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: Looking for Coaches/Teams/Players/Moderators/Editors/Casters/Streamers/Staff and Members!!
: Add this to your list of fixes; 3-strike rule 1. Toxic behavior (includes verbal abuse, hate speech, afking, inting, trolling) * 1st 3 valid game reports over a period of 1 week is 1 week ban, 2nd is 2 weeks ban, 3rd strike and the account is closed 2. Cheating of any kind * Instant account closure Most of these socially inept curling kids will violate nr 1 before reaching lvl 30, there is no point turning a blind eye until they reach lvl 30! 90% (The number sounds extreme, but this is reality for me) of the games while leveling, is currently being ruined by players not loading in, leaving after loading in, leaving after suiciding 2 - 5 times, straight up inting an entire game, running around doing nothing because there is no consequence to it. Leveling is the first impression any person gets of your game, and right now the message they get is very clear and extremely bad. Over the past hour, I've had 2 games that both ended at minute 18 due to 1 - 3 players suiciding and leaving, or players leaving while loading in, I've also had 4 lobbies that all got cancelled due to some child not getting the role they wanted.
account closure is a rather steep even for cheating, a second offense on cheating should do that. first offense should be a week to a month ban with a notification upon your next login and a marker that is NOT visible to other players to tell you about your cheating. toxic behavior should be banned only if the player does this more then one game and should issue a warning for the first VALID report and not a straight ban, again with a reminder what only you can see in your account page to remind you to play nice. only after few reports should you be banned because banning young players for feeding trolling or being toxic will only fuel more rage and hatred, warning them and only then banning them will cause less problems and will get rid of the truly toxic players that don't stop.
: heres tips how to make league less toxic: 1. move chat screen from bottom left side to top left side 2. immediately restrict chat for someone who uses anything thats unsportsmanslike: %%%, %%%%, %%%%%%, trash, report, troll, int and so forth. Just for that game, and it would be effective immediately. 3. disable enter key. instead of enter you would have to use shift+`+*+enter. There should be no option to change this keybind. there you go.
a really bad idea. using an example from a mobile game that censure stuff in that fashion writing some of the names of the characters in the game can result in censuring it Charlotte>C******te and ffs you say straight up chat restrict them! change keybinging for chat? are you trying to disable communication in the game or are you just that ignorant in to how strangers NEED to talk in chat in order to coordinate cause pings are not enough.
: and make duo queue . where u can play with 1 friend, and for 5 man premades u can play in clubs / tournaments ..
what if I have 2 friends? or 3 friends? play warframe?
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: I think Riot should Run their boosting detector each Split now that we have those. so booster players get eliminated. Aflers / toxic players should get Ranked Banned for an entire split. if they take their toxicity in normal games /perma. If caught trolling season ban of ranked queues. strictly from 1st offense. continuing to do so in normal /perma. This is a competitive game should be treated as one. I had a guy today calling our jungler a kid and then telling him his dad gonna beat him... Riot shoud do something. this season is worst than ever. Gold IV Plat IV and Diamond IV are full of boosted players. and ebay accounts. I cant stress enough how riot should run their boosting detector more than once a year..
impossible. and unjust to new and returning players. without reworking the system how can you tell if a player being reported is a troll, or being trolled? what do you think will happen to a legit player if you ban them because a troll's report? this is why we are talking about first REWORKING THE REPORT SYSTEM. returning the tribunal might actually be a good thing. banning relentlessly is not the answer, giving people an actual team balance will reduce trolling anyway why are there games the system tells you you were supposed to win? giving less LP for win and taking more LP for losing? does this sound like a fun game for the other team to play when the system favors your team before the game even starts?
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: You've just said don't queue of for ranked if you're in a bad mood. Your whole comment here is a bad mood. It's a very arrogant opinion. Human emotion is complex, and i'm sorry but it's never going to fit into your little box the way you want it to. People can still want to achieve ranks without making it their life mission. People play games as a form of escapism. I myself have severe anxiety etc. Its not an excuse. When i play ranked sure i want to win, but if i start feeling anxious, or unwell then i'm not going to force myself to put 100% into winning the game or 'tryharding' when my im feeling that way. And sure you'll be like "Well dont start a ranked game if you're feeling that way..." It's not about that. I'm just one example, I can be perfectly fine at the start of the game, and sometimes feel like shit halfway through. I'm not going to not play something just because of people like you. And you know there's an option for you. If you want that perfect team. Ranked flex. Queue up as 5. But i guarantee you, you will still lose games all the same. You need to stop treating league like its a job. Its a free to play game, that anyone can pick up and play. I personally dont care if i lose a game. I type GG, and move onto the next. If someone is being toxic, i'll try to give them some positive reinforcement, and if they continue i'll mute them and keep playing. It doesn't matter. Just play, accept the loses, and be happy.
not the point of the discussion, being in a bad mood should not excuse the matchmaking being as discussing as it is, or a silver player going into diamond games, and trolls getting away with anything because reports are not an effective way to confirm a breaking of the summoners code, and riot don't have the time to bother fixing the system designed to catch those behaviors.
