Raxyel (EUW)
i have been banned unfairly because i've argued aganist 4 man premade and they all reported me and the next day did the same for 3 man premade, even my chat logs showed that i didn't say anything toxic, could riot please look that case up because i still want that victorious graves skin {{summoner:3}}
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot shouldn't reward testers. While it's true that you helped Riot, not everyone got access to it. Also, I bet some people just applied because they want a new client instead of testing something. There is so much wrong about rewarding testers and I hope Riot wont.
We don't want skins or anything, we just want an icon or a ward skin in best case, just little thing just to menton that we were there
: IMHO a closed test shouldnt be rewarded. The reward is the access itself. Open beta on the other hand if you give feedback... would be a nice gesture of riot to give a bit back, like a "i was there icon" for 1ip.
we are not saying that we should have a custom skin made for us, just little things, like an icon, or something

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