with using chat.It's also a fact that the report feedback does not always pop up.Also it is a fact that things that happen in life can change your attitude for an amount of time or even permanently.
You're making ZERO sense with your "arguments". Ignoring you anyways. By your logic, a kid who tells people how X person in their family should die shouldn't be punished, because kid didn't get a toy today and he's mad? Seriously dude, look at the bullshit you're typing.
GLurch (EUW)
: > **Lets say it takes 5 games** not > It takes 5 games Also,you are saying *probably*,so I won't even talk to you about it,since you are making assumptions without actual information.People can have bad days,bad games,maybe some problems in real life,...There are many reasons why a player could only be extremely toxic in 1 game.
~~you replied to the wrong dude, bro.~~ EDIT: Nvm, it's you yourself. Since you're making no sense I'll ignore you. You're the one talking without actual information. Pulling nonsense out of their... EDIT2: So you're saying having 1 Super toxic game, where a kid tells you for 50 minutes that your family should be burned, means they don't deserve a punishment? Then why should I deserve a punishment, where in two games I asked person to start playing, ranted how much I hate all the CC on the enemy team, told a troll/intentional feeder to go AFK and save our time.
GLurch (EUW)
: Nonsense reports don't matter.Don't use insults and you won't get punished.When it would be almost impossible to get to lvl. 30 unpunished,tell me how thousends of players make it every week.Or tell me how I never received any punishment for around 5 years,with actually using the chat. And others using insults does not allow you to insult them back. And a message does not always pop up when you report someone.It takes more then 1 game of bad behaviour for a person to get punished.Lets say it takes 5 games of really toxic behaviour for someone to get punished.Now you report them in the first of the 5 games.After 4 other games he gets punished.You will not receive a message,since it was not your report,but the report of the people in the 5th game that got him punished.
5 games? My case is proof it barely takes two games/reported games. Also this person was SO toxic and probably was in previous games as well, that he should've been banned instantly, without a thought, if he deserves it. edit: I suggest you make a new account in EUNE server and check it out yourself.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: >After all these nonsense reports, you're bound to get punished, because the automated system takes everything out of context and the high number of nonsense reports also start to matter at some point. That's blatantly false. I've never seen one case where the punished person wasn't toxic. >Also, it has been confirmed by RIOT, that low level accounts (AKA <30) get punished faster and harder ----- There was a news, that claimed that even RIOT's employees are found to be extremely toxic in their games and many have gotten fired and many have had "given a chance" to fix themselves. I'd like sources on these two, as it is the first time I hear of anything like that.
For the lower level players getting banned more easy, look up when the new punish system came our, RIOT said that then. For RIOT employees thing, look up LinusTechTips WAN Show video. There's a news, where RIOT claims they spied on their employees and found out many are toxic.
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: An Honest Look at Vayne
Her kit is bit too strong over all. She doesn't need a lot of early AD, why? because her R gives her 30/50/70 bonus AD for some time. This means she can rush Botrk, PD/statik and still have same level of AD if not more as adc with IE or BT.
: most of their income comes from micro transactions which include rp purchases and not from the competitive scene. only thing they are getting money from in the competitive scene are sponsors like coca-cola and selling tickets to people who want to see the action live. also increasing the IP amount by 50% would mean that people would get the champions and runes 50% faster, which would result in a drop in income. Everyone i know, who plays league, has bought some champion(s) with rp. this becomes more common when people are using smurf accounts and dont want to grind the IP.
no, it wouldn't change game that much. Literally nobody buys entire champion pool for RP (unless they're really rich).
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: The problem with this would be that players would have less of an incentive to win a match, and more matches would be thrown and surrendered because of the mentality of "eh, I'm getting my points anyway, who cares".
: the mastery system might need some changes but the ip system doesn't. think about this from their perspective. If they increase the amount of IP people gain, that reduces the chance they will buy champions/rune pages with rp. This is a f2p game and grind is a common way to make people pay. If they were to change it, it needs to be static. same amount for winning and losing and this means getting a bit higher amount of IP for a loss and a smaller amount for a win. Now it's like 60 for a loss and 100 for a win, then it would be 80 for winning and losing. considering that everyones win-rate is about 50%, the IP you gain would still be the same in the long run, thus not needing a change.
