: This game is de-evolutioning pretty quickly and it's at unplayable state right now.
Fyi, right now I can't play games because the game refuses to start because the OS "needs to terminate the process" so yea, that was my first ranked game of TFT and now 2 games in a row of normal draft pick, but its ok I will give couple more tries before I decide to quit.
: It has happened to me, you have to restart the client and you'll be fine. Won't be able to pick anything in the first carousel but the game will pick someone automatically for you and put it on the board. Depending on your PC you'll probably load before you reach the PvP rounds.
Actually restarted the client few times and nothing happened :)
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there is a hidden elo for normals that is pretty much dependent on your ranked account if you aren't ranked then its at around 1200 elo silver 2 the matchmaking in normals isn't strict it will try to make the games equal to 1 tier difference ie average diamond 4 vs average platinum 4 is pretty much common i don't think there is a way to climb your normal mmr without your ranked mmr as i have around 400 wins more than losses in normals and i play pretty much against the same ranked players as my ranked games your end goal is to win the game if you try blitz alistar bot lane you should be trying to win your game picking unconventional doesn't mean you have to lose play what you like improve if you like train if you like practice if you like have fun if you like do w/e you like in normals just as the end goal of you playing is to win the game
Is this true? Can you send me a link to the source? I think this is false.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Draft is just normal with bans and role assignment, nothing else changes
Nothing else changes compared to ranked or normal blind pick?
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: well if it is related to the massive FPS drop issue that crashes your game at random lowering settings could reduce FPS hence stablise your issue? you could give the support ticket a shot. nothing you can do but wait for Riot to resolve the issue {{champion:498}}
No, I am just playing and suddenly I got disconnected no fps issues..
: Riot stated in a post on Help & Support that it is related to an FPS problem and they should be working on a fix. for now you should try lowering the settings and turning on low spec mode (can be found when entering the settings in the new client after logging in. {{champion:498}} https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/MbZUomm2-fps-issues-gathering-info
How this can help me solve connection issues? I mean thanks for the info but if I cannot play whats the point of fixing the fps :D
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: Idea to stop 99% of flaming and trolling! [MUST READ]
Maybe add this feature only to replace people that are more than 5-8 minutes of the game? And charge the "leaver" with something(maybe ban for ranked game for like a day or something?) Yes everyone have internet connection problems I am tired of this excuse. If you don't have reliable internet then fuck off of ranked queue jeez.


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