Cräfty (EUW)
: I understand your optimism and your way of thinking, but that's just not realistic, unfortunately! The reality of soloQ is different, my friend. The only way to keep order between a group of strangers is to enforce rules on them. If they could communicate efficiently on their own, that would be great, of course! But we both know that's not gonna happen in soloQ. And even if it does happen, it's so rare. So rules, it is! I agree that fun is important when playing video games. But if you're playing in a competitive environment, WINNING is the fun, and you better be tryharding to win motherf*ckers, or just don't queue up for ranked. You want to play for fun without try harding?! There are normal Blind and Draft games for that. You can do whatever you want there, no one will care, since there is no consequence for winning or losing a normal game. For ranked though, you better know WTF you're doing, mate! Otherwise, just keep learning in normals until you're ready to test your skills in this bloody battlefield that is Ranked! I don't care about what happened to you last game. I don't care about your mindset. I don't care if you just woke up... All I care about in my ranked games is having decent teammates, who are actually knowledgeable about the game, who are fairly good on the champions they play and make fairly good in-game decisions. Basically, I care about having players with a brain, as teammates. Everything else is irrelevant to me. If you're in a bad mood or just got flamed or whatever, just don't queue up to ranked and ruin other people's day. Take a break, come back when you're ready. I'm not here to babysit other players or be their moral support. I'm here to play ranked and climb the ladder. I may sound harsh, but that's the reality of soloQ. Don't be the burden, be the carry!
what about being just a scrub that helps? you say I shouldn't play cause I don't play to carry? I main support so there are nearly never fills in my team and I just play to goof around and have fun. and I can see where you are coming from: the system is broken. rank is not taken into matchmaking nearly as much as it should(instead relaying on mmr). trolls smurfs and other toxic shit is way too common. I'm less bothered with smurfs as they are mostly going to end up in rank that is near the rank of their main(unless they troll) and more bothered with players intentionally throwing games, and the matchmaking putting teams with unbalanced strength levels(team of low bronze vs a team that consist of high bronze to mid silver)
: Get the %%%%ing trolls out. I played last game as Katarina. I had this Draven who died twice in lane, lost lane, then sat around near the bottom tier 2 turret hitting creeps for the rest of the game going nowhere else. He essentially 'gave up', and did nothing to help the team. He wanted the game to end fast even if it meant our team lost it. I had three people pushing my lane (mid and the two opponent bot laners). The jungler later joined in and this Draven singlehandedly lost us the entire game by trollling. People grief far too much in ranked and I'm yet to see a person who has been banned because of it.
can confirm this is a bit harder to detect, but still possible even with a bot. also, taking creeps near tower is a way of not falling too far behind so you really need to try and distinguish between if the guy was actually trolling or he simply had a bad game. watch the replay, see if there were things he could do to close the gap, see look at team moral and if other player were flaming him. as I understand(have very little knowledge), draven is a very snowbally champion that succ at falling behind and need a lot of help to catch up. I know it's a dead meme of blaming the jungle but what were the gank situations for botlane? sometimes losing a lane can be caused by a few ganks that change the gold balance in the lane and might end up deciding the game as the side that falls behind keep getting killed over and over again. did he try roaming to get assist gold? did he have a chance to roam(was the lane pushed constantly under the tower)? the question is not "did his actions cost you the game?" but "did he lose the game INTENTIONALLY?" as this is the only part that is against the summoner code.
