SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Could you please explain, what is your issue? Maybe we can assist you avoid those issues in the future. If this were a global issue, we all would be having it.
Your new client works perfectly, with just one inception, every other time it freezes on 0 sec while someone is picking a champ in soloq select ;))))
House x33 (EUW)
: Simple solution, upgrade your windows xp computer.
huhu how smart of you,my pc works perfectly fine with every game, except when it come to this crap
: That's kinda... not nice thing to say...
is it nice to receive billions of dollars from just designing skins, while the client cant even function? but ofc when u actually need some help, they send you to talk to a fcking bot, because bots always fix problems
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Block (EUNE)
: tell us what response they gave u when u receive it
i asked them if they can remove the border from my account, and they only responded with "sorry we cant help you with that"
: nope nope and nope.. never flamed excessively, never got chat banned and i did send it there but im worried they wont respond in ages
and thank you for trying to help :)
Uniquê (EUNE)
: This is commonly happened because of Flaming, swearing and insulting I suggest you to send a ticket to Riot Games at They'll tell you the reason, Good luck!
nope nope and nope.. never flamed excessively, never got chat banned and i did send it there but im worried they wont respond in ages
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: Won a ranked game, no LP
: Elo Hell exist!
its no longer a myth!
MadClown (EUNE)
: I don't need proof I believe you, just trying to help.That is weird as hell I have no idea why they don't respond....
because this isnt the first time they try to hide themself when they screw up. i had millions of critical error in 5 years of playing this game, and in 99% i kept my mouth shut. and its not about the LP, i dont even care about them anymore, i just want to see why they dont do anything about this.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Lol that is long.But maybe instead of going where is logic in this try a different approach? Edit:Also try sending from different account
okay bro, but one more proof. this was a normal report that i posted when i experienced a group of toxic players. One month of waiting for their reply.
MadClown (EUNE)
: I guess experience with support is different for all of us.Yesterday in fact I send them a ticket and got a response within two hours.Maybe try again since and hope for the best?Since I doubt that any rioter here will answer this. the day i posted/the day they replied
MadClown (EUNE)
: Have you tried talking to support?
Yeah, but i dont have any hopes for that, since they reply to me there after 11 days or so
MadClown (EUNE)
: It's very weird that it happend and that those matches got deleted. Maybe it's time rioter answers this instead of those posts "how to get out of bronze".
EXACTLY MY POINT!! ive never spend this much time on these boards and ive seen them answering some of the most retarded questions, but they ignore their mistake
desalmada (EUW)
: remake?
30 min game. no one afked. no lags, nothing.
Febos (EUW)
: Riot doesn't avoid discussions. Some rioters check out the boards regularly, but that doesn't mean that they'll see and reply to every discussion that is made. If you have a real urgent problem, then send a ticket to Riot's Support.
1. it wasnt a discussion, it was client report which happened to several people 2. "real urgent problem" yeah when i did that it took 11 days for them to reply and of course their reply wasnt helpful 3. if they can reply a post where a guy from bronze asked how cant he climb and why are others bad, then why cant they reply to something way more serious and bigger.
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: Yep i won a game with my duo and we both were supposed to get promoted. But we were not able to get into the after game screen so we didnt get promoted. I could see the match on my match history last night but now it seems like rito deleted it.{{item:3070}}
yeah and god forbid some of riot's employees come here and explain wtf has happened
: As you level up and climb quickly your MMR will also climb up quickly and you will face harder teams to try and level you off at the correct level. I had 8 wins in a row went straight to gold promos then lost 6 in a row it happens to us all. It happens to us all and when it happens to me I try to change the champion I am maining.
rito, you have some real issues to deal by not giving LP after a won game so i want an explanation on my post to see where my LP vanished
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: Last night I got no IP, same problem, went to sleep, and now I woke up and logged in and I did get the IP. So maybe it's just slow and takes time to realize you won something xD
well you got your IP at least.. they simply erased that game from my match history like it didnt even happen.
iSupp (EUNE)
: We still didn't get our LP....
well, i went to see if they fixed it today, but still im on 0 LP + they erased that match from my match history
: Your MMR is lower than the average expected MMR for players in your division. Your MMR will continue to tank unless you improve your play!
dude im not talking about my MMR, im talking about a fact that client bugged out and that a lot of people didnt get their LP
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: Normal Games Anybody?
if you wanna, add me :)
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MasterKota (EUNE)
: add me i am lonely
xD Arent we all? Will do :D
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: Hello, i like the Idea to try out a real 5 vs 5 Group, iam a medium player that likes to play and against a lot others i dont flame O.o Ingame Name: Sir Mimimi
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: getting it more frequent atm and sometimes it stops me from accepting matches
2 months later, still no bug fixes xD
SeekerK (EUNE)
: This looks like a patching issue, please troubleshoot by following [this ]( in the Wrechmen toolbox.
Fixed, thank you for your help :)
: nothing helped, ill post links of the pictures that show what happens when i open the lol client
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey Please troubleshoot by following [this ]( issues guide. Let me know if it helped you!
nothing helped, ill post links of the pictures that show what happens when i open the lol client
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: Wait. You recommend any other streamer than yourself? BLASPHEMY
i dont stream, i just support.
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Zelzima89 (EUW)
: id like to join i have a mic so i can talk like that and i use pings to warn everyone.
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Lowle (EUNE)
: Hi, Lowle here :) played since season 3 22 y/o I'm interested to join in Eune
: Looking for some nice (non-toxic) people to play for fun
Add me, since im the only person here with a proper server >:D
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