Solomai (EUW)
: Diamond support up for adoption.
ayy nicely written :3 hope you find your new family {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: There's also Diana, Camille and Fiora.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Isn't that what it's about? Rewarding good behavior? Taking the example right out of your comment, would you not rather a player that was going to be toxic and troll the game actually behave well, even if it's just so he gets honored? When punishment isn't enough to keep players on track, then perhaps rewards will (to some degree).
i suppose you have a point, even if it would make it an act. though for me, i don't mind toxic person as long as they do their job. Giggly positive players are fun and everything, but if they gonna do stupid mistakes and whats worse, not realizing it, they get me much more mad and feeling like i am trying for nothing than any verbal abuses could. well i was getting off topic there. Still, i expect that there might be some hype about being good boys now and when (if) the honor system gets more rewarding update, but i think it will eventually cool off and only people that actually want to improve behavior will keep it up. might be that more rewarding system would make more people want to improve, but well, then its just spoiling the comunity even more, teaching them to not bother with any efforts unless they get rewarded.
Estti379 (EUW)
: LOL, I didn't even read the chatlogs. Yeah, that "%%%" comment and the "%%%%%%ed" one are pretty big ones... And he does it 3 times in total... what would one expect to happen then xD
i'd expect same as thousands of games before when i did that :)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings > i recieved back only 1 chatlog from the most recent game, making me wonder if i actually got banned just coz of that one. It's common to only get 1 chatlog, but your behaviour is judged based on all of the games you were reported in from your last penalty. The log isn't there to display all the games you played where your behaviour was deemed unwanted, but to show an example of what behaviour you're displaying in those games. The logs will also not display games from too long ago, since part of reforming is to remember the games where the logs took place. --- > could it be that i had some rioter in my team, that got butthurt Rioters can't actually do this.
ah so thats how it is? still, even with a chat ban for few games, it did show me chat logs from at least 3 games...
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xSortedx (EUNE)
: About the 7.14 patch......
every single champ relase... **_ literally every single champ relase..._** Don't worry, new noobchamp will be terrorizing normals soon enough
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Exhaust is useless against Fizz, don't follow this advice. In theory its a good spell against assassins, but if the said assassin is permanently untargetable and then you get cc'ed you die without being able to use it. So barrier is the only choice. You also can't punish him during lane phase. I mean sure you can get him 0 cs early but then he hit 3 and use Q on minion E on you and W. Lux cannot dodge this without flash and if you use flash then you won't have it next time he goes for this trade and also when he hits 6. And this combo took me by 80% hp so since then he had free farm and I was hugging tower. Zhonya is best item to rush against him although that means he got at least 2 ults before you can build it and even then he killed me anyway so idk. But everywhere they recommend Zhonya and Banshee didn't worked either so... Imo you did everything right, especially if you won game. Fizz counters most immobile mages especially those reliant on single skillshot cc. So either ban him if you want to play Lux or pick something mobile like LB maybe.
yup, even zhonya and banshee together felt kind of useless. LB is kind of hard now, especially i you were used to old playstyle, but i suppose if i spammed her for like 100 games like i do when i wanna learn champion, i could be able to play her.... maybe ... :/ my other favourite pick would be Azir, i wonder how that would go... i guess probably the same way, even though i might have more reliable poke.
: Dont miss skills.
theoretically, if i quickly throw my full combo on him, then even if he manages to E dodge everything, as long as my spells went over his champion model, i didn't miss any skillshots.
: Take ignite and go full damage why be a %%%%%. Auto him loads early game. Don't use abilities until he e's. Fizz should easily be 30%hp before lvl 3/4. When he's under tower throw your e out and wait. It's hard to dodge when u reactivate as he's desperately trying to cs under turret. When he reaches 6 you should have a big enough lead and lvl advantage that he can't 💯 you. Use your passive and thunder lords early game. If you go even early game it will be very difficult to win and hope for mid/late game picks with q
mmmhhmm thx, seems legit - except that take ignite part, thats trap right? RIGHT?! i am not gonna fall for that! btw nice name .)