: I absolutly agree with you, I want the tribunal to be back since I had way too much fun reading all those game logs and the comments. About the duoQ mecanic, well I've met people who would buy accounts from new players as soon as they reached lvl 30 and then start duoQ together always playing the same champs and had like 80% winrates. The problem is not the Duo/SoloQ thing, it's the smurfs, eloboosters, account stealers/buyers that abuse players in low ranks by duoing. The Mmr system is outdated too. This game had been going for what ? 10 years ? People know how to play the game now, there is no new players exept in iron. Everyone is smurfing because everyone had become way better at the game. The players who were bronze are now gold or highter which means that the Silvers from today could beat the plats of 8 years ago. So this mmr thing has to be reseted asap. I've reached plat in S3 and won skins until S8 where I got demoted to silver for prolonged inactivity. When I picked the game back I was in Silver with a Plat MMR, playing against Plats and Diamonds. But my skills were all gone after all this time And I got demolished everygame. How is that fair ? Why would you demote someone but keep the MMR high ? I wanted to climb at my own pace, with a balanced level, not facing plat and diamond otp tryhards that would go 20-0 every game.
this is because the game have 2 ranking systems instead of one - why is there both your rank AND mmr? if someone doesn't belong in a rank send that person to the rank they belong and stop that hidden rank BS that send you playing against players with higher ranks and getting demoted because you play against players that are in higher divisions then you are(like my Bronze 4 ass playing against silver 2, in the 20 games I played last season, such fun much balanced) at least now I read what some of the newer items actually do...
: smurfs aren't against the rules tho, they are not endorsed either, Trolls, well, depends who you ask, for some people going Teemo Jungle or Tryndamere Mid will be trolling (even tho some people manage to get above 50% wr in their elo), some people will just say that if you're trying to win, you're not trolling, soo as you can see part of "Trolls" is just subjective matter, another portion of "Trolls" are just people who refuse to play or run it down bcs they think it's over, It's hard to detect trolls in Automated matter in which everyone would be happy (if the automated tool will ever exist and it ignored low elo bcs people false report, then those who had real trolls in low elo will be unhappy, if the automated tool will ban based on score and champ played on x lane, those who pick offmeta will be unhappy) Riot has hard time cracking down on Feeders/Inters bcs they don't want to ban people who just perform bad and are reported by their not-so-happy teammates.
*cough* see my other post for explanation on how easy it really is to detect with automated means also you can use a neural network and teach it to flag potential violations of normal play(like detecting 2 players mid when one of them is actually mid and the other is just harassment) or many other things. it's also easy to detect if this was intentional 2 man mid or that someone is trolling.
: >Separate SoloQ from DuoQ First of all one person can't win whole game, especially in higher elos, that's why people duo to increase their chance of winning even more, bring back solo carrying or it will be major problem for people, second Duos are matched with people on enemy that have higher mmr. >Limit autofills per game and balance the autofills in each time I agree on that, I would rather have longer search than get autofilled. >Rework the MMR system from the ground Yup the MMR is system is old, which they "fixed" in 2019 (LP gains are associated with MMR), they should just re-work it completely. >Stop focusing on what's said in game chat and focus more on actual gameplay and its consequences The problem with it is that flaming is straightforward and can be banned automaticaly, feeding/trolling isn't, and many people just report their teammates bcs they had bad matchup/game.
I can make a software to automatically detect obvious feeding and trolling, and as the time progresses you can add more tools to detect less obvious things.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Like I said, no offense. I didn't mean it in a bad way! But looking to your op.gg profile, anyone can tell you're not experienced enough to know what's exactly wrong with the SoloQ system. Besides, my arguments are already in my thread, no need to repeat myself. But again, I apologize if I offended you in any way, that was not my intention. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
there are certain rules one need to follow in order to not look like an elitist ass with no point rule number one - give an example to explain your point, if your point is too complex or far-fetched for the other players to follow you either need to give a good example to enforce it or your point will be taken as too obscure to be of any consequence rule number two - be nice or very methodical in your post, if you can be nice they will try and be understanding toward you, and if you are very methodical they would know you have already considered every point they might've put out. the second option require you to actually answer their points one by one and dissect their arguments so it's mostly easier to just be nice.(I can't cause I'm totally an ass) rule number three - disrespecting someone because of rank is stupid, you should disrespect them due to their poor arguments it's way more fun. I might've come up in this post as an ass, but I am an Ass with a point.