Increasing IP gain by 50% (from 120 IP/game to 180) won't break the game. Riots most income is still from LCS and competitive scene... Also I highly doubt anyone buys champions for RP (unless on sale) and having slightly higher IP gain won't make a person grind for the champion > buying with RP.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Cow says meow,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BaxWRJas,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-09-23T15:38:24.443+0000) > > AP champs chunk a tower at a tiny level? > > Play Akali, Diana, TF or any AP champ that has bonus damage for auto attacks and/or uses lich bane... AP champs with lich bane can take towers faster than Nasus. well, saying that an ap champ can take down towers faster than nasus is taking it to far. I have never seen an AP champion with lichbane one shot a tower :3
Nobody can "one shot" a tower. I've been full build 700 stack nasus and haven't been able to 1shot a tower, specially not after the rework on them. AP champs like Akali with decent amount of ap (500ish) and lich bane can just take towers very fast.
: Leagues most overlook/underplayed champions, (Your Opinions Please!)
Diana was in top 5 assassins list from Redmercy... I also LOVE her, but unfortunately, don't have her on new account.
: Laning Phase is too Short!
AP champs chunk a tower at a tiny level? Play Akali, Diana, TF or any AP champ that has bonus damage for auto attacks and/or uses lich bane... AP champs with lich bane can take towers faster than Nasus.
Husker (EUW)
: Where do you play from?
Estonia!! PS: look into lag spikes in EUNE?
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: I do not understand your problem, in this case you looks the be the retard, posting from a level 16 account, probably your main is banned from the forums.
Firstly, learn some basic English. Secondly, form a proper sentence. thirdly, learn to read, then you'll understand what others are saying.
: Leblanc has/had more counterplay than Vayne. Stop spreading such bullsh*t.
Don't comment on subject you don't know.
D3tonator (EUNE)
: Yi alpha bug
Played against Yi, no such thing happened.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: The difference there was that LeBlanc's power came from toxicity, aka the ludicrous speed of distortion made for an unfair laning experience against her. This is not the case with Vayne who has clear weaknesses and counterplay patterns.
Leblanc has/had more counterplay than Vayne. Stop spreading such bullsh*t.
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Pentium2 (EUNE)
: U can however get the yellow trink to pink ward.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: 51%, and 49%. Broken. What am I reading. Sigh. I expected a better response than this. The only high rate here we have is the pick rate, which is a completely different issue. Part of it is the current power of juggernauts, where Vayne shines because of her kiting abilities. It's this need for kiting in the current meta that makes Vayne popular. You know Ashe has this same kind of power, and she actually has a higher win rate than Vayne (as sourced by It's just the meta that made Vayne popular, but not actually stronger in any way. tl;dr fuck yeah I'm denying it. I'm plat, maining botlane, I actually know my match-ups. And yes this needs repeating; >These rates, aren't even high. Lucian has the same pick rate, but you don't care because he doesn't bother you because of his low winrate. As in, you're not looking at high pick rates as an issue with game health, but instead as a statistic you point at whilst trying to bitch about champions you just don't enjoy playing against. Were you any more transparent you'd be glass.
idfc what you think. LB has/had 45% win rate and was nerfed because was considered "OP". dumb bronzes.
Nice, Is Bewitching Nidalee 975 RP? Want that skin.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: >Vayne, tresh highest pick rate champs (35% and 31%) I'll give you that. But, if you look at the winrates of Vayne and Thresh (51% and **48%** respectively, says you'll see their pick rates have nothing to do with "being op". They're just... popular. I theorize their popularity came through a "synergy circlejerk"; These 2 work very well together in a lane, no doubt about that. So, when let's say Thresh's popularity rises, so more Vaynes are picked to go in lane with him. With more Vaynes, we get more Threshes, and with more Threshes, more Vaynes... and it goes on, and here we are. It's just happenstance. >Lux, Ahri 16% (fucking lux highest win-rate as well after the buffs), garen 13% pick rate... These rates, aren't even high. **Lucian has the same pick rate, but you don't care because he doesn't bother you because of his low winrate. As in, you're not looking at high pick rates as an issue with game health, but instead as a statistic you point at whilst trying to bitch about champions you just don't enjoy playing against.** Were you any more transparent you'd be glass. Also I don't recall any recent buffs to Lux, can you educate me on this?