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I would say don't blind pick lux OR ban fizz. I main vel'koz and if i get to play mid i will ban fizz every game. Of all the assassins fizz is the one that gives me the most trouble. He can hide behind every corner around mid waiting to R you and if it lands it's a guaranteed kill, has 2 ways to avoid laser damage, fizz players like to build zhonias hourglass which gives him 3 ways to outplay my main damage source, he has 2 ways to get inside my range and lategame he can jump over walls and your team can't really stop him from flash ulting you. In lane the only thing you can reliable land are autoattacks which his passive mitigates. Compare that to other assassins that have more counterplay measures and you understand why fizz must be banned.
yeah, i somewhat had to learn it the hard way. well at least i dont see him that often. ugh, just an imagination of playing velkoz vs that thing gives me shivers.
: Maxing shield on lux is useless as it's not strong enough. I don't know how you consider an advice from a silver 5 but I 'm still going to say how I play the matchup. Show in lane with E unlocked and when he approaches the wave auto him : Some fizzes start W while I 've seen others start E. If he started W (most common) poke the living hell out of him with E-autoattacks-thunderlords. Doing so you will most likely push a lot so don't bother asking for ganks, just ask your jungler if he can please ward a river bush for you (you will ward the other). Keep hyper aggressive until level 3 (don't level the shield but take 2nd point in E): Now he has kill potential if he ran ignite but if you did a good job before he should be too low to dive you into your wave. Always run either barrier or exhaust: If he jumps you reposition and snare him into the minions , place E, auto, explode E, auto. If you played the early game right you should end up having at least a level advantage and 10-20cs more then him (you pushed him and fizz farms bad under turret). When you come back to lane if you both recalled pre-6 keep poking him but stop shoving as hard as before because now the risk of receiving a gank is higher. When you hit 6 (he should still be 5) go hyper aggressive on him with E and autos and if he ends up using E snare him and kill him/force him back with ulti. If he manages to hit 6 now you have to completely change your playstyle: Stay passive, farm from a distance with autos, throw the occasional E to farm/poke him. If you get eventually hit by a shark you have to use either flash to reposition or barrier to absorb incoming damage and being able to reposition walking: Walk behind using nothing but shield, place E under your feet and only after he used both E and q you can fire your q and combo him. Later on if you're in the position to get jumped on you will die so always use your range at max . For the build I always take lost chapter cause I need the mana then boots to dodge the shark and be able to run under turret then banshee and zhonya. If he greeded early game and fed me I finish morello instead and only after go for defensive items. I tend to include a luden for the moment speed and if the fizz is behind skip either zhonya or banshee depending on the rest of enemy team composition. Always max E lux is 100 times more useful than fizz in tfs unless your team somehow manages to position so poorly more people are hit by a shark
oh man if u gonna write so long a reply, at least divide the text sometimes, it will make it much easier to read <---- just saying, i appreciate very much that you took your time with detailed answer. to the poking part, i am not sure if i met skilled fizz or simply played that game pretty poorly, however i couldn't rely on E poke as i usually do, because either it was about to hit and fizz just dodged it with his E or worse, it landed but when i went into AA range and tried to proc my passive and thunder, fizz just used E, dodged my auto and facerolled me with his combo, doing heavy dmg just with E and W auto, even if i somehow snared him with Q before he used his Q. So i tried to change my tactics and instead was catching him with Q, so i could proc thunderlord, but that left without Q while he could E - Q to me. I guess i also made a mistake of underrestimating him, because after one kill ( his W burn time kind of surprised me, didnt think i am gonna have to waste barrier) , even going for minion lasthits started to be pretty risky. I ll keep in mind what you said in case i find myself in that unfortunate matchup again.