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: >Separate SoloQ from DuoQ and why? they are already at a disadvantage because ppl complained about them, duos are matched vs higher mmr players to make it "balanced" >Limit autofills per game and balance the autofills in each team well tell players that they should play more roles... you got the role selection because ppl complained about having to play different roles and ppl not respecting their choices in champ select, now you can queue for your role and complain that OTHERS are not playing the roles YOU DONT WANT, so you want to be able to pick your role or not? >Rework the MMR system from the ground tell me any other team based game with a better system (and explain how does it work so there is no confusion) >Stop focusing on what's said in game chat and focus more on actual gameplay and its consequences its humanly impossible to do that, even if every single human on the planet does it they could do like 1% of the work done... it needs to be automated, and you are not helping it evolve/get better, 98% of the players cant even tell the difference between trolling/having a bad matchup and report you for anything, and the system cant do much with useless data... >If necessary, bring back the tribunal! thats good for 100000 players maybe, but definitely not for the millions playing league, its just not efficient and slow as hell
>"its humanly impossible to do that, even if every single human on the planet does it they could do like 1% of the work done... it needs to be automated, and you are not helping it evolve/get better, 98% of the players cant even tell the difference between trolling/having a bad matchup and report you for anything, and the system cant do much with useless data..." it's possible that people that monitor those things get statistical data about your account and what you are reported for and will have consequences for people who REPEATEDLY get reported for those things in MULTIPLE games. after certain amount of reports someone will go through those clips(that is to not go through the entire gameplay is a blessing and should be implemented) and see if that player actually did things on purpose. things like "was that player actively trolling or having a bad game?" can be mostly easily answered by stats like gold and level difference, trolling players would play badly in comparison to their actual stats. also see how those players died if they were reported for feeding, were they picked on by CC? were they bursted down from a relatively "safe" health pool? or were they going solo against 3 people under enemy tower for the 17th time while the rest of the team are still alive? as a support I often sacrifice my kda by bodying a skillshot for my teammates or staying back and harrasing the enemy adc so my adc can get away. you can see those things when you watch the replay easily. this is how you can know that the 25 deaths of some players weren't feeding and were in-fact just a bad game. and even someone like me can code something to look for those things automatically if I have the knowledge from high level players(because I'm a scrub and need help in figuring some of the things out) and some of the game code to allow me to inspect the replays using some kind of inspection bot I can program myself. and give players "positioning tags" like "defending tower" "laning" "attacking tower" "diving" "ally jungle" "enemy jngle" "neutral objective" and if someone consistently die in some offensive scenario it might be a red flag. also should be taking vision into consideration here but I can see it done pretty easily. not saying I'm any good but if ME, a second year software engineering student can see how EASY it is to distinguish between feeding and having a bad game by using positioning and movement to flag odd behavior that many trolls do maybe like not using skills in a fight when you have enough mana if the fight took some time, monitoring player ping(response time from the client should be recorded or at least samples of it like taking highest-lowest pings and a sample ping every few minutes to see if the player had a good connection and if there are issues in the player reaching the server maybe suggesting a better server for players with poor connection) there are many more issues that can EASILY be checked for with either calculations or simple checkbox statements.
Cräfty (EUW)
: ***
I'm a bronze player and I can tell you how F*ed up the elo system is. if we already have a rank, why isn't it taken into consideration instead of the mmr? because playing against players with higher rank while they have the "same mmr" as you is stupid - it's mostly a free win for them and if it's not, you won't get the benefit of being promoted faster. if you have the same mmr as a player in higher rank either you should get to play easy games so you rank up to that level or you should gain bonus LP based on RANK disparity instead of mmr disparity. I know how those things work because of my time as a "training buddy" for some high level chess players my estimated chess elo was over 2000 at the time but I wasn't really into going to tournaments and instead liked tormenting the class 1 players into thinking that they are not that good playing against an unranked player and losing miserably during late game(my expertise is playing in late game scenarios). the main problem for low elo in league is how the game treats unranked players(consider them as something like 0 or whatnot) and in higher elo it's the mmr vs current rank. the game should check if no one player is too far from the average rank(in chess, a difference of 100elo is equivalent to a turn advantage in most cases and was considered by many as the highest disparity in elo that will still result in a balanced game) in league it should be probably something like 2 split divisions(so if the average rank is bronze 2 the highest should be silver 4 and lowers should be bronze 4) and if an unranked player in included that player should be treated as B2. in higher ranks I feel this might need to be reduced to 1.5 or 1 split to make for a balanced game as the higher you go the more rank difference equates to skill but this might be fixed if the game consider your rank instead of mmr when assigning LP or selecting teams(either one will do).
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: Add bots in custom
till i realized i can Launch Legacy Client i was very annoyed at the fact that bots are disabled in custom
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: Have some patience, they are bringing old modes one by one, right now Nemesis Draft is being tested on PBE. There are only few left, but Doom Bots was the most resource heavy mode, so it will probably be the last one to return
Thank you very much, I was just worried it was forgotten altogether.
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: How is light meant to hit something that's invisible?{{champion:99}}

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