: Vi has an on hit % damage in her kit, so even when full tank she tends to deal a lot of damage especially if you’ve got high health targets in her kit. It’s also the issue with damage dealt... pantheon is a squishy burst champion so he can only deal as much as a full combo or as much as the enemy has health... vi is a sustained damage threat with her W, is tanky so cant be removed from the fight as easily, and if she’s against high health targets has more health to deal damage to. So it’s not he case that a full tank vi is dealing more damage, it’s the fact that a full tank vi has longer opportunities to deal damage even if her dps is actually lower than pantheon. It’s why tanks with sunfire tend to top the damage dealt chart... got nothing to do with how much damage they actually deal but for how long they deal it (and I assume vi had a cinderhulk).
yes she had a cinderhulk and she was almost able to oneshot :( on top of the part where she dealt more damage over all...
: Well that was old pantheon as well... he always fell off late game and hes never had the mobility to escape people. And his win rate is low cause it’s easy to mess up on him, which makes people loose games... it’s not got much to do with his relative strengh
btw in one of my matches I played against vi a recent one And she build full tank possible dealth more damage than me. Whats up with that ... If pantheon build full ad items how does vi just deal more damage going full tank.
: For now yeah, they are keeping an eye on him but he’s starting to settle into a spot where he’s viable and potentially even strong...
A little buf for late game would be after panth reaches lvl 16 his q and E get an increase in scaling by 30% percent
: For now yeah, they are keeping an eye on him but he’s starting to settle into a spot where he’s viable and potentially even strong...
well his winrate is a bit finiky since it is 45%. But When I play in my second account where i play with players that are low lvl he seems pretty good. But still you get a little bit annoyed by the fact you start to fall of mid to late game and you can get caught of easily and you explode really fast. Compared to a similar character like lee sin he isnt so mobile.
: But they are happy with where pantheon is at the moment... why would riot test stuff on the pbe when they are happy with pantheon being where he is. His win rate climbed to 48% which is about right for a difficult champion, and he’s starting to actually get to the point where he is fine... riot have seen this and therefore have no intention to give any changes for him. It’s not a case of waiting till after worlds, riot aren’t gonna do any changes to him
You mean not needing any immidiate changes. Got it.
: Well actually riot have said that they are pretty happy with the stat pantheon currently is in and won’t touch him for a while
I think I said the same thing. 2 to 3 weeks with no changes till the tournaments are over. But they could be trying stuff on him in the pbe and in the back ground like they are doing with garen right now to finish the mini rework.
: > Increase in the scaling on his E to get closer to what it was before the rework . If you want exact numbers then go watch rossboomsock's video on how the damage was and now is. I humbly suggest an increase in scaling per rank with the scaling being greater per rank for a better late game. The E damage shouldn’t be anything like it was (even though if you look it’s only 45 base damage and 50% scaling less than before, better scaling when empowered). Don’t forget it’s directional invunrability he should choose between damage and survivability he shouldn’t be able to kill while invunrable (same reason why kayle can’t auto attack while ulting). > Decrease or remove the slow on his E to give him more mobility something Which would decrease counter play too much... the slow does need to stay for the ability to remain healthy (dont forget pantheon is the fastest champion in the game if he keeps that movement speed during his E anyone without mobility can’t do anything to it, plus he could dive whenever he wanted). > W tiny bit of a damage buff. I nthe form of an AD scaling or an increase in base damage or ap scaling It shouldn’t be a damage ability, it’s a point and click stun it’s already strong enough. ___ The other buffs don’t have anything wrong with them persay (I actually really like the shield destruction idea) but I would say we need to wait first... we are still learning and experimenting with pantheon we don’t know his full potential yet... buffing too early is going to be disastrous
RIot said the next ideas for buffs that they will add ,will be After patch 9.19 After the WORLDS tournaments are over then they will continue with buff or nerfs on schedule since they do not want Create champions that will be overbuffed and change the balance of the game as it currently Is so they pro play will not exploit any champions. SInce no buffs will be happening for 2 patches this is the perfect time for people to present Ideas SInce they will not be added instantly And the riot balance team Has 2 or more weeks to try all of them behind the scenes. I suggest any ideas you have you should add them at the reddit post WHere many pantheon mains will be able evaluate them and since the reddit post Is Much more famous than this it is more likely for riot to see your recommendations. If you like any of my personal ideas Feel free to use them your self and and post them as your own since the ideas are just to be added to the champions not for me to take credit for their existance
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: nerf lb
AND SHE WILL GET SOOON BUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFED! wow! .......................... -_- {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Nerf or Buff to Nautilis on PBE
good idea{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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