: exhaust or barrier flash is essential vs fizz. . The way to counter fizz is pre 6 with poke he is awfull lv 1 ,lv2 ,after he goes in you q/e and win the trade.After lv 6 flashing his r (it's hard but possible) and making an outplay after his jump if flash is on cooldown you just freeze and play defensive under tower (he can;t dive so easily if you haven't gave him free kill)..
i guess its the only way then... still, the dmg and mobility always leaves me dumbfounded...
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Ukk3l1 (EUNE)
: Can't get S or S+?
or just go with the easy way and play where zed doesn't usually excel. there are shittons of Zeds having great score on mid. if you had these results on top/jg/botlane, you would probably get S+
S3tan (EUNE)
: 6 Euros internet
Torrent pirate detected. give swat boys an hour.
: New honor system takes too long to level <-- feels uninteractive
Personally, i don't think it should be any faster, with more levels or have any more indicators whatsoever. because then people would act good just for the sake of getting that number increase, giving them illusion they're quickly step closer to more keys - not for simply playing in sportsmanlike manner at all. This way, it doesn't feel like another comptetion, yet it still rewards sportsmanlike behaviour.
Rioter Comments
: it's not a possible solution,if you check the replies a rioter said they are aware of the problem
i was talking about replies on other posts like that, where some people talked about things that helped them. nevermind, i just recorded a part of replay with, that at least works.
: [Check this](
i see, checked similiar posts, some with possible solutions, yet changing highlights settings or closing every program and process i can think of still doesn't work for me :/
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Doomley (EUW)
: There is a very good reason for it. The reason was revealed with the old system. The enemy will be honored (in most cases) only if he assisted the enemy team in winning. So basically inting and afking for example. It goes against a human nature to commend the enemy, especially if you lose to that person because commending him would mean you acknowledge that you are inferior to him which is not something a human being normally does. In high elo and especially in korean server, the red honor ribbon (honorable opponent) was a sign of a bich and a mark that if you have a player with that ribbon in your team, you should dodge the match because that player is prone to intentionally feeding or otherwise trolling. I bet you have also seen people honoring players who troll. Mostly in ranked (i don't know if you play ranked).
well that explains it, especially with keys for honor system... i often see garbage saying things like "honor (insert champ that decided to intentionally feed) but i wouldnt think they actually bothered to do so. mankind, meh.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: What would be the answer you would expect? It's like asking.. any reason why the water is wet.... it's just how it is, how riot decided to make it. Riot works in mysterios ways.. if they will decide to enable us to honor enemy they will, untill then :D who knows the mind of riot.
it might be that they often make questionable decisions.... but nothing gets answered without question and its not like this one would fall in "crybaby" category
Endusal (EUW)
: Hot Streaks & "punishing players for being good"
ummm thats how it works though? the better winrate you have, tho more lp you get for win....
StormWindo (EUNE)
: Light went off
dude, random ocurence like that is already counted in, because you just wont get punished for single afk game. i feel like participating in never ending battle against the ignorance for saying those words repeated on forums thousands of times : you had to leave more than one game / champ select recently to get get punished.
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Victory7s (EUW)
: [Discussion] Is homophobia punished enough in League of Legends?
