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: Ban system!
I think a system like cs go's overwatch would be ok i have a full idea but im too lazy to type now {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: no idea :( i would be interested to hear at what point your ticket seems to have stalled. in my case, my ticket is about wierd disconnections i have been experiencing since the latest patch, i seem to disconnect specifically on the FIRST (and only the first) time i see the demolish rune being procced AFTER turret plates have fallen, all of my disconnects have happened as the last 'tick' of the rune happens, and the rune becomes 'usable' on a tower. after reconnecting i am able to 'view' the rune proccing with no issues, and when it procs while turret plates are still active, i get no disconnect the only RIOT response so far has been to tell me its my processor that is the issue (i am on a dual core... yes its old, but i have had NO issues running the game on high settings until the latest patch) a simple google search for 'LoL minimum specs 2019' directs me to this page which state the 'recommended' processor is a dual core 3ghz processor when i asked why i am being directed to this specific page if my processor isnt 'strong' enough i now seem to be being ignored
Well mine was about a ban i recieved this week.I did deserve the ban i got a little bit heated and angry cus i was getting flamed. So i just asked why a 2 week ban with perma ban warning.I mean i play since season 3 and that was my first ban ever of any sorts i always have high honor levels and i was just curious why not a chat restriction why directly a two week vacation. Just asked RIOT support about how it works because it was really not clear to me on the information page. I did see the thread for your problem it's really not cool. I would love if a riot employee sees this and actually helps us :D
: i put in a ticket around 18hrs ago, and noticed that the 'last update' according to the support website is 4hrs ago.... looking at my ticket, the last 'response' was my own message 9hrs ago it seems as though a rioter has looked at my ticket (as shown by the 'last activity' timining) and then ignored it and actioned nothing, not even asked me for more information
Exaclty the same man the question is how do we proceed?
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