: Bad or Good ?
Blocking Riot to acces my personal data means "It cannot connect to the servers" . What kind of {{champion:350}} is this ? Is not firewall , I can read it. It says sensitive data , so it`s not FIREWALL of the Launcher .
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: i would say gad. Or bood. (Jokes apart, if you are not sure, always refuse.)
The thing is , I didn`t accept it , and I just left a ranked game because i`m not able to play it due to Attempting to reconnect non stop. So i`m going to loose LP and leave buster because of it . I don`t get it why ? What do they need to see in my pc ? And why if I don`t accept it things start going bad ? I have the save configuration on my PC , internet is ok , and this things started happ. only 2 hours ago because I didn`t accept or refuse that . It is verry interesting.
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