if you let random kids over the internet get to you, its totally up to you. besides being it lol or whatever else, people use all kinds of curses and swearing and whatever else, homophobic amogst them, because most of the people gets offended by these. you might be just noticing them too much. i imagine that if i was a gay myself and random lol kids would use homophobia, i'd probably admit it with smile faces, maybe even provide few colorfull details. after all thats how you win and make them mad, by not getting mad yourself :) damn, now i have to think up some great and juicy talk back for next time i get called a gay or smth like that :3 these keyboard attacks are the only way they can get back at you for whatever injustice **- intentionall or not, deserved or imagined** you could do to them. i don't care for the toxicity, i know that toxic people are generally the ones passionate and tryharding ( **generally**) . But when i desperately try to keep that zed/lux/yasuo or whatever i am lanning against, with 0 kills and try to force him to miss minions, we're both half hp, trying to get other one low enough to score a kill, make enemy do a mistake, but sudenly lvl 7 lee sin comes, towerdives lvl 4,fails,dies and gives enemy lane sweet 400g (and some more later), thats what gets my blood boil and makes me to start hurting keyboard buttons in wish to let that piece of garbage know exactly what he is and why he should kill himself. though i don't tend to use "gay" verbal abuses, i can get pretty mean when i want to. the person i flamed either flames back, apologizes for brainless play, or just keep silent and game goes on. either the same continues, garbage plays and flaming, or somehow situation turns around, lee sin makes some cool insecs and i would praise instead of flame. 2 games later no one remembers anything. btw people won't get banned after few games, not even after several, it needs to be very constant or very severe. + normals pretty much arent being cared for rankeds are much more guarded. had a chat filter for some games recently, after 4-man failure of a premade reported me. _clap, clap automated feedback_ not saying that u play bad and deserve flame, not in any case, just merely giving an example from my personal experience. now to lighten the mood a bit, i noticed you kind of main Miss Fortune. I am not laughing or anything just pure curiosity. Do you find her personality, or her mhhmmmm.... appearance attractive, or is it simply coz you are good with her? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: wanna do it, like do you have any darkstar or star guardian lux
i am all for balance - never would i get hired by Rito :( got varus and lux, but i guess you missed i am on EUNE :)
Azemor (EUW)
: Ahri Charm Hitbox Bug (gif)
i watched over and over, but it seems to me like the charm did hit kindred mid jump
: looking for a whole team of dark star (even though there are only 4)
imagine this : ADC - Dark Star Varus Supp - Dark Star Thresh Top - Dark Star Orianna Jg - Dark Star Kha'Zix . . . Midlane - Star Guardian Lux {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Sherlokk (EUW)
: My Project 2017 | Looking for a Crew ! [Repost]
not that i am interested but... why would editor and designer need to be plat5+? besides what do you plan to do except throwing on them tons of recorded games with you spamming lvl 7 mastery emote god fist lee sin jg, for them to edit into something that catches the audience ? just curious {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: New CC Machine Concept
oh man, i like the champion presumable character :) abilities are another story though. for starter, something with so much utility can't be resourceless. charms/tauts/fears immunity is a cool idea,but would certainly need a cooldown. for three basic abilities to be hard CC is another impossible thing. full combo (since Q and W are autoattack enchancements it leaves the full combo pretty without a counterplay) would lock down a person for 5 seconds at max level. well, actually that would be infinite CC, considering those cooldowns. not that anyone except toughest tanks would survive more than 1-2 cycles. by the way, no more knockups for a while please, yasuo players already have it easy enough. reducing, refreshing whole team cooldowns - no, nope, nope, nope. Did you play URF and One For All rotating gamemodes? because thats exactly what this ability would make of teamfights.well even worse, coz urf ults got around 10-15s cooldowns, this would be 2 karthus, brand, etc. ults in a row.... {{{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:104}}**Agrees** (champions picked at hand whose spells - mostly ults -refreshed would have devastating impact in teamfight. to the second part of your ult (for some reason you didn't think 8 ultimates would be enough to instantly Ace enemy team) , its the first thing in the entire concept that i find underpowered. to the armor/mr reduction - lets say enemy carry got 50 armor and mr. wooow after 10 autoattacks, ( you are dead or 20 seconds pass before you do 10 autoattacks unless you capped attack speed ) enemy carry got "only" 45 armor / mr! but man i love that trolling aspect of ultimate :) 4-man premade abusing you, feeding, farming your lane, crying to all chat for reports on you? no problem, just dont build any defence, and right before teamfight starts, engage enemy team, and turn on your ultimate just before you proceed to get oneshot! woalah, that annoying premade now has 50% reduced dmg for 20 seconds! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Is there any way,