Vayne IS BROKEN/OP every god damn League player knows it. Tresh is broken because of his weird hitboxes and pretty much perma CC/peel. Don't try to deny that those champions are not stronger than others. PS: Lux got 3 patches of buffs, do you even League?
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Pink ward, gg wp.
totally have space for pink ward when full build. I can't upgrade red trinket or to pink neither, because nobody else wards...
Silisa (EUNE)
: It still not gonna match a Silver 1 player in his promos with a Bronze 3 player, is it? Also, if they are "so low" (and you said yourself you are in low elo right now), they would most likely end up in your team at some point anyway even if they play on their original accounts.
what the fuck are you smoking
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Use a bigger sample size, you'll see it's honestly not as common as you'd believe.
Vayne, tresh highest pick rate champs (35% and 31%), Lux, Ahri 16% (fucking lux highest win-rate as well after the buffs), garen 13% pick rate...
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Not sure if we're playing the same game, 'cause I don't see half of those folks in my game. Plus yes, we do need imbalance. Would you ever have though Garen and Skarner would gain this much attention? No. The game has been properly spiced up, and now we're seeing champions picked that we never thought we'd see, and I love it to bits.
Tresh, Vayne, Lux, Orianna were all in your last 3 matches... Didn't look at who were the junglers and top laners.
LZ Flame (EUW)
: is in bronze still blitzcrank and shen banned?
Tell me, since you're pretty close to bronze.
Takeoff (EUW)
: Just stop, Garen's W was more OP before people should stop complaining. I think He is balanced, except for The R it is broken. He should have a damage cap or somthinh
W is way stronger now for early game...
Silisa (EUNE)
: If he is in a game with you, it means the system has decided that (at that time) you two posses the same level of skill. So what's your complaint again?
no, system chooses him into my team to balance teams' MMR. It doesn't match people with similar MMR, it looks to balance entire teams'.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: We call it perfect imbalance. Sometimes you need crazy shit like this to keep the game from being stale
no you don't. group of OP champs -> they're picked the most, meanwhile other champions have 1% pick rate. We need all champions to be balanced and meet the "meta". Then the game is interesting and you see different comps. Right now it's like this: Tresh support Vayne adc Mid is Lux/Ahri/orianna jungle is devourer jungler like Shyvana Top is a juggernaut (Darius, Garen, Fiora)
: Can you NERF Garen!?!
Every Juggernaut abuser down voting like a boss.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Garen already got a nerf on his movement speed(from 345 to 340) and Q movement speed too. You wanna nerf again his speed? Then you have a problem. His single gap closer is Q and if you nerf it again then it will be very hard for him to approach the enemy and make his combo. Try to play as Garen vs Gnar, you won't catch him anyway...and you say to nerf him. Lel. Maybe the single thing that should be nerfed on Garen is his ult. I saw too many people complaining about the damage.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > RIOT says their match making is 100% flawless Source please.
Please don't start with the "RIOT so guud, they perfecto" asslicking.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: First off, it's a normal blind pick match, what did you expect. Second, your team comp is clearly at a disadvantage by default. This has more to do with champions than individual player skill, so that's not a matchmaking problem. Again, it's a normal blind pick, why are you taking it seriously to begin with. Third, **it's a normal blind pick match. Seriously, what the fuck did you expect?** _And yes, that needs to be repeated._
Because it's part of the game. Every part of the game has to be balance and IT IS important.
Kageryu (EUW)
: Normal Games are always unbalanced.
Not according to RIOT. RIOT says their match making is 100% flawless and matches people with same skill level. Everybody knows it's bullsh*t.
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: It will probably even out.
yes, it is evening out to around 2:1 thanks to leavers and trolls sadly :(
: 2 promos and I get the same premade that fed my last game
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