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: NEXUS BLITZ for Christmas please
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: But why would riot release a failing game mode as a permanent game mode? Makes no sense They might bring it back some day, maybe not. Nobody knows. But they definitely aren't going to release it as a permanent mode
Fair enough, I was just hoping that they were to release it again and it being a permanent gamemode was just thinking out loud. It was my favorite gamemode
: Buff Ivern for real
He is too interesting of a champion to be left in the dark. Personally I would rework his Q in a way that it no longer pulls Ivern towards enemies but that is pulls two enemies together dealing magic damage and stunning them for a brief moment, or maybe something similar to Zyra's E
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: Offering Coaching (below Gold)
As a support Is it ok if I gank other lanes while my lane is empty?
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: Need Your Thoughts On What Is The Best Champion To Climb With?
sAyCo (EUNE)
: if you somehow got your RP and used it, you wont be able to get your money back (refund).
I didn't use it
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