Why? here is why. I play the game passionately, i play trying to win. i love good games, even lost ones. But by good games i mean relatively even game, with intense fights, not the onesided stomps and games decided in 5 minutes. Yet i am sick of being filled into 4-man ( i am sure everyone knows the country) premade, that generally trolls, insult each other, and plays like being forced to. just before i wrote this, i found myself in team with yet another of their premades. guess what. jg warwick gave my lane 5 kills in 12 minutes. for champ like ww, made for that kind of people, it doesnt matter how much he feeds early game, he's gonna be able to at least 1v3 later anyway. but what about the poor midlaner who desperately tried to overfarm his lane, survive enemy ganks, and managed to stay 2/1 while watching with tears rolling enemy xerath getting his luden, morello, rabadon? 15 minutes into the game, i can dodge 8/10 skillshots yet the remaining 2 oneshots me, while i barely scratch him, and yeah, warwick meanwhile gets tanky and start collecting kills, ofc, without any care for drakes, pushing, deff, etc... report mid for feed xerath. classic. thx to %%%%%%s like this, not realizing the importance of early game, i get completely useless, unable to help the team in any way. did i mention i play passionately? by now i am mad, thx to wasted trying and complete ignorance of these brainless %%%%tards about why am i so behind or why is xerath carrying the game, making sure they know what a pieces of shit they are. afterwards, i get a full premade report, which in turn gives me restriction, clap clap riot. vast majority of cases like this i experience in my games is generally happening with players from that country, i don't know if they are just naturally hot-heads, evolution took away few braincells from them or smth else, and i don't care. i just wanna stop getting filled in or against their premades. call me toxic, call me blamer, idc. i play for team, i dont feed other people lanes, and i am sure they apreciate it much more than smiley faces in chat.
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: [VERY WIP] Azir Rework Concept
this one would completely change azir mechanics. immobile soldiers, attacking on its own? cmon. would't be bad for a new Shurima champion though.
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Tarolock (EUW)
: he is blocking spells only when he is jumping, w8 until the jump finishes then cc his ass
you mean wait till he one-shots you with ult and watch the grey screen.... mostly i am just angry about his oneshotting ults even while building full tank, but i guess it will get nerfed making his ult a skillshot feels kind of pointles when there is no way to stop it midjump, except flash out (immobile champs). playing azir lately, always reflexively ult him while he jumps on me and watching with teary eyes how soldiers just go right through him...
Rioter Comments
: I'm pretty sure they tried this at some point (can't remember which champion/rework it was being trailed for... maybe LeBlanc I'm not sure)... they decided that it wasn't a good idea due to clarity and game play (champions are balanced around their tools, it's what is known as a power budget, having a champion give a budget intensive tool like invisibility to their teams leads to issues where the champions become very oppressive and at the same time butchers the original champion's power budget making them a walking ult). So no... it's just not gonna happen (it's extremely unlikely we will ever get an effect where a champion who doesn't have invisibility will gain it through any means).
yeah, it would kill the balance, i totally agree. however, with things that get thrown up from rito bowels lately, u never know.... :/
: Reasons why i am quiting this shitty game!
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eljoedor (EUW)
: my rp dissapear
check purchase history and change your password....
ƒ Vayne (EUW)
: Adding a 'Skins' tab to see which skins you own!
nope no no no i would look..... and then i would have to suicide, knowing how much i spent for skins in an online game....{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Legoules (EUW)
: you have been disconnected , please check your internet connection and try again
for start, when u know your connection has issues, dont go in more normal games with players, test it on customs.
: FPS drops in teamfights
framerate issues are usually caused by your pc. try lowering graphic settings, turn off any unnecesary programs eating up your system memory, etc....
: playing ar urf since it came out....
you have to deal with same crazy champs every game anyway, people reroll and trade until they get something like that, and honestly when i played urf, i remmember too op champs getting banned, poeple were trying out what they didnt yet. now its just about who gets better rerolls, if people get toxic champ, they keep it, afraid of what reroll would give them. still seeing Ali, Sona, Heca, Shaco, etc... - one of them or more in every game
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