RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Teamfight tactics missing features!
chill , this game still BETA u will get XP \ battle pass \ RANKED system but wait just wait :D
: TFT really is a pain
first of all i agree with u in this game if u dont have items u will lose 100% but ur other points are wrong like the store , rito cant gives u all champs that u need to just buy them its not fun i mean this game depends on LUCK like hearthstone plus i know in TFT u have some strong champs like DRAVEN \ vayne but just to know draven needs 4 gold to buy him wihch means draven is an EPIC champion not like garen who needs 1 gold what i'm trying 2 say is : u have legendary champs like gnar \ swain and u have epic champs like draven \ brand and u have blue champs like ashe and green champs like varus and normal champs like garen elc legendary > epic > blue > green ? normal ( white )
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Hansiman (EUW)
: > because it is not fair why should i lose LP because of an afk player ? In the same sense, is it fair to gain LP due to the enemy team being at a numbers disadvantage?
if we lost because of an afk player , the enemy team will get LP i'm not talking about the enemy team they will get LP if we lost i'm talking about my team , about my self i should'nt lose LP because this is not my fault thats my point
Hansiman (EUW)
: And how to you avoid causing problems with the scoring system? The game is based on 5 people losing LP, while 5 people gain LP. If one team can constantly avoid losing LP, don't you see that this would break how ranked works?
idk really but rito should do something because it is not fair why should i lose LP because of an afk player ? he will get ban for 20m ? is that enough ? __________
Hansiman (EUW)
: > you cant lose LP if there was AFK player ( enemy team will get LP if they won :D ) That'll just skew the entire basis of the scoring system. If you don't want to lose LP, you'd also have to accept not gaining LP when the enemy has an AFK player. And how would you handle situations where the team that has an AFK player wins?
if you won with an AFK player , u will get LP but the AFK player wont get LP if you lost with an AFK player , you wont lose LP , but the AFK player will lose LP
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Shaigan (EUNE)
: Sylas Teemo ultimate bug
melcze (EUNE)
: We dont hate players who play new champions. If you have brain every champ is viable. For example huni cant play riven at all, no mechanics etc. But has a brain and know what to do, focus on rankeds and dont feed, complain about teammates. Want to climb ? Youre suppossed to 1v9 !!!
dude i already played 2 games with kayle ( ranked ) and she got 1\10\3 , why i should play with these players? dont say brain-huni-riven because in this elo ( iron - bronze - silver ) no one wants to learn the champion first , just play it in ranked with 0 - 1000 points so for that i dont want to play with FIRST TIME CHAMPION in ranked
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NakXioN (EUW)
: well.... for now not fortnite or League of legends it's PUBG {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I hate this game his community is toxic all who play this Battle Royal in our region is children and that sucks in the game play وعلى فكرة مجتمع لعبة ليج اكبر من اي جيمرز تانيين لو دخلت اي سايبر هتلاقي معظمهم بيعبوا ليج دلوقتي , But I think ولو انه مستحيل نسبيا ومنطقيا there's a little Hope to Up our voice to Riot Games
الفكره مش فكره بيلعبوا ليق او لا يعني مثلا العرب كلهم كم واحد منهم بيلعب ليق اوف ليجند ؟ تقريبا تقريبا 100 الف مستحيله اعلى وممكن تكون 50 الف فقط ياترى ال 100 الف كم شخص بيشحن ؟ وبيدفع فلوس ؟ ممكن مثلا 40% منهم طيب ال 40% من 100 الف هل كفايه بان ريوت تعمل سيرفر باستضافه شهريه ؟ لان سيرفر مو فقط ملف بينفتح وبس عشان يكون بهالسهولة سيرفر لازم يدفعوا ليه مبالغ كل شهر ف لو اللاعبين ما بتشحن وعددهم قليل ما راح يكون في اي فائدة بالاضافه ان لا تنسى لازم يكون في لغة عربية وهالشيء هم ذكروا بانهم شغالين على هالموضوع ف عندك لغة عربية اي ادارة عربية و دعم عربي ف شيء بياخذ وقت وهم اعلم
NakXioN (EUW)
: What is the feture about E-Sports in Egypt? and the third world countries?
not true fortnite is the most popular game in the middle east not LEAGUE OF LEGENDS + rito cant add a new server for 100K players or maybe maybe less :( من الاخر ريوت ما راح تقدر تعمل سيرفر عشان 100 الف ويمكن اقل بكثير من 100 الف لاعب بالاضافه ان مو كلنا نشحن ف استبعد هالفكره :]
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: They are already considering an MMORPG (and maybe working on it in secret) The director of RIOT have already asked the fans if they were interested by an MMORP on his twitter. The new emphasis on developing the lore (and adding tons of characters there) and also the new Runeterra map seems to be hinting for that. Keep in mind that except for the tweet, everything is mere speculations and we don't know for sure
but he said its just a joke {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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Nixxys (EUW)
: Looking for Hearthstone fans to join club at euw :)
hearthstone fans ? , dude this is league of legends, not Hearthstone {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}


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