LeMyyy (EUNE)
: Hello. My name is Uroš. (Semi-Professional Coach/Analyst). Playing League since S2. What type of sponsorship can you arrange / provide? I've worked for many teams, some have paid cash, but nobody has ever mentioned sponsorship as an attachment. Some teams as an example of my training: * The Panthers * Xember Alpha / Beta * WE ARE SAIYANS * DQ What can I do? Max. respect for the players and a detailed overview of each game, help around the team of the team (picks/bans/team komp). Overtime if it's really needed, a detailed conversation with each player individually. Hope you dicede best for both of us , have a nice day. _**LeMyyy**_
Hi, I accepted your friend request on league, but I have changed my nick in the meanwhile to Dεus. Please feel free to communicate with me on there.
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MetaTrace (EUW)
: Details on qualifying for the CS can be found here: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/2016-challenger-series-qualifiers
Thanks for hasty response Meta! I registered my team on battlegrounds, but my friends who are unfortunately of different residence than me dont seem to be able to join the team. Is there a geographical restriction on joining the teams, or is it a glitch? Any ideas for a fix?
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Dεus (EUNE)
: Sudden drop in LP gain
Soloq all the time
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