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: They were unraked players going through their first 10 ranked games. If they landed in your lobby, they probably won some of the first games and were given a temporary high silver/ low gold rank with the potential to climb even higher. This is not a bug or something, it is pretty common and this is how it works. When we were unraked, we didn't always land in a lobby with 9 other unraked players. If you win games and get a new temporary rank, you play with others who have the rank. That is how it works and it is totally normal and ment to work this way. Do not get upset, these two unraked dudes probably were at the same Elo, either smurfs going for a new account or random guys having luck in their first placement games.
Oh, okay. Thank you for letting me know. And i don't know how common it is... This is the first time it happened to me. But again, thank you
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: Yasuo
guys, all i want is to make the Q's cooldown like 5 secs or idk because with the lifesteal runes he just gets full health from 1 hp in just 6 secs and nerf that ult, because it is really annoying because he Qs me and towrdives me and in 1 sec i get killed


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