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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Cranda, This sounds like another program has those keybindings and is pulling you out. I'd advise closing anything in the background (including in the taskbar) to see what may be causing it :-)
Thank your very much I will try that! :D
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Asahara (EUW)
: Yes, i just imagined revive in URF mode
That would be AWESOME XD
: Revive now would be pretty op with the rune that lets you change summoners. Early game pressure with ignite/teleport, late game skip 50 sec death timer.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: yeah - mid or ? ok ... revive + clarity teemo top! - revive + teleport karthus, come back in fght do more damage then ult - more recent (3-4 years ago) and kinda OP ... enchantments Homeguard boots (that gave speed in fountain) + revive + teleport -> One Shot Speedy Gonzales Hecarim
Alright that last one made me laugh xd
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: Who are your favorite champions ?
I only really mean number 1 to 7 since i main those the rest... Meh only because I've played them a little. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} 1. {{champion:56}} 2. {{champion:121}} 3. {{champion:518}} 4. {{champion:101}} 5. {{champion:84}} 6. {{champion:141}} 7. {{champion:163}} 8. {{champion:99}} 9. {{champion:53}} 10. {{champion:92}}
: Just wait till they are played much again or they get buffed. XD!
I play them a lot and if something were to happen it would be nerfed Nocturne he is actually extremely op xD{{champion:56}}
AiFted (EUW)
: they might get one this year, riot stated they wanted to make skins for champions that didn't get one for a long time they were probably not that popular and might not have fit the skinthemes they were going for, even though project nocturne might be cool.. but then he has eternum which might be similar
I'm actually thinking about a Dark Star Nocturne or Xerath
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