: Having a troll in your team is annoying, but naming and shaming them on Boards is not the right way to go. It is also against the Universal Rules. You should censor their name and focus on the actual topic instead. However, there's nothing we can do for you here on Boards (I'm assuming you want them to get punished). Using the report button after the game is all you have to do to trigger an investigation. Hope this helps.
we did report him but only 1 procent of people of who i report get ever punished, this i know because if they get punished i get notification, and i did not know that there is rules against reporting people in forums sorry for that.
Rioter Comments
: For unpatient people like u, waiting in TB is a problem. I didnt give a f*ck about waiting for a team. BTW in this new mode it takes even longer then TB. Do you know how much people forget to lock in their champ?{{champion:266}}
To your question i can answer by saying this : look at my other posts in other threats i answered.
Kakapo 2 (EUW)
: Why the new champ selection was a step back
I want to add something to this old discussion. The wait time for the game to be found is like you would be in challenger now ... Lets face it, no one picks support role and it makes games insanely long to wait, atm i'm waiting 20 minutes already for game to be found and i'm only silver. Riot needs to do something about it. I would suggest support role necessary as the third role for everyone in this way every time someone will get support ( yes that sucks) but clearly it will be way better than waiting 20 minutes for the game to be found.
Gabby2805 (EUW)
: Bring Back Team Builder
Well yes you got a point premades who want to play bot lane should be allowed to do so, but i think they just can add this feature to new draft, but i also think that it should be only allowed in normal draft, not in ranked draft because it will get abused fast. But by bringing back teambuilder they would only go step back because player base would get split again between two modes, don't you remember how long it used to take to find team in teambuilder?
Kakapo 2 (EUW)
: well the system has been in place for what....2 weeks? Clearly their data should alarm riot that the change has to be done immediately.
I hope so, but they might have expected such numbers, and they might wait even longer to change things, or might even not change anything( that's what i'm afraid of).
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Pizza Delivery Poppy Skin
Yeah lol needs some more funny skins :D i can suggest another set of skins, get ready for it :D :::: Stick man !! You know stick man figures videos (where they fight on your desktop or sth like that), well why not make stick man skin set. I bet many people would buy them. :D
: If you don't want to ban anything you can always fill that slot with champions like {{champion:83}} or {{champion:44}}. You see, they are not completely useless. Considering players that don't lock in, just give it some time until everybody got used to it. It will certainly improve over time. Then there is still the issue of players dodging, because they didn't get certain picks. This will happen more frequently when new champions or reworks just got released (atm it is Shen). But that's something you can't change.
Actually i would definitely ban taric he can be pain in the (*^%%$) sometimes :D
Igglet (EUNE)
: Yes, I am aware that I'm being mean but I think that it's physically impossible to manage to not do it seven times. I don't want this conversation to turn into a shitfest because I am aware that I am being too mean and that I'm a jackass because of it but if you do something once and it fails, and then do it the second time and it fails, then the third time and it fails, and the fourth time and it fails, and the fifth times and it fails... if it happens that you don't get to ban because you go to the toilet, then don't do it. Do it before you go to the toilet. **If you do something that results in you getting a penalty SIX times, then don't do it!** And don't say *I must go to the bathroom becau---* **NO!**, if you need to go to the bathroom do it before you enter a game.
I think you need to take a chill pill i thought that you would understand that toilet was just example but it appears that you understand everything word to word, stop being toxic in forums (btw this guy also messaged me in game so he could be toxic privately) Not interested in your opinion anymore and i invite you to be not interested in mine and just ignore my posts or replys. Gont nothing else to say to you...
Igglet (EUNE)
: > I already got banned at least 7 times because i did not lock in ban, my elo probably went to waste because of that. I do not want to sound mean but I need to because this is pure bull!@#$. You, good sir, are either very young or very dumb. And I understand that I am being mean, but **NOT LOCKING IN A BAN 7 !@#$ING TIMES IN A ROW** requires a... I don't even know. I don't know how it's possible to do something that dumb. _Oh, darn it, I didn't lock my ban even though I was told to twice already with pop-ups and bolded text! Well, I will do it next time. **Oh God**, I did it again! I don't understand how that happened, hehe. Well, I'll jump in a ranked game again. Oh, look, I didn't ban yet again. And again. And again. And again._ LEARN FROM YOUR DAMN MISTAKES! YOU EITHER HAVE ALZHEIME---... I can't even..
Wow you are being mean btw it wasn't 7 times in a row i tas 7 times (Not 7 in a row) and there happen then for example i am 3rd man to ban and i'm like mhm i will be quick enough to go too the bathroom and do my ban, and guess what sometimes it appears that everyone banned in few seconds and get penalty again . My point was that now you got to be all the time at your computer while champ select and that's bull crap sometimes its physically impossible .
LukemEy (EUW)
: "Not everyone has time to wait all champion select to lock in ban." Well I agree that some features in the new champ select are not great, but if you go into a game shouldn't you have time for it? Or are you one of those people that go afk after 15 minutes cause they have to "clean there room" or "go to sleep" ? (don't mean this offensive or anything it's just that I find it odd to not take part in the game/ pick and ban phase after you hit the play button) Also you don't lose any "elo/mmr" cause of dodging, only LP (at least that's how it was last season). I also watch YouTube videos etc in champ select but I am still present and see what's going on xD
I'm not one of those people who go afk after 15 min. But some people go make (for example) a cup of tea in the champ select or go to grab some snacks, go to toilet, E.t.c but now with this new draft mode you must stay put at your computer. We should all agree that by playing any pc game we waste time and this new draft mode makes you waste even more time... For me and my friends it only created frustrating and negative experience. All the other things in this new draft mode are very useful and I don't have anything else against it, only thing that is bothering me and my friends is lock ins. P.S. sorry for grammar mistakes again :D
Kakapo 2 (EUW)
: Why the new champ selection was a step back
I agree with Kakapo 2, I already got banned at least 7 times because i did not lock in ban, my elo probably went to waste because of that. Not everyone has time to wait all champion select to lock in ban. And now 3 people got to ban and if they don't game get's cancelled and you got to wait once again for new game to be found and for people to ban champs.... New draft mode made ranked games even longer to start... At least make it so that only one person would have to ban, too many penalties now for even trying to play ranked.... (Ruined game experience) P.s. Sorry for grammar mistakes English is not my native language
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: Servers Lagging!
i played ranked and lost 21 lp because of this s**t
tumppi25 (EUNE)
: Servers Lagging!
same thing for me and my friends Maybe its for baltic countries? because all my friends who have same issue are Lithuanian


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